- skeletal brother of Rita Repulsa and son of Master Vile
Full Name: Rito Revolto (Source: 304-NjQ1)
First Appearance: 304-NjQ1
Last Appearance: 450-Good
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-   Rito crashed into the moon in a fireball; the explosion could be heard on Earth.
-   Rito's eyes glowed red for a moment as he emerged from his crater.
-   Rito's left side was camouflage, while his right side was white.
-   Rito would almost always carry with him a sword of bone.
-   Rito had thought he'd never find "this place," presumably referring to the moon.
-   Rito buried the Tenga Warrior and Vampirus eggs which he removed from the pouch he was carrying.
-   Rito had small skulls dangling on his belt.
-   Rito wore a helmet.
-   Rito seemed to know that Rita had gotten married, but he couldn't remember Zedd's name.
-   Rito then entered the chamber of command in the moon palace.
-   Rito's full name was Rito Revolto.
-   Rita was pleased to see Rito, and she wondered what he was doing there.
-   Rito was Rita's brother.
-   Rita was the only villain in the palace to recognize Rito.
-   Rito smells foul.
-   Rito told Rita that Zedd was "worse than Dad."
-   Rito would almost always call Zedd "Ed."
-   Rito told Zedd he could get rid of the Rangers for him; at this point, Rita and Zedd had not been shown mentioning the Rangers to him.
-   The Tenga and Vampirus eggs Rito had brought were wedding presents for Rita and Zedd.
-   Some time later in the chamber, Goldar was helping Rito benchpress a rod with boulders on the ends.
-   Later still, Rito was doing situps by the balcony.
?   Rito couldn't find his way out of the palace, so he simply followed the four monsters (Fighting Flea, Lizzinator, Stag Beetle, and Octophantom) toward Finster's workshop; why they couldn't have teleported from the chamber of command is unknown.
-   When Rito complained on Earth that the four monsters were taking all the good hiding spots, Fighting Flea reminded Rito that he was the decoy and that they were the only ones that were supposed to hide.
-   Rito watched the six teens morph.
-   Immediately after Zedd and Rita had made him grow, Rito exclaimed, "Wow, hey, I love this part!"
-   Giant Rito, alone, was a challenge for the Thunderzords.
-   Giant Rito held up his sword, had red lightning charge it up, then pointed the sword at his target and fired a red energy bolt.
-   Giant Rito somehow channeled the Tigerzord's thunderbolt back at the Tigerzord; the red energy stream from his hand may have been what reversed the thunderbolt, or the stream may have been the redirected thunderbolt itself.
?   Giant Rito shot red energy from his sword, but it hit the Thunder Megazord as a stream of fire.
-   As the three final blows to the Thunderzords which led to their destruction, giant Rito shot another red energy bolt from his sword, shot red electricity from his eyes, then shot another stream of fiery red energy from his hand.
-   Rito was Rita's baby brother.

-   Rita was very proud of Rito after he'd destroyed the Thunderzords; she playfully swatted him on the head.
-   After the Rangers' powers and Thunderzords had been destroyed, Zedd said there was nothing Zordon could do to stop them from conquering the world; Rito then said, "Just like old times, eh, Rita?"
-   Rito told Rita, "Y'know, picking out a present for you has never been easy. Remember when Mom and Dad got you that little fire-breathing dragon, but you really wanted that cute little planet, so you used the dragon to burn the house down?"
-   Rito had difficulty remembering what was in the eggs, but soon after the Tengas had hatched, he remembered that the final egg was a Vampirus monster.

-   Rito returned to Earth following Zedd's order to destroy Angel Grove.
-   Alpha knew Rito's full name.

-   Giant Rito summoned red energy bolts which armed him with a flamethrower arm and a tank on his back; Rito said his flamethrower had 30 million BTUs.
-   Giant Rito blocked the Crane's lasers with his palm.
-   The Ninja Megazord's power punch didn't destroy giant Rito, but it did knock his flamethrower off his arm and send him flying back.
-   Giant Rito flew around with his jetpack until the Ninja Megafalconzord kicked him out of the air.
-   The Ninja Megafalconzord's power punch caused giant Rito to reel back with white beams of light streaming from his body, after which he fell over and exploded; then, as a black cloud formed into the image of his head with a rose in his mouth, his voice announced that he was running away, and then the cloud dissipated, and he would soon be back at the moon palace.

