- evil intergalactic sorceress; married to Lord Zedd (since 243-Wed3)
Full Name: Rita Repulsa (Source: 101-DOTD)
First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
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-   Goldar, Finster, Squatt, Baboo, and Rita had been trapped in a space dumpster for ten thousand years before being released by the planetoid astronauts.
-   While her minions immediately teleported out of the open dumpster, Rita emerged a few moments later.
-   Rita had apparently been sleeping inside the dumpster.
-   Almost immediately after escaping, Rita blasted the dumpster with red energy streaks from her wand, seeming to mangle the dumpster.
-   Rita told the fleeing astronauts that they'd miss her coming-out party: where she would destroy the nearest planet; she then looked up at Earth and laughed evilly.
-   Rita has brown eyes.
-   Later the same day, Rita and her minions were in a palace on the moon, and Rita was using a telescope on an observatory balcony.
-   Once she and her minions were in the moon palace, Rita told Finster to start making Putty Patrollers.
-   Goldar planned to lead the Putty Patrollers to make the Earth Rita's.
-   Rita's full name was Rita Repulsa.
-   Zordon described Rita as "an intergalactic sorceress who is bent on controlling the universe."
-   The Viewing Globe showed Rita, on her flying bicycle, and Goldar, with large black bird wings in his back, flying over the city.
-   Rita was watching the teens in her telescope as they walked through the mountains after walking out on Zordon.
-   Upon seeing the teens, Rita noted that she was surprised Zordon had chosen teenagers, and she recognized that the teens were his attempt to stop her.
-   After telling Goldar to get the Putties and that it was time, Rita shot a red energy blast from her wand, sending the Putties to the desert to attack the teens.
?   Rita was suddenly in a cave when she sent the Putties to Earth.
-   When Rita was shouting at Finster over his "pathetic" Putties being beaten by a bunch of "pimple-headed nitwits," Squatt suggested that Rita use her wand to make Goldar grow; she stormed off to her balcony complaining that she always had to do everything herself.
-   Rita threw her wand left-handed to enlarge Goldar.
-   Furious after giant Goldar had retreated from the (Dino) Megazord, Rita shouted that she couldn't believe they'd beaten them "<back?>".
-   As Baboo blamed Squatt for their defeat, saying he should have helped, Rita shouted at Goldar that he'd failed; he promised his "empress" it wouldn't happen again, but she stormed out with a headache.

-   Prior to this point, Rita had not used the term "Power Rangers."
-   Rita planned to trap the Rangers in a time warp as she had done to Zordon.
-   Rita called Finster's clay monster collection "the babies," and she played with one with her fingers.
-   Rita summoned the Giant simply because the Rangers had destroyed Bones and the skeleton warriors in the time warp; it's unknown why she didn't simply let Squatt's bomb destroy the time device and trap the Rangers in the time warp.
-   Rita's incantation to summon the Giant was "Moondust soft and pliant, send to Earth a Giant!"
-   After the Giant had been destroyed, Rita had a headache and wanted an Aspirin.

-   Rita's plan was to lure Kim and Trini to her waste site and ambush them before the other Rangers could help.
-   Rita threw her wand left-handed.
-   The Minotaur apparently shrank, perhaps by Rita's doing, after the Rangers had retreated to the Command Center.
-   Rita was dismayed by the fact that of all the villains in the universe, she had to end up with those "nitwits."

-   Rita planned to use Goldar and a monster to split Jason up from the others and destroy him.
-   Baboo volunteered himself and Squatt for the mission to split Jason up and destroy him since Rita said it was an easy job, but Rita told them to forget it.
-   Rita threw her wand right-handed.
-   Rita wanted to destroy the world.

-   Rita planned to use music against the Rangers.
-   Rita demanded that Finster make a musical monster, referring to the Pied Piper in the process.
-   Rita threatened to turn Finster into a Sipian slug if he didn't make the monster she wanted.
-   Rita later said that the wait for her monster was putting a strain on her natural beauty.
-   Upon discovering that her henchmen were sleeping rather than preparing for the Rangers' arrival, Rita said she ought to turn them all into Octavian slime toads.
-   Rita threw her wand right-handed and continued to do so unless otherwise noted.

-   Rita felt ill but then may have been feeling a bit better when she went to Finster for a monster.
-   Rita's idea of a special monster was the Pudgy Pig.
-   Rita planned for Pudgy Pig to eat all of the world's food supply.
-   While Pudgy Pig was consuming food on Earth, Rita jabbed Squatt and Baboo in the stomachs for not rushing off to get Finster.
-   After Pudgy Pig had been destroyed, Finster begged Rita not to yell at him and turn him into a toad or something.
-   Rita felt sick again.

-   Rita wanted to steal Willy's intelligence and make it her own.
-   Rita got a headache after Eye Guy was destroyed.

-   Eons ago when Zordon had discovered the singing squash in the dimensional gap on Bromak 5, Rita had sent Putties, including a dark Putty, to stop him.
-   Rita got a headache once Terror Toad was destroyed.

-   Rita contacted Madame Woe and had her come to the palace on her own, yet she'd talked to Finster earlier as if he were responsible for Madame Woe.
-   Madame Woe called Rita "Empress Rita."
-   Rita's plan was for Madame Woe to destroy the lone Billy, and the others would follow.
-   Rita got a headache once Madame Woe had been destroyed.

-   Rita planned to use a sleeping potion on Steve, Kim's uncle who was flying her around in a plane, to kill Kim in a plane crash, then have Snizard take care of the remaining Rangers.
-   Zordon said that Rita's plan was to use Kim's peril to distract the Rangers from the Snizard.
-   After the Snizard had been destroyed, Rita yelled and threw clay at Finster, Baboo, and Squatt for ruining her plan.

-   Rita never got to play with dolls when she was a little girl; she had been too busy learning evil spells and how to be bad.
-   Before Trini had gone to sleep, Rita said, "That Trini has had it!", yet Rita's scheme of turning Mr. Ticklesneezer into a monster was apparently only Trini's dream.
-   In Trini's dream, Mr. Ticklesneezer called Rita "Empress Rita."

-   Rita and crew had used the Nasty Knight monster on Tarmac 3 to destroy the finest warrior there - a warrior who happened to wield an axe and wear a gray, black, and gold suit.
-   That night as Baboo and Finster hammered out the Nasty Knight's sword on Earth, Rita stood by the fire, waiting to cast a spell on the sword.
-   Rita summoned the Nasty Knight with the incantation, "moon of ivory, stars of old, candlelight that's spun of gold... sky of fire, wind of fright, bring to me a Nasty Knight!"; red bolts of lightning then came from the night sky to transform the newly-made sword into Nasty Knight's sword, and then split a tree to reveal the Nasty Knight.
-   On Zack's birthday, Rita came to Earth with her henchmen to watch the Nasty Knight fight Zack.
-   Rita threw her wand from the mountains near the fight.

-   The entire carnival that the teens went to was a fake set up by Rita; her plan was to capture Sylvia and have Pineoctopus turn the Rangers into cardboard cutouts when they attempted to rescue her.

-   Rita planned to obtain Trini's uncle Howard's invisibility formula to make her monsters invisible.
-   Rita requested from Finster a monster that was invincible and clever.
-   Rita has apparently told her henchmen not to drink from unmarked bottles many times.
-   As punishment for drinking from an unmarked bottle in Howard's lab, Rita beat Squatt and Baboo on the heads with her wand.
-   Dark Warrior told Rita to send the Putties to capture Howard, and then he would get the formula from Howard.

-   Rita had Goldar look at Billy's garage through her telescope.
-   Rita watched the fight between the Rangers and the Genie from the mountains nearby, teleporting with a large yellow energy bolt.
-   Rita shot a bolt of red energy from the pointed end of her wand at the Rangers.
-   Rita made the Genie grow by pointing the moon end of her wand at the Genie and making a red flash of energy come from it.
-   Rita got a headache after the Genie had vanished.

-   Rita had located the ancient Power Eggs.
-   Rita's plan was to have a child open the Power Eggs' chest and then use the Power Eggs to surround the Power Rangers with an evil force that even Zordon wouldn't be able to stop.
-   Rita wanted a special monster that could get his hands on a child - a monster that had to be ruthless, nasty, and mean; both she and Finster knew she was talking about a Chunky Chicken monster.
-   Rita told Finster that if he was wrong about a child soon being in her hands, she would turn him into a sea slug.
-   Rita was disgusted by the Chunky Chicken.
-   Zordon said that if Rita got ahold of the Power Eggs, she would become so powerful she would never be stopped.
-   Rita flew around on her bicycle to go after the Power Eggs once they'd been knocked into the ocean.
-   On an old factory's fire escape with Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo as Maria hung from a rope, Rita threatened to have Chunky Chicken cut the rope unless the Rangers brought her the Power Eggs; apparently she was unable to retrieve them from the ocean.
-   Rita had Chunky Chicken cut Maria's rope and let her drop when the Rangers wouldn't cooperate.
-   Once Maria had been taken to safety, Rita threw her wand from the factory fire escape into the grassy ground nearby to make the Chunky Chicken grow.
-   Once the Chunky Chicken had been destroyed, Rita said that she should be ruling Earth by now; she then had a headache and wanted an Aspirin.

-   Rita was watching Tommy warming up at the Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo and immediately chose him to be her Green Ranger.
-   Baboo and Squatt were startled, and Goldar pleased, by Rita's plan to use one of the teens' own kind to be her Green Ranger.
-   Rita said that Tommy would soon be under her spell as she called forth the power of the sixth Power Coin.
-   Rita tested Tommy against Putties before she would make him the evil Green Ranger.
-   On her balcony, Rita had set up red candles burning beside a black statue holding a white skull with flashing red lights for eyes; she was moving her fingertips over a crystal ball while she chanted in an alien tongue.
-   Lightning struck Rita's wand, and then the skull, which zapped the crystal ball with multicolored eyebeams; this was to prepare the crystal ball to receive Tommy.
-   Rita stood atop a building to teleport Tommy to a preparation chamber.
-   Now under Rita's spell, Tommy called Rita his empress.
-   Rita planned for Tommy, as her Green Ranger, to disable Zordon and then destroy the Rangers.
-   Rita told Tommy the Rangers' identities and possibly showed him what they looked like.
-   Zordon realized upon seeing the Green Ranger with the green Power Coin that Rita had "finally chosen someone to give [the coin] to."

-   After looking through her telescope, Rita said they could finally begin phase two of her plan and, as Goldar added, destroy the Rangers.
-   Returning briefly to the rooftop near the alley, Rita sent Tommy to remain in human form on Earth until further notice, telling him to keep his identity secret.
-   Goldar said Tommy had to earn the Sword of Darkness by proving himself, and Rita agreed.
-   Finster recalled that when Rita's evil knight had defeated Zordon's soldiers thousands of years ago, the Sword of Darkness was taken from Zordon and given to Rita as a prize.
-   Rita and her villains all walked down a field to the beach, where Tommy met them.
-   Rita teleported Tommy from the cliff onto the beach below, where he was attacked by Putties to prove himself worthy of receiving the Sword of Darkness.
-   Confronting Jason in the Dark Dimension, Goldar said Rita had given Jason to him as a reward for his faithful service.

-   Rita said that now that Goldar had Jason right where she wanted, it was time to call forth Scorpina.
-   Scorpina was Rita's old friend.
-   Rita called Scorpina forth "from deep inside an evil place," which was a cave in a forest with enormous orange mushrooms.
-   Rita ordered Green Ranger to personally see to Jason's end.
-   Rita said that now was the perfect time to bring Scorpina back.
-   While touching up her makeup in a mirror, Rita said that Scorpina was cute and asked Squatt and Baboo if she was prettier than Scorpina.
-   When Scorpina was bickering with Goldar for pulling her out of battle, Rita said, "Children, shush now," to the both of them.
-   Squatt and Baboo agreed with Goldar when he stated that he was the most powerful warrior; Rita apparently agreed as well, as she chose Goldar to fight the Rangers.
-   Rita planned to work on a spell to cause an eclipse to shut off the Megazord's solar power as it fought giant Goldar.

