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-   Kat looked pleased as she took a moment to watch T.J. and Cassie fight the Piranhatron for her, perhaps suggesting that the teens knew about their upcoming retirement before going on their camping trip.

-   Before the four teens left the Power Chamber to fight giant Flamite after being unable to find Tommy, Dimitria reminded them of another matter that had to be dealt with as well; the northwest door slid up, revealing in the small alcove a fairly large hourglass on a pedestal, the sand at the top but flowing down; there were three small chunks of crystal on the top of the hourglass.
-   Dimitria told the teens it would be their ultimate (presumably as in "final") mission; time was fleeting, but it was of the utmost importance; Kat replied that they wouldn't let her down, and the teens then morphed to the city to help evacuate people.
-   When the hourglass neared the halfway mark, Alpha feared that they'd never complete their ultimate mission, but Dimitria said the Rangers knew what they had to do; Alpha said the Rangers were running out of time.
-   As the Rangers helped army officers, Carlos, and Ashley evacuate the city during giant Flamite's attack, morphed Tanya asked Ashley to get the kids to safety, and morphed Adam asked Carlos to help the Rangers and make sure everyone got to safety, calling Carlos by name.
-   Before leaving once T.J. and Cassie had saved him from the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow, Tommy thought at the last minute to get T.J.'s name and shake hands.
-   After the Rangers destroyed Flamite, Alpha didn't think they (presumably the Rangers) were going to make it in time, but Dimitria said they must; if they didn't, she said, disorder and confusion would abound more than she could control.
-   As Carlos sat with the kids who were on cots in the Youth Center after Flamite had been destroyed, morphed Adam momentarily stood in a hallway, watching Carlos.
-   As Ashley tied a girl's shoe, morphed Tanya momentarily watched her from outside a window.
-   After selecting their replacements, the teens smiled in the Power Chamber as the hourglass was empty; Dimitria told them they'd cut it very close.
-   Tommy told Dimitria they wouldn't let her down, as they all knew how important this was.
-   When Dimitria said it was time for the ceremony, Alpha opened the western doors, and the teens and Alpha went into the flashing mist beyond, then ended up in the ceremony chamber, which strongly resembled the ruins of the Command Center.
-   Arriving to witness the event with Alpha Five, Zordon told the teens that he and Alpha were honored to participate in this historic transformation.
-   In the ceremony chamber, Dimitria told the old teens, "We have gathered here to honor each of you for your dedicated service as a Power Ranger. Your courage and loyalty has known no bounds. However, as each Ranger reaches your stage of life, it becomes our duty to set them free to discover all that the world has to offer them. To that end, you have been asked to select an outstanding individual who will take over as your successor. We welcome them now into the Power Ranger family."
-   The new teens rose up from the large pile of boulders in the ceremony chamber, wearing their Turbo suits and holding their helmets.
-   After the four retiring teens had explained their selections, blue energy moved up Justin's body, then teleported him in the energy spark effect, and he materialized beside the new teens, morphed but short and holding his helmet.

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