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-   Bulk's cousin Waldo was a student at Angel Grove Tech who designed a "Power Ranger detector" for Bulk.

-   On his resume, Bulk claimed to have attended UAG (University of Angel Grove), but this was probably made up.

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-   Angel Grove Junior High's cheerleading team's colors appeared to be gold and blue.
-   Kim's cousin Kelly was accepted into the Angel Grove Junior High cheerleading team.
-   Kim had been a legendary cheerleader at Angel Grove Junior High, and people still talked about her.

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-   Trying to think of places that had the sophisticated equipment necessary to complete his crystal transformer invention, Billy, in the past (see "Orb of Doom"), considered Angel Grove University, as it had one of the top science departments in the nation.
-   A female scientist at the Angel Grove University Test Launch Facility, outdoors, was impressed with the crystal energy coherence project Billy (calling him "William") had supposedly undertaken; she loaned him the older model of phase modulator that NASA had donated to the university a few years back.
-   Billy helped the scientist launch a model rocket.

-   Dr. Jewel, a scientist from some sort of agency with a space telescope, perhaps NASA, drove up to the Angel Grove University observatory one evening shortly after Dr. Kender (the same scientist as had loaned Billy the phase modulator in the past) had requested that he meet her there.
-   When Dr. Kender thanked him for coming on such short notice, Dr. Jewel replied that it was his pleasure, as it wasn't every day that an event of this magnitude occurred.
-   Dr. Kender mentioned the rumors in the scientific community concerning an unusual disturbance in the Earth's atmosphere; when asked about her speculations, Dr. Kender gave meteor activity as the only reasonable explanation, but Dr. Jewel indicated otherwise.
-   At the monitoring equipment with Dr. Kender, Dr. Jewel said "it" had broken through the outer atmosphere.
-   When asked what was in his briefcase, Dr. Jewel replied that it was very distressing and showed her a top secret photgraph of a Machine Empire gear ship his agency's space telescope had taken that afternoon; he said they only had something to fear if there were more of them.
-   A custodian named Joseph Saunders was watching a TV report on the Rangers being gone and things being quiet when he happened to look through the telescope and see an incoming Quadrafighter; he phoned the news station and was soon interviewed by Wolf Blizzard outside the observatory.
-   Some time later, the two scientists emerged from a door and, once they saw the custodian referring a news crew in their direction, they appeared to attempt to sneak away, but they were soon talking with the reporter.
-   The reporter claimed that the scientists had been the first to spot the alien spaceship of which the custodian had spoken; Dr. Kender corrected him that they hadn't said that, and Dr. Jewel told him that its true nature was classified.
-   Some time later, the reporter asked whether the aliens were peaceful, and Dr. Kender replied that it was too soon to tell, and Dr. Jewel nodded slightly.

-   Billy had stored the Power Chamber's spare fuel cells in the Angel Grove University warehouse, located in the warehouse district.
-   While fighting the Rangers in the warehouse, Mechanizer blasted several drums containing explosive liquid, causing the entire warehouse to explode in a massive fireball.

-   Beside a large building with a number of windows high up along its side, Bulk and Skull showed a monster tour group a city corner where the Rangers had supposedly fought Mechanizer; actually, in 414-MBWR, the Zeo Rangers had fought Mechanizer in the Angel Grove University warehouse in the warehouse district, and the fight had caused the entire warehouse to explode in a massive fireball.

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