- first in command of Terra Venture High Command
First Appearance: 716-DFrG
Last Appearance: 745-End3
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-   High Councilor Renier, the supreme authority in the five-member High Command presiding over Terra Venture, was a black woman probably in her sixties.
-   Commander Stanton, giving a progress report to the council, suggested they maintain course and speed, and High Councilor Renier approved his recommendation, saying they would re-evaluate when they entered the next galaxy.
-   Just then, Mike entered, and there was some whispering; Stanton uttered a shocked, "Mike."
-   Shaking hands with Mike, Stanton had thought they'd left him on the "practice moon," although this seems like an odd name for their training area on the moon.
-   As Mike searched for an explanation for his absence, Renier interjected to Stanton that whatever the reason, she thought she could speak for all of them when she said they were glad to have him back safe and sound; Stanton agreed and asked Mike to be at Command Headquarters at 0800.
-   Whether Renier suspected any association between Mike's absence and secret Ranger goings-on is unknown, but she did seem somewhat quick to sidestep the issue of his disappearance.

-   After Terra Venture received an alien distress signal, Stanton and Mike were soon at High Command briefing the councilors.
-   After Renier had concluded that they'd have to divert from their course if they tried to help, Councilor Brody reminded them of their goal, to find a New World in the Eurolean Galaxy, and that they weren't equipped for rescue missions, making it just too risky.
-   Mike began to interject but then stepped back, apologizing; Renier told him not to keep them on the edge of their seats, an interest perhaps sparked by knowledge of Mike's association with the Rangers, but this is by no means certain.
-   Mike spoke, "Our mission doesn't spell out that we have to rescue others in times of trouble."; Brody agreed, but Mike continued, "But that's because it doesn't need to be spelled out. Helping should be second nature. As you said, it's dangerous out there. And the day may come when we have to send a distress signal of our own."
-   After Brody and Renier had looked at each other, Renier commended Mike and had Stanton put together his best rescue team.

-   Walking down a hallway with Renier, Brody, and two guards, Stanton presented Renier with Status Report and Progress Report briefings, saying the meteoroid field would be there in two hours, but they would be safe as long as they changed course.
-   Renier approved of Stanton's proceedings, and when Damon approached to return a report Renier had dropped, the two guards grappled him.
-   Telling the guards it wasn't against the law to be polite, Renier thanked Damon as she took the paper back, and he was embarrassed as she smirked at the greasy fingerprints he'd left on the paper.
-   Outside, the two councilors walked out of a building with their two guards but were quickly surrounded by Stingwingers which had been impersonating Terra Venture personnel.
-   Jasper shot at a Stingwinger with a yellow laser burst from his energy pistol, but the Stingwinger deflected it with its claw hand, and Stingwingers grappled the two councilors.
-   As Green Ranger, arriving, led the councilors away, he was suddenly shot in the back by Cannonbrawl.
-   Green Ranger fought off the villains as the guards rushed the councilors away, but Stingwingers managed to grapple Renier, and an orange energy sphere from Cannonbrawl's cannon struck Renier, turning her into an orange energy sphere which flew away to the Scorpion Stinger.
-   Soon then, a transmission from Trakeena tuned in to monitors all over Terra Venture, demanding that they send her their best mechanic to repair her engines so she could escape the approaching meteor storm.
-   When Stanton asked about Renier, they were shown a shot of Renier held by Stingwingers, shouting desperately for Stanton not to do as Trakeena said, and Trakeena then gave Stanton ten minutes to make up his mind.
-   Later, Renier was pacing in a barred cell chamber, with a skeleton apparently in the adjacent cell.
-   Outside the cell were Stingwingers, two of which were armwrestling, before Leo caught their attention and them beat them all up.
-   Leo assured Renier she would be all right, and when she asked who he was, he replied he was a stowaway.
-   After fumbling with the door, Leo stepped behind a nearby steaming stalagmite and, probably within hearing distance, told Damon over his Transmorpher to open the cell door, using Damon's name.
-   Soon, the cell door popped open, and Leo led Renier out; at that point, the ship began to rumble as the meteor storm arrived.
-   When Damon encountered Leo and Renier in a corridor, both parties fleeing for their lives, Renier was upset that Damon had come as well, having ordered him not to come.
-   As the three fled, their path was blocked by Cannonbrawl, who fired an explosive orange energy sphere which they dodged.
-   Damon attempted to fight the robot monster as Leo took Renier past them; Renier pleaded that they couldn't leave him, but Leo kept rushing her toward the heliship port ahead.
-   After beating Damon to the ground, Cannonbrawl followed Leo and Renier; in the heliship, Renier wanted to go back for Damon, whose name she knew, but Cannonbrawl blasted at the doorway.
-   Damon grabbed the monster's arm but was knocked against a wall, and Renier slung a metal case under the monster's foot, making him trip; Damon then leapt over the monster and sprayed it with a jet of steam from a nearby hose.
-   Once Damon was in, the heliship flew away, and all three were pleased to see Terra Venture ahead; after whooping with Leo, Damon went to give Renier a high-five, but she cleared her throat, making him calm down.
-   Soon, Cannonbrawl teleported to Terra Venture and blasted at a heliship flying overhead, but the heliship containing Renier and crew had already landed safely elsewhere, with Mike having left immediately; Leo and Damon had left shortly after him.
-   Later, Damon was working on an outdoor fuse panel near a street with Leo's help when the councilors' two guards spoke their full names, and one then nodded to Renier, prompting her to get out of a Terra Venture car driven by a gray-suited man, joining up with Stanton and Brody.
-   Approaching with Leo, Damon predicted Renier would tell them they shouldn't have tried to save her, but she held up a finger to cut him off; meanwhile, a crowd began to gather.
-   Renier spoke, "When a life is in a jeopardy, we sometimes lose sight of what could happen when we dive in to save it. And sometimes we don't heed caution, (toward Stanton) or commands, for that matter. (back to Damon) It takes someone with great courage to think of another without expecting anything in return, and I hope you do the same if something like this should happen again."
-   Renier took a medal (identical to the one given to Matthew in 705-Hmsk) from the box Brody was holding and put it on Damon for his bravery, then another on Leo as well, and the audience clapped.
-   Renier told Damon to raise his hand, and he did so confusedly, allowing her to give him a cheerful high five.

