- Turbo Rangers' secondary fleet of Zords; transform between warrior and rescue vehicle modes
First Appearance: 527-OLHo
Last Appearance: 544-CIS1
Subcategories: Lightning Fire Tamer, Siren Blaster, Thunder Loader, Star Racer, Wind Rescue, Rescue Megazord
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-   The cockpit of Visceron's car-shaped spacecraft was nearly identical in design to the Rescuezord cockpits.

-   One afternoon, the teens sat around a tree in the park, depressed that General Havoc had stolen the Turbo Megazord with Metallasaurus, when Phantom Ranger appeared to tell them not to despair, mentioning one last hope, but then walked away, saying they must wait and that all would be revealed in time.

-   Porto had printed out information hidden in the Turbo Megazord's database and gave it to Havoc in a black "Top Secret" binder which contained information on the unintroduced Siren Blaster Rescuezord and Artillatron, but most importantly, the Phantom Ranger and his Power Ruby.
-   To get past a wall (which Phantom called rubble) at the end of a tunnel beneath Angel Grove, Phantom summoned a laser weapon which, when the Rangers joined in with their Auto Blasters, blasted a hole through the wall; the next time the Rangers would be seen, they would be in the Rescuezords in Artillatron.
-   Artillatron had across its side the same "VRV" found in multiple places on the Rescuezords and Rescue Megazord.
-   The Rescuezord cockpits were similar to the Turbozord cockpits, but without the Turbo Carts; behind each Ranger was a Ranger-colored circle contraining the VRV symbol.
-   Robo Racer's cockpit highly resembled the Rescuezord cockpits, with what would have been its Ranger-colored lights being blue, and with Blue Senturion's badge symbol (bearing the letter "S") in a blue circle behind his seat.
-   In the back wall of Artillatron's cockpit was a panel containing five monitors, one connected to each Rescuezord cockpit.
-   Phantom told the Rangers their new Zords, the Rescuezords, were more powerful than any Zords before.
-   The gas and brake pedals of the Rescuezords had "VRV" on them.
-   The Rescuezords were modeled after futuristic versions of rescue and construction vehicles (a fire truck, a police car, a dump truck, a tractor, and an ambulance).
-   Each Rescuezord bore the number of its respective Ranger.
-   General Havoc realized that the Rangers were back in new Zords.
-   The Rescuezords defeated Metallasaurus in vehicle form.

-   When summoning the Rescuezords (brought out by Artillatron), the Rangers would almost always touch the right sides of their helmets, as if activating earpieces inside the helmets rather than communicators.
-   When the Rescuezords were summoned, Artillatron would, unless otherwise noted, drive out from a holding bay and deploy the Rescuezords.
-   The Rangers would drop down into their cockpits after Artillatron had driven out but before the doors had opened.
-   Each Rescuezord could transform into a robot warrior known as "high stance mode" when its pilot pressed a red button on the controls.
-   For the Rescuezords to transform into high stance mode, Lightning Fire Tamer would first transform partially, then transform the rest of the way instantly with a flash of white light; the other four would then transform instantly with their own flashes of blue and red light.
-   After seeing the Rescuezords transform into high stance mode, Havoc remarked that that was a trick he hadn't seen before.
-   Each Rescuezord had a V on its forehead. (see "Recurring letters")
-   Each Rescuezord's head in high stance mode was shaped like it was wearing a hat associated with a driver of its respective vehicle mode (a firefighter, a police officer, a miner, a construction worker, and a nurse).
-   Each Rescuezord, individually, could instantly transform between high stance mode and vehicle mode with Ranger-colored energy.

-   Justin touched the left side of his helmet as he summoned the Rescuezords.

-   When the Rangers summoned the Rescuezords after being shot at by Robo Racer's cannon, there were four Ranger-colored smoke explosions in the desert (as had introduced the Turbozords' arrival several times in the past) before the Rescuezords were shown driving in with multiple non-colored explosions behind them, presumably caused by Robo Racer's cannon.
-   The five Rescuezords fought Robo Racer in high stance mode without forming the Rescue Megazord.

-   The Rescuezords again drove out by themselves without Artillatron, after the four Ranger-colored smoke explosions appeared in the desert.

