- insectoid villain bent on conquering Galaxy Rangers and ruling universe (701-QsQ1 through 721-Heir); father of Trakeena
First Appearance: 702-QsQ2
Last Appearance: 721-Heir
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-   As people attempted unsuccessfully, one after the other, to pull the Quasar Sabers from the stone on Mirinoi, Stingwingers rapidly closed in on the area.
-   While the Stingwingers caused chaos throughout the village, Furio declared, "Finally, the Quasar Sabers will be mine!" and attempted to remove the sabers but was unsuccessful.

-   When Maya and four teens from Terra Venture released the Quasar Sabers, Furio declared that if he couldn't have the sabers, no one would, and he proceeded to turn Mirinoi and everyone on it to stone.
-   Furio appeared to have no familiarity with the sabers' ability to morph the teens into Galaxy Rangers, or even the concept of Rangers in general.
-   The Scorpion Stinger had been waiting nearby, probably in Mirinoi orbit.
-   A short while after the Megaship had flown through a portal near Mirinoi to return to the Milky Way, the Scorpion Stinger was flying through regular space; Scorpius asked for their status, and Furio replied that they'd passed through the portal.
-   Scorpius had Furio begin his duty: getting the Quasar Sabers and destroying those who had taken them from him.
-   Scorpius was a flat, flesh-colored, slug-shaped insect creature lying on a rock, with six large black tentacles with yellow markings down them; he had a black marking on the top of his "body," bordered with yellow coloration
-   Beside Scorpius's vertical mouth slit, which was lined with tiny jagged teeth, were tapered, curving palpi, finger-like sense organs surrounding insect mouths; each palpus bore the same colorations as Scorpius's tentacles.
-   Scorpius's large round eyes were black and completely smooth and reflective rather than compound; he had fleshy eyelids which allowed him to blink.
-   Scorpius could be seen breathing slowly as areas in the side of his sack-like body inflated and deflated slightly.

-   On a red planet, Stingwingers led by the robot warrior Brunt were anchoring massive chains from five giant metal cages to large stone weights below; inside the cages were the five Galactabeasts, apparently recently captured.
-   Brunt said once Scorpius saw what a great general was, he was sure to give him the promotion he [deserved?]; he was interrupted when unmorphed Maya called out from a tree branch.
-   Seeing her, Brunt was pleased, calling her another trophy, and he and the Stingwingers chased her through the forest.
-   As the three teens attempted to unlock the cages, they were attacked by Radster and more Stingwingers, and they morphed.
-   After the Rangers had freed the Galactabeasts and Radster had retreated, Brunt was in Scorpius's lair on the Scorpion Stinger.
-   Scorpius told Brunt that failing him once was one time too many, and he blasted him in the chest with a yellow energy bolt from his left palpus, making Brunt fall and scramble away screaming that it hadn't been his fault.
-   Scorpius called for Furio and told him to destroy the Power Rangers and bring him the Quasar Sabers.
-   Meanwhile, Princess Trakeena, Scorpius's insect-based daughter with a humanoid face and body shape, listened from the hallway leading out of Scorpius's lair.
-   The Scorpion Stinger was immediately shown approaching Terra Venture, and Furio and Radster teleported down, with Furio eventually leaving soon after the arrival of the Galaxy Rangers.
-   As the Rangers confronted Radster on Terra Venture, Leo told the monster he didn't belong in this galaxy.
-   After the combined force of the Galactabeasts and Rangers had destroyed Radster on Terra Venture, Furio entered and told Scorpius that now that they knew where the Quasar Sabers were, it was only a matter of time.
-   Scorpius replied that once they had the sabers, they could destroy the Rangers, and Furio laughed and exited.
-   Sitting against the wall near her father, Trakeena told Scorpius it looked as though he might have finally found a worthy general; Scorpius told his "sweet daughter" that time would tell.

