- mutant cyborg; second in command to Divatox
First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 642-CTD1
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-   After Divatox had sliced off Elgar's hand in punishment for the failure of his Piranhatron-like warriors, Rygog remarked that one shouldn't send a moron to do a mutant's job.
-   Elgar suggested that Rygog do the job, since Lerigot was still on the loose with the Golden Key; Rygog declined and joked that he would lend a hand as he returned Elgar's severed hand.
?   Looking into the right viewer on the sub console after the subcraft had surfaced near Muiranthias days later, Rygog was shocked that the radar had detected five humans approaching the island; in actuality, the radar was supposed to be broken.
-   After Maligore's temple had been unlocked, Rygog kicked Lerigot from behind to get him moving.
-   As Divatox slowly turned to Rygog and shook his hands excitedly as Maligore emerged from his lava pit, Rygog said, "He's ba-ack!"
-   When the large Maligore climbed out of the pit, Divatox looked nervous; Rygog asked her if she was sure about this.
-   While Maligore was growling at the Rangers as they summoned their Turbo Weapons, Divatox was trying to sneak behind Rygog, but he told her to talk to Maligore.
?   Rygog had Divatox go up to Maligore just as the Rangers were summoning their weapons, putting her in the crossfire.
-   As they rushed outside to watch the fight between Maligore and the Rangers, Divatox told Rygog he was going on a diet the minute they got back.
-   Divatox and Rygog watched from a cliff as giant Maligore and the Turbo Megazord fought.

-   Rygog attended Divatox's gathering of villains as she plotted her revenge on the Power Rangers.
-   Divatox named Rygog second in command; she said he would navigate the oceans as well as the skies; he replied that he was always at her disposal.
-   Divatox told Rygog to select an elite batallion of soldiers to bring with them.

-   After the Rangers had obtained a Turbo Navigator to search the power plant for the detonator Elgar had planted, Divatox told Rygog to send some of his best Piranhatrons to stop the Rangers.

-   Learning that Zordon would soon be leaving for Eltar, Rygog was excited that the Earth would soon be totally defenseless; Divatox had him prepare a full offensive attack on Angel Grove; some time later, Elgar drove one of a squadron of five giant vehicles through the desert.
-   When present, Rygog would always fire the subcraft's torpedoes.

-   Divatox had Rygog prepare the subcraft's destruction beam as Visceron approached the Earth.
-   After hearing that Visceron had urgent information from Inquiris for Dimitria, Divatox told Rygog to capture Visceron so they could learn the information.

-   In the south end of the bridge one night, Rygog hung upside-down from the ceiling wearing a black eyemask while sleeping, and his boots and gloves were beside Elgar's futon nearby.
-   When Divatox woke him, Rygog clumsily descended in his chains; when he got up, his long top spike was bent with oversized band-aids on it.
-   When she discovered that Porto had grown to giant size to prove himself by destroying Angel Grove, Divatox told Rygog to do whatever it took to establish a beam to shrink Porto and bring him back, as he was ruining her plan; it was Elgar who would eventually succeed at bringing Porto back.
-   Divatox asked Rygog the penalty for going AWOL, and he consulted an old book with metal skull and crossbones on the cover, on a book stand to hold it open; based on the book's guidelines, Divatox planned to make Porto walk the plank, even though they were on a submarine.
-   Divatox, Elgar, and Rygog all laughed at Porto's impending punishment.

-   While having a sauna with Porto and Elgar, Rygog read an "Island Hopper" magazine.

-   Elgar was reaching out through a porthole and pulling out Rygog's gloves and putting them in a clothes basket; already hanging on a clothesline nearby in the sub were Rygog's boots, and near that was an iron on an ironing board.
-   Elgar was soon surprised to find a pair of boxer shorts in his hand.
-   Later, Elgar wore Rygog's large torso armor, doing an Elvis impression; Rygog complained to Divatox, telling her Elgar was her nephew and asking her to make him stop.

-   Elgar and Rygog argued about which way the subcraft should go; Rygog said he was the navigator of the craft, but Elgar said Divatox had left him in control; the subcraft soon crashed into Angel Grove Cliffs.

