- former student, teen martial artist
- former Red Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger (228-PTr2 through 336-CEvF)
- former Zeo Ranger Three (402-AZB2 through 500-TPRM)
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Full Name: Rocky DeSantos (339-WYTh)
First Appearance: 222-NjE1
Last Appearance: 502-SIT2
Pictures: Rocky, circa MMPR season 2 (shown at right), young Rocky, Rocky, circa MMPR season 3, Rocky, circa PRZ
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  • Rocky had brown eyes.
  • In this episode, Rocky had several awkward and seemingly uncharacteristic lines, such as, "That was truly awesome," in response to Kim's and Aisha's saving of Jacob and, "It was really great to meet y'all," after talking with Tommy, Kim, and Billy in the Youth Center parking lot.
  • Rocky landed three successful attacks during the ninja competition and had two landed on him; this is as compared to Adam's landing seven to his opponents' one, and Aisha's landing seven to her opponents' five.
  • Rocky hadn't heard of Lord Zedd.


  • Rocky led Adam and Aisha in the surprise attack on the Putties in the Cave of Despair.
  • Rocky said he hated snakes, in reaction to the Serpent of Darkness's presence in the cave.


  • When Rocky and Adam were pessimistic as the Serpent of Darkness approached, Mr. Anderson reminded the three teens that they'd always been optimistic, and Aisha said that the Power Rangers might save them, but Rocky and Adam remained pessimistic despite Aisha's optimism.


  • Rocky's number in the Stone Canyon Triathalon was 221.
  • When the three teens stopped in reaction to all the people hypnotized by Beamcaster, Rocky's bicycle helmet wasn't fastened.


  • Rocky wore no red while on a picnic with the other five teens and the World Teen Summit members.


  • As he, Adam, and Aisha were walking down the hall during their first day of school at Angel Grove High, Rocky began listing the classes they had together, but Adam pointed out that it was lunchtime and had Rocky put their school materials away to check out the cafeteria.


  • Rocky took Jason's place as the Red Ranger.
  • Zordon told Rocky he possessed strength and knowledge.
  • Rocky volunteered to fight giant Silverhorns in the Red Dragon while the others faced Serpentera, and he received no objections from the others.


  • Rocky and Adam sparred in the Youth Center as part of a demonstration.
  • A girl named Jessica Peterson had asked Rocky to the vice-versa dance, and he couldn't believe it.


  • Rocky and Adam taught a martial arts class full of white belt children.


  • When Bulk and Skull were mesmerized by the perpetual motion pendulum device on Rocky, Adam, and Aisha's table in the Juice Bar, Rocky verbally hypnotized them.
  • Rocky sent Adam to take Billy to his garage to get the prisms Adam had thought to use, while he had himself and Aisha take the others to the "park" (actually a desert plain) to try to stop Scatterbrain from entering the city; both of his orders to the teens disregarded Zordon's having said that the amnesic three teens were too vulnerable to Zedd's evil for them to leave the Command Center.


  • Rocky and Billy studied in the Juice Bar for a test in their advanced math class, which used algebra and exponentials.
  • Rocky didn't know what a pachinko machine was, but Billy did.
  • After playing the pachinko game for three seconds, Rocky exclaimed, "This is too fun!"
  • Rocky had been playing the pachinko game a bit too much even before Zedd cast an irresponsibility spell on him.
  • Kayla, one of Rocky's young students, was supposed to practice with Rocky for her green-belt test, but he brushed her off while under his irresponsibility spell; after he'd later conquered the spell, she was again excited about practicing and wasn't angry with Rocky.
  • When Zordon called him while he was under the irresponsibility spell, Rocky refused to help the teens at the park and told Zordon to buzz off, but after a kid took the arcade machine he'd been using in the Juice Bar, he then realized he could have a lot of fun at the park and headed there to play.
  • When the other teens morphed, Rocky morphed with them, realizing Pachinko Head probably knew how to have fun.
  • Morphed Rocky cheered for Pachinko Head as the other Rangers fought the monster.
  • Alpha used a device to transform pachinko ball Rocky into unmorphed Rocky, even though he'd been in the form of Red Ranger before being turned into a pachinko ball by Pachinko Head; Rocky was no longer under the effects of Zedd's irresponsibility spell.
  • Getting ready to help young Kayla with her martial arts, Rocky replied to Billy's joking question about still just wanting to have fun by saying that he'd learned that there was a time for work and a time for play.