-   While Furio was fighting Leo in the Forest Dome in an attempt to get his saber, a thundering sound in the sky interrupted him, and he cupped his nonexistent ear and nodded, then told Leo that he'd gotten lucky this time, teleporting away.
-   In the corridor outside Scorpius's lair, Trakeena encountered Furio, teasing him about his inability to get one Quasar Saber and saying Scorpius was anxious to speak to him about his failure.
-   Scorpius called out to ask Trakeena where Furio was, but she didn't reply, secretly scheming with him.
-   After his agent, Horn, had stolen GSA laser rifles and the Quasar Sabers and captured Red Ranger as well, Furio brought the sabers wrapped in a black bundle to the hot slag pool on Terra Venture where Horn was melting down GSA blasters to make room for his latest prizes.
-   Furio said he wanted the sabers melted into tin cans, shocking Horn.
-   As Furio said Scorpius commanded it, Horn told him to tell Scorpius they'd been destroyed, but Furio replied that Horn was more of a fool than he'd thought.
-   In the ensuing struggle, Leo escaped with the sabers.
-   Later thinking he'd captured and destroyed the real Quasar Sabers, Furio stole the Transdaggers from Horn to destroy them as well, but the Rangers managed to reclaim them and would soon destroy Horn.

-   Another day, Furio told Scorpius that the Gasser would put all of Terra Venture into a deep sleep, and Furio would then take control; Scorpius approved.
-   Furio was last seen stuck in an elevator which had been shut down by a boy named Matthew; Gasser was then destroyed.

-   Days or weeks after the Rangers had flown Matthew back to Earth, Furio was in the Forest Dome at the sealed entrance to a cave in which the Lights of Orion had supposedly been sealed for eons.
-   Trakeena's presence startled Furio, and she told him Scorpius had been looking for him and that his time had run out.
-   Furio urged Trakeena to convince her father to give him a small extension, as this time he would bring him the Lights of Orion; excited by the idea of actually getting the Lights, Trakeena forced Furio to team up with her in order to avoid facing Scorpius.
-   Later, when Furio finally obtained the Lights' silver case, he was shocked to find the box empty, saying it was impossible; Trakeena demanded an explanation, saying her father would be furious to learn of his failure, but Furio begged for another chance, saying he'd find them, and they teleported away.
-   In Scorpius's lair, Scorpius was holding Furio's arm with his tentacle as Furio struggled.
-   Scorpius growled asking how he dared return without the Lights of Orion; he called Furio a miserable excuse for a general and said he was finished with him once and for all.
-   Furio begged desperately to be spared, saying he would find the Lights; smiling nearby, Trakeena sweetly told her father to give him one more chance, and Scorpius gently agreed and released him.

-   Scorpius told Furio that many had tried to find the Lights of Orion, and all had failed, including Furio.
-   Furio said that Wisewizard had new information that could prove helpful, and Wisewizard said he believed the Lights were hidden in an ordinary camera and that the trick was to find out which one.
-   Furio said Wisewizard would find the Lights, and Scorpius approved, but said that he would destroy Furio if he failed him again; Furio understood and left with the monster.
-   Scorpius remarked to Trakeena that he'd had enough of this foolishness.
-   Wisewizard would eventually be destroyed without finding the Lights.