-   Zedd had Rito and Tengas accompany Finster to the park as Finster retrieved Kimberly's dream monster.
-   Rito would often teleport in two parts: his body would travel in red energy, and his head would bounce around separately as red energy.

-   Zedd sent Squatt and Baboo to steal Adam's family lantern, and Rito went with them.
-   On Earth, Rito commanded Squatt and Baboo to get the lanterns as he watched the Tenga fight.
-   Once Squatt and Baboo had stolen all of Ko's lanterns in the attempt to obtain Adam's lantern, Rito absently tossed Adam's lantern aside as he threatened to turn Squatt and Baboo into sushi unless they found the right lantern.

-   When Rita mentioned the "Teacher for a Day" switch at Angel Grove High, Rito wanted to try it; Zedd laughed and wanted to see him try it, saying it would teach him a lesson and he could use a vacation.
-   Rito took Zedd and Rita's staves, but the staves were later leaning up against the throne in the chamber of command.
-   Rito, not knowing how to make a monster, called Finster in; Finster refused to make a monster for Rito, saying he served only Zedd and Rita, so Rito took the monster mold Finster was holding and accidentally broke the head off.
-   Later, Rito still trying to work with a lump of clay, presumably the mooshed remains of Finster's monster mold.
-   Once Goldar had told him that Rocky was without the others in the park and had rudely suggested sending down the Tengas, Rito ordered for the Tengas to be sent down.
-   While the Ninja Rangers fought the Tengas, Rito teleported to the park holding Zedd's staff.
-   Rito planned to turn the Ninja Rangers into monsters, but since he had Zedd's staff pointed the wrong way, its energy turned Mr. Wilton into a monster (Marvo the Meanie) instead.
-   Back in the palace, Rito took Zedd and Rita's staves and crossed them on the balcony, shooting the bluish lightning from them and making Marvo grow on Earth.
-   After Rito's monster had been destroyed, Rita shooed Rito off to go clean Finster's lab.

-   Rita watched the teens and schemed while, nearby in the chamber, Goldar tossed a football to Zedd, with Rito in the middle trying to intercept it.
-   Centiback's football turned Rito into a football (half white and half camouflage), which Goldar threw to Zedd and Zedd then kicked.
-   Rita turned Rito back to normal with a beam of red energy from her wand.

-   Rita sent Rito, Squatt and Baboo to steal the urn of the Face Stealer from the Angel Grove Museum.
-   Rita had apparently told Rito many times not to look into the other end of her telescope while she was looking through it.
?   Upon grabbing the urn and then hearing someone coming, Rito, Baboo, and Squatt pretended to be exhibits rather than teleport out; they teleported once the group of kids was gone.

-   Rito watched as Finster worked on Miss Chief, lying full-size on a table in Finster's workshop.
-   Finster accidentally told Rito that Rita had used a love potion on Zedd but didn't seem to think his slip was that big of a deal.
-   Finster left his lab for a moment, telling Rito not to touch anything.
-   Using a device in the workshop, Rito sprayed Miss Chief with love potion, and she awoke in love with him.
-   Rito sent Miss Chief, invisible, to Earth with the love potion.
-   When Zedd radioed the moon palace from Serpentera, Rito answered with, "Rito Revolto residence."
-   Zedd had told Rito to recharge Serpentera the previous day for his and Rita's second honeymoon, but Rito had forgotten.
-   Zedd told Rito to tell Finster his monster had better be ready, making Rito panic in an effort to retrieve Miss Chief.
-   Rito had merely thought it would be fun to send Miss Chief down to Earth with Finster's love potion.

-   Rito was off to take a nap, but Zedd sent him to the animal shelter to prevent anyone from adopting P.C. the cat and thus ruining Rita's plan.
-   After scaring a couple away from the animal shelter, Rito said he loved this badguy stuff.
-   Ninja Aisha fought Rito by herself.
-   Once the Tengas had retreated from the six Ninja Rangers, Rito turned and ran into a tree to flee from the ninjas.

