- girl who discovered Carlos's identity
Full Name: Silvy Larson (Source: 632-COnC)
First Appearance: 632-COnC
Last Appearance: 639-Ghst
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-   In the Surf Spot, Carlos was playing a WWF arcade game while a young girl named Silvy watched Carlos curiously from nearby; her mom gave her some change to play a few games before they went home.
-   Spotting Carlos right as his game ended, Silvy's mom said hi, and Carlos was happy to see her; Silvy's mom explained to Silvy that Carlos had been one of her best students at Angel Grove High.
-   Silvy's mom asked Carlos to watch her for a minute while she got a soda for Silvy, and Silvy proceeded to beat him at the game.
-   A short while after Carlos had left, Silvy wandered into the back area toward the payphones and happily noticed the photo booth printing someone's photos; she looked at them and saw sequential photos showing Carlos opening his Astro Morpher and morphing in a black aura of energy into the Black Ranger.
-   Silvy was happily wowed, but not incredibly alarmed, to discover that Carlos was the Black Ranger.
-   That night, Carlos received an anonymous email from Silvy which read, "I know who you are... Black Ranger. I have something you want. Meet me at the fun center at noon."
-   While Carlos waited anxiously, Silvy came up to him, and he was impatient with her, not realizing she was who he was waiting for.
-   Silvy's mom had given her permission to be there.
-   When Carlos kept trying to shoo her away, Silvy finally remarked, "You're kinda slow, for a Power Ranger," and told him she'd sent the email.
-   Carlos laughed at the idea of being a Power Ranger, saying, "Boy, wouldn't that be nice," and told her someone had played a joke on her by telling her that.
-   Silvy proudly showed him the photos of his morph in the photo booth, and he very regretfully groaned "oh no" and held his palms to his eyes.
-   Later, Silvy merrily skipped along with loads of loot she'd gotten at the fun park, with Carlos tiredly following her until sitting down on a bench.
-   Silvy suggested things they could play, but Carlos wasn't interested, wanting to take her home.
-   Silvy cheerfully gave Carlos a pager in case she needed him, and Carlos irritatedly told her he wasn't her personal Ranger who would show up whenever she called him.
-   Silvy got up and started announcing loudly that she had big news, and Carlos quickly agreed and went to take her home.
-   After what was probably lunch, Silvy paged Carlos, wanting him to meet her at the fun center again.
-   The same day, Carlos was begrudgingly going on rides with a delighted Silvy.
-   Going up to her house later, with more loot, Silvy had had much fun, with her favorite ride having been the roller coaster.
-   For just one last thing before she promised to give him back the photos and never ever page him again, Silvy looked up at the moon and asked for a moonrock.
-   Carlos was furious, shouting at her for being spoiled rotten and wanting him to babysit her, then softly telling her he was a Power Ranger and he needed to help people in trouble, but instead he was here babysitting her.
-   Carlos told her to forget it, to keep the photos and tell everyone she wanted, as he had bigger worries; Silvy was sad to have upset Carlos as he stormed off.
-   Speaking with Ashley and Carlos in a medical clinic another day, a doctor told them Silvy's brother had become very ill, so the family had moved to Angel Grove to help him get better; Ashley told Carlos she didn't have any friends here.
-   When Carlos asked about her brother, the doctor said he'd died a few months ago; both teens were shocked to hear the news.
-   The doctor said Silvy had taken it pretty hard, and he showed them a picture of the two of them together: her brother was in front of a poster of the moon, with a telescope beside him, and he held a model rocket with Silvy beside him.
-   The two kids had wanted to grow up and become astronauts together, and they'd sworn to go to the moon someday; Silvy had promised to bring him back a moonrock.
-   In a graveyard located on a hillside near a river, Silvy told her brother, speaking to his grave, not to worry, as someday she'd be the best astronaut there ever was, saying he'd be so proud of her.
-   The tombstone read "Troy Larson, 1986 - 1998," making him eleven or twelve when he'd died.
-   Datascammer confronted Silvy in the graveyard and chased her as she ran; she got inside a phone booth and quickly dialed the pager she'd given Carlos.
-   Silvy ran off and hid in some bushes; as she soon attempted to sneak away, the monster cornered her, but the arriving Rangers blasted him, letting her run away.
-   After the Winged Mega Voyager had landed upon destroying giant Datascammer, Silvy happily waved in thanks, but she was suddenly grappled from behind by Psycho Red, who told the Rangers it was them he wanted, not her.
-   When the Rangers leapt down, Psycho Red tossed Silvy aside.
-   Silvy watched from behind a tree as the Rangers did poorly just the lone Psycho Red; when Psycho Red was about to finish off Red Ranger, he was stopped by a blast of mist from Psycho Black, who refused to let him take all the glory for himself.
-   After Psycho Black had teleported himself and Psycho Red away, Silvy happily rushed out, calling out Carlos's name.
-   Black Ranger picked Silvy up and told her, "Don't worry! Whenever you call, the Power Rangers will come."
-   Unmorphed, Carlos took Silvy home, and she apologized and returned the photos, wondering if they could still be friends; he said of course, and handed her a small sparkling moonrock, delighting her.