-   After the Rangers had fought Scorpina but before they'd summoned the Zords to fight giant Goldar, Rita flew over the Rangers on her bicycle to taunt them and ask if they wanted to surrender.
-   Rita and Scorpina watched from nearby as Squatt, Baboo, and Putties tried to shove the Youth Center bus, with Bulk and Skull inside, over a cliff to make the Rangers surrender; Rita had Squatt and Baboo give the final push as soon as the Zords had arrived.
-   Upon discovering that Green Ranger had been captured, she used a spell to cause him to teleport out of Alpha's force field.

-   During the villains' toast, Rita toasted to the total domination of Earth.
-   Tommy said that Rita would soon rule the world.
-   In his extreme pessimism, Alpha told the teens, "Rita will rule the world! She'll enslave mankind! She'll destroy the Command Center again!"
-   Rita summoned the Dragonzord with red energy bolts from her fingertips.
-   Green Ranger said everything would belong to Rita once he'd defeated the Power Rangers.
-   Rita's reaction to Tommy's defection went unseen.

-   Rita was asleep in a rocking chair on her observatory, snoring loudly.
-   The sound of the Monstermatic cooking Squatt and Baboo's monster Shellshock woke Rita up, but she either went back to sleep or pretended to go back to sleep.
-   By the time Squatt and Baboo watched the Putty fight below from the observatory, Rita and her chair were no longer there.
-   Goldar said Rita wouldn't be happy when she found out Squatt and Baboo had created a monster without her permission; Rita then emerged from behind the curtain nearby, having heard Goldar, and she congratulated Squatt and Baboo for their monster winning a battle with the Rangers.
-   Rita would occasionally refer to monsters as hers even though one of her henchmen had created it.
-   Rita's plan seemed to be for the giant Shellshock to lure Jason back into battle.
-   Rita got a headache after Shellshock had been destroyed.

-   Rita had Squatt and Baboo take the Putties to the park to steal the Forest Spirit Statue at night.
-   Finster considered putting the stolen statue in the palace's dining room or parlor; Rita, not wanting any nonsense out of him, sternly pointed her wand at his face.
-   Rita's plan was to hide the Spidertron in a duplicate of the Forest Spirit Statue and have her magic moths sprinkle sleeping powder on the Rangers.

-   After seeing Kim working on a model float for the parade, Rita was interested in entering a float of her own, but Squatt had eaten their sunflower seeds, and thus they couldn't grow any flowers.
-   Rita said there would be no world peace while she was around.
-   The purpose for the Putties being sent to the Youth Center is unknown, but it seemed as though they had been sent merely to destroy Kim's model float.
-   Rita wanted to destroy the world.

-   Rita's plan was to occupy the Rangers with a monster while her minions were mining super putty.
-   After obtaining a large mass of super putty, Rita said she would cause the worst catastrophe the world had ever seen, because now there wouldn't be anyone to stop her.
-   Rita stood atop the massive chunk of super putty as it flew out of a crevice opened in downtown Angel Grove by an earthquake; it was still quaking when Billy reached the Youth Center from the super putty mine.
-   The screaming masses in downtown Angel Grove saw Rita on the floating super putty boulder, and she addressed them, telling them that there was no place to hide, that she wouldn't destroy them now but she would be back, that they hadn't seen anything yet but they would soon, and to have a nice day.
-   According to Zordon, Rita's plan was to destroy the Rangers with the Frankenstein monster and then conquer the Earth with the Super Putties.
-   Rita both watched the fight and threw her wand from atop the floating super putty boulder.
-   Rita flew off with the super putty once she thought the Megazord had been defeated by the giant Frankenstein monster.
-   Rita got a headache once the Frankenstein monster had been destroyed.

-   Rita's plan was to destroy the Rangers with the Super Putties while they were busy fighting each other.
-   Rita got a headache once the Super Putties had been destroyed.

-   Rita's plan was to turn Kim's grandmother's spinning wheel into the Wheel of Misfortune.
-   Rita looked out a palace window at the spinning wheel, which was in front of a dark rocky background outside; she summoned the Wheel of Misfortune, and white energy bolts and negative effects transformed the spinning wheel.
-   After the Putties had tied up Tommy in the park, Zordon told the others that part of Rita's plan was to keep Tommy out of the way.
-   Rita watched the fight between the Rangers and Scorpina and Goldar from nearby on Earth.
-   Giant Goldar threw a net on the Tyrannosaurus, and Rita spoke as if she were targeting Red Ranger specifically.

-   Rita was sick of the Rangers, so she decided to use the "heavy artillery."
-   Rita had her candles and altar out on the balcony for her chanting to summon Mutitis and Lokar.
-   Baboo knew Rita was serious from her summoning of Mutitis.
-   Goldar knew that Rita's plan was as follows: Mutitis would destroy the city after Lokar had sent the Rangers to Rita's dreaded Island of Illusion.
?   Despite the Island of Illusion's ability to make people vanish as they lost their self-confidence, Rita's plan to send the Rangers there came before she'd discovered Zack's loss of self-confidence about the dance contest.
-   Baboo stated that the last time Rita had called on Lokar, he'd nearly wiped them out; upon hearing Baboo's recollection of Lokar, Squatt tried to pull Rita's arm to stop her from summoning him, but she shoved him away, making Goldar and Scorpina nervous.
-   Rita invited Lokar and Mutitis to destroy the Earth.
-   Zordon was picking up unusual power surges from Rita's "moonbase," more massive than any energy he had sensed before; Zordon hypothesized that Rita was harnessing a power he was not familiar with.
-   Rita's incantation was, "Wicked winds and evil dance, heed my chants. Blow!"
-   Lightning struck Rita's staff and then her altar, and the giant Mutitis simply appeared in downtown Angel Grove.
-   Mutitis had the neck bolts and weapons of the Frankenstein monster.
-   Rita told Finster she'd made her own monster (Mutitis) and that it was winning.
-   Rita appeared on the fire escape of a building to watch the battle shortly before Lokar arrived.
-   Rita's incantation was, "Oh great Lokar, bend to my will - may your breath make Mutitis more horrible still!"
-   Although the plan had been for Lokar to send the Rangers to the Island of Illusion, Alpha said that Rita had sent them there.

-   Squatt spoke of Rita becoming the Earth's "big cheese."
-   Rita knew that the teens were without their Power Coins on the Island of Illusion.
-   Even though Trini was already growing anxious at the time, Rita chanted, "As one shall wind and rain attack. Fade away, Billy and Trini, never to come back!" at her altar to make Billy and Trini succumb to the Island's illusions.
-   Rita had lightning strike her altar and wanted her evil magic to work on Jason most of all.
-   After all six teens had conquered their illusions, Rita, seemingly much larger than the size of giant monsters, appeared in the interdimensional space outside the Island of Illusion; she shook the Island and then obliterated it with a blast from her wand moments after the Rangers had managed to teleport to safety.
-   Again on the fire escape of a building, Rita was shocked that the Rangers had escaped from the Island of Illusion.

-   With most of the teens away on a field trip, Rita's plan was to look for the Mirror of Destruction.
-   Rita sent Scorpina to retrieve the map to the Mirror after Jason and his cousin Jeremy had found it in the ocean.

-   Squatt told Rita it was the perfect time to get Kim, because she was having a terrible day.

-   Rita was exhausted and wanted a day off.
-   Rita let Goldar lead, and Goldar quickly took her up on the offer.
-   Rita was later sleeping in her rocking chair somewhere other than the observatory.
-   Goldar, Scorpina, and Babe Ruthless somehow grew even though Rita was supposed to be taking a day off; her wand wasn't shown during the growing sequence.

-   Rita at first demanded to know who'd sent Fang without her authorization, but then she remembered that she'd told Finster it was her birthday.
-   Rita had Finster send the Putties to stop Tommy from getting near Fang and henchmen in the park.
-   When Fang left to cry about his lost gooney bird eggs, Rita went to Earth to temporarily restore the eaten eggs; she then made them vanish again, telling Fang he would get his gooney bird eggs after he'd destroyed the Rangers.
-   Rita threw her wand from a hilltop on Earth and later, still on Earth, commanded giant Fang to destroy the Angel Grove Dam.

-   Rita said the time had finally come: she had the perfect plan to conquer Earth - she would kidnap Tommy, and then when the Green Candle, formed from magic wax, burned down, it would steal Green Ranger's powers.
-   Rita wanted to conquer the Earth.
-   Holding the Green Candle once Rita had revealed her plan, Goldar told her she would have the Green Ranger's power as well as her own.
-   Rita chanted to make her miniature wand find Tommy on her map, "Whisper softly, let it out. Find Green Ranger, point him out."
-   On Rita's map, the miniature wand found Tommy in a place labeled the "Nomad Lands," which lies to the west of "Mnar," which lies to the west of "Sydathria" and the south of "Sabbub," "Sarrub," or "Sarbub," to the northest of which is what looks like the "Certnapian Sea"; Tommy was actually in the Youth Center at the time.
-   When Rita cast her incantation for Tommy's powers to be taken, Goldar planned for the Putties to find Tommy and take his Power Coin, and then they'd have him; it's unknown whether this was necessary to activate the Green Candle.
-   Goldar told Tommy that he could work for Rita or lose his powers.
-   When Squatt remarked on the Cyclops monster's ugliness, Rita affectionately chuckled and shooshed him.
-   Rita said the Earth was hers at last.
-   Zordon knew that Rita had a special form of wax from the Gamma Tri system, and that the wax retained the body energy of whoever touched it; Tommy had touched the wax when he'd worked for Rita, and Rita had kept the wax all this time, then made a candle out of it and cast a spell over it, connecting the Green Ranger's power with its flame.

-   Rita said she would take over the world with the Green Ranger's power.
-   Rita was looking forward to being "queen of everything."
-   Rita's plan was for Cyclops to occupy the Rangers while the Green Candle burned out.

-   Rita said that Finster had sent her Hatchasaurus to Earth; Goldar remarked that once Hatchasaurus had stopped Dragonzord, the Rangers wouldn't stand a chance.
-   Rita's spell to weaken Dragonzord was, "Dragonzord, gone is your energy. My spell will make you weak as you hear me speak"; as Rita spoke her spell, a red beam of energy with white Japanese-looking symbols shot from her mouth down to Earth, where it wrapped around Dragonzord as it walked across the land, presumably back to the sea.
-   Jason's blowing the Dragon Dagger inside Hatchasaurus did nothing to help the Dragonzord with Rita's weakness spell, but when Jason declared, "Dragonzord power!" and summoned the Dragon Shield, the weakness spell over the Zord was broken.

-   Rita planned to use Finster's Polluticorn to make such a mess of the planet that it could never be cleaned up.
-   Rita sent Goldar and Scorpina to help Polluticorn fight the Rangers.
-   Zordon said Polluticorn was part of Rita's latest plan to destroy the Earth.
-   Rita got a headache once Polluticorn was destroyed.

-   Rita put Scorpina in charge of the Twin Man mission.
-   Rita's plan was for Twin Man's evil Ranger duplicates to ruin the Rangers' reputation and then destroy the Rangers.
-   Rita got a headache once Twin Man was destroyed.

-   To finish off the Rangers, Rita, with her altar and candles out, used all of her power to activate Goldar's Zord Cyclopsis.
-   Rita's incantation to summon Cyclopsis was, "Oh, my star, a few wild storms and evil winds arise! Who dares challenge you? Bring forth Cyclopsis now!"
-   Finster said the dimensional vortex beam was ready, and it would send the people of Angel Grove to another dimension to make it easy to hunt down the teens.
-   After the dimensional beam had teleported everyone in Angel Grove but the teens to another dimension, Zordon had Alpha lock the scanner onto the dimensional beam and carefully track its coordinates for any movement toward Earth, fearing Rita would move her palace to Earth, greatly increasing her powers.
-   For Rita to power Cyclopsis, the palace had to be close to the Earth.
-   Once her palace was in downtown Angel Grove, Rita used a red energy beam to bring Cyclopsis up from beneath the ground.
-   With Rita's palace in downtown Angel Grove, her power was ten times stronger.
-   After Ultrazord had destroyed Cyclopsis, Rita caused Titanus to sink beneath the ground with a blast from her wand.
-   Rita's chanting caused some sort of stone obelisk with a claw hand holding a face to shoot red eyebeams into the sky, which brought Lokar down to Earth in the form of a fireball.
-   With Lokar's power, Rita recreated Cyclopsis, and she said all the Earth was hers.
-   Zack said that if they stopped Lokar, they'd stop Rita and the others; his prediction would later be verified by Zordon.