-   Before they'd summoned their Zords, giant Rito idly talked with the normal-sized Rangers rather than attempting to destroy them.
-   Rito had bad breath, which he blew on the tiny Rangers.
-   Giant Rito again used his flamethrower against the Ninjazords.
-   The Ninja Megazord Wolf/Ape power punch knocked off giant Rito's flamethrower and sent him flying back, at which point he returned to the moon.
-   Rito volunteered to help Goldar against the captured White Ranger.
-   Without using Saba, White Ranger was outmatched by Rito and Goldar.

-   Rito said he'd showered a month ago.
-   Rito gave Zedd the idea to use the Rangers to pilot the Shogunzords; although Rita thought it a bad idea, Zedd planned use Kim's welfare to force the Rangers to pilot the Shogunzords, then have them destroy Angel Grove and the world would surrender to him.

-   Rito suggested that Zedd turn a Ranger into a monster; while Rita thought it was a stupid idea, Zedd liked it.

-   As part of Rita and Zedd's divide-and-conquer attack, Goldar, Rito, and Tengas were stationed in the park near the lake.
-   The villains retreated when the Rangers had teamed up against them, then reappeared minutes later, then retreated again once the Rangers began using the Shark Cycles on them.

-   Rito, on the balcony of the chamber of command, somehow overheard Billy's communicator transmission to Rocky that Kim had pulled through.
-   Zedd sent Rito to stop Rocky, Adam, and Aisha from visiting Kim at the hospital, but the five Ninja Rangers fought him until he retreated.
-   Rita and Rito appeared in the park together for Rita to demand they give Kat over, and when they refused, Rita and Rito vanished, leaving behind a note which issued Rita's ultimatum that they turn Kat over by the end of the day, or they'd throw Ninjor into the Sea of Sorrow, where he'd be lost forever.

-   Rita, Goldar, and Rito appeared in the park to trade Ninjor (actually an empty bottle) for Kat; Billy used a device to try to protect Kat in a forcefield, but Rito kidnapped her once Tengas had smashed the device.
-   Rito switched off with Squatt and Baboo in the task of watching Kat, who was locked in a prison cell in the moon palace's dungeon.
-   Rito had a neck pain.
-   Even though it repulsed her, Kat massaged Rito's shoulders to try to get free; when she asked what was in the chest nearby, glowing with pink energy, he was at first reluctant to tell her, but the massage felt so good and she urged him he could tell her, so he told her that inside it was the pink Power Coin but told her not to tell anyone he'd told her.
-   After Rito had fallen asleep from the massage, Kat took the keys from him and freed herself, then stole the pink Power Coin from the dungeon.

-   Sent by Zedd, Rito took over Santa Claus's workshop ordered the elves to mass-produced Zedd's hypno-spin toys.
-   Santa Claus knew who Rito was and that Rito had been very naughty that year.
-   After explaining the holiday spirit to Rito, the head elf, "Number One," told Rito that if he looked down deep enough, he would find goodness he didn't know was there, and Rito nearly began to believe her before having a thought about Lord Zedd.
-   Kim and Aisha lured Rito out of the workshop.
-   Rito tried to shoot his "laser" from his sword, but it only fizzled with red energy, as, like the teens, he was powerless (except for teleportation) near Santa's workshop due to the Earth's polarity and a crosscurrent of holiday magic.
-   Goldar arrived to aid Rito against the teens, but the two goons were then pelted by snowballs, and when they ran inside, the elves sprang a trap and tied up the goons and Tengas.
-   Alpha remotely teleported the captured goons back to the moon.
-   Later, Rito, wearing a large bow on his shoulder and a Santa hat on his head, gave Goldar a present (which Goldar wasn't shown opening) and wished him happy holidays.

-   When Rita said Kat was building houses for the homeless, Goldar asked if they could build a house for Rito, then he could finally move out, and Zedd laughed.
-   Rita sent Rito with Tengas to wreck the landscaping at Kim's housing project.
-   Later when Bulk and Skull were investigating the building materials that had vanished, Rito appeared behind them and told them that his sister had turned the wall into the monster Blue Ranger was fighting; Bulk and Skull then fled.

-   Master Vile was the father of both Rito and Rita.
-   Vile had Rito and Goldar accompany him to his Space Skull as he created Globbor.

-   Rito was among the villains dancing happily in the Space Skull's throne room following Master Vile's apparent victory.
-   For the villains' doomsday party at Youth Center, Rito carried an alien-looking boombox.

