- enchanted talking saber used by White Ranger
First Appearance: 218-WhL2
Last Appearance: 450-Good, (mental apparition) 1228-FSpi
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-   Alpha referred to Saba as an enchanted saber.
-   Saba was to assist White Ranger in battle as well as control the Tigerzord.
-   In the Command Center, Saba appeared in the helmetless White Ranger's hand from white sparkles which coalesced into his hand, apparently as the result of Alpha's working the controls.
-   After Tommy had morphed to the area giant Nimrod was attacking, Saba told him to activate the Tigerzord.
?   When the Tigerzord Tiger Mode tripped and fell over, Tommy told Saba he thought the saber had said it knew what it was doing, but Saba hadn't been shown speaking prior to telling Tommy to summon the Tigerzord.
-   To White Ranger's left of his center electric orb in the Tigerzord cockpit was a black console containing a port into which Saba's blade could be inserted.
-   White Ranger would often be shown inserting Saba as he called for the transformation of the Tigerzord into Warrior Mode.
-   Having trouble against giant Nimrod and cohorts, morphed Tommy told Saba to contact Jason; Saba soon said he was having difficulty contacting Red Ranger, but morphed Jason was shown immediately afterward summoning his Thunderzord.

-   After morphed Tommy, trapped in energy floss, called out with, "Saba, help me!" Saba's eyes glowed red, and the saber rose into the air and shot eyebeams made of tiny white sparkles at Pursehead, knocking the monster over.
-   After the monster had been recently knocked over by Saba's eyebeams, a single jump spinning side-kick from White Ranger sent Pursehead sliding back across the ground a long distance, after which it transformed back into Kim's purse.

-   Before calling the Tigerzord, morphed Tommy asked Saba if Saba was ready; the saber replied it was ready when he was; Tommy and Saba had the same type of conversation in 223-NjE2.

-   Before leaping up to the Tigerzord, morphed Tommy thanked Saba for summoning the Tigerzord, saying he couldn't have done it without the saber.

-   White Ranger used Saba in the Putty fight; he would do so again in 230-MrOR.

-   After two of giant Pachinko Head's energy blasts had knocked the Tigerzord Warrior Mode over and ejected White Ranger and Saba, the saber told Tommy that their Zord was damaged.

-   Tommy told Saba it was time for the Thunder Ultrazord, after which Saba summoned Tor.
?   When Tommy would later call for the formation of the Thunder Ultrazord once Tor was there, the Zords would assemble into the Megatigerzord rather than the Ultrazord.

-   During White Ranger's fight with four aquatic monsters at one time, Saba congratulated Tommy and then had him look to his left for another incoming monster.
-   When White Ranger slashed each of the four aquatic monsters with Saba, they crackled with white electricity and lay prone until all were defeated, at which point they all vanished in white electricity.

-   While the Tigerzord Warrior Mode was in combat, Tommy asked Saba for ideas, and Saba suggested the White Tiger Thunderbolt.

-   In the middle of combat, Saba warned Tommy of the Wizard of Deception's presence, of which Tommy was apparently unaware at the moment.
-   After the Dragonzord had been returned to the sea by the apparently good Green Ranger, Saba wondered what to do with two Tommys.

-   Goldar stole Saba from White Ranger while Tommy and Kim, under a competitiveness spell, were arguing.
-   Saba demanded that Goldar put him down, but to no avail.
-   Goldar made Saba involuntarily shoot his white sparkle eyebeams at the Rangers.
-   Rita later returned to the park with Saba; by holding Saba, she was able to control the Tigerzord.
-   Before summoning the Tigerzord, Rita removed a strip of black cloth that had been tied around Saba's mouth to mute him.
-   Saba was made of an alloy that was attracted to magnetic fields.
-   White Ranger used Alpha's handheld electromagnet device to pull Saba from Rita's hand and regain control of the Tigerzord.

-   Saba's eyebeams took the form of white laser beams.
-   The Blue Ranger presumed to be evil Billy used his hands to deflect the combined laser fire from the five Blade Blasters and Saba but was soon overwhelmed by the lasers, and he vanished in a red energy flame effect.

-   Even though the Tigerzord had been destroyed, Saba remained on White Ranger's belt after the Rangers had obtained new powers; the saber would not be used often from this point on.

-   After morphed Tommy asked if everybody was okay once the Rangers had been restored back from football form, Saba, on White Ranger's belt, volunteered, "I'm fine too," and Tommy patted the saber on the head and said, "Great, Saba."

-   White Ranger used Saba to block the shield Miss Chief had thrown.

-   The captured White Ranger used Saba in his fight with Rito and Goldar, but it didn't help him.
-   When White Ranger was about to be finished off by Goldar and Rito after dropping Saba, Tommy called out for Saba's help, and the blade flew to his hand.
-   As it seemed White Ranger would be defeated by Goldar and Rito, even with Saba, the saber told Tommy, "White Ranger, I'm afraid I've failed you. I can see no way out of our present situation."; this was the last time the saber would speak.

-   Locked in combat with Zedd, White Ranger pulled out Saba and threw him straight at Zedd, and when Zedd blocked with his staff, the staff turned into a serpent, forcing Zedd to retreat.

-   White Ranger used Saba in his fight with Goldar, Rito, and the Tengas.

-   Morphed Tommy threw the Zeo Crystal into the air then sliced it with Saba as it fell back down, breaking it into its five component subcrystals.

?   After morphed Tommy had been blasted back by the Orb of Doom, the tip of Saba's blade was broken off.

-   On the White Ranger mannequin's belt in the Power Chamber gallery was Saba, or at least an identical replica.

Phrases used to transform, aim, and fire Blade Blasters and aim and fire Saba's eyebeams simultaneously
252-BRGB Six Rangers: "Power blasters up!"

MMPR: The Movie
-   Although his armored suit had no holder for the weapon, White Ranger pulled out Saba from somewhere behind his left side to finish off the remaining ooze beings; Saba flew up to a cable holding a large bin of some sort and used red lasers from his eyes to break the cable, dropping the bin onto the ooze beings and crushing them.
-   Saba's tiger head was a bit more prominent, and his helmet was a bit less so.
-   An unknown time after the Command Center had been ravaged (but immediately after the ooze beings had been destroyed), the Rangers lost power: Saba vanished in blue energy as the Rangers demorphed.

MMPR: The Movie (early script revision from 10/31/94)
-   Saba was dreaming when Tommy summoned him.

- Phrases used as White Ranger summons Saba
MMPR: The Movie Tommy: "I want you guys to meet Saba!"

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