-   Zordon said that Cyclopsis was one of Rita's most terrifying creations; she hadn't brought "him" out in over ten thousand years.
-   Rita said the world would be hers.
-   After Lokar and Cyclopsis had all but destroyed the Zords and Lokar had told her they were all hers, Rita blasted the Zords with a red beam which caused them to crackle with blue energy bolts, and vanish piece-by-piece in red and black energy.
-   Alpha discovered that because Rita was on Earth, the Command Center computer was able to penetrate her data bank, giving them access to her files of spells and secrets and allowing them to reduce her power or even stop her altogether.
?   Back in the palace after Cyclopsis had been destroyed, Goldar told Rita to get the palace out of there before Ultrazord blasted them as well, but the Rangers had already ejected from the Zords; after doing as Goldar said anyway, Rita then told him never to tell her what to do again.
-   The people of Angel Grove were returned unharmed as Rita's palace retreated from the Earth.
-   Zordon said the Rangers had dealt Rita a serious blow and had saved the world from a terrible fate, and that although the danger had not passed completely, the teens could now choose whether they wished to remain Rangers or return to their regular lives.

-   Rita had a Putty give Norman the pig to the teens for pet adoption day, and the Putties left a timer device in the woods which counted down to the pig's transformation into Pudgy Pig.
-   The next phase of Rita's plan was for Goldar to destroy Angel Grove while the Rangers were busy with Pudgy Pig, but Pudgy Pig ended up retaining too many of his pig instincts.

-   Goldar said that with Goatan, the Earth and the Rangers would be destroyed.
-   Rita's incantation to her altar to turn the Noble Lion trophy into Goatan was: "Scabs, weasels, moons of Cryon, make me a monster, half goat, half lion!"

-   It seemed to be Goldar's plan to send Squatt to plant the Octoplant seeds.

-   It was Goldar's plan to use the Crystal of Nightmares to take away the teens' self-confidence and thus make their powers worthless; Rita didn't seem to realize the value of taking away the teens' self-confidence.
-   Rita got a headache after giant Goldar and Scorpina had retreated from the Megazord.

-   When Rita overheard that Billy didn't like fish, Goldar told her it was the perfect time for her toxic Goo Fish.
-   Goldar suggested using a spell to make Billy's fear unbearable; Rita then chanted at her altar to fill Billy with fright.
-   Rita asked Goldar what was next for the Goo Fish, and Goldar said he'd told the Goo Fish to draw out the Megazord and destroy it with his venom.
-   Billy defeated Rita's spell by facing his fear and fighting Goo Fish to help the others.
-   After Goo Fish had been destroyed, Rita fumed, "I can't take it anymore! That's it! I've had it!"

-   Rita planned to use the dog Jason had found to get to the Rangers.
-   Rita told Finster it was time to hatch her Fighting Flea, but Finster actually made it in the Monstermatic.
-   Rita consulted a book on Finster's desk as she told her henchmen she'd cast a spell to make the itch from Fighting Flea contagious.
-   Rita used a red beam from her wand to shrink Fighting Flea and put it on the dog.
-   Zordon noted that Rita had finally hatched her Fighting Flea.
-   Rita blamed Squatt and Baboo for the plan not working after Jason had been cured by Billy's spray and Fighting Flea had been destroyed.

-   After hearing Miss Appleby praise the Rangers as she submitted to her own time capsule a photo of the Rangers, Rita remarked that she was the one the future should remember, so she apparently planned to obtain the time capsule to put a picture of herself in it.
-   Rita called the book on Finster's desk her "monster cookbook."
-   Seeing the clothes Kim had put into the time capsule, Baboo remarked that Rita could certainly use some new clothes.
-   When Rita was upset about Jellyfish losing, Baboo told her the moon was in retrograde.
-   Rita had a headache after Jellyfish had been destroyed.

-   Rita told Finster she wanted a monster, but it was Goldar who actually mentioned a Mantis monster.
-   Rita planned for Mantis to challenge Trini's honor and lure her into a dangerous situation.
-   When Rita saw that Trini was practicing her kung fu in the Youth Center, Goldar told Rita that now was her chance to get Trini away from the others.
-   Rita used her wand to strike Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar after Mantis had been destroyed.

-   Rita mocked Parent's Day by saying "Mama... mama..."
-   Baboo told Rita that humans seemed to feel that their parents were very important people, as though Rita didn't know this.
-   Rita wanted a monster that would capture the teens' parents.
-   Rita planned to destroy the world after she'd captured the teens' parents and made the Rangers surrender.
-   When Rita called Goldar in and told him that Billy was all alone and that they could put him under a spell, Goldar told her that they would use him to retrieve the Dragon Dagger.
-   After Dramole's gas had put Billy under Rita's command, she used her altar as she controlled him.
-   Under Rita's spell, Billy planned to return the Dragon Dagger to its rightful owner, and he then gave it to Goldar in the Dark Dimension.
-   Rita's spell wore off Billy partially as he watched the Rangers fighting Putties, but then completely when Goldar took the Dragon Dagger from him.

-   After Goldar had obtained the five Rangers' Power Coins, Goldar said it would be impossible for the Rangers to bring Green Ranger back, and Rita then said Green Ranger had lost his powers.
-   Rita planned to destroy Angel Grove and show how wicked she was, and Finster said the Dramole would finish Earth once and for all.
-   In the palace, Scorpina and Goldar were cowering in fear when Rita was upset about them letting Green Ranger get away with both the Power Coins and the Dragon Dagger.

-   Rita's plan was to taunt Billy with a bee monster for getting a B on a test because of a "bee" question, but first she had Goldar and the Putties engage the teens until Grumble Bee was ready.
-   After sending Goldar and the Putties, Rita then told Squatt and Baboo to go do something nasty.
-   Goldar said the Grumble Bee would destroy the Rangers and the world.

-   Rita hoped that a monster with two heads would be smarter than Finster's normal monsters; the reader will note that Goatan from 142-L&Bl had two heads as well.
-   Goldar sent the Putties to steal all the pamangos from the park, as Rita had requested.
-   Rita got a headache after the Two-Headed Parrot was destroyed.

-   After watching Angela kiss Zack on the cheek, Rita planned to use Peckster to show Zack what a real peck on the cheek felt like.
-   Zordon said Peckster was sent to destroy every building and home in Angel Grove.
-   After Peckster had been destroyed, Rita said she'd obviously been way too nice, then grabbed onto the small horn on Finster's nose.

-   Rita thought she was the only person the Angel Grove Junior High cheerleaders should be cheering, and Goldar seemed to think to kidnap Kelly while Lizzinator was created and unleashed on Earth.

-   When Rita said that "those bozos" (perhaps speaking of Bulk, Skull, and the teens after they'd discussed Kim and Skull being on the game show Trick or Treat, or perhaps speaking of Squatt and Baboo) had given her a wonderful idea, Goldar said he had the same idea, and he explained how they would unleash the Pumpkin Rapper from wherever they planted the rotten pumpkin seeds, and it seems as though Goldar had already had Squatt and Baboo plant the seeds in the park.
-   Zordon referred to Pumpkin Rapper as Rita's latest creation.

-   When Rita told Goldar she'd make Jason and Tommy enemies, he said the Slippery Shark's spell would do the trick.

-   Goldar initiated the idea of toying with the teens' urge to help Roger at soccer, but Finster was already charging up Soccadillo at the time.
-   Rita sent down Soccadillo at only partial power.

-   Rita apparently didn't like the concept of fun.
-   When Squatt and Baboo suggested that Rita try to beat the Rangers at their own game, Goldar told Rita to join the Rhinoblaster with the Putties.
-   Squatt knew what a touchdown was, but Rita didn't.

-   Rita had told her henchmen that Tommy had to have a weakness.
-   Rita told her henchmen to get the Badges of Darkness out of the dungeon for the Putties.
-   Rita swore off seafood once Commander Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers had been destroyed.

-   Rita asked Goldar what he thought when she observed that Zack was in love and wanted to buy pearl earrings, and Goldar told her to call on the Ecocyte Pearl to unleash the Oysterizer so that they could pollute the sea and take over the world.
-   Zordon said that Rita intended to destroy the sea and in turn the planet.

-   Rita was quite distressed to learn that Zedd had returned.
-   Rita got a headache after Zedd had teleported into his chamber of command in the palace.
-   When Rita said she had a headache, Goldar told her to deal with it, as he was going to meet his emperor.
-   Soon snivelingly greeting Zedd in his chamber, Rita begged him for another chance, but he scolded her for being defeated by the Power Rangers, who were, as he said, "mere children"; he then scoffed at her daring to call herself an empress of evil.
-   According to Zordon, Zedd was Rita and her minions' lord and master, and that he had been ruling over darker places within another galaxy and left Rita in charge eons ago to carry out his orders; now, however, he'd returned to finish the job that Rita had failed to accomplish.
-   Rita was applying kisses to Zedd's foot and leg.
-   Rita begged for the chance to send down another monster to prove herself; Zedd refused, making her cry.
-   Zedd made Rita's wand disappear and then shrank her once the Putties had brought in her "traveling vehicle," a smaller version of the space dumpster she and her henchmen had been released from in 101-DOTD.
-   Zedd banished Rita from the palace and from his sight, then once the space dumpster was sealed with her inside, used energy from his staff to help two Putties hurl the dumpster into "the farthest reaches of the universe" from the balcony.
-   Drifting away, Rita said they hadn't seen the last of her.

-   The Viewing Globe showed Rita singing "99 Bottles of Slime on the Wall" inside her space dumpster.

-   When Kim awoke in the Cave of Fantasy for her transformation into Zedd's "new queen," she became suited up in Rita's outfit with white sparkles; she was also given a wand that looked identical to Rita's.
-   As part of her Rita act, Kim said she had a headache, somehow knowing of Rita's headaches.

-   Rita was asleep, with her arms initially out toward her sides before she'd dropped them into her lap, when her space dumpster landed in the park near where the Rangers had last been seen; at the time, Zordon and Alpha had departed for their hidden chamber to create the White Ranger.
-   The sparks inside the space dumpster from Bulk's drilling on the outside of the canister awoke Rita, and she wondered, "Now what?"
-   Rita was getting a headache from Bulk's chainsawing on her space dumpster.

-   Trini said that if Bulk and Skull were to succeed in opening Rita's space dumpster, the teens' "cover" would be blown.
-   Zordon sent three teens (Jason, Kim, and Zack) to secure Rita's space dumpster, saying Rita could not be allowed to escape.
-   After everything, including a giant can opener borrowed from the Juice Bar had failed to open the space dumpster, Bulk and Skull grew discouraged, yet after the two had turned away, the tiny Rita lifted the lid off and crept out.
-   Rita referred to Bulk and Skull as a human Squatt and Baboo.
-   While Bulk and Skull were passed out, the Rangers put Rita back in the space dumpster and put the lid back on, then left with the space dumpster.
-   After the unmorphed Kim and Trini had awakened them, Bulk and Skull referred to Rita as a "witch" and a "creature," but they didn't mention it being Rita.
-   While the unmorphed Billy, Tommy, Zack, and Jason held up the space dumpster, Alpha used an energy beam from the Command Center to beam the canister into space with gold energy, formed from tiny amounts of Ranger-colored energy from the four teens.