  • When Miss Appleby asked Rocky his opinion on the Rangers' appearance on the Harvey Garvey Show the previous night, he somewhat jokingly told her that the Rangers had really reached out and touched him.


  • Tommy went to the park to meet Rocky and Adam for a run.
  • Rocky could do a split.
  • At one point, six Putties ganged up on Rocky at once, but he was able to break free.


  • Although Tommy was present, it was Rocky who had the Rangers form the Power Blaster to use against Cannontop.


  • Rocky was a volunteer lifeguard at the lake, along with another guy named Steve.
  • Rocky told Dougie, "I've been out here [at Angel Grove Lake] my whole life, and I've never seen a monster out here," but Rocky was supposedly from Stone Canyon.


  • For Miss Appleby's assignment to bring in a childhood photograph, Rocky showed the class a photo of himself, near seven or eight years old, with a large black dog named Buster; taking care of Buster had taught him about responsibility.
  • When the Rock of Time turned back time, young Rocky had spiked hair with a ponytail.
  • While the six kids were in the park, young Rocky sparred with young Tommy.
  • Young Rocky and young Tommy were the only ones out of the six kids not to be exhausted after the Putty fight.


  • The teenaged Kim and Rocky both said that they enjoyed the simplicity of childhood.


  • Briefly in the Spectre Theater, Red Ranger's voice didn't sound like Rocky.


  • Pondering Miss Appleby's assignment to write about a time period in which he would like to have lived, Rocky said he'd like to have lived in Viking times, as he'd always loved those books.
  • Rocky was the first of the teens to accuse Tommy (actually an evil clone) of turning on them when he stopped the teens from reaching for their Morphers.


  • As the Rangers pounded the Dragonzord with the Thunder Megazord, Rocky's plan was to try to jolt the Dragonzord hard enough to break the evil spell over it; the Rangers nearly used the Thunder Saber on the Dragonzord, but Green Ranger made the Dragonzord collapse just in time to save it.


  • At the Angel Grove High book fair, Rocky bought a book on meditation, saying it was really good for the martial arts, and Tommy wanted to borrow it when Rocky was done.


  • Rocky wore a red gi while sparring with Tommy in the Juice Bar.


  • Ninja Rocky sat on a Tenga's shoulders and ripped out clumps of its feathers.


  • Rocky was chosen for the "Teacher for a Day" program where a student and teacher traded places for a day; he switched places with Mr. Wilton.
  • On the day of the "Teacher for a Day" program, Rocky found that his teacher's books had vanished (they were actually taken by Bulk and Skull, who suspected Rocky of using the books to cheat), he had to teach without the books.
  • Inside Rocky's locker door was a flyer of some sort which read "Angel Grove Tigers Are Champions!"; also inside the locker was what looked like a lifeguard badge.
  • After school, Rocky joined Mr. Wilton in the park and amused the teacher with stories of forgetting his books and making a disaster area of the lab.
  • Rocky invited Mr. Wilton to the Youth Center, and Mr. Wilton said he'd be along in a minute.
  • After the Blue and Yellow Rangers had been transformed into Ranger-colored liquids in different glass containers used in a laboratory, Rocky warned the Rangers that they could be noxious liquids and that they'd better cover their faces; they all then put their hands over their mouthplates; regardless of whether this suggests that the Rangers had to breathe through their helmets, the two bottles had tops on them.
  • Rocky and Alpha used a combination of chemicals to return the Rangers to normal.
  • During the fight with giant Marvo the Meanie, Rocky, feeling responsible for the situation, disangaged the Ape from the Ninja Megazord and finished the monster off personally, reverting him back into Mr. Wilton.
  • Prior to his "Teacher for a Day" experience, Rocky had thought teachers had life much easier than students.