-   Rito called himself party king and dancing fool.

-   Master Vile sent Rito to place the Orb of Doom in its proper location on Earth.
-   After Rito had succeeded in placing the Orb of Doom, Vile told Rito he'd known Rito could do something right if he, Vile, found the proper task.
-   After the Orb of Doom had turned back time, Rita, Zedd, Goldar, and Rito stood on a hill near the carnival, making the children run screaming.
-   Rita and Zedd made themselves and Rito and Goldar grow to terrorize Angel Grove.

-   Poking his teeth with a rod he'd pulled off a building, giant Rito said it was time for his yearly tooth cleaning.
-   Master Vile used yellow and blue energy snakes to shrink the four villains, saying they were going to ruin his plan; he then teleported them back to the moon, but not before Rito had leapt aside, evading the teleportation.
-   Rito went after the six kids to obtain their Power Coins.
-   Rito told a group of Tengas that once they got the kids and the Power Coins, he'd get to be king.
-   Rito caught up to the six kids and told them to give him their Power Coins.
-   Rito loved a good chase.
-   Rito didn't know what he'd do to the kids if they didn't hand over the coins.
-   Young Bulk and Skull worked with young Billy and Rocky to set up a see-saw; Bulk's jumping onto the board as Rito stood on it sent Rito and a Tenga flying, with both landing in shopping carts.
-   Rito and the Tengas appeared to retreat when the police came, but it seems Master Vile teleported them.
-   In his throne, Zedd tried to hurry up Master Vile's unleashing of his monster conference, but Rito told him to put a sock in it, as Vile was the boss, causing Zedd to slump back into his throne with an audible groan.
-   Rito and Goldar later followed the six kids through the desert, with Rito suspecting that the kids would lead them to the Command Center; the kids were teleported away in the middle of their journey.
-   Rito and Goldar were later standing right outside the Command Center; Goldar wasn't comfortable being there; they left after planting the implosion device.

-   Master Vile sent Goldar and Rito to find out what source of goodness and purity had just come to Earth; they appeared with Tengas at Angel Grove Lake, where the six kids were soon joined by the Aquitian Rangers.
-   Rito again told the kids to hand over their Power Coins.
-   Before the Aquitians arrived, the kids held Rito and Goldar at bay by throwing beach toys at them.
-   Rito, Goldar, and the Tengas retreated after being blown back by the Aquitians' blue energy wind.
-   After Goldar and Rito had returned to the moon palace, describing in unknown detail their encounter with the Aquitian Rangers, Master Vile asked them, "Are you certain you saw the Alien Rangers?"

-   Rito said the six kids were cute.
-   Rito was supposed to flush the kids out of their schoolbus while Goldar captured them with a net.
-   Rito shot blue eyebeams which hit the bus driver's eyes with miniature Z's and made him fall asleep for a few minutes.
-   Rito didn't know what he'd do if the children didn't comply.
-   Rito had a bit of difficulty being threatening and scary.
-   The children made Rito retreat when young Tommy had them throw popcorn and balloons at him.
-   Goldar threw a net on Rito when he ran out, then clumsily fell on Rito.
-   In the bus, young Bulk and Skull had Rito's sword, which he'd left behind; they threw it out the window when it glowed blue.
-   Zedd sent Goldar and Rito to watch young Billy and notify Zedd once the six kids were assembled.
-   Outside Billy's garage, Rito was using a green and white sound amplifier with a skull on it to listen to young Billy and Adam's conversation.
-   Once young Billy and Adam had left Billy's garage to meet the others, Goldar wanted to report back to Zedd, but Rito had them follow them to grab the coins when the kids were all together.
-   Afgter Billy had restored his own age, Rito and Goldar chased the kids and Billy through the water treatment plant where they had met up, and Goldar managed to grab the regenerator from young Tommy.
-   Billy angrily walked straight toward Rito and Goldar to retrieve the device, but Rito's blue eyebeams sent him flying into a wall.

-   Zedd sent Rito and Goldar to steal Billy's generator device.
-   The weakened Aquitians projected their blue energy, knocking Rito and Goldar into an old rowboat and pushing it out into the lake; they would later be back on shore.
-   Rito used a handheld force field generator to erect a translucent white forcefield around the Aquitian Rangers, keeping them in contact with the contaminated lake water.
-   Rito loved games; he joined in with the kids' game of tag, but young Tommy kicked the force field generator device from his hand, giving it to Billy.