-   Rita knew of Zedd's need to recharge and directed the space dumpster to the moon.
-   Rita had landed on her head last time.
?   Rita wondered how to steer the dumpster as it headed toward the moon.
-   After the dumpster had crashed into the moon, Rita pushed the lid off and escaped.
-   Rita's back ached from the crash, and she considered putting safety seats in the space dumpster.
-   Rita called the moon "home, sweet home."
-   Rita and Finster seemed to have a playfully friendly relationship.
-   Finster returned Rita to normal size with his spectron reintegrator.
-   Rita gave Finster several congratulatory hugs while she was in his workshop.
?   Rita was holding her wand in the Japanese footage of her in Finster's workshop immediately after she'd been returned to normal size.
-   Finster had been making monsters while Rita was gone, and he had dozens waiting, but Rita needed a love potion to make Zedd marry her so that she could rule the universe.
-   Rita planned to give the Rangers to Zedd as her wedding present.
-   Finster used his special moon mud, along with cucumber slices for the eyes, to make Rita look young and beautiful.
-   After washing the moon mud off and looking at her new face, Rita remarked that she didn't look a day over 11,000; she thought she looked beautiful.
-   Looking at the sleeping Zedd, Rita was disgusted by the notion of waking up to him every morning but was willing to make the sacrifice.
-   Rita poured Finster's love potion into one of the bubbling chemicals on Zedd's rejuvenator.

-   Rita said that once she took control of the world, Zedd would be the one riding around in a dumpster.
-   Rita wanted the monsters to capture the Rangers in one piece.
-   Upon awakening after having been administered the love potion, Zedd was captivated by Rita's beauty and didn't recognize her; she told him she was one of his humble and faithful servants, at which point he remembered her.
-   Zedd told Rita he had been seeking her for so long, then proposed to her; she quickly accepted.
-   Rita would become a queen upon marrying Zedd.
-   Back in Finster's workshop, Rita told Finster to make more monsters as wedding guests (as he was already planning) and to have the monsters bring many gifts.
-   Then back in the rejuvenation chamber with Zedd, Rita told Zedd that the two of them would finally control the entire universe once they were married; as she said this, she continued to pour more and more love potion into the drinking cup he was holding, while Goldar watched from the window.

-   During the wedding, Squatt was Rita's mutant of honor.
-   Finster performed Rita and Zedd's wedding.
-   When Finster asked if any creature knew why they shouldn't be married, Goldar started to speak up, but Rita hit him with her bouquet.
-   Rita put a wedding ring on Zedd's left pinky.
-   Rita and Zedd kissed upon being married, even though Rita didn't really want to kiss.
-   Rita seemed to be enjoying herself dancing with Zedd, and she told him he cut a mean rug.
-   Rita told Zedd her gift to him was the Rangers trapped, and his gift to her was for her to be there when they were destroyed.
-   As she and Zedd prepared for a honeymoon in Serpentera, Rita said they were off to go rule the world.
-   Rita and Zedd took their honeymoon in Serpentera; Zedd drove while Rita sat in the throne, but she would later be sitting in his lap in the throne as they sang "99 Bottles of Slime on the Wall"; later still, Rita would pilot Serpentera as Zedd sat in the throne.
-   Rita and Zedd retreated in Serpentera once their army of monsters had been destroyed.
-   On the way home, Rita blamed the depressed Zedd for their failure, and when he demanded some respect, she said he would listen to her once they got home; he refused.

-   The Ghost of Darkness was Rita's creation; long ago it had summoned a wizard with the ability to send people through time.
-   Zedd said Rita had been quite touchy lately.
-   When Goldar suggested that Zedd order Rita to talk to the Ghost of Darkness, Zedd said if one wanted something out of Rita, one had to ask her nicely; he then had Goldar deliver his request to Rita with his warmest regards and remind her that no wife of his would ever be allowed to fail him.
-   Two shots of outer space were shown before the scene of Rita in the chamber of the Ghost of Darkness, suggesting that she may have been in a location other than the moon palace.
-   Rita went before the Ghost of Darkness as Zedd had asked.
-   Rita thought that Zedd's plan to get rid of the Rangers by sending them back in time was ridiculous.
-   After the Wizard of Deception had been unleashed with the Ghost of Darkness's plan for the wizard to clone Tommy, Rita excitedly told Finster in his workshop that with their own Tommy, she could recreate the evil Green Ranger and destroy the Rangers.

-   When Rita joined Zedd in the chamber, they seemed to like each other, with Rita seeming to enjoy Zedd without the first sign of disgust or deceit.
-   Rita and Zedd danced together to celebrate the apparently impending defeat of the Rangers.
-   As she and Zedd continued to dance later, Rita still planned to take control from Zedd at a later time.
-   Once they destroyed the White Ranger, Zedd wanted to have a baby, their "own little bundle of evil" with Rita's "incredible looks" and his brains; Rita ran off screaming at the thought and quickly had Finster make a potion to cause him to forget his idea of having a baby; the aforementioned potion was never seen being made or administered, but Zedd never did mention the idea of a baby again.

-   Zedd was sexist in response to Rita's claim of having as many evil plots as him, saying that she was just a girl and couldn't be a better badguy.
-   To prove herself as soon as Zedd had walked off to formulate an evil plan, Rita called in Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar to have them tie Tommy and Kim up with her magic rope and make them super-competitive.
-   Baboo called Rita the "queen of cruel."
-   When Rita called for Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar, Goldar came running in obediently with the other two; when he learned of Rita's plan to prove herself to Zedd, he was suspicious, asking if Zedd knew of this; she admitted he didn't, but that he would when she destroyed the Rangers.
-   After using the magic rope on Kim and Tommy with Squatt, Baboo said Rita would be so happy with their job that he bet she would give them pudding.
-   Rita teleported onto Tommy's locker at school the following letter: "Tommy, come to the park alone. I have information that will help you destroy Kimberly."
-   After Goldar had stolen Saba from White Ranger, Rita soon journeyed to the park wielding Saba (who now had a strip of black cloth tied around his mouth to prevent him from speaking), with Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar by her side.
-   Rita used Saba to summon the Tigerzord, saying she'd waited a long time to do so.
-   When Rita later returned to the palace after White Ranger had stolen Saba back from her, Zedd told her that he'd known she would fail, but she reminded him that he hadn't destroyed the Rangers yet either.

?   Rita was able to view events on Earth (and inside buildings) without a telescope; she would do this again in 251-WWR2, 252-BRGB, and 340-ACSp.
-   Rita planned to make Kim a part of a fairy tale; when Goldar told her she should have Zedd's permission, she told him he could wake Zedd up from his nap if he wanted, but that he knew how cranky Zedd got when he didn't get his rest.
-   Rita later tickled Zedd's stomach, knowing he was ticklish.
-   Zordon noted that Zedd and Rita had become a formidable team.
-   Rita and Zedd held heart-shaped glasses of steaming liquid while watching Bulk and Skull make a monster.
-   Rita and Zedd planned to bring to life the monster Bulk and Skull were creating.

-   Rita told Zedd she loved working with her hubby.
-   Rita said that Mondo the Magician, the evil magician in the storybook Grumble the Magic Elf, was an old friend and that the teens didn't stand a chance against his magic.
-   Rita later thought to make Mondo fight for them as a monster.

-   Zedd joyfully noted that the world would be theirs and that the Rangers would be no more, and Rita happily said they'd then take a vacation, then she proceeded to tickle his stomach.

-   Goldar planned to change the name of 1880's Angel Grove to "Zedd-and-Rita-ville."
-   Rita said the world would be theirs for the taking.
-   Kim and the 1880's Alpha had the following dialogue:

Kim: "Zordon, I'm from the future. You made me a Ranger so I could help fight Lord Zedd and Rita."
Alpha: "Ai yi yi! Rita and Zedd?! Where?!"

-   Rita got a headache after Goldar and Needlenose had been returned to the present in defeat.

-   When Goldar called Zedd "mighty Lord Zedd," Rita privately scoffed at the title, saying, "'Mighty Lord Zedd.' We'll see."
-   Rita was impatient with Zedd's incantation to transform a Billy statue into an evil Billy, so she wrenched the staff from his hands and used it to transform the statue with the words, "Blue Ranger, be bad!"
-   Zordon told Tommy that Putty attacks were almost always part of a larger plan.
-   Tommy said that ever since Rita had been back, things had been pretty unpredictable.
-   As the evil Billy plan was nearing completion, Rita rejoiced that the Earth would be all hers, but then corrected her statement to "all ours."
-   Rita and Zedd sent Goldar to destroy the Morpher-less teens.
-   Bored, Rita tried to swipe Zedd's staff a second time, but this time, Zedd grabbed it back and created Vase Face himself.

-   When Zedd despairingly watched Count Dregon's attack on Edenoi, Rita said Dregon was the evilest of evil, and that she liked him.
?   When Goldar suggested an attack once five of the Rangers had left Earth, Rita mocked his seemingly appropriate idea.
-   Once Zedd planned to conquer Earth before Dregon got his eye on it, Rita told Zedd that together he and she were unbeatable.
-   Zedd and Rita were happy with the team they made, and they both laughed and embraced.

-   Rita was disgusted by Repellator.
-   Zedd said to himself, "Count Dregon, be warned. The Earth and all its inhabitants shall soon be..." and Rita chimed in, "...ours!", after which they both laughed.

-   Rita didn't appear able to see to Earth without a telescope, for although she was looking at Earth with Zedd, she didn't know what had angered Zedd (the Rangers' return).

-   Zedd led Rita into the chamber with an orange blindfold over her eyes, and he had a new telescope which he revealed from under a red cloth with a gold Z on it.
-   Zedd gave Rita a new Repulsascope as an anniversary present, and she was quite pleased, giving him a hug, and he gave her a kiss on the cheek.
-   Zedd said his unhappiness was so complete, it seemed like they had only been married a mere matter of moments, but Rita amusedly said it seemed more like a century.
-   Rita was somewhat repulsed by seeing Zedd's face in the Repulsascope, and she asked him to move back a few hundred miles.
-   Rita said it was better than her old Repulsascope, and she was pleased that she could now watch all the action.
-   Rito told Rita that Zedd was "worse than Dad."
-   Rita thought for Rito to act as a decoy while an army of monsters ambushed the Rangers.
-   Rita was eager to discover what was in the eggs Rito had brought as wedding presents.
-   As Rito and the four monsters (Fighting Flea, Lizzinator, Stag Beetle, and Octophantom) prepared to depart for their Ranger ambush, Rita was pleased with Rito but then quickly upset with him when he couldn't find the way out of the palace.
-   To make Rito and all successive monsters grow, Rita and Zedd crossed their staves, and bluish-white lightning bolts shot from their point of intersection to Earth, enlarging the monster.
-   Rita and Zedd's lightning simultaneously made four monsters grow.
-   Rito was Rita's baby brother.

-   Rita was very proud of Rito after he'd destroyed the Thunderzords; she playfully swatted him on the head.
-   After the Rangers' powers and Thunderzords had been destroyed, Zedd said there was nothing Zordon could do to stop them from conquering the world; Rito then said, "Just like old times, eh, Rita?"
-   Excitedly watching Rito's Tenga eggs hatch, Rita said she felt like a proud mother-to-be.
-   Rita was thrilled to discover that Rito had brought them Tenga Warriors, and she told Zedd that the Tenga Warriors were absolutely the most ferocious creatures on this side of the universe; Zedd was then impressed with the idea of his own army of Tenga Warriors without the Rangers to stop him, but whether he'd known of Tenga Warriors prior to Rita's description of them is uncertain.
-   Rito told Rita, "Y'know, picking out a present for you has never been easy. Remember when Mom and Dad got you that little fire-breathing dragon, but you really wanted that cute little planet, so you used the dragon to burn the house down?"
-   When Zedd mentioned that the teens were in the Desert of Despair, Rita knew that they were looking for the lost temple and thus the ninja powers.
-   Rita planned to have the Tengas attack the teens once they'd found the temple, then bury the Vampirus egg outside the temple so that Vampirus could seize the temple's power for them.

-   Upon first catching sight of the Rangers' new Ninjazords, Zedd glowed red with anger, but Rita remained in good spirits.
-   Still planning for Vampirus to destroy the Temple of Power, Rita said that to destroy the Rangers' new powers, they had to destroy the source first.

