- Trini's former romantic interest (209-BInv through 220-OpAt)
First Appearance: 209-BInv
Last Appearance: 220-OpAt
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-   Richie, wearing red, was the new kid in school, and Kim knew who he was, while Trini didn't.
-   Trini instantly got a crush on Richie.
-   Kim said Richie was very nice.
-   Richie's parents had just moved to Angel Grove.
-   Richie had brown eyes.
-   When Trini invited Richie to be on the Youth Center's broomball team, Ernie recruited him as an assistant coach.

-   Richie walked past Trini on the beach, and they flashed goo-goo eyes at each other.
-   Richie was wearing black shorts with a pink shirt.

-   As the teens were having a picnic in the park, Richie rode by on his bicycle with a red shirt, black pants, and a red and white helmet; Trini invited Richie to eat with them, but he had to go home to help unpack, since his house still had boxes everywhere.

-   Wearing black clothes with a white vest, Richie was among the crowd in Angel Grove High watching Curtis show off his dance moves.
-   Richie and Curtis quickly became friends and went to talk about Angel Grove over lunch.
-   Richie told Curtis that he'd gotten a job at the Youth Center with Ernie.

-   Richie worked at the Juice Bar, and he wore a purple shirt with black pants.

-   Richie was wearing a gray shirt with jeans as he watched the Golden Pipe Tournament with the other teens.

-   Richie served drinks at the Juice Bar wearing a purple shirt with black pants.

-   Richie and Curtis were supposed to meet Billy and Zack in the park to go rollerblading, but they weren't there when Zack and Billy got beeped by Zordon.
-   Richie was wearing a dark, multicolored vest with white shorts and no shirt.
-   Putties chased Curtis and Richie through the park onto some playground equipment.
-   Zack fought Putties in front of Curtis and Richie.
-   Curtis wasn't familiar with the Putties, but Richie knew what they were because they were on the news all the time.
-   Working at the Juice Bar, Richie wore a red shirt beneath his apron.
-   Richie offered free muffins to Bulk and Skull but waited until the two had taken two muffins and bitten into them before telling them that the muffins were free only with the purchase of lunch.

-   Richie wore a red shirt behind the counter at the Juice Bar.

-   Richie and Curtis came into the Juice Bar together after Richie had won a karate trophy at a tournament that afternoon; Richie wore a gray shirt and black pants.
-   While demonstrating a move from his tournament, as requested by the teens, Richie accidentally kicked Tommy's welcome back cake from Ernie's hands, sending it flying into Bulk and Skull as they entered the Youth Center.

-   When Richie brought Trini and Kim two diet sodas, Trini smiled and thanked him, then continued laughing about the lipstick name with Kim while Richie stood there.
-   Richie asked Trini to study for an upcoming test, and she agreed; he then bumped into two girls in a daze as he walked happily away from Trini.

-   Richie wore a red shirt behind the Juice Bar with Ernie.

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