- secondary Ninja-themed Zords used by Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers; probably designed for Aquitian Rangers
First Appearance: 318-ChZ1
Last Appearance: 343-HdA2
Subcategories: Shogun Megazord
See Also: Ninjazords, Battle Borgs
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-   After years of failed attempts, Finster finally deciphered the Scrolls of Zordnia, which showed the location of the dormant Shogunzords.
-   Zedd didn't seem familiar with the Scrolls of Zordnia or the Shogunzords.
-   Finster called the Shogunzords "the dormant Zords."
-   Finster said that with the technology of a Ninjazord and a power source, he would be able to bring the Shogunzords to life.
-   Finster, Squatt, and Baboo looked for the Shogunzords in a dense jungle.
-   Squatt discovered the vine-covered rocky foot of a Shogunzord by leaning on it.
-   For his and Rita's plan to steal a Ninjazord to access the Shogunzords, Zedd said they needed a Power Coin to get into the Ninjazord; a coin would allow them to steal a Ninjazord to copy its technology.
-   Having obtained the pink Power Coin, Zedd said they could steal the Falconzord, which would render the Rangers defenseless.
-   The weakened Ninjor, after being shrunk to normal size after being pummeled by giant Goldar, glowed blue, turned translucent, and then vanished, with Zedd planning to use him as the power source needed to operate the Shogunzords.
-   Having obtained Ninjor and the Falconzord, Zedd declared that they had everything they needed to bring the Shogunzords to life: "the battle technology from the almighty Falconzord and Ninjor's energy as its power source."
-   Zedd gave the jug in which Ninjor was trapped, to Finster to have him siphon off Ninjor's energy so they could power up the Shogunzords.
-   After Zedd had stolen the pink Power Coin, the Falconzord, and Ninjor, Zordon feared that Zedd had discovered the lost Shogunzords and intended to use them.
-   Zedd said everything was going as planned: he had Kimberly's Power Coin, and Finster was working on a way to siphon off Ninjor's power, combine it with the Falconzord's technology, and bring the Shogunzords to life; then, he said, all he needed was six pilots to command the Zords.
?   Zedd said he needed six pilots; if he indeed wanted a pilot for the Falconzord as well as the five Shogunzords, his plans for Kimberly would have made this quite difficult; perhaps there were plans to use a replacement (such as Kat) as the sixth pilot.
-   After Kim had been kidnapped, Alpha's scanners indicated that Zedd had initiated the power infusion to the Shogunzords.

-   When asked by Adam if there was any way to gain control of the Shogunzords once they were in the cockpits, Billy said he might be able to reprogram the Zords off their Power Coins, which would transfer control to the Rangers.
-   Rita used a red beam from her wand to make the Shogunzords appear on Earth.
-   The five Shogunzords were humanoid warrior versions of the Ninjazords: each bore the color, symbol, and animal face of its respective Ninjazord, with the exception of the White Shogunzord, which bore the face and symbol of the Crane.
-   Rita told the Rangers that the Shogunzords were powered by Ninjor and armed with battle technology by their caged Falconzord.
-   The Shogunzord cockpits were identical to their respective Ninjazord cockpits, with a falcon symbol in the White Shogunzord's.
-   In the Blue Shogunzord cockpit, Billy used a small silver rod to make adjustments to his Shogunzord's circuits; he was making adjustments to the quantum linear controller, apparently only in the Blue Shogunzord cockpit; once he was finished, the Shogunzords' chest symbols shimmered with white light, and the Zords posed individually.
-   Zedd said the Zords had been released from his power source (Ninjor).
-   Each Shogunzord could wield a unique weapon: Black's was an archer's bow, Blue's was a lance, Red's was a shield, White's were a pair of tuning fork-like weapons, and Yellow's was a rake weapon.
-   On the Shogunzords' belts were the same lettered symbols as on the Ninjazords; the circular S of the Ape was also on Red's shield weapon.
-   Before they formed the Shogun Megazord, the five Shogunzords would bring their hands together for a hand gesture that the Aquitian Rangers would be shown doing at times when posing for battle.
-   The Red Shogunzord was the torso and upper legs of the Shogun Megazord; Blue was the right arm, White was the left arm, Yellow was the right leg, and Black was the right leg.
-   Zordon said that as long as Zedd held the Falconzord captive, the Ninjazords would be inoperative, but the Shogunzords still functioned.
-   Zordon told Kim that she and Tommy would share the White Shogunzord.

