- giant mechanical insect craft used by Scorpius, Trakeena (701-QsQ1 through 744-End2)
First Appearance: 702-QsQ2
Last Appearance: 745-End3
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-   While Furio had been attacking Mirinoi, the Scorpion Stinger had been waiting nearby, probably in Mirinoi orbit.
-   The Scorpion Stinger soon followed the Megaship through a portal to the Milky Way.
-   The Scorpion Stinger was a massive black spacecraft shaped like a giant robotic dragonfly, with gold pincers; two stationary, shiny, bluish-black "wing" structures on each side of its body just behind the head; and two large gold curving prongs shaped like a pincer affixed to the end of the tail.
-   As the Scorpion Stinger moved through space, it writhed its entire body up and down with serpentine undulations.
-   Scorpius's lair was a red cavernous chamber with a squat stone pillar in the center on which Scorpius lay.

-   Leading out of Scorpius's lair was a corridor which took a right after leaving the lair; in the opposite direction were a viewscreen and alien control panel built into the cavernous decor.
-   To teleport from the Scorpion Stinger, Furio and Radster flew down from opposite sides of the underside of the Scorpion Stinger's head as two weaving green energy streaks.
-   If the viewscreen were "north" and the corridor "southeast," then located in the "west" wall was an indentation in which Trakeena could sit beside Scorpius's podium.

-   Bored, Trakeena wanted to go into action; at the wall of Scorpius's lair, with goo and webbing on it, Trakeena took a piece of something off it and touched her tongue to it, wearily saying the Scorpion Stinger was so "dead."

-   As the Scorpion Stinger approached Terra Venture, the colony appeared on its organic-edged viewscreen in Scorpius's lair, and Treacheron said they could now employ their surveillance system.
-   As Kendrix and Maya spoke in their dorm about some sunflowers Kendrix had gotten for decoration, Treacheron listened over headphones attached to a biotech surveillance system with a small dish, then patching it over the speaker for the others.

-   As the teens flew the Megaship after the Lights of Orion, the ship was attacked by the Scorpion Stinger.
-   After passing the smaller Megaship, the Scorpion Stinger brought up its tail like a scorpion and shot a brief green energy stream from the glowing green point between its tail blades, disabling the Megaship's engines.
-   In space, flying Stingwingers flew out from the side of the Scorpion Stinger to attack the Rangers.
-   Treacheron was thrown into a cell by Stingwingers; the cell looked normal with no biotech or cavernous surroundings; nearby were some barrels, and the floor was wooden.

-   Outside Treacheron's cell was a green organic wall.

-   As the Scorpion Stinger was flying through space, a large stream of brown liquid or gas was drifting from the middle of its underside; inside, an alarm was blaring.
-   Scorpius called out for Trakeena, and she ran in from the hallway as it crackled with orange energy bolts; she told him with panic that they were leaking fuel, and he had her shut down the booster ports and close down the fuel reactors or they'd run out of fuel.
-   After the leak had stopped, Trakeena panicked that they couldn't run out of fuel or they'd freeze and drift into deep space, but Scorpius knew of one place with enough energy to solve all of their problems, and the Stinger would then approach Terra Venture.
-   After the Scorpion Stinger had approached the underside of the Mountain Dome, a white beam from the Stinger rose up and connected to the underside of the dome, draining energy from throughout the colony's power system.
-   Soon, the energy-draining beam was purple.
-   At a massive flaming lava pit of indeterminate origins in the Mountain Dome, Defender Torozord shot a steady energy bolt into the lava pit in an attempt to cause a meltdown which would destroy the Mountain Dome and Scorpius with it.
-   Later, when the lava pit began to have a meltdown, Scorpius had the Scorpion Stinger disconnect; the ship would have no further energy problems.

-   Looking into a mirror, Trakeena sat alone on a throne in her own chamber somewhere aboard the Scorpion Stinger.
-   Running away from Scorpius's lair, Trakeena ran down the long skeletal-like hallway which ran down the length of the Scorpion Stinger with glowing orange segments along its sides, the hallway itself flexing and curving according to the movements of the craft.

