- costumed superbeings typically used to defend the universe from evil
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-   Zordon said that after morphing, the teens would become "a formidable fighting force known to one and all as the Power Rangers."
-   Zordon said that as Power Rangers, the teens would have access to "a universe of power."
-   As Rangers, the teens acquired an innate knowledge for piloting the Dinozords.

-   As the teens were explaining after dealing Rita a serious blow why they chose to remain Rangers, Billy mentioned that there were other villains, and other crimes from which to protect the city.

-   Although he was already suited up as the helmetless White Ranger, Tommy morphed with the others in his first morph as the White Ranger.

-   Trying to teleport the Rangers from amidst the wave of destruction on the Deserted Planet caused by Serpentera, Alpha was initially only able to bring back the Yellow and Black Rangers, who appeared weakened; Zordon told Alpha to try isolating the Rangers' wavelengths, after which Pink and Red Rangers materialized, followed by Blue Ranger; Billy then recalibrated the teleporter, amplifying wavelengths in the process (at which point Alpha warned him he was overloading the system), finally causing White Ranger to materialize holding the Sword of Light.
-   When the Rangers prepared to face Silverhorns after the power transfer, Kim told Aisha they were on call twenty-four hours a day.
-   After the Sword of Light had suited them up in their Ranger suits, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha didn't morph before departing to battle Silverhorns.
-   Without having been shown receiving any training, Rocky, in his first experience as Red Ranger, knew how to summon the Red Dragon (with "Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon Thunderzord power" after only having been told that his Thunderzord was the Red Dragon), how to do Jason's Red Ranger pose, and how to pilot the Red Dragon expertly; the others would later do their "Dinozord Thunderzord power" summoning and pilot the Zords to form the Thunder Ultrazord.

-   Zordon told the amnesic Tommy, Kim, and Billy that they were Power Rangers, "here to protect the Earth from Lord Zedd's evil forces."

-   Zordon told Aisha that it was her responsibility as a Power Ranger to understand that teamwork was the only way to defeat the forces of evil.

-   When the Pink Ranger first teleported into the Command Center in 1880, Kim and Alpha had the following dialogue:

Alpha: "Zordon, intruder alert!"
Kim: "Zordon, it's me, Kimberly!"
Alpha: "Ai yi yi! A Power Ranger!"

-   Zordon told the teens he was afraid there was very little they could do to help with the attack on Edenoi, since, because of the great distance, the Rangers would most likely not have all of their powers on the planet, and that the risks of such a journey were too great.
-   Once the teens had convinced Zordon to let them go to Edenoi, he reminded them that they were only going to investigate and were not to become involved in Edenoi's conflict.

-   Tommy told Dex, "We're the Power Rangers. We protect the planet Earth."

-   Before entering into combat with Dregon's forces alongside the Rangers, Dex announced, "To the Power!", and the Rangers and Dex's friends replied, "To the Power!"

-   Kim and the other teens were under the impression that Kim would have to give up being a Ranger if she were to move to Paris with her mom.

-   After Kim reassured the guilt-ridden Kat after she'd conquered Rita's spell that Rita and Zedd's magic was incredibly powerful, Aisha explained that that was why the Power Rangers existed.

-   Rather than referring to any Power Rangers after first arriving on the moon, Master Vile merely mentioned "Zordon's teenagers."

-   The six teens weren't familiar with the concept of Aquitian Rangers (or any alien Rangers).

-   In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), Cestro told Zordon that they, the Aquitian Rangers, also lived by the sacred code of the Rangers: to destroy evil and protect all that is good.
-   Tideus referred to the six kids as the "human Rangers."

-   Zedd referred to the Earth Rangers as simply "Power Rangers" and the Aquitian Rangers as "Alien Rangers."

-   Goldar said that once the toxic chemicals had destroyed the Aquitian Rangers, the end of all the Power Rangers would be a reality.
-   Before leaving for Aquitar with the others to rehydrate, Aurico, impressed by Billy's selflessness, said that Billy and the others were truly brethren, and he was honored to share the power of the Rangers with them; this was after the Power Coins had been destroyed.

-   Delphine referred to the kids and Billy as the "Earth Rangers," as did Zordon, later.
-   Zordon said that there was only one object on Earth strong enough to restore time and the teens' powers: the Zeo Crystal.

-   Back in the present, Delphine addressed the teens as "Power Rangers of Earth," and Tommy then addressed the Aquitians as "Rangers of Aquitar."

