- Tanya's ex-boyfriend with questionable ethics
First Appearance: 403-ShSt
Last Appearance: 427-GHnr
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-   Shawn's name never appeared in writing, so its spelling is uncertain.
-   During what appeared to be one of Tanya's first days at school and also apparently near the beginning of the school year (or semester), Shawn was already friendly with Tanya.
-   Two girls sitting at what would be Tanya and Shawn's "regular table" in the resource center got up to leave after Shawn had arrived in the resource center; Shawn soon went to the table to wait for Tanya after Tanya had introduced him to Tommy and Kat.
-   Shawn was captain of the baseball team at Angel Grove High.
-   Tanya was helping Shawn study for a big algebra exam since he was having trouble with algebra.
-   Tanya and Shawn's regular table in the resource center was by the window wall, by the right side of the display cabinet.
-   Some time later after Kat and Tommy had left, Shawn showed Tanya a cheat sheet containing all the answers for the upcoming exam; she was upset that he was willing to cheat in order to pass and stay on the baseball team, and he in turn was upset that she didn't understand.
-   Some time later, Tanya went to talk with Shawn, who was now at the batting cages.
-   Tanya told Shawn she'd help him study and that he didn't have to cheat; Shawn said he couldn't take any chances, and he said he didn't have to study algebra to play baseball, which is what he wanted to do.
-   Shawn suggested they stop seeing each other if Tanya couldn't support him, and she left him, unable to support his cheating.
-   Later that day, Tanya tried to angrily blow off Shawn when he sat by her in the resource center, but he explained that he had turned the test answers in to Mr. Caplan, and he admitted that he had been a big jerk and that her respect was very important to him; Tanya forgave him and agreed to help him when he said he still needed help studying.

-   Shawn played first base on the baseball team.
-   Shawn did an American split while catching a ball at first base.
-   Shawn batted right-handed.
-   Shawn was nicknamed the "Sultan of Swat."
-   Shawn became angry when Tanya, possessing a natural gift for pitching, struck him out when the coach had her demonstrate her pitches.
-   Two of Shawn's friends made fun of him at school for being struck out by his own girlfriend, calling him the "Sultan of Squat."
-   In the resource center, Shawn pulled up a chair between Adam and Kat, not beside Tanya.
-   Adam's smile vanished when Kat casually told Shawn that Adam had been telling her about Tanya's tryout.
-   Kat assumed Shawn was proud of Tanya, but he said he would be more proud if she'd struck someone else out.
-   Shawn and Tanya were dating.
-   Shawn blamed his strike-out on his lack of concentration and wasn't sure whether Tanya would do well at the game tomorrow.
-   After Kat and Tanya left in response to Shawn's remark, Adam invited Shawn to meet him and Rocky at the batting cages the next morning before the game, and Shawn accepted, saying he needed practice after the way he'd batted that day.
-   The next morning, Shawn had forgotten his batting glove, and he left, not wanting to get a blister before the big game.
-   During the big game, Tanya got two strikes off record-winning hitter John Peterson, but he then nearly hit a home run which Rocky managed to catch and win the game; Shawn afterward said they had won by luck and that Tanya had almost blown the game.
-   Tanya wouldn't let Shawn's criticisms slide until later, and she broke up with him because he couldn't support her.

-   Shawn and Veronica walked up to Tanya while she was watching Adam practice for the upcoming kung fu tournament.
-   Veronica was Shawn's new girlfriend.
-   Shawn mocked Tanya's first-person plural reference to training for the tournament, then asked if she was going to join the football team next, but Tanya forced herself to remain pleasant.
-   Shawn was in the upcoming kung fu tournament as well.
-   Shawn planned to use a secret weapon in the tournament; he said when it was over, "they" were going to make him a Power Ranger.
?   Shawn had found one of the Machine Empire's invisibility medallions, and he planned on using it for a sure win in his upcoming kung fu tournament, as if no one would notice his suddenly becoming invisible during the match.
-   To Veronica's surprise, Shawn gave her his medallion before the final round against Adam, saying he'd rather win with honor; the medallion probably wasn't operational anymore anyway, after the destruction of the medallions' power source.
-   Shawn was quite good at kung fu.
-   Adam beat Shawn 3 to 2 in the kung fu tournament.
-   Shawn apologized to both Adam and Tanya.
-   When Tanya hugged Shawn as friends, Adam was jokingly jealous.

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