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-   An Angel Grove Radio announcer gave a big hello to Ernie and the kids at the Youth Center.

-   Ernie had heard on the radio the same day as the Rangers' battles with Bones and the Giant that five superheroes calling themselves the "Power Rangers" had saved the park from a zombie.

-   Reports on the radio indicated a "monster" (actually Dragonzord) attacking the business district.

-   A radio newscaster one evening reported, "In other news, scientists are looking into a reported disturbance in near space but say it's probably some natural phenomenon and poses no threat to the planet. Now back to the music."

-   Howlin' Jack was a radio personality on "KNGL Angel Grove" who commented on the heat wave which had gripped Angel Grove; the radio station played "hit after hit" for its listeners.

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-   KAGV appeared to be a sponsor on the stock car Tommy was racing.

-   Tanya was a new trainee at KAGV.

-   Tanya was a deejay at KAGV.
-   KAGV received Visceron's emergency message calling for Dimitria; Visceron was using the radio station as a homing beacon.
-   Chimps Bulk and Skull saved Tanya's job by taking over for her while she was away on Ranger business; KAGV's manager, Mr. Marshall, called in to tell her he loved the idea of monkeys on the radio.

-   KAGV sponsored a fifties stunt show which Tanya volunteered to direct.

-   After his song "Confusion" (click here to listen) was a huge hit, Crash handed out flyers at the resource center for Crash and the Creeps' upcoming broadcast from Angel Grove Lake on Friday, a broadcast apparently set up by KAGV Radio.
-   When Divatox's henchmen helped Crash and the Creeps set up for their broadcast at the lake, there was no one else present at the lake.
-   Crash and the Creeps began playing with no crowd present except the Rangers and Piranhatron.

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