-   Some time after an accidental surge from the Galaxy Book had disabled most of the colony's power, Stanton stood before High Command.
-   Renier told Stanton that when they'd decided to research "this Galaxy Book," they'd had no idea it would pose a danger to the entire colony.
-   After being caught trying to steal the Galaxy Book, a man dressed as a worker (actually the Guardian) later stood in handcuffs in High Command.
-   When Stanton entered, Renier told him the man hadn't said a word, so Stanton had him taken away to a detention cell.

-   In High Command after Terra Venture had been thrust into the Lost Galaxy, Renier asked about backtracking their course, but Stanton said they didn't know where they'd come from, as none of their navigation programs appeared to work there.

-   In Command Headquarters late at night after the resurrected monster invasion and Hexuba's destruction, Renier sat alone at a control panel sipping from a silver canteen when Stanton entered with Kai and Mike.
-   Stanton apologized for getting Renier up at this hour, but she replied the hour was unimportant, asking for any news; Stanton said they had just discovered their fuel reserves had been tainted, with only one or two days left.
-   Once they lost engine power, they would lose their systems one by one until there was nothing left; when the environmental controls shut down, the colony would freeze, and nothing would survive.

-   Soon after escaping the Lost Galaxy, Terra Venture slowly drifted through space with only one engine cluster and its neighboring cylindrical booster on.
-   In High Command, Stanton told the councilors they had only one engine remaining, and their fastest speed was only one-tenth of normal: they were going nowhere, slowly.
?   When asked if he had any ideas where they could land, Stanton brought up a monitor display of a planet within reach, what would later be revealed to be Mirinoi.
-   Stanton said they'd just received the first aerial images from the probe, showing beautifully tranquil images of lush forest lands with great amounts of water.
-   Brody thought it was beautiful, and Renier congratulated Stanton on leading them to the New World.
-   Renier and Brody happily shook Stanton's hand and patted him on the back.
-   As Stanton gave an announcement to the citizens of Terra Venture from Command Headquarters, Councilor Brody, and High Councilor Renier were lined up beside him.
-   Begun by Renier after Stanton's announcement, the group in Command Headquarters began clapping for Stanton.
-   After the detached city dome's devastating crash-landing on Mirinoi's moon the next morning, Stanton was met by a weary Brody and Renier in the trashed Command Headquarters.
-   Renier asked how much longer, but Stanton replied not much; if the main dome collapsed, he said, they wouldn't survive.
-   Brody asked Stanton if he was suggesting they abandon Terra Venture, stunning the entire room of GSA officers.
-   After looking around, Stanton replied, "This ship is dying. I don't want us to die with it!" and Renier agreed, "Evacuate the ship, Commander."

-   After High Command and Stanton had been watching Red Ranger's fight with Trakeena on the city dome from a monitor in their settlement on Mirinoi, the crowd in the GSA tent looked into the sky anxiously as the roaring city dome approached in the sky.
-   As people ran screaming through the camp, Stanton, and nearby Brody and Renier, hit the ground as the city dome roared overhead.
-   When the Rangers leapt down after surviving the crash of the city dome (slowed by the Galaxy Megazord), everyone rushed forward to congratulate them; Renier and Green Ranger immediately hugged. Mike and Red Ranger (with a shattered hole in his helmet over his right eye) immediately hugged.
-   It's unknown who, if anyone, knew the Rangers' identities by this point, although the matching up of Renier with morphed Damon and Stanton with morphed Kai appeared more than coincidental.

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