- friendly baby monster-like alien befriended by Andros; former sevant of Jakarak
First Appearance: 637-A&St
Last Appearance: 637-A&St
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-   In a jungle on the planet Tirna, a small red alien with fishlike fins on the sides of his head and a white orb dangling off an extension on his head ran giggling through a jungle as the monster Jakarak pursued him.
-   Jakarak, a purple monster with similar blue head fins and a dangling yellow orb, frustratedly told the small creature to stop playing games and to come out.
-   The little alien scurried away, then hid in some bushes, trembling.
-   Red Ranger soon found the alien in a tree, frightened, and caught it when it fell out.
-   After Andros had defended the alien from Jakarak, it grabbed his leg when he started to leave; Andros said the monster was long gone, then told it to be a good little monster and run on home, as his mom was probably wondering where he was.
-   Once Andros had flown off, Jakarak roared in the distance, causing the alien to scurry away.
-   Later, as Ashley ate in the workbay of the Astro Megaship, the ship to which Andros had flown, the little alien climbed in from the red jump tube, frightening Ashley.
-   Telling the alien he shouldn't have followed him, Andros intended to take him back to Tirna, but they had to refuel on Earth first.
-   Pleased, Ashley said it looked like they had a new shipmate, and she thought of the name Seymour, as he'd stowed away to "see more" of the universe.
-   Later, Alpha fixed large amounts of junk food from the Synthetron for Seymour, who was flinging the food around; originally, the alien had just wanted an apple but now just kept eating.
-   Seymour repeated, "Me hungry," several times, then suddenly passed out into the cream pie before him.
-   In the infirmary with a stethoscope, Alpha guessed it was just a bad case of indigestion.
-   Later, having been sleeping with his head on the med table, Andros awoke to find Seymour gone.
-   Seymour came up to Andros, now fully-grown into adult size, speaking English better, and he hugged Andros.
-   Seymour was hungry again.
-   Later wandering through the ship with an ice cream cone, Seymour saw the fight between the Rangers and Jakarak on the bridge's viewscreen, and he ran to the workbay and left the ship.
-   Seymour was sobbing on a bench in the park when Jakarak found him and planned to take him back to Tirna.
-   Andros flew Seymour to safety on his Galaxy Glider and then had a talk with him elsewhere on Earth.
-   Andros told Seymour it wasn't his fault that Jakarak had attacked them, but rather that the monster was on Astronema's side.
-   When attacked by Jakarak, Seymour hid behind the wall they'd been sitting on, and Andros morphed, having Seymour stay back.
-   The other Rangers arrived and had Red Ranger lead Seymour away.
-   During the fight after returning, Red Ranger jumped in for a double-kick, but his feet and lower legs were turned to stone by the monster.
-   Seymour returned worriedly, and Jakarak used a red energy ray from his stomach to capture Seymour, with only Seymour's head then sticking out of his stomach.
-   Seymour called for help but soon told Andros to save himself.
-   Purple energy streaks from Seymour's tentacle blasted the Rangers.
-   Unable to get close, Andros told Seymour he was strong now and urged him to try to beat Jakarak, at which point Seymour teleported out as red energy.
-   As Andros was stomped on the ground, Seymour grabbed Jakarak but was thrown back, twice; angry, Seymour shot his own purple energy streaks at Jakarak.
-   In return, Jakarak bombarded Seymour with gold energy streaks from all over his body, making Seymour collapse.
-   As the Rangers huddled around him, Seymour said weakly that he'd just kinda lost his balance.
-   Teleporting to Tirna from the orbiting Megaship with the five teens, Seymour had pink energy streaks.
-   Seymour was happy to be home.
-   When asked by Andros, Seymour replied that he'd be okay here, as he had many friends.
-   A female version of Seymour with flowers on her head, eyelashes, and a pink bow on her neck, came out and giggled at a stupefied Seymour, who then chased after her giggling and saying goodbye to the teens.

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