- scorpion-themed warrior allied with Rita Repulsa
First Appearance: 119-GWE3
Last Appearance: 229-GoVV
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-   Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar were in the mountains, seemingly near the cave in the mountain from which Scorpina would be released.

-   Scorpina was Rita's old friend.
-   Rita called Scorpina forth "from deep inside an evil place," which was a cave in a forest with enormous orange mushrooms; a large, breathing boulder with scorpions on it rolled out of the cave, then seemed to teleport and roll up a flight of steps somewhere outside at night, then past a building or some other structure at night; then finally a close-up of a scorpion on the boulder blended into a close-up of Scorpina's eyes as she stood on a rocky peak at daytime.
-   Scorpina was apparently cruel to Squatt and Baboo long ago; they were scared of her.
-   Rita said that now was the perfect time to bring Scorpina back.
-   After Scorpina had arrived in the palace, Goldar said that now that he and Scorpina were together once again, they could finish the Power Rangers.
-   Baboo asked Scorpina to keep her stinger away from him, since she had once stung him on the head, making him whine for a week.
-   Scorpina could shoot fiery eyebeams into her armored hand and then shoot it from her palm.
-   Alpha hadn't seen Scorpina in over ten thousand years.
-   Scorpina had launched her attack on the warehouse district of Angel Grove.
-   Scorpina bickered with Goldar childishly after Goldar had pulled her out of battle.
-   Rita said, "Children, shush now," to Goldar and Scorpina.
-   Scorpina pouted that she wanted to be sent to fight the Rangers, then whined for Squatt to shut up when he volunteered himself and Baboo to go.

-   While the teens fought Putties near a waterfront downtown, Scorpina's boulder was nearby; it turned into yellow energy and teleported onto a building, where it solidified into Scorpina.
-   Scorpina charged her sword with white energy and threw it like a boomerang at the Rangers.
-   Scorpina and Rita watched from nearby as Squatt, Baboo, and Putties tried to shove the Youth Center bus, with Bulk and Skull inside, over a cliff to make the Rangers surrender.
-   Upon growing, Scorpina had a monstrous scorpion-like face, a claw hand where her armored hand had been, and a prehensile stinging tail.
-   Giant Scorpina wrapped her tail around the Megazord's head and sent yellow energy coursing through the Megazord.

-   Scorpina was amiable with Goldar and had her hand on his shoulder during the villains' toast in the palace.

-   Goldar and Scorpina attacked Angel Grove together.
-   Scorpina could shoot blue energy from her armored hand.
-   Giant Scorpina could charge her claw arm up with blue energy bolts and then shoot a series of yellow energy bursts.
-   Goldar and Scorpina, both giant, retreated from the Ultrazord after it had destroyed the Wheel of Misfortune.

-   Scorpina was with Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar as they watched Rita summon Mutitis and Lokar.
-   Baboo stated that the last time Rita had called on Lokar, he'd nearly wiped them out; upon hearing Baboo's recollection of Lokar, Squatt tried to pull Rita's arm to stop her from summoning him, but she shoved him away, making Goldar and Scorpina nervous.
-   Goldar and Scorpina joined the Putties in occupying the Rangers while Rita summoned Mutitis and Lokar.

-   Rita sent Scorpina to get the map to the Mirror of Destruction, and Squatt and Baboo came with her.
-   Scorpina snapped her fingers, and boulders gathered together to form the Rockstar.
-   Scorpina used her sword to bat aside the arrows from Kim's Power Bow.
?   In one shot where Scorpina was with Squatt and Baboo, her mouth moved, but she said nothing.
-   Scorpina could shoot blue energy blobs (wavy comet shapes) from her fingertips on her armored hand.
-   Scorpina threw her sword at Pink Ranger, causing Kim to drop the Mirror of Destruction in midair.
-   Scorpina and Goldar, both giant, fought the Megazord, with Scorpina holding the Mirror of Destruction.
-   Giant Goldar seemed to look right into the Mirror as his image was reflected in it; giant Scorpina tossed the Mirror aside quickly, telling him not to look.
-   Scorpina and Goldar, both giant, retreated once the Mirror had been destroyed.

-   Scorpina fought the five Rangers at the beach.
-   Scorpina called the worm which she held in her hand her pet worm.
-   Goldar, Scorpina, and Babe Ruthless somehow grew even though Rita was supposed to be taking a day off; Rita's wand was not shown during the growing sequence.
-   Before Dragonzord blasted her, giant Scorpina had some sort of long extension, perhaps her tail, attached to the Tyrannosaurus's neck.
-   Scorpina and Goldar, both giant, crossed their swords to fire an energy blast composed of a bluish-white stream and a red energy bolt.
-   Once giant Babe Ruthless had been destroyed, Scorpina was again in her normal humanoid form, but she then unleashed a giant-sized version of her pet worm on the Rangers.

