Red Battlezord
- warrior Zord piloted by Zeo Ranger Five
Red Battlezord
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First Appearance: 418-InSp
Last Appearance: 449-HZeo
Pictures: Red Battlezord (shown at right), cockpit


  • After Main Drain had crippled the Zeo Megazord, Zordon said he had feared something like this would happen, so he and Billy had been preparing a new Zord, the Red Battlezord, for Tommy to pilot; it was waiting in the holding bay.
  • Billy had modified Tommy's Zeonizer Crystal to access the Red Battlezord.
  • Billy had used what he'd learned on Aquitar to have Tommy's brainwaves and biorhythms access the Red Battlezord control system, and his mind had to be at peace; his state of mind would directly affect his ability to control the Battlezord.
  • The Red Battlezord's seat was the same as the Zeozords', but with a large solid red star behind the seat.
  • When Tommy teleported into the cockpit, his Zeonizer Crystal was already in the controls; unless otherwise noted, the Zeonizer Crystal would always be there ahead of time.
  • The Battlezord went out of control, walking through the metal girders around it in the holding bay; it was then shown outside in the mountains, where it punched the landscape nearby.
  • The Battlezord fell off a cliff and was buried in rock.
  • In his dark and lifeless Battlezord cockpit with the Zeonizer Crystal no longer in the controls, Tommy said all systems were back online, and then when he reinserted his Zeonizer Crystal to try it one more time, the Zeonizer Crystal made a red column of light, and the cockpit lit up again.
  • Once back up, the Red Battlezord continued to go crazy.
  • Giant Main Drain latched his tentacle onto the Red Battlezord's chest; blue electricity flowed into the Battlezord, and orange electricity then flowed into Main Drain.
  • An image of Sam Trueheart appeared beyond Tommy's cockpit and told him, "Tommy, you must let your needs go. If you are to save your world, you must be as one with it."
  • Tommy realized that he had been trying to use his mind to exert control, but he had to relax and see the Red Battlezord as an extension of himself; once he realized this, he proceeded to control the Red Battlezord flawlessly.
  • The Red Battlezord shot a rapid series of orange energy beams from its wristbands.
  • The Red Battlezord's wrist blasts destroyed giant Main Drain.


  • Unless otherwise noted, Tommy would always appear to use his communicator to call for the Red Battlezord.
  • When Tommy would call for the Red Battlezord, the holding bay doors would open, and a large cannon would extend from the holding bay; the cannon would then shoot the Red Battlezord out of it, sending it spinning head-first through the air.
  • Giant Punchabunch pounded the Red Battlezord, sending Tommy flying from it but smashing his own glove as he beat the Zord.
  • During the second fight, the Red Battlezord jumped into the air and then flew forward for a while, punching giant Punchabunch all the way.
  • As a finishing move, the Red Battlezord flew spinning through the air with flaming energy streaks flying into it, and the Zord then shot through its opponent in the form of a large red and yellow energy blast; in 425-SSYw, Mondo would refer to the maneuver as a collision, ruling out the possibility that the red and yellow energy was merely projected from the Zord.
  • The Red Battlezord's spinning energy attack destroyed giant Punchabunch.


  • Billy had been working on a Zeo Megazord / Red Battlezord interface to form the Zeo Megabattlezord; the interface relied solely on the Battlezord's control system, using a neural impulse reader to tie directly into Tommy's brain, and it wouldn't work unless Tommy's thoughts and emotions were clear.
  • Twice, the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord tried to merge but were shocked by orange electricity, as Tommy was unable to clear his thoughts.


  • The Red Battlezord's spinning energy attack didn't destroy giant Mace Face.
  • Once Zordon had sent the Rangers back into battle with Mace Face since David's cave was still impenetrable, Tommy was able to form the Zeo Megabattlezord successfully, without the bypass device Billy had been working on.
  • As it flew over the forest later, Tommy had the Red Battlezord shoot a rapid series of red energy stars from its visor at Mondo, Cogs, and Klank, below.