-   Rito and Goldar were bickering in the palace.
-   Zedd told Rito and Goldar that in his search for a weakness in the Command Center, he'd located an ancient scroll map in the long-forgotten tunnels beneath the Command Center; Rita told them to follow the map to the Command Center's most vulnerable spot, where they were to plant an implosion device that would supposedly blow Zordon into antimatter.
-   In the tunnels, Rito tore the map in half so he and Goldar could each have a half.
-   Following his part of the map, Rito got himself and Goldar lost, leading them to a dead end.
-   Shooting fire from his sword to blast through the wall, Rito accidentally set Goldar's half of the map on fire.

-   Rito and Goldar no longer had the map.
-   Rito and Goldar split up, with Goldar still holding the implosion device.
-   Goldar was later carrying a box of popcorn, and he was using it to leave a trail for himself so he wouldn't get lost; when he later followed his popcorn trail after hitting a dead end, he found that Rito was eating his trail, having been hungry.

-   When Goldar had them draw a map of where they'd been, Rito wanted Goldar to draw a pony.
?   Rito and Goldar both mysteriously had pieces of chalk to draw on the tunnel wall.
?   When Rito tried to draw two parallel lines, he actually made three strokes, as his first stroke merely smeared the line he was trying to draw.
-   Rito loved tic tac toe; he played as circles against the unwitting Goldar.
-   Rito and Goldar, having gone the wrong way, eventually emerged into the outdoors through a cave opening in the mountains.

-   Back in the tunnels, Rito accidentally turned on the implosion device while trying to make Goldar carry it.
-   Rito was fairly calm as Goldar ran off (leaving his sword behind), supposedly to get help.

?   Goldar and Rito were now walking together through the tunnels with their swords but without the implosion device.
-   Rito laughed loudly at the thought of what Zordon would say if he knew that they were walking around in the tunnels.
-   As they walked, Rito was now holding the implosion device, insisting that they were going the wrong way.
-   After finding the Command Center's basement and planting the implosion device, Rito and Goldar activated the countdown.
-   In the basement momentarily, Rita told Rito and Goldar not to activate the implosion device, but that she'd tell them when the Zeo Crystal was complete, at which point they were to take it to the palace; she told them not to bother coming back if they messed up this time.
-   Rito hadn't let Goldar tell Rita that they'd started the implosion device; he wasn't concerned by the device, as long as they managed to get the Zeo Crystal before the device went off.

-   Later, Rito and Goldar were trying to figure out how to turn off the implosion device.
-   There were a hammer and screwdriver where Rito and Goldar were examining the device, and Goldar was holding a wrench and a fork.
-   With the timer later (after time had been restored) counting down from 50, Rito and Goldar were biting their "fingernails" in apprehension when Rita's voice told them to get the Zeo Crystal.
-   From the basement, Rito and Goldar were able to teleport up into the Command Center's main chamber.
-   When Goldar took the Zeo Crystal from the crystal transformer, it glowed briefly with red energy, and Rito and Goldar then teleported away; twenty seconds later, the implosion device's timer reached zero, beginning a series of small explosions, and over forty seconds after that, the Command Center finally exploded completely.

?   The Zeo Crystal was somehow still in the rubble of the destroyed Command Center, and Rito and Goldar were now amnesic on a residential street in Angel Grove; they no longer had their swords, and Goldar had lost his wings.
-   Rito and Goldar were both hungry.
-   Rito thought he remembered Goldar's having big gold wings.
-   Rito and Goldar remembered neither their identities nor how they'd gotten there.
-   Goldar and Rito tried asking two teenagers who were taking out the trash for help; they didn't understand why the teenagers ran away from them.
-   Rito cried for his mommy, and Goldar tried to comfort him, telling him he'd take care of him, he guessed.
-   Rito and Goldar wandered by a wall of roses and bushes near Bulk and/or Skull's garage, with Goldar saying it was starting to look familiar.

-   Goldar and Rito politely entered Bulk and/or Skull's garage after Bulk and Skull had told them to come in; in a screaming fit of panic, Bulk and Skull ran around the garage until all four smashed heads together and fell back.
-   Rito woke Bulk and Skull up with green smello-rays from his armpit, saying it worked every time.
-   Rito and Goldar begged to live with Bulk and Skull; Bulk and Skull agreed to let them live there but made them be their personal servants.