-   Trakeena asked her father to give her a chance and let her find the Lights of Orion, cheerfully saying she would make the Rangers regret it if they got in her way.
-   Scorpius told Trakeena that battling was for warriors, not his sweet princess; she wanted to "go out and conquer, destroy... you know, have a social life!"
-   Furio entered, having been called, and Scorpius demanded to know where the Lights were; Furio said he was very close and now believed they were buried in the soil of Terra Venture, and Scorpius told him not to come back without them.
-   Scorpius had indeed given Furio another chance despite having threatened in 707-DblD that he would destroy him if he failed him again, but he may have chosen to continue sending Furio into action rather than giving Trakeena the opportunity to endanger herself.
-   After Furio had gone, Scorpius had Trakeena promise she'd obey him, but she crossed her fingers behind her back as she promised.
-   After Quakemaker's destruction, Furio was in Scorpius's lair with his wrists chained together, held by Stingwingers.
-   Scorpius told Furio he'd been warned and had still failed, but Furio promised to find the Lights.
-   Scorpius said he'd wait no more and shot a yellow energy bolt from his palpi; Furio held up his chains to block, freeing himself.
-   As Trakeena watched excitedly, Furio shoved the Stingwingers back and ran out; the Stingwingers looked back at Scorpius for instructions without chasing, and he told them to return Furio to him.
-   Inside a cave in the Forest Dome, Furio finished defeating the three Stingwingers, outraged that this was how Scorpius repayed him for all he'd done for him.
-   Furio went in one direction but suddenly looked at a rock area in the wall, asking as he approached, "What's this? Could it be, the Lights of Orion have been right under our noses the whole time?"

-   After Furio had self-destructed while fighting Leo in the cave and Magna Defender had carried Leo out of the cave, Scorpius told Treacheron in his lair that the Magna Defender had returned; Treacheron wasn't surprised at the news.
-   Scorpius said Magna Defender would stop at nothing to destroy Scorpius; therefore, Scorpius told Treacheron to take three monsters and destroy the Magna Defender to stop him from getting the Lights of Orion which he would be seeking.
?   In a cut scene from a preview after 708-BlCr, Scorpius had been heard saying, "The Lights of Orion. Bring them to me, Starcog," but in the actual episode, Starcog was implied to be one of the three monsters he'd told Treacheron to take.
-   After Ruptor had stolen a stone supposedly containing the Lights, a strong Treacheron monster named Samuron attempted to smash the stone open with his sledgehammer to release the Lights.
-   When his hammer broke, Samuron exclaimed that for thousands of years, nothing had withstood the crash of his hammer.
-   3,000 years ago, Treacheron had been sent (presumably by Scorpius) to destroy Magna Defender just as he had been releasing the Lights of Orion on Mirinoi.

-   Looking at Zika's dart, Magna Defender told Zika he would never forgive Scorpius for what he'd done to Zika, or what he'd done to their planet.
-   In Magna Defender's memory from 3,000 years ago, a gray planet covered with a grainy surface was in space with a red nebula behind it; explosions were erupting over its surface from space.
-   Monsters of Scorpius, including a blue beetle monster, Impostra, Motor Mantis, and Radster, had looted jewels from treasure chests in the flaming rubble before Magna Defender had confronted them.
-   The monsters had teasingly observed that the Magna Defender had survived.
-   Magna Defender had summoned Torozord, then suddenly saw Scorpius, with whom he was familiar, on a rock with Stingwingers around him.
-   Having been waiting for Magna Defender, Scorpius had revealed Fishface holding Magna Defender's armored son Zika.
-   Fishface had told Magna Defender to drop his weapon or his son was doomed; he did so, then called off Torozord when ordered.
?   The monsters had struck Magna Defender and grappled him as Captain Mutiny, shown from the back, laughed silently near where Scorpius would've been.
-   Blasting Magna Defender in the chest with an orange energy bolt from his palpi, Scorpius had told him that he wouldn't stop him from ruling the universe.
-   As Magna Defender, collapsing, had told Scorpius to leave Zika alone, Fishface had shoved Zika down on Scorpius's word to release him.
-   Zika had then pulled out his dart weapon and charged toward Scorpius, but an orange energy bolt from Scorpius then struck Zika in the chest, killing him.
-   Magna Defender had crawled sobbingly toward Zika's body as he then appeared to be alone in the flaming rubble.
-   Looking at the dart and the night sky in the present, Magna Defender swore to have his revenge against Scorpius.
-   As the Scorpion Stinger approached Terra Venture, Treacheron said they could now employ their surveillance system.
-   Scorpius told Treacheron and Fishface that every other plan to get the Lights of Orion had failed, and Magna Defender must not get them first.
-   As Kendrix and Maya spoke in their dorm about some sunflowers Kendrix had gotten for decoration, Treacheron listened over headphones attached to a biotech surveillance system with a small dish, then patching it over the speaker for the others.
-   Fishface thought the girls were speaking in code about the Lights of Orion being in a sunflower statue, but Scorpius ordered them to stop this foolishness; Trakeena, however, thought he might have something, considering all of the sunflower statues on Terra Venture.
-   Pleased, Scorpius sent Fishface to search every statue, telling him he had only one chance.
-   Questing after the Lights, Fishface said the Lights of Orion would finally be theirs, and Scorpius would rule the universe.
-   After the Defender Torozord had destroyed giant Fishface, Scorpius told Treacheron that the "Mega Defender" was even more dangerous than before now that he had his Torozord.

