- devices used to morph teens into Lightspeed Rangers
First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
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-   From the ceiling of the conference room came a multi-chirp signal which would be associated with the Rescue Morphers' communications; Dana then handed Mitchell his headset to speak to Rescue Ops about the crisis.
-   After the teens had agreed to be Rangers, Mitchell opened the silver sigiled briefcase containing the five Rescue Morphers and a gold sigil in its gray foam interior; on the outside of the briefcase was, "Top Secret."
-   The Morphers, worn on the left wrist, had a sigiled disc/antenna panel on the left side which would be slid open counterclockwise, and the right side bore four square buttons.
?   The teens seemed to take their Morphers from the case randomly, as there were no distinguishing marks to indicate Ranger color.
?   Mitchell watched the teens' first encounter with the demons in a monitor in Ops, although the view seemed to be detached from any possible viewing device.
-   To morph after flexing their left Morpher arms, the teens called out, "Lightspeed Rescue!" and performed a quick preparatory gesture of crossing the arms, bringing them back, and punching out with wrists crossed; they then turned their fists and brought in their hands to flip the switch on their Morphers.
-   By using his or her right thumb, each teen flipped a hidden switch on the bottom end of the Morpher, rotating open the left circle panel while the front red alarm lights blinked; from the digital panel inside shot each Ranger's morphing shield.

-   The Rangers would often touch one side of their helmets to speak to Rescue Ops (or the others); the Morphers hidden in their left wrists could also be used for the same purpose, on rare occasion even used in conjunction with the ear communication.
-   Mitchell described Miss Fairweather as "the genius behind everything," including the Rescue Morphers.

?   When Joel called Carter for help, the chirp sound was erroneously the sound of the Astro Morphers and Transmorphers.
?   When Carter replied, his Morpher's panel was open, which should have morphed him.

-   Dana was able to reply to Carter's call to her (and then converse with Mitchell) without the use of her hands.

-   The Rescue Morphers, and other inventions, had all been designed by Miss Fairweather's team, according to Mitchell.

-   To summon the Battle Boosters for the first time, the Rangers energized their Morphers, causing them to appear on their wrists with white energy, and then summoned the Battle Boosters with Ranger-colored energy bolts before unsummoning the Morphers with white energy; future summonings of the Battle Boosters would not require the Morphers to be present.

-   Carter's Morpher survived a prolonged submersion in the sea.

-   After scanning Joel's Morpher with a high-frequency scanner, young genius Simon was able to use the scanner to call Joel's Morpher.

-   Chad wore his Morpher while swimming in the ocean, and he would later somehow morph while underwater.

-   The Rangers couldn't contact Carter or the base from within the Skull Cavern's dimension.

?   While the Aquabase was dying and Carter was hiding in the Skull Cavern's castle, his Morpher inexplicably beeped, revealing his location to Bansheera.

-   Following the defeat of Queen Bansheera, the five teens turned in their Rescue Morphers to Captain Mitchell, although he would call out that they'd forgotten them when they soon ran off to fight a fire.

- Phrases used to summon Morphers onto morphed wrists
816-CStr Carter: "Rescue Morphers, energize!"

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