  • Rocky and Alan were lab partners in Mr. Wilton's chemistry class.
  • Rocky implied that he was on Angel Grove High's football team; his uncle Joe Haley was giving the team some pointers before the game against Stone Canyon.
  • Joe had done a lot for Rocky when he was a kid.
  • Mr. Wilton told Alan that until he could get his grades up, he was going to suggest that the coach suspend Alan from the football team; when Rocky offered to help Alan study, Mr. Wilton agreed not to say anything to the coach if he could see that Alan was making an extra effort.
  • After Centiback's football had turned Bulk, Skull, and Alan into footballs, Rocky's uncle Joe intercepted the ball from hitting Rocky, turning himself into a football and leaving Rocky particularly angry with Centiback.
  • Since the footballs emitted an energy wave, Rocky thought to reverse Centiback's spell by turning the beam upside-down and backwards.
  • As Lt. Stone scolded Bulk and Skull later in the outdoor cafe, not believing their story of being turned into footballs, neither Rocky nor Alan nor Joe Haley made any attempt to verify Bulk and Skull's story as they watched with amusement.


  • Rocky drove the other four teens through the museum parking lot in a red 4x4, with Tommy up front, and Adam, Aisha, and Billy in back.


  • At the Junior Police Ball, Rocky approached a blonde girl standing alone and said hi.


  • Rocky had been waiting all day to eat the enormous sandwich in front of him at the outdoor cafe, but the teens were called into action before he could eat it.
  • After their Ninja Ranger fight was over, Rocky said the fight had made him even hungrier, and that he hoped his sandwich was still there; Adam raced him back to the outdoor cafe, and Billy followed them.


  • When See Monster generated thought waves which made the Rangers stop and clutch their heads, morphed Rocky overcame the waves and had the others visualize pushing the waves away.
  • In response to the rumbling of the Shogunzords' steps nearby, Rocky said that quakes didn't happen in Angel Grove, but a number of earthquakes, whether natural or unnatural, had rocked the city since 101-DOTD.


  • As he, Aisha, and Adam approached a red 4x4, a Suzuki Sidekick, to visit Kim at the hospital, Rocky called the driver's seat.
  • Ninja Rocky fought Tengas around the red 4x4 and tossed two Tengas into it, something it seems he would have been more likely to do if it were his own vehicle rather than another teen's.
  • When the five Rangers and Kat were blasted by Garbage Mouth, morphed Rocky appeared to take cover behind Kat, who was merely a civilian at the time.


  • Rocky had found out about Kat's birthday when he'd helped her register for school.
  • At the carnival with the other teens on Kat's birthday, Rocky was still stuffed from a chili dog he'd eaten.
  • When the Orb of Doom turned back time, young Rocky again had spiked hair with a ponytail.


  • To help convince Zordon to call the Aquitian Rangers for help, young Rocky reminded him of their helping of Dex on Edenoi, as if they were now owed extraterrestrial assistance.


  • When Zordon warned the kids and Billy of the danger of trying to get giant Bratboy (young Bulk) to fight from within, young Aisha said that Bulk was their friend and they had to try, and young Rocky nodded in agreement; this reaction from young Aisha came not long after young Rocky's private teasing of Bulk to Aisha had caused young Bulk and Skull to put Rocky, Adam, and Aisha in danger by throwing innertubes down on them from a bridge above the waterslide they had ridden down.
  • While listening to Zordon's explanation of the quests for the Zeo Subcrystals, young Rocky stood in a ridiculous hero pose, his arms out some distance from his sides.


  • Cestro sent young Rocky off on his Zeo quest, telling him to act wisely.
  • Young Rocky appeared in a wheat field in what appeared to be Mexico.
  • Rocky had some relatives from Mexico.
  • Young Rocky, with his hair down, scaled the volcano to which Pablo had led him and used a rope to climb down into the volcano to retrieve his subcrystal.
  • After young Rocky had removed the blue subcrystal and held it close, blue energy flowed down his arm from the subcrystal.


  • After the Zeo Crystal had restored time and everyone's proper ages, teenaged Rocky now had a shorter haircut, which he would continue to sport in the future.


  • After the other five teens had entered the strange green vortex in the Command Center tunnels following Alpha's verbal instructions, Rocky was nervous about stepping through, but Billy's hand reached back through the vortex and pulled him in.


