- Humvee driven by Lightspeed teens
First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
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-   Parked on a large descending panel in the Transport Bay was the Rescue Rover, a yellow open-top Humvee which bore Lightspeed sigils and the words "Lightspeed" and "Lightspeed Rescue," as well as the identification LR-1; on the front bumper was a winch.
-   Dana tossed Carter the keys to drive.
-   As the Rover began to descend, Carter flipped on the external lamps using switches near the rearview mirror.
-   Carter and Dana sat in the front, with Chad and Kelsey in the seats behind that, and Joel alone in the very back seat.

-   The Rover was on occasion not on its platform in Transport.

?   The teens used the Rescue Rover to escort Dr. Hanson and the dangerously powerful fuel cell (or so they thought) from the airport, although the vehicle's open top wouldn't seem to provide much, if any, security from attacks.
-   In the back compartment of the Rover were a blue and a yellow canister with sigils on them, the teens' red first aid kit (first shown in 803-TByF), and a lifesaver.

-   Also in the back were a silver canister, a red canister, and a black sigiled kit as well.
-   Outmaneuvering the Rover with her new Vyprari, Vypra buffeted the Rover with laser fire, leaving black char marks all over its exterior, although it remained functional.
-   Dana explained that they'd had the Rover's defenses up, presumably some sort of forcefield, but the Vyprari's lasers had blasted right through.
-   In Transport, Miss Fairweather removed a damaged piece from the Rover's engine and showed it to Mitchell, afraid to think what else Vypra could do.
-   Later, the Rover was repaired for the teens to have another frustrating encounter against the Vyprari.

-   As Miss Fairweather careened through downtown to return to the Aquabase its lights were flashing and a siren was wailing like an emergency vehicle; this was the first time the Rover's sirens were heard.

-   The Rescue Rover was designed by Miss Fairweather's team, according to Mitchell.
-   When present, Ryan would ride in the back with Joel.

-   Carter flipped a switch onboard the Rover to remotely open the entry gate leading to the Aquabase.

-   For the other Rangers to join Carter at an emergency scene, Ryan drove the Rover.

-   As the four teens drove without Carter, Chad drove the Rover.

?   To save Carter and others as they fell from a skyscraper, Chad backed up the Rover and pressed an Inflate/Deflate switch just to the right of the steering wheel, although right beside the switch was a tire pressure gague.
-   The back hatch flipped down, holding a yellow deflated cushion pack (with an orange caution sticker on it), and black straps released as it shot out; landing, the cushion instantly inflated into a large landing bag, gray on top.

-   As the teens drove in the Rover tracking a disturbance, a chirping noise similar to a Turbo Navigator was emanating from near Dana.

-   Kelsey drove the Rover for herself and Chad to return to base.

-   The Rover had no license plate, except perhaps a black plate on the rear bumper's left side with only a sigil on it.

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