-   Chillyfish was sent to freeze everyone on Terra Venture as part of a plot to find the Lights of Orion.
-   Once the colony was frozen, Scorpius told Treacheron to bring him the Lights, ordering him not to fail him.
-   Some time after Trakeena had sneaked into action with Treacheron, she was teleported by Treacheron into Scorpius's lair, where she landed in annoyance on the floor.
-   After Chillyfish's destruction, Scorpius furiously asked Treacheron how he dared to defy him, demanding that Trakeena was never to go into battle; he felt he should destroy Treacheron.
-   Treacheron lied that Trakeena had followed him without his permission, and Scorpius told him to leave his sight before he ate him for dessert.

-   One Terra Venture "night," after the Lights of Orion had flown by the teens' GSA dorm windows, the Lights were on the viewscreen as Treacheron said he'd located them; Trakeena, having first pointed to them on the viewscreen, said he'd stumbled onto them instead.
-   Treacheron said his only interest was to capture the Lights for Scorpius, and Scorpius told him to get them, and Treacheron would rule the universe with him.
-   After Treacheron's firing had disabled the pursuing Megaship and the Rangers had flown out in the Jet Jammers, Scorpius had Treacheron release Stingwingers to stop them.
-   After Impostra had tricked Destruxo into absorbing the power of the Lights, Trakeena told Scorpius that Treacheron had betrayed him, saying she thought he wanted more and more power, so then he could take over.
-   Trakeena told him the Lights should already be there, and when Treacheron entered, having been called for, he didn't know where they were either.
-   The viewscreen showed the fire wave generated by Orion-powered Destruxo, and Trakeena accused Treacheron of ordering Destruxo to steal the Lights; Scorpius agreed, and Trakeena took his sword and had the Stingwingers drag him away to be locked up.

-   Magna Defender cornered Trakeena in the Forest Dome, intending to take Scorpius's only daughter from him, as Scorpius had taken his only son Zika.
-   Before managing to escape, Trakeena nervously chattered that it had probably been an accident and she was sure he was very sorry.
-   After Treacheron and the Shark Brothers had been destroyed in battle, Trakeena told her father they needed a new general with Treacheron gone; he told her not to worry herself, but she insisted that she could help him, and that he needed a general who could finally extinguish the Rangers and perhaps recover the Lights of Orion.
-   Trakeena pleaded for Scorpius to let her find the next general, and he said he would take it under consideration.

-   As the Scorpion Stinger was flying through space, a large stream of brown liquid or gas was drifting from the middle of its underside; inside, an alarm was blaring.
-   Scorpius called out for Trakeena, and she ran in from the hallway; she told him with panic that they were leaking fuel, and he had her shut down the booster ports and close down the fuel reactors or they'd run out of fuel.
-   After the leak had stopped, Trakeena panicked that they couldn't run out of fuel or they'd freeze and drift into deep space, but Scorpius knew of one place with enough energy to solve all of their problems, and the Stinger would then approach Terra Venture.
-   The Scorpion Stinger blasted an exterior tunnel in which Leo and Maya happened to have been driving, triggering a loss of atmosphere which caused the Mountain Dome's airlocks to be sealed; Scorpius was pleased by the dome's isolation, and Trakeena began the energy drain.
-   As Magna Defender was attempting to cause a meltdown which would destroy the Mountain Dome, Scorpius told Trakeena to send down a monster to stop him, and Freaky Tiki, a Hexuba monster, then instantaneously entered.
-   Later, when the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber destroyed giant Freaky Tiki, his spear flew into the dome's lava pit, making its flames flare up, and Scorpius had the Scorpion Stinger disconnect.