-   By this point, Scorpius's cavernous orange lair was very well-lit compared to its original state in 702-QsQ2.
-   Scorpius could make his stone pillar rotate with him on it.

-   In a storage area in the Scorpion Stinger, Kegler and Stingwingers pushed Trakeena's chained-up cocoon into the corner.
-   As of Scorpius's death and Trakeena's takeover, the main lair of the Scorpion Stinger now had more green lighting than orange, and Trakeena had a rocky throne against the wall, with Scorpius's pillar gone.
-   After Leo had been captured, the Scorpion Stinger lay in the desert of an alien planet.
-   In the storage room, Trakeena used a green energy bolt from her staff to cause a hole in the floor to dissolve into a glowing red pit with flames dancing out of it, for Leo to be thrown into.
-   After Leo had flown a Stingwinger down a tunnel leading out of the storage room, the two emerged from an external orange and black tunnel apparently leading out from the side of the Scorpion Stinger.

-   As the Scorpion Stinger was in the path of a meteoroid field, one meteoroid plunged into the left side of the ship, a bit near the front end, shaking the ship.
-   In a giant chamber was a hollow control core on a podium above the unseen ground; large gears were near the core, and a walkway from the right led toward the doorway of the core, inside which was the engine room.
-   At the rear end of the core was a large generator with multiple electrical coil rods on the top which channeled pulses of electricity through strands of wire to one of what looked like two side-by-side colossal organic hearts, with massive purple tubes or arteries leading away from them.
-   With each surge of electricity, the hearts contracted, then released as the electricity pulse ended; meanwhile, a ventilator on the side of the core appeared to be controlling respiration.
-   The aforementioned meteorite, penetrating the large chamber, plunged into the front end of the control core.
-   The engine room within the control core was filled with machinery and controls, with steaming stalagmites near the door.
-   Seeing the hole in the wall and sparking electronics consoles, Kegler declared it a disaster; the engines were disabled, leaving the ship stranded.
-   In the engine core, Kegler discovered another fried circuit board, shrieking that it would take two or three centuries to fix, as he'd never worked on anything like it before; they needed a real mechanic, giving Deviot an idea.
-   Now in the main lair of the Scorpion Stinger was a giant fan blade which rotated slowly, casting moving shadows through the cavern.
-   A heliship soon approached the Scorpion Stinger near a small green point of light on the left side of the craft and docked; the heliship's side hatch opened up into an area of semi-organic walls with large foil tubing.
-   The area opened up into a vast chamber running along the Scorpion Stinger interior, with multiple massive honeycombed spheres on the ceiling, most cells of the honeycombs glowing a dull orange; Stingwingers flew about, mostly to the hives, and on the ground was a gray unfinished portion of another hive dome dome.
-   The Stingwingers led Damon through this area, then down another corridor, this time mostly mechanical with pipes in the walls, a round hatch doorway in the wall, and webbing shadows all over the area, before reaching Trakeena's lair.
-   In the engine chamber, the giant double-heart was still beating as normal, though perhaps a bit more weakly or slowly.
-   The guidwires of the bridge running to the engine core were red energy strands.
-   Entering the engine room, Damon was stunned by the mess of machinery inside, but he got to work armed only with his toolbox.
-   Renier was being held in a cell with a round metal bar door in a normal organic-walled area; in an adjacent identical cell was what appeared to be a skeleton.
-   Damon managed to complete repairs, bringing the engines back online, as the meteor storm began, making the ship rumble.
-   The villains rushed to the main lair, and Kegler accessed the wavy-edged keyboard of white alien irregularly-shaped keys, at which point the giant double heart appeared to begin beating again, as though it had stopped at some point; Kegler said they'd be up and running in a few moments.
-   Moments later, the ship rumbled, and the lights flickered as the engines presumably came back on.
-   Near the heliship docking port, Damon pulled a hose from the wall and hit a valve, making the hose blow a jet of steam which allowed him to escape from Cannonbrawl.
-   At that point, engines were at full power, and Kegler made the Scorpion Stinger fly out of the meteor storm.

