- Megazord formed by combination of Rescuezords
First Appearance: 528-FOPh
Last Appearance: 544-CIS1
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-   Artillatron had across its side the same "VRV" found in multiple places on the Rescuezords and Rescue Megazord. (see "Recurring letters")

-   As the Rescuezords battled Metallasaurus, Phantom Ranger told Cassie it was time for the Rangers to initiate the Rescue Megazord, and she agreed that that might work.
-   Some time later, each Ranger pressed a blue button on his or her controls to initiate the Rescue Megazord assembly.
-    To form the Rescue Megazord, the Rescuezords would each transform in their number order, then Siren Blaster merged with the leg Zords, then Lightning Fire Tamer merged with Siren Blaster as the halves of Wind Rescue merged with Fire Tamer; finally, the head unfolded, completing the Megazord.
?   Regardless of the previous mode of the Rescuezords, when transforming into their Megazord components, Lightning Fire Tamer, Thunder Loader, and Star Racer would start transforming from high stance mode; Siren Blaster's and Wind Rescue's starting modes were somewhere between high stance mode and vehicle mode.
-   On the Rescue Megazord's forehead was a large V, within which was the VRV symbol.
-   The Rescue Megazord cockpit was located behind the visor in its chest, a part of Lightning Fire Tamer.
-   The Rescue Megazord cockpit was identical to the Turbo Megazord's cockpit, with the exception of a red rear door bearing the VRV symbol, and the reversal from left to right of the seating positions. (see "Recurring letters")
-   For the Rescue Megazord to destroy an opponent, Artillatron, in robot mode some distance behind the Megazord, would beam its artillery cannons into the Megazord's hands with blue energy.
-   The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed Metallasaurus.

?   During the fight with the Turbo Megazord, Ashley announced in the Rescue Megazord, "Launching missiles!", and explosions rocked the Turbo Megazord, but the edges of the screen were fuzzy, as though the scene were imaginary.
-   To leave the Rescue Megazord, T.J. went through the cockpit's rear door and went down either steps or a chute.
-   The Turbo Megazord Spinout knocked the Rescue Megazord over into a building, leaving it helpless for quite a while until the Rangers got power back.
-   The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Crosspatch.

-   The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Flash Head.
-   The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Voltmeister.

-   The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Wicked Wisher.

-   The Rescue Megazord shot green energy beams from two hand blaster weapons.
-   The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Wild Weeder.

-   The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Torch Tiger.

-   The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Maniac Mechanic.

?   With no one to pilot Lightning Fire Tamer, the four Rangers called for the Rescue Megazord to summon Artillatron with the Rescuezords as usual, but they wouldn't end up using the Rescue Megazord.

-   The Rescue Megazord shot Terrorzord with green beams from its hand blasters.
-   When Cassie used a Turbo Navigator in the Rescue Megazord to track down Terrorzord once it had vanished, a VRV symbol represented the Megazord.
-   Terrorzord raced by the Rescue Megazord and slashed it multiple times in one pass with its axe; when the Megazord dropped its artillery cannons, its turret cannon broke into two pieces upon hitting the ground.
-   When the Megazord fell from Terrorzord's energy blasts, T.J. said the power grid was offline, and the Megazord was unable to move for some time until after Terrorzord had left.

-   The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed giant Mr. Goorific.

-   After chaining the Rescue Megazord to a giant cross, giant Count Nocturn hit the Megazord in the chest (Lightning Fire Tamer) with his sledgehammer, causing the Rangers to evacuate to the Turbozords.
-   Carlos thought to combine the undamaged components of the Turbo Megazord and Rescue Megazord.
-   After the Turbo Megazord had disassembled, the Rescue Megazord's limbs (Wind Rescue, Thunder Loader, and Star Racer) glowed with Ranger-colored energy and broke away from their chains, then instantly transformed into vehicle form; after Mountain Blaster and Red Lightning had driven off a cliff and combined in midair, the three Rescuezords united with them, completing the Rescue Turbo Megazord assembly.