-   Zordon told the Zeo Rangers that the Power Rangers as they had known them were gone forever; in their place had emerged a new and more advanced fighting force: the Power Rangers Zeo, the next level in the fight against evil.
-   Tanya performed martial arts as Zeo Ranger Two, but there was no evidence that she had any prior unmorphed fighting ability.

-   When Borax told Mondo that he was a Varox bounty hunter, Mondo assumed that he had come to Earth searching for the Gold Ranger; Borax was unfamiliar with the term "Ranger" and only referred to the Gold Ranger as the pilot of the pyramid.

-   Trey addressed the teens as "Rangers of Earth."

-   Auric the Conqueror wasn't familiar with the Power Rangers, but he was quite familiar with the name of Zordon.
-   Tommy told Auric that they had been picked by Zordon to defend the Earth and that they had vowed to fight evil.

-   After Jason tried to pass off his recent weakness and apparently involuntary demorphing as mere exhaustion from his recent intense workouts, Zordon said it was entirely possible that Jason's physical exhaustion had caused his powers to become temporarily intermittent, and he had Alpha run a complete battery of tests on Jason.

-   Jason's powers were indeed leaving him, and in the process, they were draining his vital life force.
-   A short while later, Jason was resting with his eyes closed, as the struggle to maintain balance between the Gold Ranger powers and the forces of the universe could be very taxing on the human form.

-   Divatox's sensors told her that Jason and Kimberly were once one of Zordon's "Power Rangers," a title which she said mockingly after struggling to remember it.
-   After Justin had taken Rocky's place as the Blue Ranger, Alpha had had to give him a crash-course in driving; apparently, he didn't receive an instinctual knowledge of piloting his Turbozord.
-   Justin said his dad would be so proud of his becoming a Ranger, and he then mentioned the kids at the shelter; Kat started to protest, but Justin recited what he called the Rangers' code of honor: "I know, I know. It's for me to know and them to find out."
?   Justin still didn't seem to understand the concept of a secret identity, as the point of one was for people not to find out; he did, however, tell Kat that he wouldn't tell anybody.
-   When the teens assumed their pre-morph stances, the four older teens faced toward their right, with their left arm flexed (as though in preparation to summon their Turbo Morphers onto their wrists); Justin, however, goofed by facing toward his left, with his right arm flexed (holding his key in the foreground, as would become the new pre-morph stance in 516-Shr1); Tommy glared at Justin with a look of disapproval and annoyance until Justin turned around to match the other teens' stances.
-   Justin was an excellent example of a recurring phenomenon whereby Ranger teens automatically knew poses, gestures, phrases, and equipment names, all apparently without being told.

-   After Rocky had declined to take his powers back from Justin, Adam reminded him that he would always be a Ranger in spirit.

-   After being knocked down by the Green Shadow Ranger, created from his stolen Turbo powers, Adam said he'd had no idea that they (the Power Rangers) were so strong while morphed.

-   When Divatox told Pharaoh to take the detonator to the Angel Grove stunt show and make sure the "Rangers" didn't find it, he asked, "You're talking about the Turbo Rangers?"; after Divatox's reply of, "Who else?" he told her she could never beat them.

-   After his database was altered by Porto, Blue Senturion searched his database and found the following definition for Power Rangers: "evil teenagers dedicated to overthrowing good."

-   As T.J. and Cassie walked away from their encounter with the Turbo Rangers, T.J., amazed, told Cassie, "Don't tell anybody, but when I was a kid, I wanted to be a Power Ranger."; he admired all they'd accomplished for mankind.
-   In the ceremony chamber, Dimitria told the teens, "We have gathered here to honor each of you for your dedicated service as a Power Ranger. Your courage and loyalty has known no bounds. However, as each Ranger reaches your stage of life, it becomes our duty to set them free to discover all that the world has to offer them. To that end, you have been asked to select an outstanding individual who will take over as your successor. We welcome them now into the Power Ranger family."
-   Justin remained on the team, while the four graduated teens moved on with their lives.
-   Dimitria announced, "Where there is evil, beware. Where there is destruction, be warned. This new team of mighty warriors will know no rest. Power Rangers, the legacy continues."

-   Returning to Divatox's bridge in success, Havoc remarked, "How the tides of war have changed. We have the Power Rangers' primary battle vehicle."; he appeared familiar with battling Power Rangers.