-   The five Rangers were shown leaping up to their respective Shogunzords.
-   Tommy had the Shogunzords assume a tower formation (which he called Shogun Megazord), with Yellow, Red, and Black on bottom and Blue and White on top; the tower then spun around, generating a golden energy whirlwind which destroyed giant Crabby Cabbie and sent his essence into the sky to explode.

-   The Shogunzords, having been miniaturized and trapped in giant Garbage Mouth's garbage can, did their shogun hand gestures and exploded out of the can, then were back to normal.

-   Zordon told Kat that some day, power willing, she would control the pink Cranezord with grace and intelligence, but for now (until the Falconzord was recovered and the Ninjazords were again operational) she would pilot the White Shogunzord alongside Tommy.

-   In the White Shogunzord cockpit, Kat stood behind Tommy's right side.
-   After the Rangers had leapt up to their Shogunzords, the Zords were shown teleporting onto a cliff with small Ranger-colored streaks.
-   The Shogun Megazord's cockpit was in its head, a part of the Red Shogunzord; the spaciousness of the cockpit would have occupied all of the space inside the Red Shogunzord's head.

-   After roughing giant Brick Bully up a bit, the Blue Shogunzord pulled out its lance and impaled the monster (who was in a reclined position) with the blunt end of its lance, making the monster explode into pieces.

-   At one point during the fight with giant Sinister Simian, the White Shogunzord stood in the center of the Shogunzords as they posed; at all other times, however, the Red Shogunzord would be the Zord to assume the center position.
-   The Blue Shogunzord shot Billy's antidote missile out of the middle finger of its right hand.

-   Billy used a small Falconzord-shaped device hooked up to the Command Center's computers to imitate the Falconzord's energy readings to allow the Rangers to operate both the Shogunzords and Ninjazords simultaneously; Rocky told him it was good work, but Billy admitted it was no substitute for the real Falconzord's power.
-   The four Rangers formed the Shogun Megazord without any pilot in the White Shogunzord.
-   As giant Globbor was remotely draining the Shogun Megazord's power, the Ranger-colored energy from the White Shogunzord was solely white, with no pink.
-   Giant Globbor remotely drained most of the Shogun Megazord's power.

-   Unable to move the powerless Shogun Megazord, the four Rangers were forced to switch to the Ninja Megazord.
-   Soon after giant Globbor had taken on the power of Ninjor, the Shogun Megazord's power was back up, and the Rangers controlled it by remote from the Ninja Megazord.
-   As the Shogun Megazord performed its Fire Saber finishing move this time, there was a temple behind it which looked very much like the Shogun Megazord without a head or legs; it may have been the Temple of Power.
-   When the Rangers stopped defending themselves so that they wouldn't hurt Ninjor, giant Ninjor-Globbor pummeled the Zords until they fell over; Billy was pessimistic about their functioning again after taking such a beating.
?   Master Vile planned to send the Zords off to a distant galaxy; he told giant Ninjor-Globbor first to suck out every last bit of their power, but then the Zords were teleported away with green energy just as Globbor leapt for them; Globbor was confused, but Vile didn't act surprised, so it was most likely his doing.

