- flying laser weapon composed of five weapons, used by Lightspeed Rangers
First Appearance: 802-LsTm
Last Appearance: 835-WebW
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-   As Carter called for help as they struggled to free people trapped in an elevator, Miss Fairweather at a panel observed that "it" was operational, and Mitchell told Carter of the new weapon, telling him to call for the Rescue Bird.
-   In Carter's visor view appeared schematics of the Rescue Bird, with text: "Rescue Bird / Multi Function Rescue Tool / 'Rescue Bird' sequencer perfect for <costoms?>. Automatic contorol [sic] calling to '55BRACE'."
-   The schematics for the Rescue Bird listed its five component parts, which were given different names in the toy line: the bird's claws were titled the "Claw Anchor" in the schematics but named the Yellow Ranger's "Rescue Claw" in the toy line; the wings were titled the "Wing Spreader" in the schematics but named Green Ranger's "Rescue Cutter" in the toy line; the underbelly was titled the "Build Discharger" in the schematics but named Blue Ranger's "Rescue Laser" in the toy line; the drill beak was titled the "Beak Driller" in the schematics but named Red Ranger's "Rescue Drill" in the toy line; and finally the tail was titled the "Tail Injector" in the schematics but named Pink Ranger's "Rescue Injector" in the toy line.
?   Although Carter's calling the drill weapon the Rescue Drill agreed with the toy line rather than the briefly shown schematics, the toy name of "Rescue Laser" was not appropriate for the Build Discharger, which would actually fire flame-retardant mist rather than a laser.
-   The schematics continued: "Operation Manual: 5 Rescue Tool, Microprocessor controlled. / <16mm> modes, adjustable speed, rescue speed, works with incandescent system. / Support 'Rescue Bird' / Award winning <systs-illed?> technicians."
-   When Carter summoned the Rescue Bird by calling into his wrist, the Rescue Bird flew from the large sigil in the top part of the Train Bay with a blue flash, flying through an orange/black tunnel of light to Carter and disengaging into its five pieces.
-   Wielding the Rescue Drill, Carter plugged the weapon into his blaster grip and then angled the drill tip upward.
-   With the spinning drill, Carter sliced the sealed elevator doors apart and pried them open.

-   Upon calling the Rescue Bird, Carter again saw the same introductory schematics in his visor.
?   How the Rescue Bird arrived is unknown, as the Train Bay wouldn't be shown rising until Kelsey later called for the Rescuezords.
-   As the bird flew in through its warp tunnel, Carter had it separate into its component weapons, and each Ranger was briefly shown holding a weapon: Joel correctly held the wing weapon, Chad correctly held the sprayer weapon, and Dana correctly held the injector, but Carter and Kelsey were holding each other's weapons, Carter with the claw weapon and Kelsey with the Rescue Drill.
-   To form the Unilaser formation, Carter turned his blaster grip to vertical, locking it onto the wing weapon, then the others added the body (sprayer weapon) and claws (with a second handle for the Unilaser), and the injector and drill were together on the front.
-   As Carter prepared to fire, the others bracing behind him in the order Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, the drill tip spun, and the Unilaser then shot a stream of blue energy with a gold energy bolt, although some shots would show this added gold energy as an energy ring around the blast rather than a central bolt.
-   The Unilaser destroyed Whirlin.
?   After the use of the Unilaser, the Rangers holstered their Rescue Blasters, but what had happened to the Unilaser was unknown, and only Carter's blaster grip had been used.

-   The Unilaser destroyed Elestomp.

-   The Unilaser destroyed Strikning.

-   To counter Trifire's flame breath, Carter drew the Rescue Bird's sprayer weapon merged with his blaster grip, and Dana drew her blaster.
-   The Rescue Bird's component weapons were never used in combat without a blaster grip attached.
-   As Dana ran blasting, Carter, behind her, shot white extinguishing mist from the sprayer to counter the flame breath.
-   The Unilaser destroyed Trifire.

-   The Rangers fired the Unilaser at morphed Ryan, but the Titanium Laser's axe blade absorbed the blast, and Ryan slung it back crackling with gold energy bolts.

-   Liztwin extended his mouth-hand and flung Carter around until Kelsey slashed the arm painfully with the Rescue Drill.
-   As Joel fired with his Rescue Blaster, Dana sprayed the white mist of the sprayer weapon, blowing Liztwin back.
-   The Unilaser destroyed Liztwin into the standard chunks with a golden flash of sparkles.

-   Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon threw Joel, Chad, and Kelsey into a Unilaser beam fired by Carter and Dana (although apparently powered only by Carter); the three blasted Rangers would be okay but would have blackened patches on their suits.
-   When the five Rangers later fired a surprise Unilaser shot, the beam bounced off a forcefield around the three monsters and blasted the Rangers off their ambush position.

-   The Rescue Bird was designed by Miss Fairweather's team, according to Mitchell.
-   Pointblank simultaneous blasts from the Unilaser and red V-Lancer blew up Demonite and the whole area; Carter would survive the blast with charred patches in his suit.

-   To distract Falkar, Kelsey sprayed him with the sprayer weapon, blowing him back; she would later use it on the hulking Thunderon as well, spraying him back as well.

?   Describing their defeat during their skirmish with Troika, Joel remarked the Unilaser had bounced right off him, although this had not been shown during the brief battle.

-   Summoned, the Rescue Bird flew in through its warp and split apart, then flew down toward the Rangers in Unilaser mode.
-   During the weapon's descent, Olympius pulled it to himself with a red ray from a horned device.
-   In the original events before Carter's time-traveling intervention, Olympius had pulled the trigger, and the blast's huge explosion had flung the four Rangers aside, and they collapsed, apparently wounded fatally.

-   Chad's sprayer weapon mist apparently froze Bird Bane's beak shut briefly.
-   Carter leapt with the wing weapon and clamped the wings between Bird Bane's jaws before being tossed back.
-   The Unilaser destroyed Bird Bane with a burst of golden sparkles.

- Phrases used to summon Rescue Bird (spoken into wrist)
802-LsTm 804-REdg 806-WODe 807-CybR 811-FDIS 813-RyDe 835-WebW Carter: "Rescue Bird!"

- Phrases used to separate Rescue Bird into component weapons
804-REdg Carter: "Separate!"

- Phrases used to merge Rescue Drill with blaster grip
802-LsTm Carter: "Rescue Drill, power up!"

- Phrases used to assemble Unilaser configuration
804-REdg Carter: "Unilaser formation, now!"

- Phrases used upon assembly of Unilaser
806-WODe 807-CybR 835-WebW Carter: "Unilaser mode!"
809-GVol 812-TDis 813-RyDe 829-EggC Carter: "Unilaser!"
813-RyDe Carter (only with Dana): "Unilaser mode!"

- Phrases used to fire Unilaser
804-REdg Dana: "Ready!"
Joel: "Aim!"
Carter: "Aaannd, fire!"
806-WODe Carter: "Ready, aim, and fire!"
807-CybR Joel/Chad: "Ready!"
Dana/Kelsey: "Set!"
Carter: "And fire!"
809-GVol Joel/Chad: "Ready!"
Dana/Kelsey: "Aim!"
Carter: "And fire!"
812-TDis Joel/Chad: "Ready!"
Dana/Kelsey: "Aim!"
Carter: "Fire!"
813-RyDe Carter (with only Dana): "Ready, fire!"
813-RyDe 835-WebW Carter: "Fire!"
829-EggC Carter: "Ready! Fire!"

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