- laser/extinguisher pistols used by Lightspeed Rangers; used as handles for Lightspeed weapons and control grips for Zords
First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
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-   The Rescue Blasters were red laser pistols bearing their respective Ranger's crest, a sigil in the handle, and "Power Rangers" written across the side.
-   The Rescue Blasters shot red lasers.
-   Dana wielded her blaster in baton mode.
-   After individual laser blasts had stunned Batlings, the combined fire of the Rescue Blasters destroyed Ghouligan.

-   In the Weapons Lab, a gloved tech sprayed a cold white mist from a Red Ranger Rescue Blaster to extinguish a test fire, although Carter would have his holstered blaster upon morphing minutes later.
-   The Rangers used their Rescue Blasters' "blaster grips," or the handle and trigger, later shown leaving the detached barrel in their holsters, to plug into the interfaces of all their Zords, controlling the Zords with the handles.
-   The blaster grips would be inserted into the port on the Ranger's right side, with the handle pointing right, and the grip would then be turned down vertical to lock on; during Zord controlling, the handles could be pressed in further and turned for various actions.
-   After Carter had removed his blaster grip from Pyro Rescue One, the Zord was still active and able to respond to Carter's voice commands.
-   The blaster grips were also used to plug onto the various Rescue Bird weapons, including the Unilaser, to serve as a trigger handle; the barrel was seen remaining detached in its owner's holster.

-   To put out a fire, Carter pulled back the end of his blaster, then pushed it in and sprayed white foam over the fire, putting it out.
-   The Rescue Blasters' lasers destroyed Vypra's quake stakes.
-   To summon the Lightspeed Megazord Saber, Carter first had the Rangers insert their blaster grips, which had not apparently been inserted prior to this point.

-   Carter's blaster fire knocked Whirlin out of his tornado.
-   The Rangers transformed their blasters into baton mode: the handle was turned 90 degrees, then the barrel angled up, and the silver baton bar extended from the tilted barrel.
-   The five blaster lasers made Whirlin retreat in his tornado.
-   Carter's blaster grip was used for the assembly of the Unilaser from the Rescue Bird's component weapons.
-   After the Rangers (or at least Carter) had already inserted their blaster grips to control the Rescuezords for a rescue mission, Carter now merely turned his grip to vertical to initiate Pyro Rescue One's ladder arm-assisted docking to form the Megazord.

-   The five Rescue Blaster lasers destroyed the gold-beaked monster.
-   The Rescue Blaster lasers merely bounced off the Vyprari's forcefield.
-   As Carter and Vypra raced toward each other, Lightspeed Cycle against Vyprari, their lasers bounced off each other at their point of intersection, but Carter then added Rescue Blaster fire to the mix, shooting out her turret and dissolving her shield.

-   The Cyborg Rangers wielded "Cyborg Rescue Blasters," duplicates of the Rescue Blasters which merely lacked the "Power Rangers" label on the barrels.
-   When the Cyborg Rangers were damaged by Strikning's lightning bolt, they discarded their blasters as they turned on the scientists nearby.
-   A blast in the chest from Dana's Rescue Blaster incapacitated the Pink Cyborg; Joel and Kelsey did the same to Green and Yellow.
-   Carter fought Red with his baton before slashing him across the chest, then twirled it in blaster mode and fired to the chest twice, making the Cyborg burst apart and collapse in pieces.

-   Upon demorphing from an explosion, Kelsey was still holding her Rescue Blaster after the demorph.

-   The Rescue Bird's component weapons were never used in combat without a blaster grip attached.
-   While one Ranger used the sprayer weapon in combat, a second fired his or her Rescue Blaster at the stunned victim; this would be done again in 812-TDis.

?   To enter the cave in which Miss Fairweather was trapped, unmorphed Joel blasted through the rock with his Rescue Blaster; finding no monsters inside, he then "holstered" his blaster offscreen and entered, although he was wearing no holster.
-   Inserting and turning his blaster grip upon entering his cockpit in the fallen Megazord, Carter observed the systems were back online as the lights came back on in his cockpit.

-   The Rangers locked their blaster grips onto the end of the V-Lancers when transforming them to blaster mode.

-   Dana deflected Ryan's Titanium Laser blast with her baton to protect a citizen from the (nonlethal) blast.
-   After fighting Ryan, Dana holstered her baton, where it instantly collapsed into blaster mode, and she then pushed the back end in.

-   The Rescue Blasters were designed by Miss Fairweather's team, according to Mitchell.

?   As the eight Galaxy and Lightspeed Rangers (sans Reds) regrouped, the Galaxy Rangers crouching in front, they all fired energy blasts together, the Lightspeed Rangers shooting from their unintroduced Thermo Blasters in booster mode; the eight Ranger-colored beams combined into a single wide golden beam with Ranger-colored beam trails, blasting the villains with little ill effect.

?   Fighting Batlings, Chad and Dana shot Ranger-colored lasers from their Thermo Blasters in booster mode, but they were then shown wielding Rescue Blasters in US footage.

-   In a tunnel in the Shadow World, the laser from Carter's Rescue Blaster caused the ceiling to collapse, sealing off one end of the tunnel.

-   Carter inserted his blaster grip to operate the Lifeforce Megazord.

- Phrases used to draw Rescue Blaster
804-REdg Carter: "Rescue Blaster!"
808-UpCh Chad: "Rescue Blaster!"

- Phrases used to draw Rescue Blasters
804-REdg 809-GVol Carter: "Rescue Blasters!"
806-WODe Kelsey: "Rescue Blasters!"
827-FrZo Carter: "Rescue Blasters! Ready!"

- Phrases used to fire Rescue Blasters
801-OpLs Carter: "Ready... aim... fire!"
806-WODe Dana: "Ready..."
Kelsey: "Fire!"
828-MMBa Carter: "Rescue Blasters!"

- Phrases used to transform Rescue Blasters into baton mode
804-REdg 816-CStr Carter: "Rescue Blasters, baton mode!"

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