Ranger weapons
- weapons used by various Ranger teams
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  • Under Rita's spell, Billy summoned the Dragon Dagger from thin air while unmorphed in the Command Center.


  • Jason was able to summon the Golden Power Staff while unmorphed in the desert.

    Anti-Hydro Contaminator weapon
    - weapon designed to combat Hydro Contaminators
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    First Appearance: 410-GrBl
    Last Appearance: 410-GrBl
    See Also: Zeo Blaster


  • In the Power Chamber, Cestro said the Aquitians had been trying to develop a weapon capable of destroying the Hydro Contaminators, the fearsome race of beings which was at war with Aquitar and was poisoning their water, but their prototype was unreliable, and they needed Billy's help.
  • Inside the prototype case was an assortment of parts, and Cestro said it was as far as he'd gotten on Aquitar.
  • After Billy and Cestro had retrieved the prototype's parts from Cestro's ship, the Rangers were standing by a table in the Power Chamber with the parts scattered all over it; when Tanya said all they had to do was find the Hydro Contaminator and stop it, Billy frustratedly slammed a part onto the control panel and then said it wouldn't be that easy if they couldn't fix the weapon.
  • As the Rangers used their actual Zeo Power Weapons in battle, Billy put together a toy versions of the Zeo Three and Zeo Four Power Weapons, with the Zeo One Power Shield nearby; he said he was modifying the power source of Cestro's weapon to work in conjunction with the Rangers' own individual weapons; if it worked, they should have a Zeo Blaster.
  • Billy said that the weapon would need additional modifications to work on Aquitar.
  • Since Cestro wasn't sure he could make the necessary modifications on the weapon, Billy decided to go to Aquitar with Cestro.
  • Later, right after the Rangers had still been using their Zeo Power Weapons, the Zeo Blaster was later in its "teleportation case," the same thin case which had contained the weapon parts from Aquitar, and Alpha teleported the entire case in purple energy sparkles; Tommy was then shown holding the Zeo Blaster.
  • After the Zeo Blaster had destroyed the Hydro Contaminator, Tommy noted that the Zeo Blaster worked, and he hoped that Billy could make it work on Aquitar.


  • The Rangers used their Zeo Power Weapons after Billy had presumably taken the anti-Hydro Contaminator weapon to Aquitar.


  • The Rangers also used the Zeo Blaster while Billy was still on Aquitar.

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