  • The Red Battlezord shot from its visor blue energy which dissolved the fuzz on the Zeo Megazord created by the giant Toy robot.


  • The Red Battlezord's spinning energy attack destroyed Wrecking Ball.


  • The Red Battlezord's wrist blasts didn't destroy giant Wolfbane.
  • Giant Wolfbane's mouth blasts ejected the Rangers from the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord even though the same blasts hadn't done this moments earlier.


  • As a monitor in the Pyramidas cockpit showed schematics of the Zeo Ultrazord Carrier Mode and Zeo Ultrazord, Gold Ranger told the Rangers that he was transmitting data to them showing that he and they could join their Zords together to form one Zord, the Zeo Ultrazord; he said there was a designated space for each of the Rangers' Zords within his structure, and that joined together, he and they were ten times more powerful than any one of them alone.
  • As the Zeozords beamed into their compartments in the back of the Zeo Ultrazord, the Red Battlezord beamed toward the Ultrazord with red energy, then was shown lowering onto a platform behind the Ultrazord such that its arms served as the Ultrazord's shoulder cannons.


  • The Red Battlezord's cannons were a part of the (Super) Zeo Ultrazord, even though it wouldn't ever be shown combining with the Ultrazord after the Super Zeo Megazord had gone into position.


  • Machina's singing spell altered Tommy's telepathic link, making him unable to pilot the Red Battlezord.
  • Adam volunteered to pilot the Red Battlezord, and Alpha reprogrammed it to respond to him.
  • Adam had full control of the Red Battlezord as he piloted it.
  • Giant Mechaterpillar shot green energy waves from its mouth, breaking down Adam's telepathic link and making the Red Battlezord move uncontrollably.
  • Following Klank's idea, giant Mechaterpillar's green energy waves caused the Red Battlezord and then the Super Zeo Megazord to dance uncontrollably, then eventually the Zords sparked and fell over, ejecting the Rangers.


  • The Zeozords and Red Battlezord could ride on the expanded Pyramidas as the Zeo Ultrazord Carrier Mode.


  • After monsters had taken over the Zeozords and Super Zeozords, the Rangers appeared to be hiding in the city below rather than returning to the Power Chamber or summoning the Red Battlezord.
  • When the Rangers split up to pilot the Zeo Megazord, Super Zeo Megazord, and Red Battlezord, Tommy piloted the Red Battlezord while the other four Rangers split up to pilot the Megazords.
  • The Zeo Megazord, Red Battlezord, and Super Zeo Megazord, surrounding giant Impursonator-Cog Changer, threw Warrior Wheel amongst each other around the monster faster and faster until it charged with yellow energy, forming a yellow energy whirlwind around the monster; the Super Zeo Megazord then threw Warrior Wheel for the finishing move, which destroyed the combined monster.


  • The Rangers summoned the Zeozords to fight giant Gasket and Archerina, but when the Zeo Megazord was quickly overpowered, Alpha thought to pilot the Red Battlezord and Super Zeozords by remote.

    - Phrases used as Tommy calls for Red Battlezord, appearing to use communicator
    Tommy: "Red Battlezord, now!"
    424-BlkF Tommy: "Activate the Zeo Megabattlezord!"
    429-SmPr Tommy: "Red Zeo Battlezord, now!"
    430-OBOR Tommy: "Red Battlezord, power up, now!"

    - Phrases used as Tommy calls for Red Battlezord
    427-GHnr Tommy (docking Zeozord Five onto Zeo Megazord): "Prepare to activate Red Battlezord!"

    - Phrases used for Tommy to teleport to Red Battlezord
    419-Chal Tommy: "Here goes!"

    - Phrases used as Tommy materializes in Red Battlezord cockpit
    418-InSp Tommy: "Here we go."
    Tommy: "All right."
    428-PwOG Tommy: "All right, let's go!"
    431-RBye Tommy: "Let's roll!"

    - Phrases used for wrist blasts
    447-RTW1 Tommy: "Time for the heavy artillery!"

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