- hellish underworld for destroyed monsters and other evil entities
First Appearance: 832-Sorc
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
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-   In the Tomb of Forever, Vypra spoke an incantation as a rope dangled into the flaming pit within the open sarcophagus (presumably the Shadow World), and the formerly destroyed Diabolico climbed out, where Vypra would welcome him "back to the land of the living."
-   Whether the demons' former imprisonment in the tomb (801-OpLs) and Bansheera's former bodiless state (819-QRet) were involved with the Shadow World is uncertain.

-   Needing to prove himself, Olympius knew Jinxer held the key to the monsters' Shadow World, demanding he give it to him so he could go there.
-   Startled, Jinxer exclaimed it was a horrible, desolate place, but Olympius ordered him to hand over the small golden skeleton key.
-   Inside the skull castle, Olympius went down some stone steps where he came to red double doors with fiery designs over the doorway.
-   Olympius inserted the Golden Key into a golden keyhole with a demon head design resembling Diabolico.
-   After Olympius had unlocked the doors and removed the key, they swung open into an orange mist, and the Gatekeeper emerged.
-   The Gatekeeper asked Olympius if he wished to enter his domain, allowing Olympius to step through the portal before the doors were closed behind them somehow.
-   The Shadow World was a smoldering wasteland tinted orange, and fierce winds blew through the dead landscape which included dead trees, dead flowers, and a human skeleton half-buried in the earth.
-   Behind Olympius and Gatekeeper were similar double doors bearing a fiery design in a semicircle around them.
-   Olympius ascertained this was where the spirits of the defeated monsters were exiled, and Gatekeeper replied when monsters were destroyed, they walked in this limbo forever.
-   When Gatekeeper beamed the Rangers up in a golden ray from his staff in Mariner Bay, the Rangers flew through the opening red doors in the Shadow World as five balls of Ranger-colored light, and the doors then shut behind them as they landed just inside.
-   Olympius welcomed the Rangers to the monsters' Shadow World and, to make sure they never left, locked the doors with the Golden Key, and the doorway vanished with blue energy.
-   Saying the portal to their world was gone, Olympius told the Rangers to prepare to spend the remainder of their existence there.
-   As Olympius spoke of old friends to keep the Rangers company, Gatekeeper called forth, "Spirits of monsters and ghouls of old, arise from your slumber and do what you're told!"
-   Rays from Gatekeeper's staff summoned fourteen monsters, some of whom had been previously defeated by the Lightspeed Rangers.
?   Among the undead armada, Arachnor and Treevil would actually be used by the demons in the future.
-   The monsters were all moaning demonically.
-   Gatekeeper told his army it was time for their revenge, and another red pulse from his staff prompted the zombie-like monsters to lurch forward.
-   The V-Lancers' Spectra Blast destroyed the entire armada into chunks, but they suddenly reassembled in the form of particles; Gatekeeper explained that they were the spirits of destroyed monsters, and in this world there was nothing more the Rangers could do to them.
-   His staff destroyed, Gatekeeper cried that without his staff, he had no control over the monsters, as their only purpose was to destroy whatever they saw, including the two villains.
-   To escape the Shadow World, Olympius held up the Golden Key, and the doors faded into view.
-   Suddenly, lightning bolts from above blasted the two villains back, and the doors shattered out of existence.
-   The key flew from Olympius's hand; appearing in the sky above, Diabolico taunted that there was only one key to the place and he had it, holding the glowing key, and he then vanished.
-   To retreat from the monsters, the Rangers fled into a nearby cave.
-   In the tunnels, the lighting was normal rather than orange, with the orange coloring apparently coming from the sky.
-   Seeing a vision of the Rangers in trouble, the Sorcerer of the Sands releasing a bluish-white ball of light which flew into the mirror, crossing over to where the Rangers were to lead them to safety.
-   The light stopped and vanished at a dead end; in the ground was a round glowing green puddle which the Sorcerer told them was the way out.
-   The glowing green puddle was reminiscent of the wall of glowing green slime which first brought the teens from the basement into the Power Chamber in 401-AZB1.
-   The Rangers leapt into the puddle and vanished under the rippling surface with a Ranger-colored border around each of them.
-   Following, Fireor, Liztwin, and the pipe monster leapt in after the Rangers before the puddle evaporated, leaving only a golden hoop which had bordered it.
-   Downtown, the Rangers dropped out of Ranger-colored balls of light, and the monsters then appeared with white wisps in giant form from purple balls of light.
-   All of the zombie-like monsters, whether in the city or still in the Shadow World, attacked by shooting purple energy blasts from their mouths.

-   A weakened Olympius wandered through the wasteland before finding Gatekeeper lying unconscious partially buried in the earth, and Olympius woke him up.
-   Gatekeeper couldn't believe they'd been betrayed by one of their own, and now they were stuck there amongst the remains of defeated monsters, left there to wallow in their grief forever, but Olympius refused to accept it.
-   Flickering in the sky, Jinxer told Olympius he'd found a way out in an ancient book, but it was quite dangerous.
?   Jinxer said the only way out of the Shadow World with the portal closed was to conquer all of the defeated monsters and absorb their powers, but Olympius actually appeared to defeat only a small group which had been attacking him in 832-Sorc.
-   After mutating into a stronger form from the monsters' energies, Olympius held up his hand and generated a golden energy bolt into the sky which tore a black fissure into the sky; he and Gatekeeper, whom he held close, would emerge in a burst of flames from the earth in a cemetary.
-   Jinxer remarked Olympius had more power than he'd ever seen, but Olympius noted it wouldn't last and that Jinxer had to find him another energy source to fuel his Star Power.

-   The monsters in the Shadow World's underground tomb included monsters used by Rita, Astronema, Scorpius, and the demons, as well as many other unrecognizable monsters.
-   Learning of Bansheera's plan, Ryan would recount that Bansheera planned to resurrect all the "demons" from the Shadow World.

-   For her ceremony to release all the "demons" from the Shadow World, Queen Bansheera inserted the Golden Key into the keyhole on a skeletal coffin, and a purple beam from an eclipse above turned the key and lifted the lid.
-   Purple energy wisps seeped out from the coffin, apparently with evil faces in portions, and the lid lifted up with bright purple light, revealing with a fiery puff the Shadow World's underworld chamber below, filled with dozens of seething, roaring monsters all reaching up toward the opening above.
-   As Bansheera called, "Demons arise!" several fiery energy rings flew down from the moon, passing perfectly over the six giant stones arranged in a circle around her castle and sending energy into the castle.
-   Then, Carter managed to kick Bansheera into the coffin, but she grabbed onto him to save herself.
-   As the purple eclipse beam continued into the shaft below, Carter was barely able to hold onto the shaft as Bansheera hung from him.
-   Just then, Diabolico's spirit flew up from the pit and severed Bansheera's tendrils with a blast from his staff, causing her to plummet screaming as Diabolico followed, laughing.
-   Bansheera landed with a thud on the cavern's ground in the Shadow World, and the monsters closed in, mauling her.
-   Also in the chamber, perhaps near the walls, were sharp vertical metal spikes.
-   When Ryan turned and removed the Golden Key, the coffin lid slammed down with purple wisps, first sucking in some demonic purple and white wisps.
-   Tatters and shreds had been hanging from the underside of the lid.

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