-   The Sharkzord knocked the Rescue Megazord into the water and fought it underwater.
-   Ashley's Turbo Navigator display in the Rescue Megazord showed "VRV" and a display of the Rescue Megazord (with the torso green and all else flashing red), along with the "Power Boost Ratio" going down from 80% to 60%; as the accompanying power bar dropped, it turned from green to yellow once it had dropped below 75%, and there was a white line where 50% would be.
?   Ashley said they had to get the Rescue Megazord back onto dry land, as they were losing power, but the Turbo Megazord, too, would experience a power drain, yet it didn't go into the water at all.
-   To get the Megazord out of the water, T.J. activated the "Turbo Power Booster," and the Megazord bent over and shot from Lightning Fire Tamer's cannons yellow streams (perhaps liquid or foam) which propelled the Megazord out onto dry land.
-   After Blue Senturion had arrived in Robo Racer, the Rescue Megazord started to walk away, but the Rangers discovered they were still losing power.
-   After switching into the Turbo Megazord, the Rangers still experienced a power drain, with the power bar now below 25%.
-   While the Rescue Megazord's Turbo Navigator display had "VRV" in large text in the corner, the Turbo Megazord's Turbo Navigator display showed "RV."

-   The Rangers initially piloted the five Rescuezords individually against the three evil Zords.
-   As the Catzord was overloading from Rygog's using too much power, Alpha suggested the power inversion, and as the Rangers activated it, five Ranger-colored streaks flew out from Catzord's chest and charged up the Rescuezords; Ashley, consulting her Turbo Navigator, then happily announced that they were back online.
-   In the Turbo Megazord, T.J. had Artillatron beam the artillery cannons to both Megazords, with its right turret cannon going to the Rescue Megazord and the left claw cannon going to the Turbo Megazord; both Megazords held the cannons in their right arms.
-   The right artillery cannon, being held by the Rescue Megazord, reflected the Sharkzord's fin back at the evil Zord, destroying it with its own weapon.

-   The Rescue Megazord shot its hand blasters at Goldgoyle, but he soon wrapped red tentacles around the hand blasters and sent red electricity through them, breaking the blasters to pieces.
-   Goldgoyle caught the artillery blasts, fired from the artillery cannons held by the Rescue Megazord, in his hands, swirled it together into orange energy, and blasted it back at the Megazord.
?   When Goldgoyle was blasting the Rescue Megazord with orange energy repeatedly, the Megazord was missing the artillery cannons in some shots but had them in others; after it had fallen, the cannons would never appear again.
-   Being blasted over and over by Goldgoyle, the Rescue Megazord was quickly losing power; Carlos had Justin reroute the auxiliary power.
-   As the Rescue Megazord was being utterly battered by Goldgoyle, Cassie headed for the door to try reconnecting their power manually, as all of their systems were failing and powerless, but T.J. wouldn't let her.
-   T.J. said the Rescue Megazord was too badly damaged and that Goldgoyle wouldn't wait for them to repair it; they had to stop him there and then, so he planned for them to move in close and self-destruct the Megazord; the others supported the plan.
-   A female computer voice announced, "Self-destruct sequence initiated. Self-destruct in forty seconds," then counted down.
-   The weak Megazord lurched toward Goldgoyle even as it continued to be blasted, then it grappled the monster, confusing him.
-   When the Rescue Megazord self-destructed, the Rangers flew out from the explosion and got into the Turbozords, apparently unharmed.
-   Goldgoyle was unaffected by the blast.

- Phrases used to assemble Rescue Megazord
528-FOPh T.J.: "Megazord mode..."
Justin: "Now!"
Carlos: "Now!"
Ashley: "Now!"
Cassie: "Now!"
Rangers: "Let's do it!"
532-GOEv T.J.: "We need Rescue Megazord power!"
534-TOWW Ashley: "Bring 'em together!"
543-P&Pc Rangers: "Rescue Megazord power, now!"

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