- Native American shaman; adoptive father to David Trueheart
First Appearance: (True of Heart) 341-SSOE, (Sam Trueheart) 418-InSp
Last Appearance: 341-SSOE, (Sam Trueheart) 421-Bro?
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-   After young Tommy had followed a falcon up to a mountain nearby a Native American tribe in an unknown time period, an old Native American man appeared near Tommy (out of Tommy's sight) in a transparent whirlwind effect with subtle blue energy bolts.
-   The man told young Tommy that some called him "True of Heart"; he said he was a friend.
-   True of Heart told young Tommy that it didn't matter where he was; all that mattered was who he was inside.
-   True of Heart knew Tommy's name; when young Tommy didn't understand how the man knew him, True of Heart replied that all things were revealed in time.
-   True of Heart brought young Tommy to a place up the mountain where crude drawings were on a rock wall; pointing to the drawings, True of Heart recounted to young Tommy the tale told by his people for generations: "'A stranger will come,' so the story goes (pointing to drawing of a person with long black ponytailed hair). 'He shall come in search of the light,' symbolized by rock (points to sun and mountains, drawn close together). 'A crystal (points to drawing of red Zeo Subcrystal), pure in power.' (points to crude drawing of Zeo Ranger Five's helmet) Are you the one?"
-   After young Tommy had responded that he was looking for the crystal, True of Heart smiled and walked away chuckling.
-   To the right of the Zeo Ranger Five helmet was a drawing of Lord Zedd's staff, with arrows flying between the helmet and staff; to the right of that was what looked like a cluster of three teepees.
-   Traveling into the woods, True of Heart told young Tommy that it was Tommy's task to find the crystal by losing all connection with the Tommy he had once known and connecting with the Tommy inside; he told Tommy to let nature guide him.
?   True of Heart told young Tommy not to give in to worry but then immediately afterward told him that he was running out of time and that if he didn't find the crystal it would be lost forever.
-   When it seemed young Tommy would be unable to find the way to the crystal, True of Heart closed his eyes, and Tommy briefly saw an arrow on a tree, pointing in the correct direction.
-   On their walk up a mountain in the desert, young Tommy asked where to go, but True of Heart had him concentrate to find the answer, which was apparently to go further up the mountain.
-   When young Tommy got to his destination, True of Heart was already waiting there.
-   True of Heart presented young Tommy with three slender objects, each wrapped up in brown material; one was the red subcrystal, while the others would insure that he remained there for all eternity; young Tommy had to trust his heart, close his eyes, and concentrate.
-   The ground rumbled while young Tommy had his eyes closed, and the side two objects vanished in small bursts of fire, leaving only the red subcrystal behind.
-   True of Heart congratulated Tommy on fulfilling his quest and connecting to his inner self.
-   True of Heart gave young Tommy half an arrowhead, telling him he had also earned it; he said it was to remember his time here, and that one day he would find the other half, and then his personal quest would be complete; True of Heart was in the process of telling young Tommy what secret the arrowhead would reveal when Tommy was sucked up into the portal above with a red energy star.
-   True of Heart vanished with his blurry whirlwind teleport after young Tommy was gone.

-   Tommy had a dream about True of Heart's words that only those true of heart could do that to which he was referring (locating his Zeo Subcrystal), then of True of Heart's giving him his half-arrowhead.
-   Then in the dream, as the Zeo Megazord was in a battle, True of Heart's voice told Tommy to focus on his journey, not his destination.
-   The next day, there was a Native American arts festival in the Youth Center, with Sam Trueheart as the curator of the exhibit.
-   Sam, looking exactly like True of Heart, was working at the exhibit, showing a man a headdress.
-   Heading toward the Youth Center's entrance, Tommy bumped into Sam as Sam was walking toward the parking lot.
-   Sam carried a long walking stick.
-   Sam was in a big hurry, he said; he had left an important artifact behind and had to find a cab, but Tommy drove him instead.
-   Tommy didn't appear to recognize Sam, and Sam at least pretended that he didn't know Tommy.
-   On the drive, Tommy almost recognized Sam, but Sam said he had one of those faces.
-   Sam noted that Tommy's arrowhead necklace was interesting; Sam said he'd collected arrowheads his whole life.
-   Tommy said someone had given his half-arrowhead to him a long time ago; when Tommy said he wished he could find the other half, Sam told him perhaps he should concentrate on his journey instead of its destination (as True of Heart's voice had told Tommy in his dream the previous night), at which point he told Tommy this was his stop, in the middle of nowhere in the desert.
-   Sam told Tommy that some travels ended where others began, and that this area was an excellent place to find arrowheads.
-   After Tommy had driven off, Sam blew away into white mist.
-   When Tommy was having great difficulty mentally controlling the Red Battlezord, Sam appeared in an image beyond the Battlezord cockpit; he told Zeo Ranger Five, "Tommy, you must let your needs go. If you are to save your world, you must be as one with it."
-   The reader will note that Sam referred to the world as "your world" to Tommy, rather than "the world" or "our world."
-   Tommy thanked Sam by name and proceeded to pilot the Red Battlezord flawlessly.

-   After David had appeared and then disappeared in front of Tommy, Sam told Tommy that he had to prove himself worthy before he could know the truth about his lookalike and the arrowhead.
-   A falcon appeared on Sam's extended arm from white mist; the falcon shortly vanished from his arm and then appeared in the sky, both with white mist.
-   Sam sent Tommy on a vision quest with the falcon as his guide; Sam told Tommy that when he touched the falcon, he would find his answers, as well as more questions.
-   When David was little, a wise man (presumably True of Heart) had given him the other half of the arrowhead, also telling David that when he found the other half, he would complete his quest.
-   After Tommy had completed his quest and found David, David revealed that he was David Trueheart, Tommy's brother.

-   Sam Trueheart was David's adoptive father.
-   As helmetless Tommy held the arrowhead in the Power Chamber after David had been kidnapped, it glowed with golden energy, and Tommy concentrated, sending an astral projection of himself (appearing demorphed) to the cave where David was held; both Tommy and David saw each other.
-   When Tommy tried again, this time an image of Sam appeared in the Power Chamber, describing to Tommy the dangers of the cave where David was being held.
-   The other Rangers couldn't see the image of Sam, but it's unknown whether they could hear it.

-   Tommy consulted Sam at the reservation to find out why the arrowhead was so important to King Mondo.
-   Sam explained that many years ago, the land had been ruled by powerful evil spirits, but that a great warrior had captured them and imprisoned them in the arrowhead; thus, whoever held the arrowhead controlled the spirits.
?   As though he didn't know of the peril David was in, Sam asked Tommy to tell David that it was time David headed for home.

-   Tommy was away visiting David and Sam on the reservation.

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