- robot duplicates of Turbo teens sent to Eltar (530-Robo)
First Appearance: 530-Robo
Last Appearance: 530-Robo
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-   The teens tested robot versions of themselves that had been built on Eltar by Zordon and Alpha Five; for a control subject, they made it so that robot Justin didn't know he was a robot, in order for the teens to study how real the robots were.
-   The robot teens acted exactly like their teen counterparts, with the same emotions, consciousness, and general brain functions.
-   In the Juice Bar, Skull accidentally knocked a tray from Lt. Stone's hand, splashing shakes all over robot Ashley.
-   Wiping off at the Juice Bar, robot Ashley secretly exposed the smoking wiring in her left arm, but robot Justin saw and was frightened.
-   Robot Ashley and robot Cassie agreed to take tennis lessons with Bulk and Skull.
-   Soon after declining robot Ashley's offer for him to come with them, robot Justin broke robot T.J.'s Walkman while trying to drag him after robot Ashley.
-   Robot Ashley and robot Cassie took lessons, with robot Ashley hitting the balls incredibly fast.
-   Spying on the girls with robot Justin, robor T.J. was trying to play off robot Justin's concerns as nothing.
-   Robot Ashley mangled her tennis racket during her practice while Bulk and Skull watched, with Skull videotaping her; meanwhile, robot Ashley was amused.
-   When Elgar, Flash Head, and Piranhatron attacked the tennis court, robot Justin wanted to see if Ashley could morph, since he figured a robot Ashley couldn't morph, but robot T.J. said they couldn't wait, as the girls were in trouble.
-   The robot teens were able to morph with the keys and Morphers.
-   Robot Justin was still watching from the bushes after the others had morphed when robot Carlos teleported in, and the two morphed together.
-   After the Rangers had destroyed Flash Head, robot Justin apologized to robot Ashley for thinking crazy things about her.
-   While robot Carlos got robot Justin's help with some math homework in the Juice Bar, robot T.J., robot Ashley, and robot Cassie conspired to keep an eye on robot Justin, as he knew too much.
-   At school another day, robot Justin fixed robot T.J.'s Walkman.
-   At his locker, robot T.J. had wires from a flashing setup in the locker connected to his exposed left arm wiring.
-   After robot Justin had seen robot T.J.'s setup, robot T.J., robot Ashley, and robot Cassie surrounded robot Justin in the hall, greeting him with excessive happiness, making him flee to the Youth Center where robot Carlos was.
-   Robot Carlos was apparently genuinely hurt by robot Justin's accidentally slamming the door into his face.
-   Robot Carlos pretended not to believe robot Justin's story about the other robot teens.
-   Voltmeister had an electro-whip, which he said could short out any Ranger; when he used it on the Rangers, they rolled down a slope and at the bottom demorphed with Ranger-colored light.
-   Robot Carlos's face had fallen off, revealing a hollow, mechanical surface within; he picked his face up and put it back on.
-   Robot T.J. had Alpha teleport them from the park to the Power Chamber.
-   In the Power Chamber, robot Carlos's nose or face still hurt.
-   The four real teens rushed in from the northwest door and greeted the robots, then proceeded to examine them.
-   After Dimitria told robot Justin the truth about the teens' experiment and that they'd been built by Zordon and Alpha Five on Eltar, the real Justin entered.
-   Justin opened his robot duplicate's shirt and pressed a button on robot Justin's electronic stomach (or perhaps an insert between his shirt and flesh) and reactivated his memory chips.
-   T.J. explained they'd wanted to know if the robot Rangers could endure the battle against evil; robot Justin said he thought they had a few glitches.
-   Dimitria light-heartedly said that no one could replace the real Rangers but that perhaps someday the robot Rangers would assist them.
-   The robot teens weren't shown giving the keys and Morphers back to the real teens, but the real teens were able to summon them and morph as usual.
-   Another day, the robot teens were needed on Eltar; the real Justin was sad, but Dimitria told him that life was a long journey and that their paths might cross again someday.
-   Justin apologized for scaring robot Justin, but robot Justin was grateful to have learned what it was like to be a real boy.
-   Justin had wanted to teach robot Justin how to play soccer, and they got carried away with the things they could do together next time.
-   The five seemingly happy robot teens were teleported to Eltar without supplies or luggage of any sort.

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