Red Capsular Cycle
- advanced mode of red Astro Cycle, driven by Red Galaxy Ranger
Red Capsular Cycle
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First Appearance: 726-MWhM
Last Appearance: 745-End3
Pictures: side (shown at right), front, fireball mode


  • After a failed race against Motor Mantis, Damon and Kai stayed up long into the night to work on the damaged red Astro Cycle.
  • Outside that night, Leo spoke with the Lion, which had called out to him.
  • Listening with his heart, Leo sensed the Lion was leading him to more power; when asked where, the Lion replied, and Leo understood that the answer was his Astro Cycle.
  • At sunrise, Leo returned to find Kai and Damon asleep, having fixed his Astro Cycle, and he sneaked out with it.
  • During the race, struggling to catch up after the monster's attacks, Leo remembered the girls' capture, then Maya's advice on listening to his heart, and he agreed, calling out the name of the Red Capsular Cycle.
  • The red Astro Cycle morphed into the Red Capsular Cycle, a much sleeker cycle with the same Lion head design, the cycle surrounding Leo's body more.
  • Leo sped ahead across the finish line on the much faster cycle.
  • To destroy Motor Mantis, Leo called for the fireball mode; with a streaking background, the cycle's lion eyes glowed green, and Leo ducked, the cycle closing up around him like a capsule.
  • Flaming like a giant fireball, the cycle flew through Motor Mantis, blowing him up in a massive fireball.
  • Despite the annihilation of the monster's bike into flaming debris and the vanishing of the monster's spell over Kendrix and Maya, Motor Mantis soon grew.


  • When Leo called for the transformation of his stationary Astro Cycle into the Red Capsular Cycle while he straddled it, his Orion Quasar Saber dissolved during the transformation.
  • Although Maronda's motorcycle had been resistant to the Rangers' Orion fireball, the Red Capsular Cycle's fireball mode destroyed the bike and sent Maronda flying in defeat.


  • After morphing a second time to battle Chameliac, the Rangers were suddenly able to use the animal attacks and weapons of a different Ranger; immediately afterward, Leo summoned the red Astro Cycle (calling it 100 percent Red) and transformed it into the Red Capsular Cycle.
  • The cycle's fireball mode sent Chameliac flying from a large explosion, but he still appeared to retain a good bit of strength.


  • On Captain Mutiny's planet after Terra Venture had been trapped in the Lost Galaxy, Leo summoned the Red Capsular Cycle, and it appeared, stationary, from orange energy without first being the red Astro Cycle.
  • The Red Capsular Cycle's fireball mode appeared to disintegrate Rocketron, but he then grew.


  • The girls grappled green Trakeena as Leo formed the Red Capsular Cycle, and the girls leapt aside as the fire streak roared through Trakeena with a huge explosion, flinging her through the air; she would survive unharmed.
  • As the city dome was streaking through the atmosphere, a rather large explosion from the Red Capsular Cycle filled one area of the city close to one edge.
  • This was the last appearance of the Astro Cycles and the Red Capsular Cycle before the city dome slammed into Mirinoi with devastating force.

    - Phrases used to transform red Astro Cycle into Red Capsular Cycle
    Leo: "Red Capsular Cycle!"
    728-RRom Leo (on stationary bike): "Red Capsular Cycle, now!"

    - Phrases used to summon Red Capsular Cycle without transformation
    736-BMut Leo: "Red Capsular Cycle!"

    - Phrases used for fireball mode
    Leo: "Fireball mode!"
    728-RRom Leo: "Red Capsular Cycle, fireball mode!"

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