-   When Bulk told Rito and Goldar to redo the cleaning of the patrol bike, Goldar refused, but Rito remained polite and willing to help.

-   Responding to Bulk and Skull's whistle at the park, Goldar and Rito emerged from the bushes to pick up the trash for Bulk and Skull.
-   Rito, Goldar, Bulk, Skull, and Cestro all screamed when Cestro had emerged from the spacecraft which had landed by the lake.
-   When Skull explained to Cestro that Rito and Goldar didn't bite, Bulk added, "...much."
-   Bulk and Skull made Goldar and Rito guard Cestro's spaceship while they took Cestro to find Billy.
-   Lt. Stone, assuming the two were part of an invasion force, chased after Goldar and Rito, trying to arrest them; the two ran in fear.

-   Skull asked Bulk if he'd remembered to feed Rito and Goldar, but Bulk said it was Skull's turn.
-   Bulk and Skull knew Rito and Goldar's names.
-   Bulk and Skull left to check on Rito and Goldar.
-   Skull had forgotten to lock the garage door.
-   Goldar and Rito had run away, and Bulk and Skull later drove around on their patrol bike calling out for them, with Bulk calling for Goldar and Skull for Rito.
-   Lt. Stone found Bulk and Skull out during a monster alert, and just then, he saw Rito and Goldar walking down the street and had Bulk and Skull retreat with him.
-   Goldar and Rito wanted to find their way back home and had been looking for Bulk and Skull.
-   Later that day, Bulk and Skull sadly put up their flyers, while around the corner, Rito and Goldar put up a flyer with a picture of Bulk and Skull, reading, "Have you seen these things?" and then "Call ??? [sic]." (Source: 420-Lost outtakes segment)
-   Skull and Rito simultaneously hit their thumbs with their hammers, and the four then looked around the corner at each other. (Source: 420-Lost outtakes segment)
-   Bulk, Skull, Rito, and Goldar were all quite happy to be back together. (Source: 420-Lost outtakes segment)

-   Bulk, Skull, Rito, and Goldar were together in the garage when Lt. Stone came by, forcing Rito and Goldar to hide.
-   Goldar and Rito were apparently fed with large silver pet bowls in the garage.

?   All of the actions of Bulk, Skull, Detective Stone, Rito, and Goldar in this episode were apparently included in elderly Tommy's story to his grandson decades in the future, but how Tommy would have known of their actions (including their affiliation with Rito and Goldar) is unknown.
-   Detective Stone gave Bulk and Skull the case of the missing fruitcakes, as someone had been stealing fruitcakes all over town.
-   In the middle of a residential street was a giant fruitcake, over six feet tall, which Rito and Goldar had made as a present for Bulk and Skull from the stolen fruitcakes.
-   Goldar knew Rito's name.

-   Bulk planned to have Rito and Goldar do chores for them when Detective Stone assigned them to do chores for a client, Mrs. Filler; when Bulk rang his bell once he and Skull were alone, Goldar and Rito, in maid outfits, stumbled out of the closet in the detective agency.

-   Rito and Goldar watched the people in the park, and Rito wondered whether they had a family; Rito knew Goldar's name.
-   Rito and Goldar later walked in the front door of the detective agency, upsetting Bulk and Skull, who had told the two creatures not to go off by themselves.
-   Rito and Goldar paid Bulk and Skull a sack of junk as the first payment for Bulk and Skull to find their family.
-   On the same day that Rito and Goldar had hired Bulk and Skull to look for their (Rito and Goldar's) family and Bulk and Skull had come up with nothing, and also the same day that the Varox had shot down Gold Ranger over Aquitar, a small package arrived at the detective agency, addressed to Rito and Goldar, care of the Private Eyes Have It Detective Agency.
-   When the small silver box inside the paper wrapping was opened, two orange energy spheres flew out from the box and hovered in the air; the images of Rita and Zedd then appeared in the spheres, saying they were looking for two creatures by the names of Goldar and Rito; they then spoke to Rito and Goldar, telling them it was time to come home now.
?   When Rita and Zedd mentioned the names Goldar and Rito, Rito asked, "Who?" (despite their previous knowledge of their names, as well as the names on the package); Goldar thought Rita might have been his mother, and Rito thought Zedd might have been his father.