-   Porto presented the Creeps with a red cannon which Elgar called a Ranger Scrambler; its energy blasts apparently weakened the Turbo Rangers in its large explosion, but they soon managed to get back up.

-   When Dimitria mentioned an urgent message from Eltar, Justin exclaimed that Eltar was the source of all their powers.
-   Upon hearing that planet Eltar had fallen to evil forces, the teens were all quite concerned about Zordon and wanted to go help him, but Zordon and Dimitria both wanted the Rangers to stay on Earth, as they were the planet's only defense against Divatox.

-   At Dark Specter's gathering of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following his capture of Zordon, Divatox publicly bragged of having destroyed the Power Rangers, with the cloaked Andros listening.
-   As the cloaked Andros, morphed as the Red Space Ranger, wielded the Spiral Saber and bore his red legs with white boots while fending off villains after being revealed as a spy, Dark Specter asked who this intruder was.
-   When Goldar ripped off the stranger's cloak and revealed him as the Red Space Ranger, all of the villains were shocked, despite his use of the Spiral Saber while cloaked.
-   When asked, T.J. told Andros they were the Power Rangers, making him softly repeat, "Power Rangers?" with surprise, and T.J. then added, "From the planet Earth."
-   When T.J. explained on the bridge that they had been the Power Rangers and that they were on their way to Eltar to save Zordon, Andros faintly glanced over his shoulder without a word.

-   When Ashley asked about Zordon, Andros told the teens that Dark Specter had him and was draining all his powers; T.J. and Cassie said that if Zordon lost all his powers, they were all history, but Andros replied that Zordon was strong and that it would take some time for Dark Specter to take away all the power, which gave Andros some time.
-   Cassie tried to explain that they were all in this together, but Andros merely walked away into the Megaship; once in the engine room, T.J. told him they all had the same goal, to protect Zordon.
-   Andros contemptuously told the teens they were planetary Rangers, from Earth, and asked what they knew about space; T.J. supposed they knew nothing, and Andros agreed, "Exactly."
-   As Andros repaired Alpha Six, he asked the robot his mission, and Alpha, cycling through different voices while Andros made adjustments, spoke, "My mission is to protect the Power Rangers. And their quest, to protect the universe from the forces of evil. One goal, one team, known as the Power Rangers."
-   After the Quantrons had captured the four teens, Astronema remarked, "So, this is what Power Rangers look like after they lose their powers. Mm, a sorry sight."
-   After the five Space Rangers had morphed together for the first time, T.J. remarked that the Power Rangers were back.

-   When Astronema told the Ninja Turtles they were going to destroy the Power Rangers, they were amused, thinking the Power Rangers were just pretend, from the comic books.

-   On numerous occasions, the Space Rangers would receive serious injuries while morphed, something which hadn't happened to previous Ranger teams; either the Space Rangers were less durable than previous Rangers, or the newest villains were more deadly than previous villains.

-   In the villains' Onyx Tavern, when Darkonda slashed at a cloaked stranger, calling him Red Ranger, the bar patrons began to get anxious, either from the mention of the Ranger, or merely from the fight breaking out.

-   Recalling the struggle on Onyx when interrogated by Astronema, Skygantor described the Red Ranger's presence and said that Darkonda had eventually discovered he was a Ranger in disguise.
-   The Space Rangers appeared to have no instinctual knowledge about piloting the Mega Vehicles after retrieving them from Ganymede.

-   Two years ago, Andros and Zhane had somehow fought giant monsters apparently without having a Megazord at their disposal.
-   Surprised when Ashley stepped forward to introduce herself, Zhane said he'd never met a female Power Ranger before; prior to his two-year hypersleep, Zhane had fought in a two-man team with Andros on KO-35.

-   The Praying Mantis monster, told to destroy the Silver Ranger, said the Silver Ranger was one of the most powerful Rangers in the universe; Astronema, having measured the time limit after which Silver would involuntarily demorph, agreed but said this was only true for two and a half minutes.
-   Alpha determined that Zhane's morphing energy had slowly been drained during his hypersleep; Zhane compared the situation to a car that had been parked too long, and Alpha agreed, "Exactly," saying he needed a concentrated dose of high-voltage electricity to restore his energy.

-   The teens identified themselves to the Rebels, and the Rebels referred to the teens, as "Power Rangers" rather than "the Power Rangers," indicating a seldom-seen awareness of multiple Power Ranger teams in the universe.