-   After witnessing the chaos caused by the fire alarm pulled by Reggie and Junior at Angel Grove High, Divatox had Rygog send Piranhatrons to Angel Grove for them to set off every alarm, bell, and buzzer in the city to distract the Rangers so they wouldn't find the detonator-of-the-day.
-   Rygog's teleportation effect consisted of red laser beams from his eyes which would sweep around in a circle, causing his body to vanish (or appear) as they passed over.
-   Rygog later gave Divatox a detonator shaped like a fire extinguisher; she had him and Elgar hide it in Angel Grove.
-   Elgar thought to plant the detonator on one of the city's own emergency vehicles, a fire truck.
-   With the detonator about to go off, Divatox said her moment of victory was finally upon them, and she had Elgar, Rygog, and Porto go to the city to prepare the way for the new queen of the planet.
?   In sentai footage, Rygog's face looked quite different, of a much cheaper design.
-   Facing the Rangers downtown, Rygog shot fiery red energy beams from his eyes.
-   Rygog held what looked like a cat-o'-nine-tails.
-   Rygog teleported away soon after Elgar and Porto had left.

-   Divatox had Elgar rather than Porto send the Piranhatron.

-   As the villains excitedly watched the big soccer game on a big-screen TV in the south end of the subcraft's bridge, Rygog was wearing a rainbow Afro wig.

-   Rygog and Elgar had removed the torpedoes and were polishing them on the bridge when Divatox wanted to use them to enlarge Griller; she made the two villains help Griller in the fight against the Rangers.
-   Rygog shot flaming energy skulls from his face.
-   Rygog, Elgar, and the Piranhatrons retreated once Griller had been destroyed.

-   A Putrapod brought Tommy to a cave where Divatox, Elgar, and Rygog were waiting.

-   Rygog and Elgar teleported away after Divatox had set her trap for Tommy, and she soon left as well.

-   Rygog joined Elgar on a trip to loot a shipment of gems to the Angel Grove Museum, but they were foiled by morphed Ashley.

-   After Divatox had disappeared from the beach after an accident with Porto's teleportation device, Rygog entered from the lift, frustrated that he hadn't found a single clue in regard to Divatox's disappearance.
-   In the subcraft after Divatox intended to use the teleporter on Elgar, Rygog took the five pizzas from Elgar before she fired.

-   Sent by Divatox to rob Angel Grove Bank, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatrons were dressed in coats, shades, beards, bandannas, and hats, with Rygog's hat on his large point.
-   Rygog and Elgar retreated with the Piranhatron after they'd been beaten up by the invisible Phantom.
-   Divatox commanded Rygog and Elgar to go back up to get enough gold to sink a ship, and they attacked a gold mine in Angel Grove but were again thwarted by the Phantom.
-   Rygog suspected that one of the Rangers would lead them to the Phantom.
-   After Justin had unwittingly led Rygog to the Phantom's ship in the woods, Divatox had Porto send Rygog a detonator to make the Phantom return.
-   Rygog gleefully planted the detonator and then hid behind a tree.
-   Rygog was knocked over during Phantom's dash to his ship.
-   Rygog, with Piranhatrons, soon recaptured the escaped Nico but was defeated once more by Phantom, who rescued the boy.

-   Following to Divatox's plan, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatron set up a rocket in the forest (reminiscent of Translucitor's rocket in the forest in 524-VAct) which was going to launch the freeze key, a powerful freezing device, into the sun and freeze it.
-   Rygog and the Piranhatron caught T.J. while he was spying on them, but the Phantom beat up the Piranhatron and made Rygog retreat.

-   When Divatox's brother General Havoc called from the approaching Space Base, Rygog thought Divatox would really want to take the call, but she impatiently refused, not knowing it was Havoc.

-   Rygog and Elgar were in the Cirrus Dimension with Piranhatron when the Rangers arrived to save Cassie; Rygog and Elgar fought fiercely for Rygog to carry out Havoc's orders of sprinkling Narvanian dust on Cassie to turn her to stone, even though the stone Cassie would actually be Havoc in disguise.
-   In the Cirrus Dimension during the struggle to save Cassie from being turned to stone, morphed T.J. shot Rygog near the face with his Auto Blaster, but Rygog eventually accomplished his mission anyway.
-   Soon after Havoc had ambushed Phantom, Divatox kissed the ruby in the Cirrus Dimension while Piranhatron restrained Cassie; meanwhile, Havoc, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatron brought the weakened Phantom to her.

