- recreational vehicle driven by Rita and Zedd during Machine Empire rule (435-MLSt through 450-Good)
First Appearance: 435-MLSt
Last Appearance: 450-Good
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-   A blue energy sphere dropped Rito and Goldar off on the moon, where Rita and Zedd's RV appeared from a similar but purple energy sphere.
-   The RV had luggage on top of it, and what looked like an urn hanging off the side.
-   The RV's license plate read "VIP."

-   Goldar referred to the RV as their mobile base.

-   Zedd, Rita, Goldar, Rito, and Finster rode in the RV across the surface of the moon.

-   There was a giant magnet on the top of the RV, and Rita sat in a chair beside the magnet on top of the RV; Rita and Zedd planned to use the magnet to bring Louie Kaboom back.
-   Finster was to use the controls to have the magnet recapture Louie, but Rito accidentally had the super-magnet bring Detective Stone's sportscar to the moon, where it stuck to the magnet.

-   Zedd accidentally drove over a piece of scrap on the moon, blowing the left front tire; Zedd had to replace it.
-   Goldar, later having found the map, blocked Zedd's view, making him run over more scrap and blow another tire.
-   Zedd called the RV a cheap Earth vehicle.

-   While Rita and Zedd played a card game with oversized playing cards in the RV, Rito and Goldar worked on an engine on the back of the RV so that they would have enough speed to zip through Machine security unnoticed and storm the "palace" (see either "Machine Skybase" or "Moon palace"), and once they'd brought destruction to the Machine Empire, Rita said, they would be home.
-   After Goldar and Rito had completed the booster on the RV, a single tap from Rito's hammer made the RV race backwards out of control.

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