- computer-proficient friend of Zeo teens
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First Appearance: 413-MnSc
Last Appearance: 429-SmPr


  • In the resource center, Raymond taught Adam and Tanya about using the world-wide web.
  • Raymond had been into computers since he was a kid.
  • When Tanya accidentally activated a computer virus, Raymond went to a Mac laptop to prevent the computer from bringing the whole lab down, and he prevented the crash with only three seconds left to spare, using a disk from the laptop on which he'd done something.
  • When Adam's screen started to go crazy from Mean Screen's virus which had infected the city, Raymond had Adam pull the plug before it shorted all the computers.
  • When Adam's communicator went off, Adam told Raymond that he and the other teens would go check and see if there was a power outage, yet the lights were on, and it was Adam who had pulled the plug.
  • Raymond started working on the antivirus right away.
  • When the Rangers couldn't use the Zeo Megazord against giant Mean Screen because of the virus in their computer system, Zeo Ranger Four went into the resource center and told Raymond he'd heard Raymond might be able to help and that he was an expert on computers.
  • Raymond had reverse-engineered the virus and had made a yet-untested antivirus which he gave to Zeo Ranger Four.
  • After Zeo Ranger Four had left, Raymond excitedly remarked that they'd never believe this on the Internet.
  • Raymond's antivirus cured the Rangers' computers and protected them from further infections.


  • In the Youth Center around Christmastime, the five teens and Raymond had come together to learn about different holidays; a sign read "International Holidays."
  • Raymond, being Jewish, brought in a menorah.
  • In front of Raymond, the five teens confronted Prince Sprocket, telling the "gear head" to back off when he appeared in the Youth Center.
  • The Bias Blaster's ray made the teens and Raymond only care about their own viewpoints, but the spell was broken when a little girl sang a song her mom had sung to her, about people and the differences between them.
  • After the spell had vanished, the teens and Raymond went out to get new decorations for the banquet; Raymond brought in a Christmas tree.


  • Tommy, Kat, and Raymond went into the desert to collect creatures and plants for their desert terrarium for an ecosystem project; meanwhile, Tanya painted the background for the terrarium.
  • Raymond had Kat collect plants and Tommy try to collect some lizards or a spider, and he would go try to dig up some cool stuff by the old mine they'd seen.
  • Raymond eventually walked back to the Youth Center, upset that Tommy and Kat had left him in the desert, not knowing that Sprocket had shrunk and captured them.
  • When later confronted by Raymond, Tommy and Kat apologized, with Tommy saying they'd gotten lost and had been driving around for hours.
  • Raymond presented Kat and Tommy with a tarantula he'd found, and they nervously acted pleased.

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