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First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
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-   Between Rescue Ops and the captain's quarters was a conference room containing a briefing table and a rotating wall panel which could show either controls or a monitor display.
-   On the conference room monitor by default was a view of a security camera on the sea floor.
-   Rescue Ops was a fairly expansive control area which shared a medium-sized Aquabase dome with the Transport Bay.
-   The teens, having arrived by submarine, entered Ops from a side hallway; when Dana and Earl would arrive in the same manner in 805-AMOT, they would be met arriving in a Megalift-style lift in a corridor.
-   Inside Rescue Ops, Joel began pressing buttons, making the alarm sound before Dana turned it off.
-   The Aquabase alarm consisted of alternating blue and red submarine-style lights (occasionally solid red) and a buzzing alarm; when not sounding, the status lights were solid blue.
?   Almost all Aquabase display panels and controls bore striking similarities to Astro Megaship controls, with some panels actually identical to the Megaship's, including the "Education" paneling seen in 807-CybR; see "Miss Fairweather" for further Space-Lightspeed parallels.
-   From the ceiling of the conference room came a multi-chirp signal which would be associated with the Rescue Morphers' communications; Dana then handed Mitchell his headset to speak to Rescue Ops about the crisis.
-   Mitchell would often wear a headset to communicate with Miss Fairweather or the Rangers, and Miss Fairweather would use one on occasion as well, although various terminals also contained microphones which served the same purpose.
?   Mitchell watched the teens' first encounter with the demons in a monitor in Ops; the monitors would almost always show a view from the teens' Morphers or the Rangers' helmets, although at times the view would seem to be detached from any possible viewing device.

-   Rescue Ops was able to tune into an image of the downtown region where Magmavore had landed, using an unknown viewing system.
-   To send the Train Bay to the surface, a tech worked a "Satellite Telemetry" panel beside a smaller "Phase Transition" panel on the left side of Ops, facing the rear elevator; as the Train Bay rose, an LED scroller over the techs' heads read, "Train Bay" ... "to surface."
-   Apparently connecting Rescue Ops with a hallway near the Transport Bay/Weapons Lab (with Ops above, as there was another level below the Transport Bay) was an elevator looking identical to the Astro Megaship's Megalift.
-   Mitchell could call for the base to go to "alert status," which would activate the alarms; this would also be called "code red," such as in 806-WODe, in which both the alarms and the teens' Morphers went off.

-   At sunrise, Mitchell was presented with a morning status report in Ops by a tech named S. Baker; he would usually (but not on this occasion) look over the report before signing it.

-   As Miss Fairweather worked in the lab, a female computer voice announced "intruder alert," and Miss Fairweather saw the yellow "Lift" sign on the wall blinking as Ryan rode up on the empty Rover lift; guards would soon rush in.

-   As the Supertrain fought two titan-sized monsters, Mitchell had techs reroute all reserve power to the Supertrain; a tech reported energy levels were falling, and Mitchell repeated the order to put all reserves online.

-   In Ops as Supertrain was pounded and had a gaping hole blasted clean through its midsection, a monitor showed two dual bar gagues from blue into the red with the warning "Overloading," at which point Mitchell had the Rescuezords sent in.

?   The Solarzord's cockpit buttons were, like Rescue Ops, strikingly similar to the Megaship's consoles, even bearing the same yellow "Emergency Alert" rectangle.

-   Chad told his sensei that from Rescue Ops they could monitor the city and make sure everyone was safe.

-   As the alarms blared, a female computer-esque voice announced in Transport, "Attention, monster attack in the city."

-   Ops briefly lost the signal from the Solarzord as Miss Fairweather was remotely controlling its outer hatch to eject Vilevine's spores from within.

-   During a brief blackout from a faulty test in the lab, a few essential panels remained active in Ops, and an alarm rang as Mitchell told someone to find out what was going on, but the power came back on.

-   Security cameras located at the various domes sent back live images of the sea floor to Rescue Ops.

-   On a city grid of Mariner Bay, a display in Ops homed in on a disturbance, then zoomed in in 3-D.

-   As Carter summoned the various Zords to fight giant Olympius and Diabolico, he finally called for the Lightspeed Solarzord, at which point Mitchell had a tech initiate the assembly for Carter.

-   To put the base on red alert, a tech in Ops pressed a button near other buttons labeled Phase Transition, Satellite Telemetry, Active Systems, and Subspace Antennas.
-   As the Pod Four tower was struck by the Lifeforce Megazord, underwater shrapnel struck the nearby Ops dome, making Rescue Ops quake and spark violently.
-   Overwhelmed by Batlings, Chad and Kelsey retreated into Rescue Ops and sealed a metal security door with a small round porthole window; the security door quickly clamped shut vertically when activated by a red emergency button on the wall, locking the Batlings outside.
-   From another entrance, Dana and Joel dashed in and locked their exit's emergency door as well.
-   In the mangled Rescue Ops later, the green and red alarm lights were still flashing, but the alarm sound had long since ceased.
-   Outside Ops following the destruction of a major connecting tube, a Batling blasted through the round porthole window with its bazooka, and a grenade was tossed through, blowing up a section of controls; the base rumbled, and the main lighting shut off, a panel of heavy debris also falling in front of the one remaining exit.
-   Chad used a surviving control panel, pressing a high button above, to activate an emergency metal seal to replace the broken glass porthole in the metal door.
-   Joel was unable to unblock the door, concluding they were trapped with the connecting tube destroyed; at this point, cracks began to form in the outside windows, allowing water to trickle in.

-   At least one monitor, although cracked, was still functional, showing the emergency downtown.
-   As the six attempted to clear off panels, Joel found an access panel in the floor which Mitchell curiously identified as a maintenance shaft; on the computer, Miss Fairweather traced a 3-D path from the Ops dome up into the submarine bay.
-   The path traced in red extended from the lower center portion of the Ops dome into a nearby dome junction.
-   Although the shaft was flooded with water, the six used emergency air canisters to swim over to the sub bay; the last to descend, Mitchell shut and locked the panel behind him.

First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 831-Last
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-   After Dana had told him of the demons' release, Captain Mitchell opened his combination safe on the wall in his personal quarters; the safe also had a small round-key hole which would be used in the future to open the safe.
-   The safe's only contents were four classified folders for each of the Lightspeed Ranger candidates, the Pink Ranger file stored elsewhere.

-   Mitchell used a key on his safe and put in the Titanium Morpher, locking it shut, and he then put the key into his unlocked desk drawer.
-   On the inside of the safe door hung other keys.
-   On the wall were two model galleons.
-   In Mitchell's desk drawer, aside from the safe key, were a picture of Mitchell with young Dana and Ryan, a black "Captain's Log," and a compass for drawing circles.
-   The door to the captain's quarters was marked with a gold winged emblem.
-   Among the things in the safe along with the Titanium Morpher were a smooth black sigiled case, a "Top Secret" brief, and a blue passport booklet.
-   The ring which contained the round safe key also held a normal gold door key and a sigil keyring.

-   Another day, Mitchell's desk drawer contained the Titanium Morpher in a small silver case, a "Top Secret" brief, the safe key, his passport, and the picture frame from which the photo had presumably been stolen.

-   Needing a passkey, Olympius-Kelsey searched Mitchell's desk, throwing papers about, and she opened the upper right drawer, finding a blue "All Access" passkey under Mitchell's sigil-covered "Captain's Journal" book.
-   Under the passkey was an orange schedule form of some sort.

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