-   With Adam and Aisha's help, Billy modified the tracking system in the Command Center to locate the Zords; the Shogun Megazord, Ninja Megazord, and Falconzord were on a defeated planet in the M51 galaxy, where the extremely corrosive atmosphere had covered the Zords with rust.
-   When Master Vile decided it was time to activate the Zeo Crystal and destroy the world, he released blue and yellow energy snakes from both hands, after which red eyebeams from the Ninja Megazord, Falconzord, and Shogun Megazord combined into a single red beam which shot to Earth and decimated entire buildings; at the time, the Zeo Crystal was in a central podium in the Shogun Megazord's engine room.
-   The Rangers used the energy of their Power Coins, combined with the Morphing Grid's energy that was being drawn by the Shogun Megazord's panels, to break Master Vile's connection with the Zeo Crystal; in the process, they also regained control and full power to the Zords.
-   On the M51 planet, the Ninja Megazord, Falconzord, and Shogun Megazord's eyes glowed red again, but this time they teleported back to Earth in the same green energy with which Master Vile had originally teleported them to the planet.
-   Upon tapping the Ninjazords' and Shogunzords' energy, giant Globbor wore the symbols of Ninjor and four of the Zords (with no Ape or Falcon symbols), and he had four Aquitian Ranger helmets for heads: yellow in front, white on his right, black in back, and blue on his left; he was still wielding a sword, but not Ninjor's; Globbor then told the six Rangers he now had the same power as they did.
-   Giant Ranger-Globbor leapt through the air and was suddenly in front of the Ninja Megazord, as though he had performed the Ninja Rangers' slide-teleport without the blur effect.
-   Told to use his "weapons" by Master Vile, giant Ranger-Globbor wielded a small wrist-mounted crossbow bearing the J pentagon of the Black Ranger's Zords; it fired what looked like three pink energy darts; at this point, Tommy exclaimed that Globbor was using their own powers against them.

-   As the Battle Borgs were shown in the Viewing Globe, Cestro said that their Battle Borgs possessed similar technologies to the Earth Rangers' own piloted Zords, but with telepathic control; he said the Battle Borgs would be at the Aquitian Rangers' disposal at a moment's notice.
-   The Battle Borgs were streamlined versions of the Shogunzords, with the same colors, shapes, animals, and general designs.
-   Zordon told the Aquitian Rangers that they would have control of the Earth Rangers' Shogunzords in cases of emergency.
-   In the Aquitian Rangers' presence, young Billy referred to the Shogunzords as belonging to them, the Earth Rangers.
-   As the Aquitians stood side-by-side with arms held up and holding hands with their eyes closed, there was a holographic display in front of them in the Command Center, displaying images of the Shogunzords and Shogun Megazord, accompanied by rapidly scrolling text (see 335-ARA2 entry on "Billy" page for a transcript of the humorous text).
-   After young Tommy had radioed the Aquitian Rangers to tell Delphine it was time for Shogun Megazord power, the Shogunzords appeared from Ranger-colored streaks of light, then the four streaked into Red, instantly forming the Shogun Megazord approximately four seconds after being summoned.
-   The Shogun Megazord could assemble and fight without the Aquitian Rangers being in the cockpits.

-   The same day that the Power Coins had been destroyed, the Aquitian Rangers used solely their Battle Borgs, without the help of the Shogunzords.

-   Before summoning the Shogun Megazord (the first time the Shogunzords were used after the destruction of the Power Coins), the Aquitian Rangers combined their energy and then had the Battle Borgs energize.
-   The Shogunzords again performed for the Aquitian Rangers their four-second Shogun Megazord assembly.