-   Scorpina stood on the observatory with Rita and her henchmen; she would also be shown on the observatory with the others in 137-CUCl, 139-Ddy1, 140-Ddy2, 141-PigS, 142-L&Bl, and 151-GBee.

-   Rita sent Goldar and Scorpina to help Polluticorn fight the Rangers.

-   Rita put Scorpina in charge of the Twin Man mission.
?   As the evil Red Ranger prepared to strike a citizen of Angel Grove with his Power Sword, the original, unmorphed version of the Power Sword flew down and struck his hand, stopping him; Scorpina then laughed and yelled, "Now!", having the evil Rangers continue their attack on the citizens; at this point, the real Rangers didn't yet seem to be on the scene.

-   Scorpina could shoot from her forehead a red stream of energy with yellow energy specks.
-   Scorpina fought the Rangers in Angel Grove.

-   Scorpina and Goldar went to stop the Rangers from unearthing the Octoplant seeds.
-   In the middle of the battle, Scorpina winked at Goldar; the two villains then crossed their swords to release a blast of yellow and red energy.
-   Scorpina shot bluish-white energy from her armored hand.

-   Scorpina accompanied Goldar into battle when he returned to Earth to fight the teens after they'd defeated the Putties.
-   A full-powered chop from the Megazord Power Sword didn't destroy Goldar and Scorpina, both giant; the villains merely retreated afterward.

-   Scorpina stood quite close to Goldar and affectionately played with one of his locks of hair.

-   Scorpina and Goldar, both giant, fought Dragonzord after Green Ranger had regained control over it.
-   Scorpina and Goldar, both giant, crossed their blades to fire a red and yellow energy bolt.
?   In the middle of the fight with Dragonzord, Goldar realized that they'd left the Power Coins unguarded, and he and Scorpina vanished; the villains never returned to the Power Coins, however, as the coins remained unguarded, allowing Tommy to reclaim them.
-   In the palace, Scorpina and Goldar were cowering in fear when Rita was upset about them letting Green Ranger get away with both the Power Coins and the Dragon Dagger.

-   Scorpina was in the palace when Zedd arrived.
-   Scorpina helped Rita up after she'd fallen from the palace's quaking due to Zedd's arrival.
-   Scorpina appeared to be running away, through the room of the palace to the "north" of the observatory, as the palace was quaking from Zedd's entrance into the palace.

-   Upon seeing that Adam was sad because he was the only male teen without a date to the vice-versa dance, Zedd said the had the perfect date for Adam.
-   Sabrina, actually Scorpina in a human disguise, gave a martial arts demonstration in the Youth Center.
-   After her demonstration, Sabrina approached Adam and Aisha and asked if she could join Adam since she was new in school.
-   Despite her friendliness with Adam, Sabrina was very rude to Aisha, completely ignoring her and trying to make her hold her bag while she talked to Adam.
-   Sabrina told Adam she'd heard he was one of the best martial artists at Angel Grove High, and she asked to see a few of his moves.
-   Adam was planning on going hiking with Sabrina the next day, and he invited Aisha along for her to get to know Sabrina better.
-   While watching Adam evilly, Sabrina had the glowing yellow mark of the scorpion on her forehead for an instant.
-   When asked on the hike why he'd brought Aisha along, Adam said she was one of his best friends, and that he just wanted them to get along, but Sabrina cheerfully told him not to hold his breath.
-   When Goldar and the Putties showed up, Sabrina's scorpion symbol transformed her with yellow energy into Scorpina.
-   After Aisha and Adam were confronted by the revealed Scorpina, Aisha told the villainess, "I knew there was something I didn't like about you! I mean, besides your hair and your clothes."; Scorpina sarcastically replied that she was crushed.
-   White Ranger fought both Goldar and Scorpina simultaneously, with neither villain able to land a blow on him.
-   Upon growing, Scorpina said, "I'm back."; she hadn't gone anywhere since fighting White Ranger, so she may have been referring to her absence from 202-Mut2 through 228-PTr2.
-   After Goldar and Scorpina had grown, Zordon, fearing the Tigerzord and Thunder Megazord wouldn't be strong enough, had Alpha boost the power output of the Thunder Ultrazord and told the Rangers to call on it if necessary.
-   The Thunder Saber, strobing with yellow energy as from its finishing move, merely caused Goldar and Scorpina, both giant, to tumble back.
-   The Thunder Ultrazord fired a series of bluish-white energy pulses from Tor's shoulder cannons, blasting giant Goldar and giant Scorpina back and making them retreat.


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?   Scorpina was shown on the balcony of the moon palace when Zordon, just before vanishing into his time warp 10,000 years ago, had shot eyebeams summoning a magic urn on the balcony which sucked the villains, Scorpina included, inside, even though Scorpina shouldn't have been trapped with the others.

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