-   As Porto readied the Turbo Megazord to use against the Rangers, Rygog gave orders into some sort of wall comm unit in the Space Base for the Piranhatron to install the Power Ruby.
?   As the Turbo Megazord flew to Earth, Rygog gleefully watched a monitor while holding a rod with whip ends on it; prior to this, he'd been in the subcraft manning the controls, but now he was back in the Space Base somewhere.

-   After the teens had made wishes at the fountain in the park, Wicked Wisher and Rygog came to the fountain, and Wicked Wisher stole Justin's special coin from the fountain.

?   At the villains' monster training area near Angel Grove Forest, Rygog was going through a list of monsters on a clipboard, though his list consisted mostly of monsters (from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW) who weren't present.
-   Divatox told Rygog to shape up the monsters or ship them out.

-   Divatox sent Rygog to stop the Creeps in monster form from retreating from the Rangers.
-   In some sort of underground compound, Rygog commanded the Creeps to continue to fight; Elgar and Porto were in the compound as well.

-   In the Space Base's holding bay as Terrorzord was being repaired, Rygog said that thanks to him, the arm wouldn't fall off this time, but Porto protested that he'd designed Terrorzord and that the Zord had been his idea.

-   When T.J. and Carlos arrived on the scene to help the others, they found morphed Justin, Cassie, and Ashley defending Storm Blaster from Rygog and Piranhatrons, with Piranhatrons trying to get in Storm Blaster.
-   On the bridge after Strikeout had been destroyed a different day, Elgar and Rygog were wearing baseball caps, and Elgar had a bat, ball, and glove, when Divatox, not looking at the two henchmen, exclaimed that she didn't want to see any of those things again; they quickly discarded the items.

-   Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatron were attacking morphed Carlos and Justin when the other Rangers arrived.
-   After he and Rygog had been blasted by Lightning Cruiser's laser cannon, Elgar told the Rangers, "You're gonna need [Lightning Cruiser] when Divatox sends down her big--" but Rygog interrupted him, telling him to be quiet.

-   On the moon, Porto and Rygog were using parts stolen by Piranhatron from the Super Duper Fast Deliveries company to complete a remote control for Rygog to control all three evil Zords at once.
-   Rygog rode in a car atop the Catzord.
-   As Rygog piloted the three evil Zords, Divatox wanted him to use full power; Porto suggested half power instead, but she replied she never did anything halfway.
-   Divatox commanded Rygog to power up, despite Porto's reservations, and Rygog then overloaded the Catzord, causing it to spark.
-   After the Catzord had been destroyed, Rygog stumbled dizzily into the subcraft from the balcony, smoking and exhausted.

-   Rygog wasn't with the other villains on the moon when Divatox flew in to examine giant Goldgoyle.
-   Later walking through the desert right after the Rangers had destroyed Goldgoyle despite losing both Megazords, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatrons saw the Rangers streak overhead through the sky on their way to the Power Chamber and followed them over the horizon, finding the Power Chamber over a set of mountains.
-   Upon first seeing the streaks, Rygog commented on the connection between the streaks of light and the Rangers, and Elgar suggested that they follow them.
-   As the two villains caught sight of the Power Chamber, Rygog asked if it was what he thought it was, and Elgar knew they'd found the Power Chamber and that Divatox would flip.
-   On the Space Base, Rygog and Elgar told Divatox they'd found the Power Chamber (with Rygog calling it the "Power Rangers' Chamber"), and the best part was that the Rangers were inside.
-   Despite Elgar and Rygog's earlier bickering over who had discovered the Power Chamber, once the villains were setting up for their assult in the desert, Porto attributed the discovery to Elgar, not believing he'd done something right.

-   Attending Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet, Divatox had brought along Elgar, Rygog, Porto, Piranhatrons, and a Putrapod.

-   Zordon and his lava setup were on the planet Hercuron, guarded by Piranhatrons until Divatox walked up with Rygog and had them take Zordon to her new spacecraft.

-   Rygog was with Divatox as she led an army of monsters against the Aquitian Rangers on the planet Gratha.

-   Rygog was presumably among the victims of Zordon's energy wave, though he wasn't shown when the wave hit.

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