  • When the teens and Billy were asking a large number of questions about the Machine Empire, Rocky's questions asked where the Machine Empire had come from, what the Machine Empire wanted with them, and whether they (the teens) could somehow stop them.
  • The blue subcrystal suited Rocky up as Zeo Ranger Three.


  • Rocky was partners with a girl named Jennifer to design a computer game for a science project.
  • Silo's body looked exactly like the robot fighters in the computer game Rocky and Jennifer were designing at the time the Cogs were finishing up Silo's construction.
  • Rocky had a crush on Jennifer.
  • Rocky was trying to ask Jennifer to the upcoming school dance on Friday.
  • The game was currently a fighting game, but Jennifer was displeased with it; to demonstrate the way it was supposed to work, she supposedly wiped and rebooted the computer's main hard drive (!), and when the game came back up, it was a trivia game in which one player was asked a question and then blasted with a missile if he answered incorrectly.
  • As Rocky was again trying to ask Jennifer about the dance, he fell over backwards in his chair.
  • Telling Rocky to meet her back there later that afternoon, Jennifer activated a security code on the resource center's (public) computer so no one could get into the system while they were gone.
  • Jennifer let Rocky keep the password when he volunteered.
  • Rocky and Adam were later walking through a residential area, with Rocky insisting he didn't like Jennifer; Adam, however, wasn't convinced.
  • Upon returning to the resource center later, Jennifer was on the computer, trying to figure out what had happened; unbeknownst to her, a Cog had stolen the password from Rocky and then the game from the computer in order to program Silo.
  • Rocky admitted it was his fault someone had broken into the system and gotten rid of their software, and Jennifer told him she'd known she couldn't trust him to be responsible; he then gave her the disk containing the software, telling her he'd found it in a junkyard (where he must have found his discarded backpack as well).
  • When Rocky asked Jennifer to the dance since he'd saved the project, she told him with hostility that it was his fault the software was touched in the first place, but she then had what looked like a nervous half-smirk on her face when Rocky began to cut her off and then ask her why she'd been giving him the cold shoulder the whole time they'd been working together.
  • Jennifer had a lot riding on her science grade, and she wanted a scholarship from the college she was looking into, which was watching her closely.
  • When Rocky made sure Jennifer didn't have it in for him, she replied that it wasn't "that way at all."
  • Jennifer and Rocky decided to be friends, and then Jennifer, really busy on Friday, gave Rocky a rain check for some other time.


  • Rocky underestimated the troubles of caring for baby Joey, the baby Tommy and Kat were babysitting for several days, and he woke Joey up to say hi.


  • Rocky played outfield on the baseball team.
  • Rocky batted right-handed.
  • At the batting cages with Adam and Shawn the next morning, Rocky screamed at the top of his lungs, hurting his throat, to break up Bulk and Skull's arguing.
  • Rocky kept his Zeonizer in his bookbag and left the pouch of the bookbag hanging open so that the Zeonizer was visible while he, Adam, and Shawn were to practice batting at the batting cages.
  • The big game later that day was against Stone Canyon.
  • When Rocky hit the pitching machine's pitch, he was sucked inside the machine, from which the People Pitcher then emerged with Rocky inside of him.
  • During the big Stone Canyon game, Rocky won the game for Angel Grove by catching a hit to right field.


  • At Captain Pete's show in the Youth Center, Rocky wore gray and black rather than any blue.


  • Kat, Tanya, and Rocky were extras in the Biff Starr movie Invasion of Blueface; they wore Ranger-colored togas and kept their communicators on their wrists.
  • While Kat and Tanya were extremely excited about seeing Biff Starr and being extras, Rocky wasn't particularly impressed; he said acting was so easy he could do it with his eyes closed.
  • Rocky wanted to prove that he could be a much more believable action hero than Biff Starr.
  • Rocky told the movie's assistant director that he was 5'10".
  • Biff's sidekick had just gotten a job on a soap opera, so the assistant director hired Rocky to be Biff's sidekick.
  • While the cameras were rolling, Biff Starr tried to punch the Cogs in the stomach for a fight scene, but they were extremely hard; Rocky smashed the Cogs' fists together, then flipped them both back, before they could punch Biff.
  • Rocky couldn't whistle with his gloved fingers, so he yelled for Tanya and Kat instead.
  • Riding horses in the movie dimension with the other Rangers, Rocky said he'd always wanted to say, "Let's head 'em off at the pass!"


