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-   Once the Rescue Morphers were opened, each Ranger's morphing shield shot out from the digital panel inside.
-   The morphing footage featured the teens in their standard clothes wearing their rescue jackets, although Joel was without his hat; this footage meant that Dana was shown in her new outfit which wouldn't be introduced until 802-LsTm.
-   The large morphing shield, taller than a person, consisted of the Ranger-colored and white chest design of the Rangers inside a silver border shaped like the Ranger's visor; the shield spun out in front of the teen while he held his arms forward flying through a mostly black digital tunnel.
-   As the teen lowered his arms, the shield then passed backwards over the teen, and as it did, the pattern was stretched over the teen into his Ranger suit, the shape border dissolving, and Ranger-colored energy bolts struck, adding finishing touches like gloves, boots, belt, neck cuff, helmet stripes, and so forth.
-   The Ranger's face-wide visor was left open, but as an open Lightspeed sigil came spinning up behind him, its golden background circle soon following, the silver mouthpiece inside his helmet, slid up into place, and the black visor then slid down to cover the face.
?   The regular morph order was Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, which had the girls swapped from their numerical order.

-   Being blasted, the four teens held their arms out horizontally with their morph cry, and they were morphed when the smoke cleared.

-   Running with Leo, Carter called out, "Lightspeed Rescue!" and touched his Morpher, morphing with a red gleam and a flicker of multicolored streaks.

-   Running forward, Joel called, "Lightspeed--!" and touched his Morpher to open it, and in a quick flare of green sparkles, his shield spiraled out in front of him, and he leapt through while running with a cry of, "Rescue!", morphing him; it then vanished behind him with the same green sparkles.
-   After touching his Morpher with the "Lightspeed--!" call, Chad rushed in, and as he fought Infinitor briefly, his shield flew out beside him as he called, "Rescue!" and he performed a spinning leap through the shield, morphing him, as it passed toward where he'd been and then dissolved.

-   After calling and touching her Morpher, Kelsey's shield spiraled out in front of her, and she flipped through it to morph as it was slowly passing back.
-   Kelsey morphed wearing a helmet and rollerblades; Dana would later apparently morph with an electric guitar around her waist, but the process wasn't shown.

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