- Red Turbo Ranger's race car Turbozord
First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 544-CIS1
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-   Red Lightning, a custom-built sportscar, was the Red Turbo Ranger's Turbozord.
-   Red Lightning bore the number one.
-   Red Lightning, in Zord size, formed the head and inner torso of the Turbo Megazord.
-   The Turbo Megazord cockpit was in the head, a part of Red Lightning.

?   If the Turbo Megazord cockpit was supposed to be in the Megazord's head, a part of Red Lightning, it's unknown how the Rangers could be in it before Tommy had docked Red Lightning with the others; in fact, Justin and Kat were in the cockpit after only the Mountain Blaster and Wind Chaser had docked.
-   While racing along a mountainous ledge, trying to get past Elgar's vehicle, Tommy pulled out from under his left side a white instruction manual for the Zord, with "RV" and Japanese writing on the cover; flipping through it, he remarked, "Now, lemme see, how do I kick this thing into Turbo? Lucky I got my manual!"; he then pressed a silver button, causing the rear of Red Lightning to slide back, revealing the Turbo Megazord's head, which turned to look at Elgar, startling him.

-   To chase after Justin and his out-of-control bicycle, morphed Tommy summoned the car-sized Red Lightning, which dropped from the sky, and Tommy got in through the driver's side door.
-   Once Tommy was inside, Red Lightning's headlights flashed with the same electronic hum heard whenever the future Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster would flash their lights.
-   Once he'd caught up with Justin, Tommy climbed out onto the hood of Red Lightning, and as the car continued to drive itself, he leapt from the Turbozord and tackled Justin, rescuing him from the bicycle.
-   Red Lightning suddenly veered away from the bicycle before it fell over and exploded; this was the last time a Turbozord would be shown car-sized.
-   When the Rangers soon summoned their Turbozords against giant Big Burpa, the giant Red Lightning drove out from the holding bay with the others as usual.

-   After descending from the Turbo Megazord cockpit through the Megazord's inner workings via a staircase, T.J. emerged on the level of the Megazord's waist through a hatch in the red section of the Megazord's stomach, just to the right of Red Lightning's windshield.

?   When T.J. got up from the Lightning Fire Tamer cockpit to switch to Lightning Cruiser, there was a brief shot of Red Lightning spinning through a red flaming energy spiral.

-   Red Lightning formed the head and inner torso of the Rescue Turbo Megazord.
-   The Rescue Turbo Megazord's cockpit was actually the Turbo Megazord's cockpit (in Red Lightning).

- Phrases used to summon car-sized Red Lightning
508-BBFB Tommy: "Red LightningZord power, now!"

- Phrases used once Red Ranger is in Red Lightning
503-SIT3 Tommy: "All right, guys, let's hit it!"
508-BBFB Tommy: "Let's hit it!"
509-WLie 511-Wt&S Tommy: "Let's do it, guys!"
524-VAct T.J.: "Turbo up!"
540-C&TC T.J.: "Let's do it!"

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