  • Rocky, Adam, Bulk, and Skull were in the Angel Grove Junior Botanical Society Greenhouse.
  • Rocky didn't know which two seeds he'd crossed from the seeds in the lab to create his mutant plant.
  • Adam suggested taking a sample of Rocky's mutant, metal-eating plant to Alpha to ask about it, and then Rocky, apparently not having heard Adam, got the same idea, and they left to take the sample to Alpha after Rocky had clipped off a bit of its leaf.
  • After his plant had been turned into two plant monsters, Rocky headed to the library, which he considered his only hope for figuring out how to reverse the plant's growth.
  • Pollenator sprayed morphed Rocky with glittery pollen from a bud on his shoulder, after which Rocky cried out for Zordon to teleport him back to the Power Chamber.
  • Soon as the unmorphed Rocky was sitting on the medical table, an analysis revealed that Pollenator's pollen spores were replacing the cells in Rocky's body with plant cells.
  • Rocky acted goofy while partially transformed into a plant; he dreamily told Kat that she had nice leaves and that her branches weren't bad either, and he then began laughing to himself.
  • Following Rocky's idea which Rocky had groaned weakly from the medical table, Zordon had Alpha encase Rocky with an isolation field to suffocate the plant cells with pure oxygen; the plant cells quickly vanished from Rocky, reverting him to normal.
  • After Pollenator had been destroyed, Rocky planned to cross basil with rosemary for his next plant.


  • Adam was excited about finding a martial arts chat room on the Internet; he showed it to Rocky.


  • Tommy now drove a red 4x4, just like the one Rocky had apparently owned during MMPR season 3.


  • For no apparent reason, Rocky appeared put-out when the communicator beeped, calling himself, Tanya, and Kat into action.


  • Rocky was very impressed by Penny, who performed martial arts without her sight.
  • Penny was defensive toward Rocky, defensively refusing any offers of help or sympathy.
  • The next day, Rocky apologized, saying he knew how hard it must be sometimes, and Penny thanked him and put her hand on his.
  • Penny asked Rocky if he'd like to walk her to the bus stop, and he gladly accepted.
  • When Rocky's communicator went off after a brief whine sound came from nearby, Rocky left Penny sitting on a bench while he left to answer his communicator, telling her he'd go check on both noises.
  • Rocky took a few steps away from Penny and then noisily scurried the rest of the way to hide behind a waist-high brick wall about fifteen to twenty feet away.
  • Rocky called and morphed quietly in hopes that Penny wouldn't hear him.
  • After Defector had run away, telling the Rangers he'd escaped from Mondo and didn't want to fight, Adam doubted that one of King Mondo's robots could be good, but Rocky pointed out that the monster hadn't wanted to fight.
  • Before Penny, walking nearby, recognized Zeo Ranger Three's voice as belonging to Rocky, the Rangers were having the following conversation about Defector:
    Kat: "Do you think that robot could be telling the truth?"
    Adam: "One of King Mondo's robots, good? I don't think so."
    Rocky: "I dunno. The creature really didn't seem to want to fight us."
  • After Penny had recognized Rocky's voice, the following scene ensued:
    Penny: "Rocky, is that you?"
    Rocky: "Oh no, Penny..."
    Penny: "What's going on? Who are you with?"
    Kat: "You'd better go talk to her, Rocky. We'll cover for you."
    Rocky: "Thanks. (trots over to Penny, demorphing in a public area as he does so) Yeah, it's me, I'm here. Right here."
    - the other Rangers jog over
    Rocky: "I'm, uh, I'm with, uh, the Power Rangers!"
    Tanya: "Did either of you notice anything strange around here?"
    Penny: "If you mean something really big jumping off the roof and running away, it went that way."
    Tanya: "Great, thanks."
  • After Defector began fighting the Rangers, Rocky was angry that he had fallen for Defector's apparent trick.
  • When Tommy summoned the Defender Wheel, Rocky wanted to handle this one, saying he'd gotten them into their mess and that he'd get them out.
  • When Tommy tried to reassure Rocky, telling him he'd done what he'd thought was right, Rocky replied, "Thanks, man!" and got into the Defender Wheel, although Tommy hadn't actually told him his using the Defender Wheel was all right.
  • A different day, Rocky had Penny get a dish at the Juice Bar she wasn't sure about, then escorted her to a table.