-   On the Scorpion Stinger, Chameliac pressed a button on the alien control panel to begin analysis, and five holographic data displays, one of each Ranger, appeared around him for analysis; he remarked to Trakeena she had excellent archives.
-   The Red Ranger video showed Red using his fire blast on the blue beetle monster (not previously shown) and performing his saber fire slash on Radster.
-   The Green video showed Green Ranger fighting Ruptor, who wielded a giant spoon (not previously shown) and performing various Transdagger attacks in the woods, as well as flipping over the other Rangers to perform a solo fireball attack (from 724-GrCr).
-   The Yellow video showed Yellow Ranger tackling a red and yellow centipede monster in a black trenchcoat, both falling off a building into some woods (not previously shown); she was also shown fighting Ruptor in the woods, but her Delta Daggers were ineffective on his shell (also not previously shown).
-   The Pink video showed Pink Ranger performing Cosma Claw and Magna Talon attacks on Rykon, then pouncing on her like a cat (not previously shown).
-   The Blue video showed Blue Ranger pounding Quakemaker with the Cosma Claw, morphing while running (from 708-BlCr), and performing various leap attacks on the monster.

?   Before it had shattered from the demonstration of Decibat's soundwaves, Deviot had been holding a green bottle of "Stinger Soda," having a logo of a yellow diamond with three silhouetted Scorpion Stinger drawings.

-   Just after Mutiny's castle had emerged into the normal universe following Terra Venture, the Scorpion Stinger clamped its jaws onto one of the castle's spires.
-   Trakeena pressed a button, and the pincers crushed the portion of the castle.
-   As the Scorpion Stinger flew off, the damaged portion of the castle was glowing with blue light, and the entire structure then exploded in a massive fireball.

-   The Scorpion Stinger approached the Industrial Dome and fired its tail beam, making an explosion, and then a larger one erupted inside the dome as one of the metal dome structures within the Industrial Dome exploded.
-   The Scorpion Stinger moved, blasting more, as more explosions erupted in the Industrial Dome; the dome would soon be shown to be completely obliterated.
-   The Stinger's tail beam then destroyed Terra Venture's one remaining engine cluster.
-   As the Scorpion Stinger chomped on successive portions of a dome-to-dome tunnel with its pincers, an explosive charge on its left pincer detonated, and the stunned craft, its smoking broken pincer flickering with orange light, tumbled into space.
?   The Scorpion Stinger was soon shown flying in space with no damaged pincer.
-   Trakeena stepped up to the center inside a giant domed honeycomb with a Stingwinger buzzing in almost every cell.
-   Swarms of Stingwingers flew up from nearly a dozen clustered giant honeycomb domes, then flew out from the underside of the Scorpion Stinger's head as the broken pincer flickered orange and green.
-   Trakeena stood on the Stinger's head to watch the chaos in and outside the city dome below.
-   After blasting Villamax through a wall into a room with the Scorpion Stinger design in the floor, Trakeena manned the controls herself, and the Stinger's tail aimed at Terra Venture shuttles.
-   The ship suddenly rumbled as the Megaship flew in blasting with a direct hit.
-   As the Megaship turned and approached from the front, Trakeena had the Stinger ram them and violently grab the Megaship in its pincers (one broken) and then squeeze, crushing the top and bottom of the front of the Megaship.
-   Nearly two minutes later, the Megaship suddenly erupted in a huge self-destructing explosion; the badly damaged Scorpion Stinger spiraled in a smoking trail toward the moon below.
-   After recovering from his own crash, Leo saw the wreckage of the Scorpion Stinger nearby, its tail creaking and sprawling across the surface.

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