- Rita's magical wand; often used to enlarge monsters
First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
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-   Rita used her wand to blast her space dumpster with red energy streaks.
-   Rita apparently teleported the Putties to the desert with a red energy blast from her wand.
-   To make monsters grow, Rita threw her wand to the Earth, where it stabbed into the ground and enlarged the monster.

-   Rita's wand simultaneously enlarged Goldar and King Sphinx.

-   The Power Blaster broke the Gnarly Gnome into bits of rock, but Rita's wand reassembled and enlarged him.

-   On Earth, Rita shot a bolt of red energy from the pointy end of her wand at the Rangers.
-   Rita made the Genie grow by pointing the moon end of her wand at the Genie and making a red flash of energy come from it.

-   Rita used her wand to teleport Tommy to a preparation chamber with a green cloud effect.

-   Giant-sized Rita obliterated the Island of Illusion with a stream of red energy, with yellow energy bolts swirled around it, from her wand.

-   Once her palace was in downtown Angel Grove, Rita used a red energy beam to bring Cyclopsis up from beneath the ground.
?   When Rita blasted energy from her wand, it flew to Earth from outer space, even though her palace had been moved to Earth.
-   After Ultrazord had destroyed Cyclopsis, Rita caused Titanus to sink beneath the ground with a blast from her wand.

-   After Lokar and Cyclopsis had all but destroyed the Zords and Lokar had told her they were all hers, Rita blasted the Zords with a red beam which caused them to crackle with blue energy bolts, and vanish piece-by-piece in red and black energy.

-   Rita used a red beam from her wand to shrink Fighting Flea and put it on the dog Jason had found.

-   Rita called her wand a scepter this one time.
-   Rita's wand simultaneously made Commander Crayfish and the Blue, Black, and Green Mutant Rangers grow.

-   Zedd made Rita's wand disappear before shrinking her to be trapped inside the space dumpster.

-   When Kim awoke in the Cave of Fantasy for her transformation into Zedd's "new queen," she became suited up in Rita's outfit with white sparkles; she was also given a wand that looked identical to Rita's.

-   Shortly after being returned to normal size by Finster, the escaped Rita was in possession of her wand.

-   Rita teleported a letter to Tommy in red energy by touching the moon end of her wand to the letter.

-   Orange energy from Rita's wand made the book Grumble the Magic Elf fly out of Kim's hands and land in a trash can several yards away; when the three teens approached it, it sucked them in.

-   To make Rito and all successive monsters grow, Rita and Zedd crossed their staves, and bluish-white lightning bolts shot from their point of intersection to Earth, enlarging the monster.
-   Rita and Zedd's lightning simultaneously made four monsters grow.

-   Serving as leader for a day, Rito took Zedd and Rita's staves and crossed them on the balcony, shooting the bluish lightning from them and making Marvo the Meanie grow on Earth.

-   Rita used a red beam from her wand to undo Centiback's spell on Rito which had turned Rito into a football.

-   A red beam from Rita's wand knocked over the Face Stealer's urn, opened it, and unleashed the Face Stealer.

-   A red beam from Rita's wand transformed a garbage bin into a black Mustang convertible with a pink Angel Grove license plate of "Purrrfect"; in 317-Cat2, the car would vanish as soon as Tommy awoke, captured in a cave somewhere.

-   An orange energy bolt from Rita's wand teleported P.C. to Earth and then transformed her into a cat monster.

-   Rita used a red beam from her wand to make the Shogunzords appear on Earth.
-   To make See Monster grow after Tommy had challenged him from the White Shogunzord cockpit, Zedd, his staff having been broken, took Rita's wand, angering Rita, and used the same blue lightning bolt from it, as usually came from the combined two staves, to make the monster grow.

-   When Kat, remembering her past, tearfully protested to Rita that she was good, not evil, Rita gave her another dose of her evil spell with an orange energy bolt from her wand.

-   Kat remembered Rita's having turned her evil with red energy in the shape of cat spirits which flowed into Kat from Rita's wand.

-   Using a red beam from her wand, Rita shrank Ravenator so that he could be ingested by Tommy.

-   Rita shot a red beam from her wand to turn Kat evil again, but she missed and struck the wall (after striking the ground twice), turning the wall into the Brick Bully.

-   When Rita and Zedd crossed their staves to make themselves grow on Earth, the traditional lightning bolts struck them from the clouds, making Rita, Zedd, Goldar, and Rito grow simultaneously.

-   Giant Rita used a red beam from her wand to cause several explosions in the abandoned warehouse district in Angel Grove.

-   Goldar held up some Power Coins in each hand, and with a white energy bolt from Zedd's staff and a red energy beam from Rita's wand, Rita and Zedd caused gold light to flash in Goldar's hands, reducing the Power Coins to golden dust, which Goldar scattered to the wind; the small swirl of dust which drifted away appeared to fly downward and off to one side.

-   Rita didn't have her wand.

-   Finster gave Rita a new wand (which he called a staff) to make monsters with, claiming it was much more powerful than anything she was accustomed to and that it would give her the power to do things she had never thought possible.
-   The only way the wand would work on Earth targets was if Rita rode in the RV fast enough to match the target's location and velocity; when Rita intended to turn Kat into a monster (but actually turned Kat's purse into the Impursonator monster), she was in the RV as it drove across the moon; this was the only time Rita used her new wand in this manner.
-   Rita's wand shot an orange energy beam to turn Kat into a monster, but because Finster accidentally bumped into Rita as she fired, she ended up turning Kat's purse into a monster, the Impursonator.
-   Rita accidentally dropped her wand outside the RV after she'd missed.
-   Zedd and Rita could still cross their staves to make monsters grow with blue lightning bolts.

-   Rita used an orange beam of energy to teleport Impursonator back to the moon.

-   When Divatox called Rita while Rita and Zedd were sleeping in what looked like a room of the moon palace, Rita and Zedd's staves were leaning against the railing of the balcony which seemed to face the Earth.

-   Insulted by Divatox and Elgar, Rita shot a red energy blast from her wand at Divatox's back but missed; Astronema, beyond, caught it in her hand and crinkled it up into purple electricity.


Pilot Episode
-   Rita shot a red energy beam from her wand while on the planetoid, causing skyscrapers in downtown Angel Grove to shift around, with one skyscraper flying up into the sky.
-   Rita sent the Putties to Earth in a red energy bolt from her wand.

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