- gigantic serpent robot created by Lord Zedd
First Appearance: 227-PTr1
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
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-   After observing that a Peace Conference was all it took to get rid of three Power Rangers, Zedd noted that as soon as his "newest demon of destruction" was fully energized, he would destroy the Power Rangers himself.
-   Zedd's charging of Serpentera tripped the Command Center alarm; sensors in outer space indicated that he was charging "some sort of massive weapon," and Zordon then said, "The day that I have feared has arrived. Zedd has completed Serpentera, a gigantic machine of destruction."
-   Zordon told the teens that Serpentera was more powerful than anything they had faced before.
-   When Zedd asked whether Serpentera was fully energized, Goldar replied, "Armed and ready!"
-   Serpentera was first shown flying over the moon with Goldar piloting it and Zedd sitting in the throne of the cockpit.
-   Once it had landed, standing upright, in the Deserted City on the Deserted Planet, Serpentera fired a bolt of yellow energy from its mouth, destroying many buildings.
-   Serpentera's eyes dimmed after it had stepped on Tor, and then it removed its foot, yet there was no mention yet of any power drain.
-   Serpentera had blasted the whole center of town to bits.
-   After it seemed Goldar had lost track of the Rangers, Zedd mashed a red button on his left to have Serpentera begin destroying the whole Deserted Planet despite being told that it would use almost all their power and force them to recharge.
-   After Zedd had given the command for Serpentera to destroy the entire Deserted Planet, Serpentera's blast started an expanding circular chain reaction of red energy which destroyed anything in its path.

?   Serpentera was now blasting objects in the sky again rather than destroying the city; Zedd would again mash the red button (this time with different dialogue), causing Serpentera to wipe out the city with its red energy chain reaction a second time.
?   Prior to Zedd's second activation of the chain reaction blast, Goldar said he was trying to get in close to the planet, but Serpentera was already standing upright in the Deserted City.
-   Serpentera was somewhat slow in reaching Earth since it had consumed most of its energy destroying the Deserted Planet.
?   Goldar and Zedd were under the impression that Serpentera was considerably slowed and that it would be a while until they reached Earth, but at the time, the Earth was shown quite close as Serpentera flew toward it.
-   Zedd said Serpentera had blown up the Deserted Planet.
-   Serpentera approaching Earth caused dark clouds to swirl together, and the sky grew dark.
-   When Zedd tried to fire after Serpentera had landed in Angel Grove, both Serpentera's eyes and the cabin lights dimmed.
-   Zedd said it was impossible for Serpentera to be out of power "again," since it was brand-new.
-   Serpentera had just enough power to return to the moon, so Zedd retreated after Silverhorns was destroyed.

-   Zedd took Serpentera to Earth a second time, with Goldar again piloting.
-   A direct blast from Serpentera threw four Rangers from the Thunder Megazord and disassembled the Megazord so that only the Red Dragon Warrior Mode, with Red Ranger inside, remained.
-   Serpentera again kicked Tor over and tried to crush it with the Red Dragon Warrior Mode inside, but this time when Serpentera's eyes dimmed and the giant robot removed its foot, Zedd discovered that Tor had drained over half of Serpentera's power and had them fly back to the moon.

-   Zedd was chasing the Bookala's small spacecraft in Serpentera, seeking the Lightning Diamond, the power source to the Bookala's ship.
-   When Goldar fired Serpentera's forward cannon, several small yellow energy bolts made very pathetic explosions in the park near the teens.
-   Goldar told Zedd they needed to recharge, after which Zedd forbade any future use of the word "recharge."
-   Zedd wanted the Lightning Diamond as an infinite power source for Serpentera to make Serpentera invincible.
-   From the Command Center, Alpha monitored Zedd's recharging of Serpentera; Zedd soon approached Earth in Serpentera again.
-   Goldar inserted the decoy Lightning Diamond into the "power grid," a round port on the controls in front of Serpentera's pilot seat.
-   Shortly after the decoy Lightning Diamond was installed into the power grid, Serpentera's cabin lights dimmed momentarily, the decoy Lightning Diamond turned black, and Serpentera lost power.
-   When Goldar tried to fire at the Bookala's escaping ship, sparks erupted from the controls, and the cabin lights shut off.
?   Serpentera's cabin lights were back on when Zedd threw a grow bomb.

-   Serpentera was standing up on the surface of the moon when Rita and Zedd got in for their honeymoon.
-   Serpentera, once flying, had an enormous flaming sign behind it which read "Just married."
-   When Goldar called Rita and Zedd in Serpentera, Zedd used a microphone beside the throne in the cockpit to reply.
-   The front of Serpentera's cockpit, including the large viewscreen, was shown for the first and only time.
-   Rita and Zedd retreated in Serpentera once their army of monsters had been destroyed.

-   Zedd had been working on a surprise for Rita: Serpentera was fully charged and ready to take them on their second honeymoon.
-   To Zedd's surprise, Serpentera was almost out of energy on their flight; Zedd had told Rito to recharge Serpentera the previous day for his and Rita's second honeymoon, but Rito had forgotten.
-   Once they'd returned in Serpentera, Rita and Zedd entered the chamber of command in the moon palace from the north end of the east wall; this was the machine wall in which the giant fan was located.

-   On the villains' way to Serpentera, Zedd realized that they didn't have a place to run away to; Finster explained that since Serpentera had a limited energy supply, they had to plot their course carefully, or they risked running out of fuel and drifting off into oblivion.

-   Serpentera was lying on its belly and jiggling its head about when the villains approached its right side on foot.
-   As Serpentera flew away from the moon with the villains inside, Finster, Squatt, Baboo, and the three Tengas were riding in Serpentera's cargo area with the boxes and staves.

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