- transforming weapon used by Blue Senturion
First Appearance: 513-MiMe
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
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-   Driving on his bike toward morphed Kat and Tommy, Blue Senturion pulled out his Synergizer in laser pistol mode and shot a golden laser, striking Kat in the ankle when she shoved Tommy aside; she then said she'd twisted her ankle.
-   The Synergizer's laser pistol would most often shoot a golden laser beam, but red was a frequent color as well.
-   Blue Senturion used his weapon in sword mode against Tommy and his Turbo Blade.
-   When shooting Terrortooth along with the Rangers' Auto Blasters, the Synergizer shot an orange laser beam.

-   Lasers from the Synergizer and Red Ranger's Auto Blaster destroyed Griller with a very large explosion.

-   Holding his Synergizer folded up in compact mode, Blue Senturion called out, "Red light, now!" and all the red lights on his body and his weapon, except for his large shoulder lights, lit up, stopping the space cars and making the evil pizzas that had been controlling them fall off; Blue Senturion declared that the evil pizzas were no match for a simple stoplight.

-   Evil Blue Senturion stabbed his Synergizer into the ground in sword mode, sending an explosion underground at T.J.
-   Evil Blue Senturion shot a stream of yellow energy with blue electricity from his sword.
-   Evil Blue Senturion shot a red laser into the air from his pistol; it then split into multiple beams and rained down on the Rangers.

- Phrases used to fire Synergizer in laser pistol mode
515-Cars 522-TBTS Blue Senturion: "Synergizer blaster mode!"

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