-   When the Aquitian Rangers summoned the Shogunzords after discovering that Zedd's shield had blocked their transmission to call in the Battle Borgs, the Shogunzords came running rather than performing the four-second Shogun Megazord assembly that they usually did for the Aquitian Rangers.
-   When morphed Aurico called out to power up the Red Shogunzord, dark clouds appeared in the sky overhead, and flames rose up around him, lifting him up and forming the Red Shogunzord; he then sank back and merged into the Shogunzord's chest, then the sky lightened and the Red Shogunzord posed.
-   When morphed Cestro called out to power up the Blue Shogunzord, the sky turned into an image of crashing waves, and blue energy rose up around him, lifting him up and forming the Blue Shogunzord; he then sank back and merged into the Shogunzord's chest, then the sky returned and the Blue Shogunzord posed.
-   When morphed Corcus called out to power up the Black Shogunzord, the sky turned into an image of rocks flying upward, and black energy rose up around him, lifting him up and forming the Black Shogunzord; he then sank back and merged into the Shogunzord's chest, then the sky returned and the Black Shogunzord posed.
-   When morphed Tideus called out to power up the Yellow Shogunzord, the sky turned into an image of what looked like leaves blowing in the wind, and yellow energy rose up around him, lifting him up and forming the Yellow Shogunzord; he then sank back and merged into the Shogunzord's chest, then the sky returned and the Yellow Shogunzord posed.
-   When morphed Delphine called out to power up the White Shogunzord, the aurora borealis and the sun appeared in the sky, and white energy rose up around her, lifting her up and forming the White Shogunzord; she then sank back and merged into the Shogunzord's chest, then the sky returned to normal and the White Shogunzord posed.
-   Only in this instance, when the Aquitian Rangers summoned the Shogunzords after the Battle Borgs had been blocked by Zedd's shield, did the Aquitian Rangers ride in (or merge with) the Shogunzords.

-   After summoning the Shogun Megazord while holding their hands in the shogun pose, the Aquitian Rangers were shown briefly in profile, and after a quick transition of Ranger-colored streaks, the Shogunzords were then shown briefly in profile; then followed the nearly instantaneous Shogun Megazord energy streak assembly frequently used by the Aquitian Rangers; the Rangers remained where they were, without entering or merging with the Shogunzords.

- Phrases used for five Rangers (no Pink) to summon Shogunzords
321-FCab 323-DSP2 Rangers: "We need Shogunzord power, now!"

- Phrases used for six Rangers to summon Shogunzords
326-Pita 328-Chmp 332-TSOD Rangers: "We need Shogunzord power, now!"

- Phrases used for Blue Ranger to summon Blue Shogunzord
327-ABIW Billy: "Shogunzord power, now!"

- Phrases used for Aquitian Rangers to summon Shogunzords
339-WYTh Aquitian Rangers: "Power of water, power of light, powers unite! We need Shogunzord power, now!"

- Phrases used once four Rangers (no White or Pink) are in Shogunzords
320-ChZ3 Rocky: "Red Shogunzord, power up!"
Adam: "Black Shogunzord, power up! All right!"
Billy: "Blue Shogunzord, power up!"
Aisha: "Yellow Shogunzord, power up!"
329-MVA1 Rocky: "Red Shogunzord, power up!"
Adam: "Black Shogunzord, power up!"
Billy: "Blue Shogunzord, power up!"
Aisha: "Yellow Shogunzord, power up!"

- Phrases used once White Ranger is in White Shogunzord
320-ChZ3 Tommy: "Let's power up."

- Phrases used once Blue Ranger is in Blue Shogunzord
327-ABIW Billy: "Blue Shogunzord, power up!"

- Phrases used to power up Shogunzords
321-FCab Rocky: "Red Shogunzord, power up!"
Billy: "Blue Shogunzord, power up!"
Adam: "Black Shogunzord, power up!"
Aisha: "Yellow Shogunzord, power up!"
Tommy: "White Shogunzord, power up!"
323-DSP2 Rocky: "Shogunzord, power up!"
Billy: "Blue Shogunzord, power up!"
Adam: "Black Shogunzord, power up!"
Aisha: "Yellow Shogunzord, power up!"
Tommy: "White Shogunzord, power up!"
326-Pita 328-Chmp 332-TSOD Rocky: "Red Shogunzord, power up!"
Billy: "Blue Shogunzord, power up!"
Adam: "Black Shogunzord, power up!"
Aisha: "Yellow Shogunzord, power up!"
Tommy/Kat: "White Shogunzord, power up!"

- Phrases used for Shogunzords to wield weapons
320-ChZ3 Tommy: "All right, let's do it!"

- Phrases used to form Shogunzord tower formation
321-FCab Tommy: "Shogun Megazord power, now!"

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