- study hall for students in Angel Grove High
First Appearance: 403-ShSt
Last Appearance: 542-RivR
See Also: Miss Appleby's classroom
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-   Angel Grove High now had a new resource center (also referred to as a study hall) where Miss Appleby's classroom had been located; its front entrance was where the chalkboard had been.
-   In the study hall was a display cabinet on the window wall containing antique train models. In the right corner next to the window wall was a reading area.
-   There were several computers in the smaller area of the study hall, in the left side near the window wall.
-   Opposite the window wall was a headphone area where students could presumably listen to music or audio study materials.
?   After her communicator went off, Tanya headed toward the reading area of the resource center, but when she answered the communicator, she was in what appeared to be the alcove near the entrance, on the opposite end of the resource center; incidentally, this alcove was visible to anyone in or entering the resource center.


  • To restart her and Rocky's computer game in the mode she preferred (trivia rather than combat), Jennifer consulted a sheet of paper and proceeded to "wipe and reboot the main hard drive" (although hopefully the word "wipe" referred to something other than the hard drive); the screen soon read, "Angel Grove High School Datanet," and showed Jennifer as the current "library user" before entering the game's trivia mode.
    ?   Telling Rocky to meet her back there later that afternoon, Jennifer activated a security code on the resource center's (public) computer so no one could get into the system while they were gone.

    -   The resource center had a second entrance near where the southwestern door of Miss Appleby's classroom had been.
    -   The crying of Joey, the baby Kat had brought into the resource center, made everyone leave the resource center.
    -   The next day, Bulk and Skull tried (unsuccessfully) to prevent Kat and Tommy from bringing Joey back into the resource center, saying that the area had been designated as a "no cry zone"; Skull held up a crying baby drawing with a "no" symbol over it.
    -   The computers in the resource center were connected to the Internet.
    -   A different day, the resource center's green display cabinet now had an auditory theme rather than a train theme.

    -   The display cabinet was entitled, "Talking Machines."

    ?   The computer Adam was using had what looked like a Mac operating system, but the hardware (except for the one-button mouse) resembled that of a P.C.

    -   Bulk and Skull began to run a background check on David Trueheart from a computer in the resource center.
    ?   Before they left, Skull reminded Bulk to save, and he did so, but they weren't doing work which seemed to require any saving.

    -   The resource center had a TV.

    -   Miss Appleby's classroom was now in the middle of the resource center, with the computer area in the front of the classroom and the reading area in the back.

    -   The staff Adam had inadvertantly taken from Pharaoh turned all the writing in the resource center into hieroglyphics.
    -   The hieroglyphics everywhere returned to their normal text soon after Pharaoh's destruction.

    -   Angel Grove High had been redesigned a bit; what had been Miss Appleby's classroom was now a full classroom again, no longer an open resource center.

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