-   Andros told Astronema that when they had been children, they'd dreamed about being Power Rangers; which Ranger team they'd known about is unknown.

-   Despite the Space Rangers' shock as they confronted their duplicates, the Psycho Rangers said that they were indeed Rangers; Psycho Red would later, however, say that they weren't "Power Rangers."

-   When Andros was reluctant to shatter Zordon's energy tube despite being told it was the only way to save the nearly-conquered universe, Zordon firmly told him, "Andros, listen to me. It is your duty as a Power Ranger to save the universe. Now is the time!"

-   A sage named Jera explained to an audience on Mirinoi that the five Quasar Sabers would remain trapped in their stone until those worthy among them could release them and harness their powers to transform into mighty champions, guaranteeing peace and the triumph of good.

-   Furio appeared to have no familiarity with the sabers' ability to morph the teens into Galaxy Rangers, or even the concept of Rangers in general.
-   Maya spoke, "We've been given an unbelievable opportunity and responsiblity to defend all that is just and right in the universe!" and added, "We've been chosen... to be Power Rangers!"

-   After turning to the side of evil centuries ago, the warrior Loyax had won battles in every corner of the universe and now wished for one final battle; Trakeena offered him a battle with the Power Rangers, which he concluded would be a glorious ending indeed.

-   As Chameliac reviewed Trakeena's video archives of recent Galaxy Ranger battles, a definition read, "Power Rangers status: human beings with superhuman strengths and abilities, dedicated to protecting any lifeform in peril or need of emergency assistance. Fighting abilities far exceed any other human and many non-human lifeforms."

-   The crown jewel of the Onyx auction was "the Pink Ranger's Quasar Saber"; such wording implied that the Galaxy Rangers of Terra Venture were generally accepted as the preeminent Ranger force in the region.

-   Confronting the Lightspeed and Galaxy teens, Olympius marveled at his luck, being able to destroy the Lightspeed Rangers and the Galaxy Rangers as well.

-   When the Lightspeed teens morphed, Ghouligan exclaimed, "Power Rangers?!", one of several instances pointing to the demons' familiarity with Rangers.

-   The Lightspeed Rangers did not possess typical Ranger awareness of the capabilities and specifics of their weapons, although their visor displays were able to quickly brief them on new weapons, and audio contact with the Aquabase provided further coaching.

-   Fighting Batlings in colored pairs, some of the Galaxy Rangers were somehow able to use the Lightspeed Rangers' cable equipment, while the Lightspeed Rangers were somehow able to mimic the Galaxy Rangers' animal-specific fighting styles.

-   Aquafiend, a demon who may not have been captured along with the others, said not even a Power Ranger was going to stop him.

-   Arachnor, scanning the Lightspeed Rangers' weapons, remarked that their weapons were very high-tech; she would later be unable to process the complex technology of the Trans-Armor Cycle.

-   Alex was the sole Time Force Ranger in the year 3000, and though later flashbacks showed he had the Chrono-Morpher for some time, the warehouse capture of Ransik, who was claimed to be the "last uncaptured criminal", is the first known time he used the Ranger powers against a mutant.


Pilot Episode
-   In the Command Center excitedly describing their fight, Billy said the energy surge had reversed the polarity of their charged protons, then demonstrated a split they'd done.

MMPR fan club video
-   Asked to describe the process of morphing, Zack said, "It's like a... electrical kinda thing...? It's like a zip, it's a zoooo, you know... (chuckles) A little zing. Zinnng! Whoa, you know, and then all of a sudden you're like, 'Hey, I'm morphed! All right!' Feelin', raaarrr..."

MMPR: The Movie
-   According to the introductory narration, Zordon and Alpha Five sought out six extraordinary teenagers and gave them the power to transform into a "superhuman fighting force" capable of using their powers to call upon Zords; whether this narration refers to a team centuries ago or the present-day Rangers is ambiguous.
-   Six thousand years ago, a group of young warriors like the Rangers had ended Ivan Ooze's reign of unparalleled terror over the Earth by luring him into a hyperlock chamber and burying it deep underground.
-   Ivan wasn't impressed when Tommy told him they were the Power Rangers; he may not have been familiar with the term.
-   Ivan took note that Zordon was still using "a bunch of kids to do his dirty work."
-   To escape Ivan's electromagnetic deadlock, Kim apparently wasn't sure which button controlled the Crane's thrusters, but she was able to activate them quickly.