?   With no one to pilot Lightning Fire Tamer, the four Rangers called for the Rescue Megazord to summon Artillatron with the Rescuezords as usual, but they wouldn't end up using the Rescue Megazord.
?   When the four Rescuezords were supposed to be transforming from vehicle mode to high stance mode, all that was shown was reversed footage of the Rescuezords' transformation into Megazord components.
?   One shot of Ashley, supposedly in Star Racer, had the Rescue Megazord cockpit behind her.
-   The artillery cannons, with the right turret arm held by Wind Rescue and Thunder Loader and the left claw arm held by Siren Blaster and Star Racer, destroyed giant Lord Litter.

-   The components of the Turbo Megazord and Rescue Megazord were interchangeable, allowing the Rangers to combine the Red Lightning and Mountain Blaster Turbozords with the Wind Rescue, Star Racer, and Thunder Loader Rescuezords to form the Rescue Turbo Megazord.

-   When T.J. summoned the Rescuezords this time, he touched the left side of his helmet after his summoning call.

-   The Rangers initially piloted the five Rescuezords individually against the three evil Zords.
-   As the Catzord was overloading from Rygog's using too much power, Alpha suggested the power inversion, and as the Rangers activated it, five Ranger-colored streaks flew out from Catzord's chest and charged up the Rescuezords; Ashley, consulting her Turbo Navigator, then happily announced that they were back online.

-   To summon the Rescuezords this time, the Rangers touched the left sides of their helmets after their summoning call.
-   The Rangers self-destructed the Rescue Megazord in a failed attempt to destroy Goldgoyle along with it.

-   Several of the Lightspeed Rescuezords were quite similar to the equivalent Rescuezords used by the Turbo Rangers: Lightning Fire Tamer and Pyro Rescue One were both fire trucks, although Pyro Rescue One had ladder arms in place of water jets (a function given to Aqua Rescue Two, which took the place of police car Siren Blaster); while Aero Rescue Three and Thunder Loader were quite different (although both carriers of cargo), HazRescue Four and Star Racer both had scoop/claw arms, and MedRescue Five and Wind Rescue were both ambulances.
-   Further similarities included the Lightspeed Rescuezords' frequently being called simply "Rescuezords," and Carter's accidentally calling the Lightspeed Megazord the "Rescue Megazord" in 832-Sorc.

- Phrases used to summon Artillatron with Rescuezords
528-FOPh T.J.: "Rescue Megazord power, now!"
529-ClMz 531-BTTW 533-FIYT T.J.: "We need Rescue Megazord power, now!"
530-Robo Robot T.J.: "We need Rescue Megazord power, now!"
530-Robo Justin: "We need the Rescuezords, now!"
533-FIYT T.J.: "We need Rescuezords, now!"
535-SpOW four Rangers (no T.J.): "We need Rescue Megazord power, now!"
538-CBFr 540-C&TC 541-LSMn 542-RivR 544-CIS1 Rangers: "We need Rescue Megazord power, now!"
543-P&Pc T.J.: "Rescue Megazord, now!"

- Phrases used to summon Rescuezords without Artillatron
532-GOEv T.J.: "We need the Rescuezords, now!"
534-TOWW Ashley: "We need the Rescue Megazord, now!"

- Phrases used to deploy Rescuezords from Artillatron
527-OLHo Ashley: "Star Racer Rescuezord!"
Justin: "Siren Blaster Rescuezord!"
Carlos: "Thunder Loader Rescuezord!"
Cassie: "Wind Rescue Rescuezord!"
T.J.: "Lightning Fire Tamer Rescuezord!"
529-ClMz T.J.: "Lightning Fire Tamer Rescuezord!"
Cassie: "Wind Rescue!"
Carlos: "Thunder Loader!"
Justin: "Storm Blaster!"
Ashley: "Star Racer!"
531-BTTW T.J.: "Lightning Fire Tamer!"
Cassie: "Wind Rescue!"
Carlos: "Thunder Loader!"
Justin: "Storm Blaster!"
Ashley: "Star Racer!"
533-FIYT T.J.: "Let's move 'em out, guys!"
535-SpOW Cassie: "Wind Rescue!"
Carlos: "Thunder Loader!"
Justin: "Storm Blaster!"
Ashley: "Star Racer!"
541-LSMn T.J.: "All right, let's put 'em together!"

- Phrases used to transform Rescuezords into high stance mode
528-FOPh T.J.: "All right, let's see what these things can do!"
others: "Goin' up! High stance mode!"
T.J.: "High stance mode, now!"
532-GOEv T.J.: "Initiate high stance mode, now!"
others: "Right!"
533-FIYT T.J.: "High stance mode, now!"
543-P&Pc T.J.: "Prepare to morph into high stance mode. Let's do it."

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