-   As Goldar and Rito slept in the detective agency, Goldar dreamt of his old days swordfighting Red Ranger, then growing and blasting the city with eye bolts.
-   Next in the dream, Rita and Zedd teased Rito and Goldar about their maid's outfits; Rita then told Goldar, "No more fooling around down on Earth," and Zedd said they had big plans which required Goldar's and even Rito's help.
-   In the dream, Zedd returned Goldar's wings, as well as Goldar's and Rito's swords, telling them that they could never be nice to anyone again; when Goldar woke up, he had his wings, sword, and memories, and Rito had his sword (and presumably his memories) as well.
-   Bulk rang the bell for Rito and Goldar to do a chore outside, but the two villains got in Bulk and Skull's patrol bike and drove off after Goldar had shot an energy beam from his sword at the two detectives.
-   Rito and Goldar got out of the patrol bike in a wooded area and were picked up by a blue energy sphere from which Rita's voice announced that their ride was there.

-   The blue energy sphere dropped Rito and Goldar off on the moon, where Rita and Zedd's RV appeared.
?   Before the RV appeared, Rito and Goldar were unsettled by their surroundings (with Rito saying it didn't look like home), but, as stated in 436-BITS, it was the moon, a location with which they should have been familiar.

-   As the first step in Zedd and Rita's "glorious" plan to regain their evil empire, according to Goldar, Rito and Goldar went to the beach on Earth, from where they launched Louie Kaboom so that Machina wouldn't be able to trace the launch back to the RV on the moon.
-   Rito complained about having been told to launch the missile and wash windows.
?   After losing Louie Kaboom's remote, Rito lamented that he was nothing but a washed-up three-thousand-year-old pile of bones with a mid-life crisis, but for him to have grown up with Rita, he had to be at least ten thousand years old, if not much older.
-   Rito and Goldar remembered the time they'd spent living with Bulk and Skull.
-   Rito and Goldar made Bulk and Skull, who were taking a day off at the beach, look for the lost remote.
-   While Bulk and Skull searched for the remote, Goldar and Rito relaxed on the beach, with Goldar wearing shades.
-   On the moon as punishment for their having lost Louie Kaboom's remote, Zedd and Rita assigned Rito and Goldar to cleanup duty, presenting maid's outfits for them to wear, and they run away yelling.

-   As the five villains drove across the surface of the moon in the RV, Rito annoyed Rita and Zedd by repeatedly telling them that he had to go and asking if they were there yet.

-   Blaming Rito for losing Louie's remote, Zedd kicked Rito and Goldar out of the RV until they could find something useful.
-   Rito was starving.
-   Rito found a golf ball on the moon and threw it toward a group of hills, where it crackled with red energy upon landing; Goldar and Rito investigated and found Machina and Sprocket secretly meeting with new arrivals Gasket and Archerina.
-   Rito knew enough about the Machine Empire to be surprised that Machina had another son.
-   On the moon, Rita and Zedd were relaxing in chairs while watching a cartoon on a TV outside the parked RV, with Finster cooking on a grill nearby, when Rito and Goldar ran up to tell them the news of Gasket and Archerina.

-   While Rita and Zedd played a card game with oversized playing cards in the RV, Rito and Goldar worked on an engine on the back of the RV so that they would have enough speed to zip through Machine security unnoticed and storm the "palace" (see either "Machine Skybase" or "Moon palace"), and once they'd brought destruction to the Machine Empire, Rita said, they would be home.
-   After Goldar and Rito had completed the booster on the RV, a single tap from Rito's hammer made the RV race backwards out of control.

-   Rito and Goldar sat outside the RV trying to watch TV, but they couldn't get any reception until accidentally tuning into Gasket's broadcast from the Machine Arena; Goldar excitedly called Rita and Zedd over to see the Gold Ranger.

-   Goldar and Rito ran up to Rita and Zedd to join them in confronting the Royal House of Gadgetry after the fight of Tengas versus Cogs had had no victor.
-   Goldar and Rito, standing by Rita and Zedd on a hilltop, watched as the giant Rangers fought giant Mondo and Cogs.

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