- Rangers' process of teleporting back to battle, typically after having their helmets off
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-   Zordon referred to the helmetless Rangers returning to battle as "morphing"; this name was used a second time in 201-Mut1, then again in the following episodes: 202-Mut2, 206-BlOD, 228-PTr2, 233-LiCA.

-   When teleporting "back to action," the Rangers often held their helmets under their arms, but this wasn't always the case.

?   Tommy had the Rangers morph "back to action," but this would be the first battle for new Rangers Rocky, Adam, and Aisha.

-   Helmetless Tommy called, "back to action," for the Rangers, Dex, and friends to return to battle; unlike most other "back to action" calls, there was no teleportation involved this time. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")

-   The Zeo Rangers could perform the "back to action" maneuver just like the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

-   Helmetless Tommy called, "back to action," for himself while slipping his helmet back on to return to battle; there was no teleportation involved this time.

-   The Turbo Rangers could perform the "back to action" maneuver just like the Rangers before them.

-   When Ecliptor was enlarged downtown right after the Space Rangers had docked the Megashuttle with the Megaship, Andros called, "Back to action!" in the cockpit for them to fly back out again to form the Astro Megazord.

- Phrases used for Rangers to return to action
201-Mut1 203-Mut3 209-BInv 215-OMIP five Rangers Jason: "Back to action!"
201-Mut2 Jason, Kim, Zack Jason: "Back to action!"
206-BlOD Trini Trini: "I'm morphing back into action."
224-NjE3 310-WFAD six Rangers Tommy: "Back to action!"
228-PTr2 six Rangers Tommy: "Let's morph back into action!"
233-LiCA six Rangers Tommy: "Lights, camera, we're morphin' into action!"
243-Wed3 six Rangers Tommy: "Guys, we're morphin' into action!"
302-FIN2 five Rangers (no Kim) Tommy: "Back to action!"
311-FD&L Rocky Rocky: "Back to action!"
312-FiFO Adam, Aisha Adam: "Back to action!"
405-FCOL Tommy, Kat Tommy: "Back to action!"
408-PuBl 410-GrBl 418-InSp 420-Lost 429-SmPr 431-RBye 448-RTW2 five Rangers Tommy: "Back to action!"
419-Chal 421-Bro? 500-TPRM Tommy Tommy: "Back to action!"
419-Chal Kat, Rocky, Tanya Kat: "Back to action!"
420-Lost five Rangers Tanya: "Back to action!"
421-Bro? four Rangers (no Tommy) Tanya: "Back to action!"
422-TrMe four Rangers (no Rocky) Tommy: "Back to action!"
430-OBOR Tanya, Adam Tanya: "Back to action!"
436-BITS 437-SOAW six Rangers Tommy: "Back to action!"
438-Aurc 448-RTW2 448-RTW2 Jason Jason: "Back to action!"
439-RCGo four Rangers (no Tommy) Rocky: "Back to action!"
441-ZR5? 441-ZR5? five Rangers (no Tommy) Jason: "Back to action!"
503-SIT3 five Rangers Tanya: "Back to action!"
525-WTFO five Rangers T.J.: "Back to action!"
603-SOSh five Rangers Andros: "Back to action!"

- letters commonly found on Ranger technology, occasionally villains
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-   Many recurring letter designs would be found all throughout Power Rangers, mostly on Rangers and Ranger technology; the table below documents the use of the various letter designs, in alphabetical order.
-   The most common letter design is a V design, perhaps representing the Roman numeral five, for five Power Rangers.

Turbo Rangers' C emblem
Frog Ninjazord
Wolf Ninjazord
Mastodon, Titanus, Bear Ninjazord, Space Rangers' emblems, Astronema, Astro Megazord, Delta Mega
Mega Vehicles, Mega Voyager, Mega Winger
Mega Winger
Ninjor, Psycho Rangers
Turbo Megazord
Ape Ninjazord
Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops
Rescuezords, Rescue Megazord, Mega Voyager, Mega Winger, Quasar Sabers, Galaxy Rangers, Galaxy Megazord, Torozord, Orion armor, Centaurus Megazord, Zenith Carrierzord, Demon cards, Lightspeed Rangers, Rescue Bird, Lightspeed Rescuezords, V-Lancers, Omegazords
Rescue Megazord, Artillatron
Dragonzord, Lord Zedd, Creep monsters

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