- Blue Senturion's giant robot; transforms into giant police car
First Appearance: 513-MiMe
Last Appearance: 543-P&Pc
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?   There was a fiery explosion from around the corner just after Blue Senturion had run there with a detonator inside him, and Divatox then arrived to taunt the Rangers that their defender from the other galaxy was gone, but Blue Senturion would soon be shown riding the Robo Racer into battle against giant Terrortooth, and the detonator was still inside him; the explosion may have been the enlargement of Terrortooth.
?   When Terrortooth grew a second time after being shrunk once by the Turbo Megazord's chest ray, the Rangers used the Turbo RAM Cannon Mode on the giant monster rather than summoning the Turbozords again; Blue Senturion then finished the fight in Robo Racer, alone.
-   Robo Racer, a Zord-sized police car, hit giant Terrortooth with red energy blasts.
-   Robo Racer's cockpit highly resembled the Rescuezord cockpits, with what would have been its Ranger-colored lights being blue, and with Blue Senturion's badge symbol (bearing the letter "S") in a blue circle behind his seat.
-   The red light on the top of Robo Racer's car mode shot a red stream of energy; this was called "Synergizer blast mode."
?   Robo Racer in car mode, driving above ground in Angel Grove, would frequently (particularly while transforming into battle mode) race through a tunnel that looked identical to the one through which the Turbozords would drive to travel up from their subterranean holding bay.
-   Blue Senturion would shift his gearstick forward to transform Robo Racer into battle mode.
-   In the tunnel, Robo Racer's front end lifted up as its legs transformed, then its hands unfolded, and then it flew out of the tunnel and transformed the rest of the way in midair.
-   Robo Racer's cockpit had a steering wheel and pedals, but with the Blue Senturion badge symbol on the pedals rather than the Turbozords' C emblem.
-   Robo Racer (by default, in battle mode) could shoot a handcuff on a chain from its arm.
-   Robo Racer used what resembled a riot shield, bearing the badge symbol, to protect itself from giant Terrortooth's attacks.
-   When Blue Senturion initiated the Synergizer blaster mode, Robo Racer's arm then had a cannon which shot flaming energy blasts.
-   Robo Racer's cannon destroyed giant Terrortooth.
-   Robo Racer's cockpit was in its head.

-   At one point in the fight against giant Electrovolt, Robo Racer had a blade extending from its left arm, the opposite from what the other weapons had always been on.
-   Giant Electrovolt shocked the Turbo Megazord as it was racing toward him for the Spinout; a second Spinout attempt, followed by blasts from Robo Racer's cannon, destroyed the monster.

-   Robo Racer used a blade on its right arm to free the Turbo Megazord from giant Shrinkasect's net.
-   Robo Racer used its shield to block giant Shrinkasect's energy attack.
-   Robo Racer's cannon destroyed giant Shrinkasect.

-   With his Synergizer in one hand, Blue Senturion spoke into something in his other hand to summon Robo Racer.
?   A torpedo carrying a Zord-sized green jacket (with a Blue Senturion badge) flew in and put it on Robo Racer as it fought the Turbo Megazord, but turning the machine evil was unnecessary, since Blue Senturion was already under the spell of his own jacket.
-   Fighting the Megazord, Robo Racer had blades on both arms at one point.
-   After T.J. had removed the jacket from Blue Senturion, the officer had Robo Racer rip off its giant jacket.
-   Robo Racer's cannon didn't destroy giant Delisha.

-   At all times except in 520-StWi, Blue Senturion would blow a whistle while summoning Robo Racer; in 532-GOEv, he merely blew the whistle without a summoning call.
-   Robo Racer's cannon didn't destroy giant Mad Mike.

-   Robo Racer's cannon destroyed giant Translucitor's invisibility wand.

-   Most of Robo Racer's lights were black, like Blue Senturion's, while Blue Senturion was evil.
-   Robo Racer fired its cannon at the Rangers below.
-   Robo Racer's lights returned to normal once Blue Senturion was wished back to being good.
-   Robo Racer destroyed Wild Weeder's giant bee with its arm blade.

?   When Robo Racer shot its handcuff at Terrorzord, the clouds in the background were sideways.
-   Terrorzord used Robo Racer as a shield for the Rescue Megazord's artillery cannon fire; the blast severely weakened Robo Racer.
-   After the Rescue Megazord helped Robo Racer stand once Terrorzord was gone, Robo Racer began to collapse again, but the Megazord held it up.

?   As the Rescue Megazord fought Terrorzord and giant Mr. Goorific, the villains were mysteriously blasted by something; as T.J. looked around in confusion, he said that they needed the Blue Senturion, at which point Robo Racer drove in.
-   Robo Racer didn't do well against Terrorzord, but neither had the Rescue Megazord.

-   Robo Racer used its riot shield to protect itself from the Sharkzord's thrown anchor.

-   Days after the Sharkzord had been defeated, Robo Racer was dragging the defeated Sharkzord away from the water, with Blue Senturion talking about the illegality of littering, when the Catzord was beginning its attack.
-   Red energy bolts connected the Sharkzord, Catzord, and Divazord, then the Catzord fired a flaming energy sphere from its chest area, knocking Robo Racer and the five Rescuezords down; this was the last time Robo Racer would be seen.

- Phrases used to summon Robo Racer
520-StWi 522-TBTS 537-Accd Blue Senturion: "Robo Racer, online!"

- Phrases used once Blue Senturion is in Robo Racer
532-GOEv Blue Senturion: "Initiate Robo Racer!"

- Phrases used for Robo Racer in car mode to shoot energy beam from top lights
513-MiMe Blue Senturion: "Synergizer blast mode."

- Phrases used for Robo Racer to transform into battle mode
513-MiMe Blue Senturion: "Time to initiate Robo Racer battle mode. (shifting gearshift) Go!"
514-ADTW Blue Senturion: "Initializing the Robo Racer battle mode, now!"
517-Shr2 Blue Senturion: "Initiate Robo Racer!"
520-StWi Blue Senturion: "Robo Racer battle mode, now!"
522-TBTS 532-GOEv 537-Accd 538-CBFr Blue Senturion: "Robo Racer, battle mode!"

- Phrases used for Robo Racer battle mode to shoot handcuff from arm
513-MiMe Blue Senturion: "Securing the offender."

- Phrases used for Robo Racer to shoot Synergizer cannon
513-MiMe Blue Senturion: "Initiating Synergizer blaster mode!"
514-ADTW Blue Senturion: "Synergizer blaster mode now!"
517-Shr2 520-StWi 522-TBTS Blue Senturion: "Synergizer blaster mode!"

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