- single-passenger minijet/glider; somehow sent Carter back in time (825-YAgn)
First Appearance: 825-YAgn
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
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-   In a simulation as Joel and Miss Fairweather stood nearby, Carter flew through the air face-first in the new Red Mobile Armored Vehicle's jet mode, losing altitude, with engines redlined.
-   Miss Fairweather told him he had to decrease his fuel pressure, as the temperature was rising too fast.
-   Carter flipped switches, but it wasn't working, and he spiraled down; pressing "eject," he leapt out and landed on the invisible ground within the simulator room, and the simulation ended.
-   In Transport the next morning, techs were scanning the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle as Miss Fairweather told Carter they'd be testing all the flight systems - power, navigations, weapons, and maneuvers, and then he'd return to base.
-   To prepare for launch, the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle's black cockpit covering slid back while the lift descended, and Carter morphed and got in head-first.
-   Carter told them everything looked good, giving a thumbs-up.
-   In the booth, Miss Fairweather initiated the launch procedure; lowering into a dark launch area, Carter noted all systems were operational, proceeding with takeoff.
-   Pulling back on his two joysticks, Carter was thrust forward by the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle's twin boosters, speeding down a long dark tunnel of lights before emerging with a blue flash from the top section of the Train Bay, apparently having teleported from the underwater launch tunnel.
-   As Carter flew, all systems were normal, but there was suddenly a crackling burst in a rear cylinder as his engines malfunctioned and gagues went haywire, and Miss Fairweather had him land.
-   Demorphed in an open field by the woods, Carter hung his jacket on a tree branch and got to work with a kit of standard tools, removing the back panel of the landed Red Mobile Armored Vehicle to take some readings.
-   To help the others a short while later, Carter morphed and got in, fumbling with the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle's controls, but the engines wouldn't start.
-   Carter furiously watched the fight in a small monitor; as he pounded his controls in despair, the engines flared, and he lifted off vertically, his departure blowing his forgotten jacket off its branch.
-   Flying, Carter struggled to keep his fuel pressure down, but the engine still misfired, and he watched in horror as the others were apparently slain in combat.
-   One control panel was a triple-bar Throttle gague, one was a Visibility diagram of circles and a horizon grid below, another may have been a Propulsion readout, and finally on the end was a Stabilizers set of bars.
-   Carter said his gagues were completely haywire, at which point he looked down through the bottom orange bubble dome, then back up, asking what was going on, as he was suddenly rocketed through a tunnel of red streaks on one half, purple on the other, and a black background, with a black void at the end from which he'd come, accompanied by the sound of electronic warble-beeps typically emitted by the Rescue Morphers for morphing.
-   Carter and the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle were in a negative effect as they flew through the tunnel.
-   Carter screamed and convulsed beside the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle the previous day during the flight simulation, prying off his helmet and gasping as Joel urged him to calm down.
-   During the flight the next day, the same cylinder burst at the same point as it had the first time around, and Carter again landed.
-   As Carter got out, Miss Fairweather told him to check the power circuits, and he replied defeatedly that he knew, apparently having been told this the first time around.
?   As Carter got behind the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle and apparently (from the sound of it) began scanning inside the rear panel again, he caught sight of his jacket lying on the ground ahead, yet it hadn't been seen in the establishment shot moments before when Carter had initially looked around.
-   Holding the jacket, Carter remembered spiraling out of control and said he knew it hadn't been a simulation, concluding he'd gone back in time.
-   After having made no apparent repairs, Carter hopped into the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle and immediately took off with great speed.
-   Carter blasted Olympius with lasers as he flew in.
-   Carter pushed both thumb buttons on his joysticks, and the two silver missiles shot off the front of the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle; he would fire a total of six in fairly quick succession, initially missing but then blowing up Mantevil.
-   Pursued through the air by the flying Olympius, Carter flipped switches and engaged "hyperspeed," at which point the nosecone canopy slid over him.
-   Carter dove downward at breakneck speed, then pulled up and left Olympius crashing down a hillside below.
-   Carter came to a stop elsewhere with a vertical landing, and the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle remained hovering several feet off the ground as Carter leapt out.
-   In the lab later, Miss Fairweather told Carter as a tech examined the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle that they'd replaced all the circuits and fuse panels, so he shouldn't have any more problems with it.

-   Apparently dispatched to rescue Carter, the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle flew by, allowing him to leap in before flying away.

-   As techs prepared the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle for Carter's mission into the Skull Cavern, Miss Fairweather told him to use stealth mode and he should be able to go in undetected.
-   After flying into a black cloud over Mariner Bay, Carter flew the Mobile Armored Vehicle in an orbit around the skull castle before landing on the rock bridge in front of it.

-   While Carter flew inside the vehicle as usual, Ryan stood atop the vehicle like a Galaxy Glider while wielding his Titanium Laser.
-   Circling around, the duo fired together multiple times, Carter using both its missiles and red lasers from its front barrels on different occasions.
-   The Omega Megazord returned fire with a cannon; they managed to dodge the blasts, although one shot nicked the rear corner of the Mobile Armored Vehicle.
-   Leaping at the last minute, Ryan and Carter ejected as the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle slammed into the Omega Megazord's back with a large explosion, making the torso completely explode, and its exploding legs then collapsed.

- Phrases used to ignite boosters
825-YAgn Carter: "Engaging rockets."
839-FLs1 Carter: "Engaging rockets. All systems go."

- Phrases used to launch
825-YAgn Carter: "Full thrust!"

- Phrases used to fire missiles
825-YAgn Carter: "Firing missiles."
840-FLs2 Carter: "Missiles, fire!"

- Phrases used to engage hyperspeed mode
825-YAgn Carter: "Hyperspeed!"

Other Sources.
-   The Red Mobile Armored Vehicle also had a robotic exo-suit mode which went unseen in the show. (Source: Red Mobile Armored Vehicle toy)

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