  • Tommy told Kat it didn't matter what she was wearing to the upcoming dance, as she looked great no matter what she wore; this nauseated Rocky, but Kat told him girls loved it when a guy was sensitive; Rocky said they'd still never catch him being mushy and writing poetry.
  • Rocky wore a white disco suit (with a bit of blue) at the "come as your favorite decade" dance in the Youth Center, but he was shown up by Tommy, who had the same suit (but with red in place of blue).


  • At the international holiday celebration around Christmastime in the Youth Center, Rocky was excited about all the food they would get to eat.
  • Rocky's family celebrated Christmas.
  • Under the effects of the Bias Blaster, Rocky took his Mexican Christmas decorations and tamales and was about to leave.


  • Rocky was a lifeguard on the beach during the Angel Grove Catch a Wave Competition, a surfing contest.


  • While the Rangers were fighting Cogs in a stream, morphed Rocky and Tanya made intentional efforts to dunk Cogs underwater; the effects of such submersion weren't shown.
  • Now that everyone was rested, Tommy suggested to Billy that it might be a good time he let everyone know what had been going on with him lately; he paused silently in his work.
  • The next day in the Power Chamber when Tommy asked Billy what had been going on with him lately, Rocky said he'd already figured it out, but Billy amusedly told the teens there was nothing to figure out, just that he'd been working on something in his spare time and would tell them about it when the time was right.
  • Rocky continued, saying Billy was always exhausted but didn't fight with them anymore, and that he wasn't in the Power Chamber when the Gold Ranger showed up; he then told Billy to admit to being the Gold Ranger.
  • In response to Rocky's accusation, Billy silently chuckled and looked down, then looked back up at them and seemed surprised Rocky was serious; he asked, "Oh, come on, you don't really think I'd keep something like that from you, do you?"
  • Tommy believed Billy, but Tanya continued to look suspiciously at Billy; Rocky, meanwhile, looked outraged; Billy shot a coy smile in Rocky's direction as he went back under the console to continue working.


  • While Adam sparred with Jason, Rocky wanted to spar with Tommy, but Tommy was sparring Jason next; Rocky felt left out, and his feelings were further reinforced by Skull's comment that it looked like Rocky was being replaced.
  • Rocky ordered a juice with extra beets from Ernie.
  • After getting his drink from Ernie, Billy got up and left without saying anything else to Rocky even though they'd been chatting beforehand.
  • When the five teens, answering their communicators in the southwest hallway of the Youth Center, discovered that Jason wasn't with them, Rocky said in a depressed manner that he'd seen Bulk and Skull stop Jason; Rocky assumed they'd want to get Jason, but Tommy had them go without him.
  • During the Rangers' fight with the Cogs, Tommy told Rocky to keep the Cogs busy while he looked for Mondo; when the Rangers returned to the Power Chamber a bit later, Tommy congratulated Rocky on his good work but then immediately asked Billy about the Damocles Sword, hurting Rocky's feelings.
  • When Billy had teleported Jason's communicator to the Power Chamber after they'd been unable to contact Jason, the teens were all dumbfounded as to where he'd gone, but none of them seemed to remember that Rocky had mentioned that Bulk and Skull had stopped him in the Youth Center; Tommy, taking the communicator, had the teens and Billy split up, and Rocky went out into the countryside to look for him.
  • Rocky had a bad attitude about searching the countryside for Jason, whom he felt was replacing him.
  • When Mondo used the Damocles Sword to grow to giant size, Rocky realized that it was his chance to prove himself, and he morphed and summoned Super Zeozord Three to fight Mondo.
  • When giant Mondo began attacking Angel Grove (and causing much destruction) after he'd retreated in Super Zeozord Three, Rocky blamed himself for Angel Grove's apparent fate.
  • After Mondo had been destroyed by the Super Zeo Megazord, Jason told Rocky he was Rocky's friend and that he was glad to be on Rocky's team; Rocky realized the value of teamwork.