-   Finster called Rita the empress of evil.
-   When Finster gave her as a gift a device to view the dreams of Earth creatures, Rita exclaimed that she loved presents and then told Zedd that he never gave her anything but a headache; she'd apparently forgotten about the new Repulsascope he'd given her in 304-NjQ1.
-   After Artistmole had been destroyed, Zedd accused Rita of ruining their chance at victory; she, in turn, called him "Radiator Face."

-   Searching through the pile of stolen Oriental lanterns for Adam's lantern or perhaps simply another powerful lantern, Rita claimed to have a natural gift for sensing extraordinary power; when Zedd agreed since she had, after all, chosen him, she told him to get real.
-   Rita ultimately selected a lantern from the pile that wasn't Adam's lantern, as that lantern was still in the park.
-   After Zedd had told his minions to send the other lanterns back since he didn't want them cluttering up his throne room, Rita, touching Zedd's brain and affectionately grabbing him by the chin, told him she loved how he was so politically incorrect.
-   Rita had planned for Adam to be unable to fight Lanterra due to his loyalty to the lantern.
-   Rita called Lanterra her prize creation.

-   When Rita mentioned the "Teacher for a Day" switch at Angel Grove High, Rito wanted to try it; Zedd laughed and wanted to see him try it, saying it would teach him a lesson and he could use a vacation.
-   Zedd and Rita were extremely amused by Rito's attempts at leadership.
-   After Rito's monster had been destroyed, Rita shooed Rito off to go clean Finster's lab.

-   Rita watched the teens and schemed while, nearby in the chamber, Goldar tossed a football to Zedd, with Rito in the middle trying to intercept it.
-   Finster entered the chamber with the mold for a magic centipede which he thought Rita would truly appreciate, but Rita told him no more bugs.
-   When Finster told Rita and Zedd after the destruction of Centiback that they shouldn't be arguing, the couple remembered that it was actually Finster's fault.

-   Rita was intrigued by the legend of the Face Stealer, but Zedd thought it was only a foolish fairy tale and called Rita gullible.
-   Rita planned to release the Face Stealer and turn every living thing into walking zombies.
-   Rita was quite frustrated at Zedd for calling her gullible and laughing at her.
-   Rita sent Rito, Squatt and Baboo to steal the urn of the Face Stealer from the museum.
-   Rita had apparently told Rito many times not to look into the other end of her telescope while she was looking through it.
-   A red beam from Rita's wand knocked over the Face Stealer's urn, opened it, and unleashed the Face Stealer.
-   After Face Stealer was destroyed, Zedd accused Rita of trying to take over the world behind his back; she told him she didn't see him doing any better and called him "Radiator Face."

-   Zedd and Rita had an anniversary.
-   Zedd and Rita both seemed particularly fond of each other.
-   Rita, after seeming to look in the direction of her planetoid outside the palace, said happily that once the Rangers were finished, they could go on another honeymoon, as Goldar had shown up and ruined their first honeymoon; Zedd explained that there was more to be done, and when Rita told him to speed things up as she wanted to go, Zedd said to himself, "The Rangers are not the problem. She is."

-   Rita and Zedd bickered, with Rita blaming Zedd for ruining her anniversary; Rita said her headache was back.

-   When Rita complained that Zedd would never take her anywhere, Zedd said he'd been working on a surprise for her: Serpentera was fully charged and waiting to sweep them away on a second honeymoon.
-   In Serpentera, Zedd drove while Rita sat in the throne.
-   On their second honeymoon, Rita told Zedd that even though he was ugly, he sure knew how to show a "ghoul" a bad time.
-   When Zedd discovered that Serpentera was almost out of energy, Rita laughed and sarcastically told him she hadn't heard that one in 3,000 years.
-   Rita entered the chamber in the palace first, and Miss Chief, doing what Rito had told her to do as a joke, sprayed Rita with the love potion, making her fall in love with Goldar; she affectionately tackled him onto the throne.
-   When Finster used the antidote on Rita, she told Goldar to get off her (even though she was sitting on his lap), asking him if he'd lost his marbles.
-   After Goldar told Zedd that Rita had tricked him into marriage with a love potion and Finster then sprayed him with the antidote, Zedd woozily asked Goldar if he'd lost his mind, as Rita was the best thing that had ever happened to him; when Goldar insisted that the marriage was a sham and that she had deceived him, he silenced Goldar and made him apologize to Rita; Rito guessed Zedd really did love Rita, and the couple then leaned in to kiss.

-   Excited that Kim and Aisha had found and liked P.C., a white cat in the park, Rita said her plan was the most brilliantly engineered plan in 10,000 years; Zedd didn't know what she was planning.
-   Watching the Ninja Rangers fight the Tengas and Rito from the animal shelter window, P.C. morphed into Kat, whose main wardrobe color was pink.
-   Later, after P.C. had gotten out of Aisha's house, she transformed into Kat, and Rita appeared near the bushes near the house with red energy.
-   Rita asked Kat what had taken her so long, as the low altitude was killing her.
-   After learning from Kat that Kim was supposed to go to the movies with Tommy but that she and Aisha were looking for their cat, Rita remarked that it was perfect timing, then used a red energy bolt from her wand to transform a garbage bin into a black Mustang convertible; the car had a pink Angel Grove license plate of "Purrrfect."
-   Once Tommy and Kat were driving in Kat's car, she had Zedd send the car hurtling through a warp of some sort, then said that with Tommy captured, it was up to Rito, whom they sent to Earth.

-   After Rito had been defeated by the Ninja Megazord, Rita initiated "plan B."
-   Rita and Zedd were generating a powerful shield that prevented a signal from being established between Tommy and the Command Center.
-   Upon waking up, Tommy demanded that Rita, a hologram of whom had appeared in the cave to taunt him, tell him where Kat was; Rita told him not to worry about it, asking him what Kim would think of his spending so much time worrying about another girl.
-   Before her hologram had vanished from the cave, Rita told Tommy she had a city to destroy.
-   Upon learning that Billy and Adam were walking to Billy's house, Rita sent P.C. to Earth and used her wand to transform her into a cat monster.
-   When Tommy was teleported to safety, Rita blamed Zedd for butting into her plan.

-   After hearing of Finster's discovery of the Shogunzords, Zedd and Rita embraced as they planned to destroy the Rangers with their (Rita and Zedd's) own Zords.
-   Kat seemed a bit uncomfortable with Rita when she stopped Kat in the park on her way to the lake.
-   Rita told Kat to skip the formalities, as, she said, the less time she spent in the park, the better.
-   Rita assigned Kat to steal a Power Coin without being caught.
-   When Kat told Rita she could count on her, Rita remarked that of course she could, saying she'd groomed Kat well.
-   In the palace presenting the pink Power Coin to Rita and Zedd, Kat hid behind her back the photo of Kim and Tommy that she'd stolen from Kim's bookbag.
-   On Earth, Rita appeared behind Kat as Kat was behind a tree watching White Ranger and Ninjor fight Tengas; she again seemed uncomfortable with Rita's presence.
-   Rita gave Kat Kim's Power Coin and had her use it to steal the Falconzord.
-   Kat smiled after Rita had left and she looked at Tommy and the coin.

-   Rito gave Zedd the idea to use the Rangers to pilot the Shogunzords; although Rita thought it a bad idea, Zedd planned use Kim's welfare to force the Rangers to pilot the Shogunzords, then have them destroy Angel Grove and the world would surrender to him.
-   Zedd had by this point completely taken over the management of the plan, telling Rita merely to sit back and be awestruck as his plan unfolded.
-   Zedd had Rita use Kat as a decoy to lure Kim out while the others were busy fighting Inciserator.
-   Goldar said that by enslaving the Rangers, Rita and Zedd would control the universe.

-   When Rita told Finster she needed a monster, Finster asked whether she should wait for Lord Zedd; when she pointed out with annoyance that she used to run the place, he apologized and said he had the perfect monster to "keep an eye" on the Rangers: See Monster.
-   While Zedd was elsewhere fighting White Ranger, Rita used a red beam from her wand to make the Shogunzords appear on Earth.
-   A giant hologram of Rita from the waist-up appeared in the sky over the Rangers.
-   Rita agreed with the Rangers that the Shogunzords were awesome.
-   Rita commanded the Rangers to pilot the Shogunzords and destroy their own city, planning for the world to hate the Rangers forever, forcing the Rangers to serve her and Zedd.
-   To make See Monster grow after Tommy had challenged him from the White Shogunzord cockpit, Zedd, his staff having been broken, took Rita's wand, angering Rita, and used the same blue lightning bolt from it, as usually came from the combined two staves, to make the monster grow.
-   Although she had moments earlier been whining that the Rangers had ruined everything after the destruction of See Monster, Rita tried to cheer Zedd up when he was miserable from his staff having been broken and the Shogunzords stolen, by reminding him that they still had Ninjor and Kim's Power Coin (forgetting about the Falconzord), and that the Rangers were weakened; she caressed his shoulders and brain, making him chuckle.

-   After Kat had learned of Kim's plans for the day, she went around back to the dumpsters of the Youth Center to report the situation to Rita, who soon appeared after P.C. had transformed into Kat.
-   Kat devlishly told Rita that Kim was about to go downtown, and Rita planned to turn her car into a monster so that the Rangers wouldn't have the heart to destroy the monster, with Kim trapped inside; this was after Zedd had already decided on the plan to turn a Ranger into a monster.
-   Zedd thought Bulk and Skull's being in the cab with Kim would ruin the plan, but Rita just went on with the plan.
-   When Kat, remembering her past, tearfully protested to Rita that she was good, not evil, Rita gave her another dose of her evil spell with an orange energy bolt from her wand.
-   In the palace together later, Rita and Zedd were friendly and cuddly with each other.

-   When Gunthar Schmidt offered to personally train Kim for the Pan Global gymnastics tryouts, Rita for some reason wanted to stop Kim from attending the tryouts, so she planned to exhaust her.
-   When Kat later told Rita that Kim was practicing all day, every day, Rita said that had to stop, since she had plans for her which didn't include gymnastics.
-   As Kat was secretly remembering diving off a diving board as a child, Rita briefly chided Kat for not listening to her.
-   Zordon said Rita and Zedd's divide-and-conquer attack was an unusual occurrence; this multi-front attack included Artistmole and Vampirus near a massive powerline tower, a group of Tengas in a field near the mountains, and Goldar, Rito, and more Tengas the park by the lake; when the Rangers got the monsters and goons together, they all retreated, only to reappear minutes later.
-   Kat remembered talking to a guy in the park by the lake; she told him they'd arrived the previous day but didn't have a chance to finish her statement of, "And we'll be living here..."; Rita had been chuckling nearby, and she had turned the guy into a Tenga (most likely his original form); Rita had then backed the confused Kat against a tree, saying, "From now on, you will serve me and only me, Katherine! I command you in the name of all that is rotten and nasty!", and red energy in the shape of cat spirits flowed into Kat from Rita's wand.

-   After Kat had gone to the hospital with Kim when Kim fell off the balance beam and knocked herself out, Rita demanded to know from Finster what had happened to the spell; holding a scroll of symbols before him, Finster concluded that the goodness of Kat's totally selfless deed of attempting to save Kim overcame and completely neutralized Rita's spell.
-   Zedd kept in mind that Kat had accomplished what she was sent to do - put the Pink Ranger out of commission.
-   When Tommy and Billy were at the hospital and Billy had called the other three to have them come over now that Kim was awake, Rita insisted that they stop the three from joining Kim.
?   After Garbage Mouth's failed attempt to capture Kat outside the hospital, the guys had Kat go inside to wait with Kim, as if Rita and Zedd couldn't get her there.
-   After Garbage Mouth was destroyed, Rita thought to use Ninjor as a bargaining tool to destroy Kat and the Rangers.
-   Rita and Rito appeared in the park together for Rita to demand they give Kat over, and when they refused, Rita and Rito vanished, leaving behind a note which issued Rita's ultimatum that they turn Kat over by the end of the day, or they'd throw Ninjor into the Sea of Sorrow, where he'd be lost forever.
-   When the two teens initially rejected Rita's demand, she told them before vanishing with Rito that she'd almost been hoping they'd refuse.