-   In the Scorpion Stinger, a frustrated Trakeena, having been told no, asked how she could ever rule along beside Scorpius if he never let her battle the Rangers; he told her her chance would come, but not today.
-   Having a different plan, Scorpius called in the Hexuba-themed monster Skelekron, who brought in Skelekron Warriors who could steal the Rangers' powers.

-   In a chamber of her own somewhere aboard the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena ordered Crumummy to steal the beauty from the girls of Terra Venture or she'd feed him to her father.
-   While Trakeena was out gallivanting on Terra Venture in a beautiful human form, Scorpius was busy in his lair, projecting a stream of silk-like strand from a tentacle, making a human-sized cocoon; he said the cocoon would soon be ready, and his lovely Trakeena's final metamorphosis would be at hand.
-   Later, Scorpius called for Trakeena, and she was confused to see the cocoon in his lair; it was now complete and glowing blue from within.
-   Scorpius told Trakeena that the time had come for her to enter the cocoon so that she could shed her mortal beauty and become an insect with magnificent powers, like him; it was her destiny, he would tell her.
-   Trakeena, imagining herself trapped and screaming inside the cocoon, thanked her father but replied that she liked her mortal beauty and didn't want to become a bug.
-   Scorpius told Trakeena she must, as it was what they had all had to do; looking at the buzzing, drooling Stingwingers nearby, Trakeena refused and turned to leave, but Scorpius grabbed her with a tentacle, telling her she had no choice.
-   Trakeena pulled free and ran away, with Scorpius explaining it was for her own good; she continued running down the hallway and teleported away.

-   Weeks or months apparently passed while Trakeena was missing (see "Missing time").

-   After flying his small spacecraft to the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot entered the main lair and shoved back Stingwingers which attacked him.
-   Scorpius asked who dared to enter his lair uninvited, and Deviot told his name, calling himself Scorpius's loyal servant.
-   Holding a remote, Deviot said it controlled three of the most fearsome Zords ever created; Scorpius was tempted but asked what he was seeking in return.
-   Deviot wanted to be second in command, having heard Scorpius's daughter hadn't wanted the position; approaching Trakeena's cocoon, Deviot said he wanted to step inside and become invincible, but Scorpius angrily fired an energy bolt between him and the cocoon, saying it was only for Trakeena.
-   Deviot pointed out that Trakeena was "long gone," and Scorpius irritatedly demanded proof of the power of his Zords.
-   After Deviot had nearly destroyed the Rangers with his evil Megazords but had then stopped, Scorpius angrily refused to talk about the cocoon, firing another warning blast, until Deviot finished destroying the Rangers.

-   When asked if Scorpius could count on him, Deviot replied that he would serve as his new general with absolute loyalty; for his first mission, he said, he would have Scorpius's new Zords destroy the Rangers.
-   After the Zords had allied with the Rangers, Deviot knew Scorpius wouldn't allow him to enter the cocoon, so he plotted to destroy Scorpius instead.