  • When a biker gang was intimidating Ernie out of setting up the beach club, Rocky noted that it was too bad the Power Rangers couldn't pay the bikers a visit, but Tommy said they had to settle it a different way.


  • Rocky reassured Kat that Billy would let them know the second they found out anything about the missing Tommy, but Billy was away on Triforia at the time.


  • For Detective Stone's whodunit party, Rocky was dressed as a butler.
  • Rocky repeatedly complained about having to be the butler, since he was the one everyone suspected first.


  • After Machina's singing spell had worn off Tommy, Rocky jokingly told him that he was glad it had worn off, as he didn't know how much more of Tommy's singing he could have taken.


  • Rocky wasn't with Kat, Tanya, and Adam in the Juice Bar when Jason came to get them to bring them to the Power Chamber where Tommy and Billy were, but he walked into the Power Chamber with everyone else.


  • Rocky wasn't in the Youth Center with the teens when Jason got his results from Alpha's test and Tommy first tried to ask Kat out.
  • The day of Ernie's luau, Rocky and Tommy were sparring in the Youth Center when Tommy was distracted by watching Kat teaching a ballet class to young girls.
  • Rocky insisted that Tommy go ask her out, as the luau was that day.


  • Rocky wasn't in the Youth Center with the other teens when Jason collapsed, and he didn't join the others in the Power Chamber during the analysis on Jason and the journey into the desert to transfer the Golden powers.
  • Morphed Rocky teleported into the desert just in time to protect Jason and the Treys from the Cogs.
  • Zordon had contacted Rocky to help the teens; Tommy apologized for pulling him away from martial arts camp, but Rocky said it was no problem.


  • As Tommy, Adam, and Rocky practiced for the upcoming national championship, Coach Daniels was yelling at Rocky to focus, and Tommy and Rocky both seemed stressed out.
  • Rocky was angry after missing Tommy with a kick and running into the ropes.
  • Rocky was angry after he'd missed Adam with a kick, and when the coach had him spinning heel kick a target in his hand, Rocky spun through the air and crashed onto the floor at the coach's feet.
  • The coach told the seemingly furious Rocky that he was trying too hard.
  • As Adam and Tommy later leaned up against the ropes, exhausted, Adam suggested to Rocky that maybe they really were trying to hard; Rocky replied that maybe they weren't trying hard enough, at which point he tried to kick a target in the coach's hand but ended up flying out of the ring and crashing onto his back on the ground below, injuring his back.
  • Rocky's jump for his kick wasn't strong enough to send him flying out of the ring as he did.
  • Rocky was taken out of the arena on a stretcher and was taken to a hospital.
  • At night, Rocky was wearing a neck brace and appeared to be sleeping when Justin came into his hospital room; he didn't respond when Justin whispered his name and didn't appear to wake up until the four teens had come in after Justin had hid under the bed.
  • Rocky appeared to still be wearing his communicator while in the hospital bed.
  • Visiting Rocky at the hospital, the four teens brought Rocky flowers, a giant card, and some balloons.
  • The doctor had told the other teens that Rocky would make a full recovery.
  • Rocky was sad that Tommy and Adam would have to go without him in the competition.
  • When Zordon called the teens and told them of a powerful wizard coming to Earth and perhaps needing their help, Rocky told the four teens to get going.
  • After the four teens had teleported from the room, Justin crawled out from under Rocky's bed, and Rocky realized with surprise that Justin had discovered their identities.
  • Justin assumed that Rocky was a Ranger as well, even though Rocky could merely have been a non-Ranger who knew the Rangers' identities.
  • Adam referred to the blue Turbozord, Mountain Blaster, as being Rocky's; Zordon said it would stay behind for now, yet he knew that the teens would need the combined power of all five Turbo Morpher keys to pass through the Nemesis Triangle.
  • In the Power Chamber some time after the other Rangers had left in their Turbozords the next day, Justin was helmetless in the Blue Turbo Ranger suit (still his normal size) as Zordon gave him a brief speech.
  • When Mountain Blaster drove up to the dock, Adam initially thought that its pilot was Rocky, but the teens were then stupefied to learn that Justin had been sent in Rocky's place.
  • Justin was wearing a blue-striped communicator when he drove up in Mountain Blaster.
  • Justin explained that Rocky hadn't been able to make it, so he'd sent Justin instead.
  • Jason took Rocky's place in the national championship days later.
  • During the championship, Rocky joined Coach Daniels in watching the fight from beside the ring; he was wearing a white shirt with no communicator on his wrist.
  • Rocky's back was still sensitive.
  • In what seemed to be the evening after the national championship, the teens, Jason, Rocky, and perhaps Kim as well seemed to be saying goodbye to Lerigot, Yara, and Bethel in the Power Chamber after they had appeared to emerge from the northwestern hallway, the door of which slid shut behind them.