-   Rita, Goldar, and Rito appeared in the park to trade Ninjor (actually an empty bottle) for Kat; though the teens also attempted to trick the villains (with a forcefield generator), they were successful in kidnapping Kat.
-   Rita planned to seal Kat in the bottle with Ninjor and send them both to the bottom of the Sea of Sorrow once the tide came in at the end of the day to wash them out to sea.
-   Rita walked into the dungeon where Kat was supposed to be locked up, only to discover that Kat was free and had removed the pink Power Coin from its box in the dungeon.
?   Rita demanded that Kat drop the coin, and when she didn't, Rita proceeded to chase her around the podium rather than using any magic on her; Rita finally summoned a pack of Tengas behind Kat, but Kat was quickly teleported out of the dungeon.
-   Back in the chamber of command, Zedd told Rita he'd known she'd manage to figure out a way to ruin everything; she frustratedly told him to do better.

-   As Rito was maintaining control over Santa's workshop for Zedd's Christmas Eve plan of mass-producing hypno-spin toys, Rita told Zedd he should have just let her go rather than Rito.
-   Rita said Zedd would never get her anything, so at least by opening the box Santa had delivered to them she'd get to open one present this year.

-   Rita and Zedd seemed particularly annoyed by Tommy, whom they called "Mr. Perfect."
-   Rita pestered Finster to hurry up with the monster he was working on.
-   Finster called Rita "Empress Rita."
-   Using a red beam from her wand, Rita shrank Ravenator so that he could be ingested by Tommy.
-   Kat heard Rita's voice in her head saying, "Attack the White Ranger from the inside out."
-   Finster explained that Kat was still picking up Rita's thoughts as a side-effect of the spell that had been on her.
-   After giant Ravenator had been destroyed, Rita ranted, "'Make the monster grow?' What a dumb idea! A bad monster is a bad monster no matter what size it is!"
?   Rita was yelling at Zedd for the idea of making Ravenator grow, but it had been Rito's suggestion.
-   Rita told Zedd that if an idea of his ever worked, she would faint.

-   Rita was upset that Kat had started out so evil but had now become such a "goody-goody."
-   When Rita said Kat was building houses for the homeless, Goldar asked if they could build a house for Rito, then he could finally move out, and Zedd laughed.
-   Rita planned for her and Rito to use Kat's housing project to destroy Angel Grove.
-   Rita sent Rito with Tengas to wreck the landscaping job, then after Kat angrily ninja-morphed and was soon joined by her fellow Ninja Rangers, she shot a red beam from her wand to turn Kat evil again, but she missed and struck the wall (after striking the ground twice), turning a section of the wall into the Brick Bully.
-   After Brick Bully had been destroyed and Zedd blamed Rito for messing up the plan, Rita told her fellow villains they were all whining, crying losers (with Rito being the worst), that she had to do everything herself, and that she couldn't trust any of them.

-   Rita teased Goldar about looking like Kat's chimp Kelly.
-   Zedd initially said the world would be his, but when Rita corrected him, he took her hand and agreed that, of course, the world would be theirs.
?   After Sinister Simian had been defeated, Zedd laughed at Rita, saying this was what happened when she tried to take over the world behind his back, but he had been an active participant in the plan.

-   When quakes and bright flashes of light rocked the moon palace (from Master Vile's approach), Rita asked Finster if he'd forgotten to pay the electric bill again.
-   Master Vile was the father of both Rito and Rita.
-   When Zedd told Vile that the forcefield around the Zeo Crystal would destroy anyone who possessed even an ounce of evil, Rita sadly told Vile, "He's right, Daddy! He tried to get the Zeo Crystal once, and look what happened to Zeddy's face!", but she was merely joking.
-   When Vile teleported to his Space Skull with Rito and Goldar, Rita wondered where the "miserable creature" (as she called him) was going.
-   After morphed Kat had stood in the chamber of command and told Rita and Zedd that she wanted to be evil again, Rita said she'd known Kat still had evil in her heart.

-   Suspicious of Kat's intentions, Rita and Zedd had her step into the Revivafier to turn her evil again.
-   After Zedd had sensed White Ranger's presence in the palace, Zedd and Rita laughed, saying that the Zeo Crystal's forcefield would destroy anyone once evil, such as Tommy.
-   Rita was among the villains dancing happily in the Space Skull's throne room following Master Vile's apparent victory.
-   When Rita saw that Zedd was depressed, she told him to cheer up, as the Earth (and soon the universe, Vile added) was hers; he told her to go away.

-   After Master Vile had returned to his Space Skull leaving the Rangers victorious, he and Rita had the following conversation:

Rita (in a teasing voice): "Not so easy, father dearest."
Master Vile: "How dare you talk back to your father?! You always were an ungrateful, rotten little brat!"
Rita: "You never understood me!"
Master Vile: "Whatever! I've got more important things to think about right now!"

-   Reflecting on failing once, Vile reminded himself that Rita and Zedd had failed to conquer the Earth over a hundred times; he then declared that he was here to stay.

-   When Dischordia entered the chamber of command after being introduced by Finster, Rita grew increasingly distressed by Zedd's attention to Dischordia, as the following exchange illustrates:

- Rita looks down at the clapping Zedd with a bit of concern
Zedd (standing): "Dischordia! How well I remember your painful voice."
- Rita looks more upset
Zedd: "Thank you for coming to my palace on such short notice."
Dischordia: "I'll do anything for ya, Zeddy boy!" (blows a kiss)
Rita: "Zeddy?!"
Zedd (walking over to Dischordia): "With your terrible tunes, you will be able to squelch those Ranger rats once and for all! (holds Dischordia's hands and caresses her) And what a beautiful noise it will be."
Dischordia (pulling away): "I won't fail ya!"

-   On the balcony later, Rita was affectionately holding onto Zedd as he made Dischordia grow.

-   After the Orb of Doom had turned back time, Rita, Zedd, Goldar, and Rito stood on a hill near the carnival, making the children run screaming.
-   Zedd complained that Master Vile would never let them hear the end of this victory, but Rita, in good spirits, suggested they think of it as a learning experience.
-   Zedd said that without the Rangers in the way, the world was theirs for the taking.
-   When Rita and Zedd crossed their staves to make themselves grow on Earth, the traditional lightning bolts struck them from the clouds, making Rita, Zedd, Goldar, and Rito grow simultaneously.

-   Giant Rita used a red beam from her wand to cause several explosions in the abandoned warehouse district in Angel Grove.
-   Master Vile used yellow and blue energy snakes to shrink the four villains, saying they were going to ruin his plan; he then teleported them back to the moon.

-   When the Aquitian Rangers' teleporting by the moon palace shook the palace and Master Vile noted that it had been something inherently good and pure, Rita cried that she was allergic to good.
-   After fighting the Aquitian Rangers for a while with a team of five monsters, Master Vile's field general, Professor Longnose, declared that he'd had enough of this and that it was time to grow, and at that point, the traditional lightning from above (presumably from Rita and Zedd) made Longnose and the five monsters all grow.

-   Rita resented Zedd's calling Master Vile a tyrant after Vile had, in 335-ARA2, left in a huff; she was quickly friendly with Zedd again when he said he had a plan.
-   When Zedd observed that young Billy was completing a regenerator to turn the teens back to normal, Rita said he was always up to something and griped, "Doesn't he sleep?!"
-   Once Goldar had stolen the regenerator from the kids and Billy and removed the Power Coins, Rita and Zedd teleported in.
-   Goldar held up some Power Coins in each hand, and with a white energy bolt from Zedd's staff and a red energy beam from Rita's wand, Rita and Zedd caused gold light to flash in Goldar's hands, reducing the Power Coins to golden dust, which Goldar scattered to the wind; the small swirl of dust which drifted away appeared to fly downward and off to one side.

?   Rita claimed to see a twisted look in Zedd's eyes as he devised a plan, but Zedd wore a red visor that covered any eyes he might have had.
-   Pleased with Zedd's plan to poison the Aquitian Rangers, Rita put her arm around his and said she'd known she hadn't married him for his looks.
-   When Zedd thought to use their very own Erik and Merrick the Barbaric, Rita was quite pleased with his choice.
-   After Rito's attempts to join in with the kids' game of tag had ended up in the release of the Aquitian Rangers, Zedd told Rita he would send every one of Rito's bones to a different dog pound in Angel Grove; Rita defended Rito, saying maybe Goldar had botched the mission.

-   Zedd and Rita planned to attack while the kids and Billy were at the water park and the Aquitians were away rehydrating.
-   Zedd told Rito and Goldar that in his search for a weakness in the Command Center, he'd located an ancient scroll map in the long-forgotten tunnels beneath the Command Center; Rita told them to follow the map to the Command Center's most vulnerable spot, where they were to plant an implosion device that would supposedly blow Zordon into antimatter.
-   After Zedd had planned to turn the meanest kid in the kids' class into a monster to occupy the kids, Rita giggled and caressed his head, telling him he was so evil.
-   Once giant Bratboy had reverted back to young Bulk, Rita and Zedd crossed their staves and generated a lightning bolt which turned him back into Bratboy, but when the monster fired at the moon palace, they used the same bolt energy to turn him into young Bulk again.
-   Before she and Zedd turned Bratboy back into young Bulk, Rita called him a brat and told Zedd to remind her never to have kids.

-   When Rita suggested sending down a monster to prevent the Aquitians from finding a pure water source, Zedd told her that this job called for a professional, not one of Finster's "mishaps"; he said he had called in his old friend Witchblade.
-   When Zedd planned to use a shield to block the Battle Borgs from arriving, Rita told him she'd known his brain hadn't just been for show.
-   When Zedd told Rita after Witchblade had been destroyed that he didn't want to hear what he knew she was thinking, she asked with a smile, "Don't say what? That all your friends are a bunch of losers that couldn't beat a drum if they had to? Huh?"; he replied that speaking of losers, he wondered whether Goldar and Rito had found the entrance to the Command Center yet.

-   Thinking the world would be theirs because the kids would never find all five subcrystals, Zedd and Rita held each other and spun around once, then laughed merrily.
?   Rita appeared to watch the fight underground between the Aquitian Rangers and Arachnofiend without her telescope.
-   After Arachnofiend had been destroyed and young Adam had retrieved his subcrystal, Rita had something in mind for next time.

-   Only after Billy had asked Cestro about villains on Aquitar and Cestro had described Hydro Hog did Rita and Zedd think to bring Hydro Hog to Earth to battle the Aquitian Rangers.
-   After Billy had invented a weather modulator which completely rehydrated Cestro, Rita said that Billy was getting on her nerves that day, as he'd found a way to repower the Aquitian Rangers.
-   Zedd and Rita had Finster activate the dimensional teleporter so they could summon Hydro Hog from Aquitar, but Alpha had the Command Center block their beam.

-   Rita and Zedd knew that the kids had retrieved four of the five Zeo Subcrystals so far.
-   Zedd had Rita tell Goldar to steal the Zeo Crystal once it was completed; Rita suggested just destroying the Command Center, but Zedd wanted the power of the Zeo Crystal for himself.
-   Rita knew that Hydro Hog had the power of evaporation at his fingertips.
-   As Hydro Hog fought the Aquitian Rangers, Zedd suddenly realized that they'd forgotten to tell Rito and Goldar to steal the Zeo Crystal before destroying the Command Center.
-   Rita had Finster find out where Rito and Goldar were so she didn't have to go looking for them; moments later, she was able to teleport directly to Rito and Goldar's location, in the Command Center's basement.
-   In the basement momentarily, Rita told Rito and Goldar not to activate the implosion device, but that she'd tell them when the Zeo Crystal was complete, at which point they were to take it to the palace; she told them not to bother coming back if they messed up this time.

-   Later, after the Zeo Crystal had restored time and the six teens and Billy had left the Command Center to thank the Aquitian Rangers, Rita's voice told Rito and Goldar to steal the Zeo Crystal.