-   In his lair, Scorpius was facing the viewscreen when Deviot entered, sorry to report that he had been unable to find Trakeena anywhere, saying she obviously didn't want to be found.
-   Scorpius insisted that it was Trakeena's destiny to rule the universe.
-   Scorpius could make his stone pillar rotate with him on it.
-   Deviot apologized, saying he would find her no matter what it took, and Scorpius sadly uttered Trakeena's name.
-   Villamax, a patron of the Onyx Tavern, bore the same wing pin as numerous monsters used by Furio, and he took a great interest in Trakeena despite her apparent unfamiliarity with him.
-   After luring the Rangers into a warehouse on Terra Venture, Deviot returned to the Scorpion Stinger and lied to Scorpius that he'd found Trakeena on Terra Venture, but that the Rangers were holding her prisoner.
-   Enraged, Scorpius planned to destroy them with his bare tentacles; Deviot insisted it was too dangerous, but Scorpius had their course changed to intercept Terra Venture, determined to deal with the Rangers himself.
-   After the Rangers had entered the warehouse to which Deviot had lured them, the door slammed shut.
-   Deviot, with Stingwingers, said the energy cell had merely been a ploy to get them there, and he stepped aside, introducing Scorpius, who lay on a crate, as the ruler of the universe.
-   Scorpius demanded to know where Trakeena was, but the Rangers didn't know what he was talking about; Deviot told him it was a trick.
-   The Rangers struggled against Stingwingers, Deviot, and Scorpius's long tentacles.
-   During his continued demands for Trakeena, Scorpius at one point lifted Kai up into the air but soon threw him back down.
-   Summoning their Orion armor, the Rangers streaked up to Scorpius, the four Rangers grappling him as Leo leapt onto the crate behind him.
-   Orion-armored Leo charged his advanced Quasar Saber in flaming gold energy and struck Scorpius from behind, flinging the Rangers back with a large explosion, and Deviot left.
-   The mortally wounded Scorpius teleported away as a gold energy particle trail.
-   As Trakeena joined Villamax outside the Onyx Tavern after showing off her new strength, Kegler worriedly hobbled up, telling Trakeena that her father had been in an awful battle and was in bad shape.
-   Trakeena had to go back, and Villamax offered to escort her back; Kegler worriedly didn't want to stay after escorting her, but Villamax calmly assured him everything would be all right.
-   In Scorpius's lair, Deviot held Scorpius's tentacle as Scorpius weakly told him his energy was fading.
-   Deviot asked who could possibly match his wisdom in ruling the universe, and Scorpius told him it was he who must enter the cocoon and transform; Deviot would carry on his legacy with his new powers.
-   After asking if it was his final decision, Deviot dropped the tentacle and approached the cocoon, but Trakeena suddenly entered with her new allies Kegler and Villamax, sobbing over what had happened to Scorpius.
-   Trakeena was so sorry, but Scorpius was sorry for keeping her so sheltered; she knew he had only been trying to protect her, but he said he could protect her no more.
-   Scorpius told Deviot to be as loyal to Trakeena as he had been to him.
-   Scorpius told Trakeena, "With the powers I pass on to you, Trakeena, the universe will be yours. Be a powerful ruler, my sweet."
-   As Trakeena tearfully watched, Scorpius groaned and closed his eyes, then swirled away into a cloud of gold energy specks which floated away, leaving only the tentacle Trakeena had been holding.
-   The tentacle transformed with yellow-to-green electricity into Trakeena's staff, but with a new amber end on it containing a yellow and black striped spider or similar insect.

-   In the Lost Galaxy, Deviot allied with Captain Mutiny, causing Mutiny to fear Trakeena's wrath, even though Trakeena had not and would not enter the Lost Galaxy.
-   Behind Mutiny, at the main rear wall of the central room in his castle, were five vertical banners, the center black banner bearing Mutiny's emblem, and the other four white banners bearing four generals' symbols, from left to right: Villamax, Treacheron, Hexuba, and Barbarax.

-   Remembering Scorpius's words about the cocoon and her transformation, Trakeena (battered and insane) approached the cocoon and remarked, "Yes, father, it's time."

Other Sources.
-   According to exposition found on some later PRLG toys, the Rangers had to protect Terra Venture when Scorpius was "unleashed upon the galaxy." (Source: Deluxe Stratoforce Megazord toy package)
-   According to the Fox Kids website, Scorpius never allowed Trakeena to get wrapped up in his evil deeds, having resolved that she would not grow up to follow in his venomous footsteps.

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