- Lightspeed Rangers' train Zords; carried Lightspeed Rescuezords or Omegazords
First Appearance: 802-LsTm
Last Appearance: 838-SDem
Subcategories: Supertrain Megazord
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-   From Transport, Miss Fairweather displayed the five Rail Rescues in the Train Bay.
-   After giant Magmavore had landed downtown, Mitchell had the teens put the Rail Rescues to work; the teens were unsure, but Miss Fairweather reassured them that the Rail Rescues were programmed to assist them automatically and that they'd be fine.
-   After running up to the Rail Rescues inside the Train Bay, the Rangers secured themselves in a five-seat cockpit (later seen to be in Rail Rescue Three); this was the only cockpit shown for both the Rail Rescues and the Supertrain Megazord.
?   The Rangers ran up to Rail Rescue One to activate the Rail Rescues, yet the cockpit was supposed to be in Rail Rescue Three; this footage would be used again on occasion.
-   The Rangers' order from left to right was Pink, Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow; two large red V's were on the back wall, and in front of each Ranger's console was his or her crest; two large Lightspeed sigils were in the cockpit, one in front and one above on the rear wall.
-   Carter called for "Rail Rescues on track," at which point the metallic wheels of the trains moved down slightly into position, making contact with their tracks.
-   Carter's white joystick controlled the trains' motion: pressing forward made them accelerate, and pulling back made them brake.
-   Lurching out from the Train Bay, the five Rail Rescues connected as their tracks merged, forming a single train in the order One through Five.
-   As the Rail Rescues approached the end of their formerly submerged track, part of the nearby suspension bridge swiveled over through the water to join to the end of the track, and the Rail Rescues rolled down the middle of the four-lane bridge.
-   The Rail Rescues sped around a corner on an empty four-lane highway through downtown, with another highway in use down below, and it then passed a bullet train while riding two normal train tracks nearby, one for each wheel.
?   As the Rangers reached the site, Mitchell had them split up to their own Rail Rescues, although a more accurate term would have been their own Rescuezords, as even Joel left the joint cockpit of Rail Rescue One for Aero Rescue Three.
-   A panel in the left side of each Rail Rescue swung open, revealing the Ranger's respective Lightspeed Rescuezord, for which a ramp would be lowered for the Zords to drive out, with the exception of Aero Rescue Three, which flew out the top hatch of Rail Rescue Three.
-   Customarily, the Rangers would be shown dropping into their Rescuezord cockpits only after the Rail Rescue panels had opened to reveal the Rescuezords.

-   The Rail Rescues could depart from the Train Bay and travel to the Rangers on autopilot when summoned, usually opening their Rescuezord ramps before the Rangers had gotten in.

-   On this occasion when the Rail Rescues arrived, the Rangers ran up to the train and got into their Rescuezords before the doors were opened.

-   In front of Carter in the Rail Rescue Three group cockpit was a translucent display projected onto the bottom of his windshield area.
-   On Carter's monitor in his cockpit controls was the burning building before them, which switched to an overhead city grid showing three dots on a "Life Responses" monitor, with the dots labeled as "Remain  3 Persons."

-   To respond to seismic activity, the Rangers took the Rail Rescues toward the mountains, going as far as they could through a rocky area before stopping and deploying Aero Rescue Three.

-   At some point following the deployment of the Rail Rescues and formation of the Lightspeed Megazord (which was then temporarily defeated and thrown in a ravine) the Rail Rescues had returned and the Train Bay had gone back underwater.
-   Rail Rescue One formed the right arm of the Supertrain Megazord; Two formed the left arm, Three formed the torso and head, Five formed the right leg, and Four formed the left leg.
-   Upon transformation into the Supertrain Megazord, the cockpit could briefly be seen within the chest, the front of Rail Rescue Three.

-   After titan-sized Diabolico had blasted a gaping hole clean through the Supertrain Megazord's midsection (the middle of Rail Rescue Three), Mitchell had the Rescuezords sent in, and they came from somewhere other than the Rail Rescues, apparently stored in the Train Bay while the Supertrain was in use.

?   Later the same day as the Diabolico battle, the Rail Rescues were in working order to release the Rescuezords; whether they had come from the Train Bay or had been left out all along is uncertain, as they were merely shown stationary downtown to release the Rescuezords.

-   To initiate the Omega Project, the Train Bay's arm set Omegazord One on Rail Rescue One's loading door, and it closed; the others were placed into their respective Rail Rescues offscreen.
?   To prepare for launch, the Rail Rescues were lowered and stacked into a vertical formation, but there was no room beneath either the Train Bay or Solarzord bay for such a vertical loading area.
-   In the group Rail Rescue Three cockpit, the Rangers were now wearing red shoulder belts for liftoff.
-   Pulling the train vertically, the Solarzord flew upward, the booster in the rear of Rail Rescue Five providing the smoky thrust.
-   The Solarzord-Rail Rescue train flew into space, with the Omega Missile staff latched onto Rail Rescue Five folded over into cannon mode.

?   When Dana summoned the Rescuezords, they were flown in by Aero Rescue Three; why the Rail Rescues weren't used is unknown.

-   Again, the Rescuezords arrived flown in by Aero Rescue Three, although this time the Supertrain Megazord was already in use.

-   After the Solarzord-Rail Rescue train had flown into space to launch the Omegazords, the Rail Rescues were apparently already flying over the city when Joel called for the Supertrain Megazord.
-   The Supertrain Megazord eventually fell, crippled from heavy battle.

- Phrases used for Rail Rescues to depart from Train Bay (remotely, by default)
802-LsTm 809-GVol Carter (in cockpit): "Rail Rescues, on track!"
803-TByF 814-CCob 819-QRet Carter: "Rescuezords, mobilize!"
804-REdg Kelsey: "Rescuezords, mobilize!"
805-AMOT Dana: "Rail Rescues, on track!"
807-CybR 815-SSun 817-OlAs 818-FFTP 827-FrZo 828-MMBa 832-Sorc 837-WrQn Carter: "Rail Rescues, on track!"
810-RAsh Miss Fairweather: "All Rescue Cars online now."
812-TDis Carter: "Rescue Rails, on track!"
816-CStr Carter: "Supertrain Megazord, initiate!"
829-EggC Kelsey: "Rail Rescues, on track!"

- Phrases used for Rail Rescues to stop
809-GVol Carter: "Full stop!"
819-QRet Carter: "Rail Rescue, full stop."

- Phrases used for Rail Rescues to accelerate
810-RAsh Carter: "Engines to full power!"
812-TDis Carter: "Rail Rescues, locked on!"
815-SSun Carter: "In position."

- Phrases used for Rail Rescues to ignite rear boosters to launch from ramp for Supertrain formation
810-RAsh Carter: "Super thrusters!"
812-TDis Carter: "Maximum thrust!"
815-SSun Carter: "Full power!"
838-SDem Joel (from afar): "Supertain Megazord!"

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