-   After looking at Earth, Rita was pleased; she said the Rangers had kept fighting until the end, but Zedd noted that they'd been no match for him.
?   Rita and Zedd were alone in the chamber as they savored their victory over the Rangers, but in 401-AZB1, they would dance with Squatt and Baboo in celebration.
?   Rita noted that the Rangers had kept fighting until the end, but in 343-HdA2, the teens, powerless, had not managed to fight, and there was no mention of the Aquitian Rangers.
-   Zedd told Rita he couldn't have done it without her.
-   Rita said now the Earth was hers, but Zedd corrected her, saying he was the evil overlord; Rita, not concerned about whose it was, had them gaze at the Earth, since it was all theirs for the taking.
-   Seeing the approaching Machine Empire in her telescope, Rita couldn't believe it; she initially tried to ignore what she'd seen, attributing it to the excitement from defeating the Power Rangers.
?   When Rita was shocked by what she saw in her telescope while looking at Earth, Zedd asked if Rito and Goldar had done something stupid again, but in 343-HdA2, Rito and Goldar had been in the process of trying to steal the Zeo Crystal before the Command Center was destroyed; why Rita and Zedd weren't concerned about the Zeo Crystal in these previews or in 401-AZB1 is unknown.
-   Zedd said they should celebrate, but Rita said if she'd really seen what she thought she'd seen, she was about to get one of her headaches; she then tried to ignore it again, but Zedd soon looked for himself.
?   While looking at Earth in her telescope, Rita had happened to see Machine Empire craft entering the planet's atmosphere, and the next day, Mondo and Machina would discover Rita and Zedd's presence and vow to show them no mercy, but in 401-AZB1, Finster would fearfully interrupt Rita and Zedd's celebration just before the palace was attacked by Quadrafighters.
-   A TV reporter said it had been unusually quiet in downtown Angel Grove for the past several weeks, which was good news since the Power Rangers hadn't been seen or heard from in some time.
-   The next day, Mondo couldn't believe it, but he suddenly saw Rita and Zedd on their throne in his viewing globe; he pointed out to Machina that they had a bit of a problem, telling her to look at who was already here.
-   Machina was startled, saying she'd thought Rita and Zedd had retired eons ago; she said they should have no mercy on them, and Mondo agreed, for they were the only obstacle between them and the complete obliteration of the Earth and all the beings that inhabited it.

-   Rita, Zedd, Squatt, and Baboo were dancing in celebration of the Rangers' defeat when Finster came in from his workshop to warn the villains of the approaching Machine Empire.
-   After Finster had tried to warn the villains of the approaching menace and Rita had spotted the Machine Empire's ships in her telescope after the palace had been fired upon, Rita was terrified.
-   Rita blamed Zedd for the arrival of the Machine Empire.
-   Machina reminded Mondo that Rita and Zedd claimed this galaxy as their own, but Mondo showed her that Rita and Zedd, whom he called "piteous peasants," were fleeing.
-   When Rita hurried Finster, he said he was doing the best he could, but that they'd accumulated a lot of junk over the millennia.
-   Rita asked Zedd whether he'd cleaned out the dungeon, and he said that he had.
-   Rita said she hated packing in a hurry, as she always felt she was forgetting something.
-   Her feet aching, Rita asked Zedd to carry her, but he refused.
-   Looking back at the palace and around the moon, Rita said she was just beginning to like this place.
-   Rita suddenly realized with concern that Rito and Goldar weren't with them, but Zedd they had obviously failed to capture the Zeo Crystal and would have to catch up later.
-   Rita lamented that she should've worn her walking pumps.
-   When Zedd realized they needed a place to go to in Serpentera, Rita knew that if they stayed with Master Vile, no one would touch them.
-   Rita called Master Vile, and when an image of him appeared on the moon, he agreed to let Rita, Zedd, and crew stay with him.

-   Zordon told the six teens that the Machine Empire was more treacherous than Rita and Lord Zedd could ever have hoped to be.
-   When Zedd still refused to go to live with Master Vile, Rita grabbed him by the horn and dragged him along.

-   On the same day that Rito and Goldar had hired Bulk and Skull to look for their (Rito and Goldar's) family and Bulk and Skull had come up with nothing, and also the same day that the Varox had shot down Gold Ranger over Aquitar, a small package arrived at the detective agency, addressed to Rito and Goldar, care of the Private Eyes Have It Detective Agency.
-   When the small silver box inside the paper wrapping was opened, two orange energy spheres flew out from the box and hovered in the air; the images of Rita and Zedd then appeared in the spheres, saying they were looking for two creatures by the names of Goldar and Rito; they then spoke to Rito and Goldar, telling them it was time to come home now.

-   As Goldar and Rito slept in the detective agency, Goldar dreamt of his old days swordfighting Red Ranger, then growing and blasting the city with eye bolts.
-   Next in the dream, Rita and Zedd teased Rito and Goldar about their maid's outfits; Rita then told Goldar, "No more fooling around down on Earth," and Zedd said they had big plans which required Goldar's and even Rito's help.
-   In the dream, Zedd returned Goldar's wings, as well as Goldar's and Rito's swords, telling them that they could never be nice to anyone again; when Goldar woke up, he had his wings, sword, and memories, and Rito had his sword (and presumably his memories) as well.
-   Rito and Goldar went to a wooded area and were picked up by a blue energy sphere from which Rita's voice announced that their ride was there.

-   A blue energy sphere dropped Rito and Goldar off on the moon, where Rita and Zedd's RV appeared from a similar but purple energy sphere; after the RV had stopped, Rita opened the door and told Rito and Goldar to come on in.
-   After Mondo had been destroyed by the Super Zeo Megazord, Rita, beside the RV on the moon, watched the teens with her Repulsascope and noted that with Mondo gone, the world belonged to herself and Zedd.
-   Rita didn't have her wand.
-   Rita happily realized she didn't have a headache anymore.

-   As the first step in Zedd and Rita's "glorious" plan to regain their evil empire, according to Goldar, Rito and Goldar went to the beach on Earth, from where they launched Louie Kaboom so that Machina wouldn't be able to trace the launch back to the RV on the moon.
-   On the moon as punishment for their having lost Louie Kaboom's remote, Zedd and Rita assigned Rito and Goldar to cleanup duty, presenting maid's outfits for them to wear, and they run away yelling.

-   There was a giant magnet on the top of the RV, and Rita sat in a chair beside the magnet on top of the RV; Rita and Zedd planned to use the magnet to bring Louie Kaboom back so that they could put him back under their control and continue their plan to overthrow the Machine Empire.
-   Rita planned to "go medieval" on Louie, but Zedd reminded her to conserve her wrath, as they still had the Machine Empire, the Power Rangers, and the world to conquer.
-   After Rito accidentally made the super-magnet bring Detective Stone's new sportscar to the moon, Rita told him that he could've at least gotten a convertible.

?   Complaining about Zedd's driving in the RV, Rita told him to make a left but pointed to her right.
-   Rita and Zedd were driving around, looking for the "palace" (presumably the Machine Skybase and not their old moon palace) so that they could regain control of Louie; Rita would later say that they had to find "that palace" and the remote control to Louie.

-   When Rita told Zedd he hadn't said anything in the last 2,000 miles (the moon is nearly 6,800 miles around), he said he was trying to regain control of Louie Kaboom.
-   Rito knew enough about the Machine Empire to be surprised that Machina had another son.
-   On the moon, Rita and Zedd were relaxing in chairs while watching a cartoon on a TV outside the parked RV, with Finster cooking on a grill nearby, when Rito and Goldar ran up to tell them the news of Gasket and Archerina.
-   Zedd and Rita already knew who was back in town: "that upstart offspring, Prince Gasket, and that hideous bride of his, Archerina;" they also knew that the Rangers had done them (Rita and Zedd) a favor by destroying Louie Kaboom.

-   While Rita and Zedd played a card game with oversized playing cards in the RV, Rito and Goldar worked on an engine on the back of the RV so that they would have enough speed to zip through Machine security unnoticed and storm the "palace" (see either "Machine Skybase" or "Moon palace"), and once they'd brought destruction to the Machine Empire, Rita said, they would be home.

-   Rito and Goldar sat outside the RV trying to watch TV, but they couldn't get any reception until accidentally tuning into Gasket's broadcast from the Machine Arena; Goldar excitedly called Rita and Zedd over to see the Gold Ranger.

-   Zedd and Rita happily watched the Machine Arena broadcast, with Rita planning for them to take control of the Earth once the Rangers were gone, but she then realized in utter frustration that they'd still be stuck on the moon after all those years of work while the Machine Empire took over their planet.
-   Zedd reluctantly thought to help the Rangers fight the Machine Empire, making Rita faint.
-   After the Rangers were together in the Machine Arena, Zedd said that very soon, it would be his and Rita's turn once again.

-   Finster gave Rita a new wand (which he called a staff) to make monsters with, claiming it was much more powerful than anything she was accustomed to and that it would give her the power to do things she had never thought possible; she told Finster she wanted to be surprised by its powers rather than having him tell her.
-   The only way the wand would work on Earth targets was if Rita rode in the RV fast enough to match the target's location and velocity; when Rita intended to turn Kat into a monster (but actually turned Kat's purse into the Impursonator monster), she was in the RV as it drove across the moon; this was the only time Rita used her new wand in this manner.
-   Rita's wand shot an orange energy beam to turn Kat into a monster, but because Finster accidentally bumped into Rita as she fired, she ended up turning Kat's purse into a monster, the Impursonator.
-   Rita accidentally dropped her wand outside the RV after she'd missed.
?   The teens didn't seem to have any reaction to the news that Rita and Zedd were back.
-   After Mondo had come to Earth with Cog Changer, Rita and Zedd made Impursonator grow, since Rita didn't want Mondo to steal their glory.
-   Rita said that Impursonator was her best monster ever; this seemed like a reasonable claim, as the monster was invulnerable to almost all of the Zords' attacks.

-   Rita was upset that Mondo was going to destroy "her" Rangers, but Zedd didn't care who destroyed them.
-   Using what looked like a Viewing Globe sphere on a stand, Finster found the lost Impursonator monster on a planet eight light-years away and teleported the monster into the Super Zeo Megazord's cockpit on Earth; Rita appeared impressed merely that it was able to bring Impursonator back.
-   When Impursonator left the Super Zeo Megazord to look for the Rangers after she'd seen them down below somewhere, Rita used an orange beam from her wand to teleport the monster back to the moon; Rita was upset with Impursonator for not having put a dent in the Rangers, and she left the monster to think about what she'd done.
-   Rita kicked Zedd in the rear when he began to tell Impursonator to think about something additional; he didn't know what the kick was for.
-   When Mondo sent Cog Changer and a large battalion of Cogs to the Angel Grove Coliseum, Rita sent the sobbing Impursonator back to Earth, where she joined the Machine Empire forces in their attack.

-   While Cogs chased Jason through the forest as his powers waned, Rita and Zedd appeared to take the Golden power before the Machine Empire had a chance.
-   Rita told Jason she'd always thought he'd looked better in red.
-   Rita summoned a crowd of Tengas.
-   As she and Zedd prepared to take the Golden powers for themselves, Rita said that finally her work would be complete.
-   Mondo told Rita and Zedd he'd been waiting to see how long it would take for them, calling them bumblers, to make complete nuissances of themselves.
-   Rita told Mondo that they'd used to be afraid of him, but now he'd turned into an intergalactic joke.
-   Rita and Zedd and Mondo sent the Tengas and Cogs to fight each other.
-   As the giant Rangers fought giant Mondo and Cogs, Rita and Zedd relaxed in chairs with drinks from a hilltop, with Rito and Goldar beside them; Rita used binoculars on a stick to watch the fight.
?   After Mondo had been defeated by the giant Rangers and had returned to the moon, Rita and Zedd "stopped by" in their RV to have a meeting with the Royal House of Gadgetry, but their meeting place appeared to be in the middle of nowhere on the moon.
-   Zedd told Mondo that they'd realized they were way out of his league, and after Rita had handed Sprocket a wrapped box with bows on it as a peace offering, Rita, Zedd, and crew quickly fled the scene in the RV; when Sprocket opened the box, a massive fireball engulfed the Royal House of Gadgetry, blowing bits and pieces of the robots all over the area.
-   After the Royal House of Gadgetry had been destroyed, Zedd declared, "We're back!"

