- evil beings of light created from stolen Turbo powers
First Appearance: 504-Shad
Last Appearance: 504-Shad
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-   As Adam, Tanya, and Kat were morphing, the Chromite shot a white beam from a black device; once Adam had morphed into his Turbo Ranger suit but before his helmet had had a chance to form, rings of white energy flowed into the Chromite's device as Adam's and the Green Ranger suit's colors wavered; a gray version of the Green Shadow Ranger then materialized from gray energy on the ground behind Adam, with its feet touching Adam's heels; green energy flowed down semi-morphed Adam's body, draining the color from him, and then up the Green Shadow Ranger's body, giving him the color, but since there had been no helmet on Adam, the Shadow Ranger's helmet remained gray; finally, Adam demorphed with a flash of green energy, and the Shadow Ranger rose up from the ground; the Yellow and Pink Shadow Rangers then rose up behind Tanya and Kat, with their helmets gray as well.
-   The three Shadow Rangers punched their respective teens with glowing purple energy fists, not seeming to hurt the teens much.
-   The Shadow Rangers spoke with the teens' voices.
?   While it was fighting Tanya, the Yellow Shadow Ranger was briefly covered almost entirely by a shadow, which should have dissolved her, as was revealed later.
-   The Shadow Rangers, powered by the Turbo Rangers' stolen morphing energy, were able to beat the teens easily at hand-to-hand combat, but the teens weren't seriously injured in the fight as one might expect.
-   The Shadow Rangers teleported with multicolored blob effects.
-   The Blue Shadow Ranger was created from Justin's morphing powers just as had been done to the other three (with its helmet also gray), but the Blue Shadow Ranger blasted unmorphed Justin back with purple energy from its hands before rising rather than rising and then punching him.
-   The Chromite's device had intercepted the Rangers' powers during their morphs.
?   The Pink Shadow Ranger was standing entirely in shadow as she grappled Tommy, but this should have destroyed her.
-   After Tommy and Justin had been captured following the creation of the Blue Shadow Ranger, the Chromite had the Shadow Rangers take Justin to the Chromite Cave but leave Tommy behind.
-   Before leaving, the Yellow Shadow Ranger punched Tommy in the stomach quite hard, making him collapse.
-   As he told the Shadow Rangers in the Chromite Cave, the Chromite's plan was for the Pink Shadow Ranger to guard the teens while the others captured Tommy so nothing would interfere with Porto's detonator.
-   In the Power Chamber, Tommy's analysis found that the Shadow Rangers were merely made of refracted light; on the display of the Shadow Rangers, their bodies were glowing with Ranger-colored energy while the rest of the image (including their helmets) were darkened.
-   Tommy, unmorphed, fought off the three Shadow Rangers, successfully at first.
-   Tommy tripped the Blue Shadow Ranger and flipped him into the shadows, making him dissolve in blue light, leaving a black scorch mark on the ground.
-   With renewed confidence, Tommy had no problem kicking the Green Shadow Ranger into the shadows, dissolving him; he then lured the Yellow Shadow Ranger into leaping at him while he was in the shadows, dissolving her in midair.
-   The Pink Shadow Ranger, after having a laser gunfight with Tommy, dissolved when Tommy shot out the lights in the Chromite Cave.

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