- Yellow Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger's Dinozord
First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 203-Mut3, (Sabertoothed Tiger to Griffin transformation) 304-NjQ1
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-   The Sabertoothed Tiger was Yellow Ranger's Dinozord.
-   After being summoned, the Sabertoothed Tiger always ran through a jungle.
-   The Sabertoothed Tiger bore "S"-like symbols across its sides.
-   The Sabertoothed Tiger served as the Megazord Tank Mode's front right component (from the perspective of the Megazord) and the right leg of the Megazord Battle Mode.

-   The Sabertoothed Tiger could fire a yellow energy beam from its tail.
-   The Sabertoothed Tiger had "S"- and "T"-like symbols on its sides.

-   The Sabertoothed Tiger served as the right leg of the Dragonzord Battle Mode combination.

-   Zordon sent the Sabertoothed Tiger Zord, in the form of a translucent image of the Zord, to assist Trini; she was to call upon "his" (the Zord's) power to lead her to the Deandra flowers, but it seemed as though she found them without the Zord's help.
-   Upon catching sight of the flowers, Trini called out, "I call on the power of the Sabertoothed Tiger! Bring the flowers to me!" to levitate and then teleport the flowers with yellow energy into her hand.

?   When Pirantishead froze four of the Dinozords, the Sabertoothed Tiger was in the process of transforming for the Megazord Tank Mode, but the Rangers had not entered their Zords, nor had they called for the Megazord. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")

- Phrases used before the firing of the Triceratops's and Sabertoothed Tiger's tail cannons
147-ROTJ Jason: "Billy, Trini, fire!"
Billy: "Affirmative!"
Trini: "Target locked!"


Pilot Episode
-   Zoltar referred to the Sabertoothed Tiger as fierce and agile.
-   The Sabertoothed Tiger was known as the "Saber-Droid."

- Phrases used by Yellow Ranger as Sabertoothed Tiger transforms for Megazord Tank Mode
Pilot Episode Trini (as Sabertoothed Tiger transforms): "Trini in the Saber-droid, comin' at ya!"

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