-   Frustrated that the Rangers were still approaching Muiranthias despite her efforts to stop them, Divatox picked up the phone in her subcraft and called Rita.
-   A fancy antique rotary phone next to Rita and Zedd's orange bed woke Rita up, but Zedd, lying beside her, continued snoring.
-   Rita had been sleeping in full costume.
-   Divatox addressed herself to Rita as "Di", as though she and Rita were quite familiar with each other.
-   Divatox apologized for waking Rita, saying she'd forgotten about the time change.
-   Rita and Zedd's bedroom appeared to be in the moon palace.
-   Divatox knew that Rita had had some experience in the matter of getting rid of the Power Rangers.
-   When Divatox asked how to get rid of the Power Rangers, Rita cackled, replying, "What?! The Power Rangers? If I knew that, do you think I'd be lying here listening to this?!" at which point she held the receiver up to Zedd so Divatox could hear his loud snoring.
-   Rita told Divatox that her advice was to run, then she hung up the phone while cackling.
?   It's a mystery why Rita and Zedd had apparently given up their attacks on Earth, since after they'd destroyed the Machine Empire in 450-Good, they declared that they were back, and they were poised to take over.

-   After Divatox was summoned to the Cimmerian planet by Dark Specter after the capture of Zordon, Carlos said they had to go to the Cimmerian planet, and when Cassie replied that they'd promised Dimitria to stay and protect the Earth, Carlos pointed out that Divatox was gone now, leaving the Earth safe; if the teens knew about Rita and Zedd and the Machine Empire at the time, they didn't consider the villains a threat to the planet.

-   Rita and Zedd attended Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture; they had brought along Goldar, Finster, Zedd's Putties, and Tengas.
-   Zedd told a joke which ended with the line, "And then I said, 'That's no dumpster, that's my wife!'"; Rita laughed and called him an old card.
-   Rita, laughing while walking with Zedd, accidentally bumped into Divatox, making the crowd of villains fall nervously silent.
-   Rita unpleasantly remarked, "It's you," and Divatox responded with insincere pleasantries, calling her Frieda.
-   When Rita asked if she was still after the Power Rangers, Divatox coyly replied that she should get out of the dumpster more often and that she'd destroyed the Power Rangers; she then giggled and said insultingly, "Well, someone had to."
-   After Divatox had turned and remarked that it was good to be the queen, Rita nervously asked Zedd whether it was true that she'd really destroyed the Power Rangers, and he admitted that it was sort of the universal gossip.
-   When Elgar turned back and added a crack asking what was with the hair, Rita, as though embarrassed and finding no other alternative, shot a red energy blast from her wand at Divatox's back but missed; Astronema, beyond, caught it in her hand and crinkled it up into purple electricity.
-   Later preparing to eat at the banquet table, Zedd remarked, "Ahh, snake souffle, my favorite," but Rita whapped his hands.
-   Toasting to Dark Specter, Rita drank a glass of lava juice along with the other villains.
-   After the spying Red Space Ranger had been revealed and had escaped, Dark Specter growled that the spy knew his plans and had to be stopped, and Divatox and Rita, struggling physically, bickered over which one of them should go; during the struggle, each of them called the other "sister."
-   Dark Specter told Astronema that she would take the Dark Fortress to destroy him, and Astronema vanished after looking at the two older villainesses.

-   Storming through the Dark Fortress with Elgar following her taking notes after Sting King's destruction, Astronema told him no more insects; Elgar repeated, "Okay, no bugs and no French painters. Got it," a reference to the Artistmole monster used by Rita and Zedd in 308-ABWD.

-   Among the various monsters, mutants, and aliens on Onyx was an eclectic mix of monsters and henchmen which had been used or would be used by many of the main villains, including Rita and Zedd.
-   Skygantor, a card-player in the Onyx Tavern who had battled on Eltar, wore a brown tunic, the bottom of which had thin gold designs which looked just like Rita's dress.

-   From the Dark Fortress, Elgar had called up Rita and Zedd as Astronema entered.
-   In front of a rocky cliff background, Rita and Zedd told Astronema that they didn't need her plan, as they had their own, but Astronema told them to be silenced and that they would follow her orders.
-   When asked who had put her in charge, Astronema replied, "Dark Specter himself."; initially shocked, Rita and Zedd said they loved her plan.
-   Later, Rita and Zedd were leading an army of monsters against the Gold Ranger on a planet in the Vica Galaxy.
-   Zedd remarked that it was great to be back in the game.
-   Along with Finster, Goldar, Squatt, Z Putties, the two-headed parrot, Vampirus, Jellyfish, Pumpkin Rapper, Octophantom, Oysterizer, Globbor, and Miss Chief were monsters formerly used by other villains, including Wild Weeder, Punchabunch, Electrotramp, Psycho-monster Blue, Fearog, Frightwing, Stenchy, Zhane's death monster, the Craterite conglomerate, Sting King, and a flat-topped bluish-white monster; Porto was present as well.

-   The next Earth morning, an energy wave from Zordon's destruction spread throughout the universe; as the wave loomed over Rita and Zedd's forces on the Vica planet, Zedd held his hand over Rita to try to block her and told her to watch out.
-   Holding up her hand as the gold light grew brighter, Rita screamed, "Help me, Zeddy! Don't let it get--!" and then screamed.
-   When the wave was gone, Rita now had a normal (though beautiful) human appearance, initially sparkling with falling gold particles; she was dressed in preppie clothes and had long, straight brown hair with red highlights, and she appeared somewhat Asian; she was wearing a stylish brown dress.
-   Rita's expression indicated amazement as she turned around.
-   Zedd was now a middle-aged man with brown hair, also wearing preppie clothes.
-   Rita was shyly delighted by the sight of Zedd, and he coyly asked, "Wanna dance?"; the couple held each other happily and danced away through the piles of sand which had been their former minions, with Gold Ranger watching in surprise.

?   Rita, discernable by her familiar hair and dress, was apparently among the assorted monsters in the Shadow World's underground tomb.


Pilot Episode
-   As the astronauts who had released her tried to scramble away, Rita blew them away with a powerful breath.
-   Rita said that, to celebrate their freedom, they should pay Earth a visit, and then destroy it.
-   Rita shot a red energy beam from her wand while on the planetoid, causing skyscrapers in downtown Angel Grove to shift around, with one skyscraper flying up into the sky.
-   The Command Center's hologram projector showed Rita's palace descending to downtown Angel Grove atop the skyscraper which had previously flown into the sky; Rita and Goldar were then shown flying over the city.
-   Zoltar described Rita Repulsa as an alien bent on controlling the universe and said that she'd decided to begin with Earth.
-   After spotting the teens in the desert through her telescope, Rita concluded that Zoltar had to be behind this.
-   Rita's incantation before sending the Putties to Earth in a red energy bolt from her wand while in a dark chamber, was: "Gamma rays and burning gold, let them fight my Putty Patrol!"
-   While the teens were in the desert, Rita unleashed Fly Guy on Angel Grove.
-   Rita and giant Fly Guy both grew nervous when the Megazord brandished the Power Sword.
-   Rita got a headache after Fly Guy was destroyed.

Lost Episode special

  • A recap of the Power Rangers story began: "10,000 years ago, Rita Repulsa was imprisoned in a space dumpster on the moon."; see Rita's planetoid for further notes on the moon/planetoid distinction.

    MMPR Interactive CD-ROM
    -   In addition to the more standard "Empress of Evil," Rita was also known as the "Sub-Space Viper."
    -   Rita surrounded herself with an entourage of bumbling suck-ups from across the cosmos to reinforce her over-inflated opinion of herself.
    +   Due to her monstrous vanity, Rita supposedly kept her figure by riding her flying bicycle throughout the galaxies. (Source: Official Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Guidebook)

    MMPR fan club video
    -   The battle between Rita and Zordon lasted from 12,000 years ago to 10,000 years ago.
    -   At the end of this 2,000 year period, Rita, in a desperate attempt to win, offered Zordon a truce but then betrayed him and trapped him in an interdimensional time warp; at the time, Rita was shown at her altar with her crystal ball on the balcony of the moon palace performing an incantation.
    -   Zordon, not going down without a fight, had focused his powers just before disappearing into the time warp, and giant-sized orange eyebeams were shown striking the moon palace balcony, making Goldar and Scorpina move aside, and a golden urn with a bejeweled lid appeared, sucking the villains, Scorpina included, inside.
    ?   This urn, although called a dumpster, was nothing like the space dumpster from which the villains would later be released, and Scorpina shouldn't have been trapped with the others.
    -   Rita had spent the next 10,000 years plotting nasty ways to take over the universe, and she was shown dancing and singing near Finster, Squatt, and Baboo next to a wood stove inside the urn while it drifted by Saturn.
    ?   The dumpster had supposedly crashed recently into a small crater on the moon where it was then found by lunar explorers, but in 101-DOTD, Rita was actually released from the larger, canister-shaped space dumpster located in a desert on a planetoid which passed by the Earth and the moon.
    -   Once freed, an angry Rita had supposedly moved buildings about at will, blown up mountain ranges, burned rain forests, and emptied lakes, all before Zordon had recruited the five teens to become Rangers.

    MMPR: The Movie
    -   Rita and Zedd were, at the least, a villain duo (perhaps married), and Goldar and Mordant were their henchmen.
    -   Rita didn't know of Ivan Ooze, yet Zedd did.
    -   The designs on Rita's neckpiece were more intricate than usual.
    -   Rita thought Ivan was handsome, and Zedd shot her a look for her remark.
    -   When Ivan planned to obliterate Zordon's entire legacy, Rita remarked, "Finally, a real man."
    -   Later watching the teens teleport from Earth, Rita knew that they were seeking the Great Power (see "Monolith"); she complained that Zedd had told her Ivan was the "master of disaster," apparently disappointed that while Ivan had crippled the Command Center and destroyed the Rangers' powers, the teens were still alive.
    -   When Ivan clamped some ooze over Rita's mouth to stop her complaining, Zedd was glad that someone had finally shut her up.
    -   A purple energy bolt from Ivan's hand miniaturized Rita and Zedd and trapped them in a "Greetings from Angel Grove" snow globe of Angel Grove in his palm.
    -   Rita no longer had the ooze on her mouth upon being trapped in the snow globe.
    -   Ivan set the snow globe on the arm of the throne.
    -   When the Ninja Megafalconzord and Hornitor-Ivan flew by the moon two days later, Rita and Zedd, in the snow globe on a railing somewhere in the moon palace, began to cheer for the Rangers in hopes that they would destroy Ivan.
    -   Some time later, Rita and Zedd, back to normal, entered the chamber of command from the sliding doors opposite the balcony; they seemed angry with Goldar and Mordant for having turned on them.

    MMPR: The Movie (early script revision from 10/31/94)
    -   Rita recalled that her mother had warned her to think about throwing in the towel after 89 marriages.

    PRZ comic book
    -   When Master Vile's "innocent little planet" was attacked by the Machine Empire around the time of or in place of 422-TrMe, Vile was startled but sensed it had something to do with his "no-good son-in-law," summoning Rita and Zedd to his throneroom.
    -   Asked why Mondo would be attacking, Rita and Zedd awkwardly claimed not to know.
    -   An ultimatum from Klank revealed that Zedd had been secretly experimenting with some sort of great power in a plot to destroy Mondo and reclaim his moonbase.
    -   As Vile quickly agreed to turn Zedd over, Rita and Zedd pleaded that they could still repel the attack, at which point Zedd contacted Zordon.
    -   As the Rangers battled giant Scrap Heap after destroying the Cogs and Quadrafighters, Rita and Zedd rooted for the Rangers from a balcony on the fortress.
    -   After destroying Scrap Heap, the Rangers leapt down to confront Rita and Zedd on their balcony, although the couple refused to surrender the Power Coin energies; Master Vile, however, interrupted, telling them he'd already given the energies to Mondo's forces.
    -   Rita and Zedd were last shown shouting angrily at Vile, and the Power Coin plot went unresolved.

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