- futuristic domed city used by Astronema to hold captives before they were turned into data cards
First Appearance: 638-MTSC
Last Appearance: 639-Ghst
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-   Astronema had a plan to build up their own forces, having a plan she said couldn't fail.

-   Another day, the Vacsacker monster began beaming away crowds of fleeing people from the plaza downtown, sending them all to Astronema's Secret City.
-   Inside a futuristic city covered with a transparent dome of hexagons just like the dome around the planet Yotoba, the captured people awoke, and they were shackled by Quantrons and Ecliptor.
-   Inside the forcefield dome of Secret City, Andros and Carlos were able to summon their Morphers, but the buttons wouldn't respond; Andros was also able to summon his Battlizer.
-   The forcefield around Secret City, which blocked communication and furthermore prevented the teens from morphing, was generated by a satellite dish atop a building within the city.
-   In a covered area featuring columns bearing the same yellow and orange symbols as in the Dark Fortress, captured people including Andros, Carlos, and Silvy were huddled while restrained and surrounded by the Quantrons.
-   To use his Battlizer's glowing fist power to free himself, Carlos, and Silvy, Andros said number one would probably be enough, accepting that number two might not activate there.
-   The detonators planted by T.J. and Cassie blew up the dish, dissolving the forcefield around the city, after which Andros was able to morph into the Red Battlized Ranger.
-   Secret City lay in the middle of a deserted mountainous area.
-   As Mega Voyager approached Secret City after destroying giant Vacsacker, an alarmed Astronema on the Dark Fortress had Ecliptor hurry; suddenly, the ground in the mountains quaked, and all of Secret City warped away in one giant warp wave, leaving the Mega Voyager alone in the mountains.

-   Some time the same day, the Rangers flew to a recently- and suddenly-abandoned cruise ship in the ocean which was right where Alpha's readings had shown the missing people; presumably, the readings were actually from Secret City's new location under the ocean, and the people from the cruise ship had been abducted when the ship had approached that location.
-   Secret City, with a forcefield dome again, was now at the bottom of the ocean.
-   Somewhere within Secret City's main tower was a room for the Data Laser, a machine which turned people into data cards, and connected to that room via a one-way blue viewing window was a control room.
-   The Rangers rode the Megatank through a tunnel under the ocean floor and emerged through a rock wall overlooking the city inside its forcefield.
-   Inside the main tower, Andros and Cassie went up a large curving staircase atrium, then came to a door that wouldn't open, but seconds later, it opened on its own, leading into the Data Laser test room.
-   After Andros had requested that Alpha send Zhane after the data cards, Zhane, ran up to Secret City's main tower in civilian clothes.
-   Zhane was able to morph within the dome, and communication and teleportation were now possible through the dome as well.
-   After the Psycho Monsters had been scanned up into the Data Laser, the ground suddenly rumbled, and T.J. assumed the Psychos had overloaded the system; as the controls went haywire and the five Rangers ran out, an explosion knocked the Psychos' data cards from Zhane's hand.
-   White beams began spraying out from the Data Laser, and the tower then exploded, taking Secret City with it; there was a large explosion of water in the ocean, and the unmorphed teens collapsed onto the sand at a rocky beach.

-   An episode description from the PRiS VCD collection referred to Secret City's second location being beneath a "distant alien ocean."

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