  • Adam, Tanya, Kat, and Rocky had been seniors and were now, as the graduating class of 1997, helping set up for their graduation at the Angel Grove Botanical Gardens.
  • Rocky, in a gray and black shirt with no communicator, helped out with the programs for the graduation, wishing he could do more to help out, but his back was still sore.
  • Rocky asked the teens if they were going to finish telling him the story, but Adam had them wait for Justin to tell him.
  • The teens hadn't yet told Rocky about the Putrapods or Divatox.
  • After the teens had told Rocky about their adventure on Muiranthias, Justin said he still couldn't believe Rocky didn't want his powers back, since it was so cool being a Ranger; Rocky explained that he had a lot of stuff to do with his karate school and that he thought the power was in good hands.
  • Adam reminded Rocky that he would always be a Ranger in spirit.


  • Rocky sat beside Tanya during the graduation ceremony.


  • The chimps stole from Tommy and Justin's garage, among other things, what looked like Rocky's Mexican Christmas decoration (from 426-ASTR).


  • In Terra Venture's city dome, a white habitation building with doors resembling one side of the Youth Center had street numbers 26030, the same as the Youth Center's address but without a "B" at the end; one of the evacuating men looked quite like Rocky, although the similarity was less so during the last few frames of his appearance.


  • In the MMPR comic book series by Hamilton Comics, Rocky had a sister named Lindsay, although the comic also listed their last name as Jones. (Source: Submitted by CLFunaro)
  • According to a FAQ page featured for a time on the Fox Kids website, Rocky started his own karate school after his injury.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • As the rollerblading teens passed by Ernie's, Rocky suggested they get something to eat.
  • During the fight with the ooze beings, Rocky was punched in the face by one of the beings.
  • Rocky did a split while morphed.
  • Dulcea told Rocky he was the mighty ape, powerful and smart.
  • In a dinosaur graveyard in the Neola Jungle on Phaedos, ninjetti Rocky was sent flying back and landing unconscious against a slope after being hit by the rampaging dinosaur skeleton's quickly turning head; he soon got back onto his feet.
  • Leaping off a vine to save Adam from a Gatekeeper, ninjetti Rocky bounced off the monster and almost fell approximately two stories into a pond below but saved himself by grabbing a root running parallel with the edge.
  • While fighting a Gatekeeper, Rocky made an offer to talk out their problems rather than fighting, but the monster continued fighting.
  • Ninjetti Rocky did a split up onto two close rock walls to suspend himself just above where a thrown spear struck the wall behind him, just below his groin.
  • Rocky was extremely hungry as the teens ate at an outdoor restaurant during the city's Power Rangers celebration.

    PRZ comic book

  • Around the time of or in place of 422-TrMe, Rocky was friends with Justine, the president of Angel Grove High's drama club, and he encouraged Tommy to audition for "Camelot" with them, despite Kat's previous invitation for Tommy to watch her ballet recital.
  • At the audition, Rocky auditioned for King Arthur, singing about Spam.
  • Rocky was described as an enthusiastic participant in Angel Grove High athletics and other extracurricular activities; he was always able to use his "lively" sense of humor to keep things light when things got too intense.

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