-   Silvy had blue eyes.
-   Carlos offered to take Silvy to the one place better than any ride on the world; later, morphed Carlos was holding Silvy in place in front of him as she stood riding his Galaxy Glider through space with him.
-   Silvy said she didn't want to be an astronaut anymore; rather, she wanted to be a Power Ranger; Carlos told her to keep dreaming and someday she might just be one.
-   Carlos planned next to take Silvy to see the moons of Jupiter; such a visit might have featured the Mega Vehicles' Ganymede base.

-   The teens ate Chinese food at an outdoor restaurant with Silvy, whose hair was now sandy blonde.
-   Silvy's mom had gotten her some new clothes when she'd gone shopping.
-   Silvy was carrying a blonde-haired doll.
-   As Andros, Carlos, and Silvy walked down a path through the downtown park, they saw a crowd running from Vacsacker, but he beamed the crowd away, then the three others as well.
-   Inside a futuristic city covered with a transparent dome of hexagons, the captured people awoke; suddenly, Quantrons stormed in and shackled the panicking people as Ecliptor told them, "Welcome to Secret City."
-   While people were being shackled, Carlos had Silvy hide behind a column as he and Andros flipped over some bushes and ran off.
-   Silvy looked back, perhaps looking at the guys as they tried their Morphers, and they were suddenly attacked by Quantrons; Silvy watched from behind the corner wall, excited a bit, as the two fought Quantrons poorly.
-   Andros soon struggled with his Battlizer on his wrist, but it was knocked off and sent skidding to Silvy's foot during the fight.
-   As the two guys were captured, Silvy hid the Battlizer in her doll, but then she too was captured from behind.
-   As everyone was being led away in shackles by the Quantrons, Silvy took Carlos aside and told him his friend had dropped something; he impatiently told her not now, but when he saw it was the Battlizer, he urgently took it and thanked her.
-   Silvy coyly deduced that Andros was a Ranger too, but Carlos told her not to think whatever she was thinking; she assured him she wouldn't tell anyone.
-   As the three ducked behind a corner later, Carlos presented the Battlizer, saying Silvy had seen him lose it; dismayed, Andros began to ask if he thought she knew his identity as well, but Carlos interrupted with a "yup."
-   Andros and Carlos looked at the grinning Silvy, who zipped her lips.
-   Carlos helped Andros put the Battlizer on his wrist, and Andros said he had an idea, making Carlos ask whether it would work here.
-   After opening the panel on the Battlizer, Andros said number one should be enough, in case number two didn't activate; Silvy asked about number three, but when Carlos asked the same question after shooshing her, Andros was apprehensive, not having used it before, saying it could be dangerous - too much power.
-   Accepting this, Carlos held out his shackles, and Andros pressed 01 on the Battlizer, making his unmorphed fist glow red.
-   Andros smashed through the chain on Carlos's shackles, then Silvy's, then the red energy spread through his chain to his other hand, and he ripped his own shackles apart.
-   Carlos had Silvy stay there, then he and Andros rushed out and fought off Quantrons while the crowd nearby watched.
-   Andros and Carlos rushed away from the covered area but were attacked by Vacsacker, with Carlos shoving Andros aside and taking a red energy bolt in the chest, making him collapse and writhe in agony.
-   Andros hit 01 on the Battlizer and tried his glowing-fisted flying punch, but Vacsacker caught his fist and threw him down.
-   As the satellite dish atop a building was detonated, the forcefield around the city dissolved.
-   Vacsacker beat up Andros and Carlos, knocking Andros down near some bushes where Silvy was hiding.
-   As Andros was knocked down near her, Silvy reached out and pressed 03 on his Battlizer, making Andros look at her then the Battlizer in surprise.
-   Reeling, Andros made it to his feet while crackling with red and purple electricity, then he thrust out his chest and was struck by a purple and red lightning bolts from above while screaming.
-   Pieces of Andros's suit clamped over his body; the suit was like his normal Red Ranger suit, but it had black circuit-like areas above the Ranger squares and on the sides of his legs, and it was more muscular.
-   Andros then confidently held out his arms, and more armor clamped onto his body, starting with a massive back and head piece, onto which red wings clamped; red wingtips then attached to his different red and white boots, completing his transformation into the Red Battlized Ranger.
-   Red Ranger turned to see T.J. and Cassie about to fall from a building, and as they lost their grip and fell at the same time, he flew up and caught them, awing Silvy.
-   After Red Ranger had used an energy shield and two of his missiles, the four teens morphed.
-   Once Red Ranger had powered down to normal form after destroying Vacsacker with his missiles, Silvy ran up, calling out Andros's name, and he thanked her; she grinned and said no problem.
-   When Vacsacker grew, Andros and Carlos rushed Silvy to the covered area below a building, and Andros then called in Mega Voyager, which fought the monster in the mountains which surrounded Secret City.
-   Below, Silvy watched excitedly.
-   As Mega Voyager approached Secret City after destroying Vacsacker, the entire city suddenly vanished with one giant warp wave.

-   After Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus had been apparently dissolved after being taken into the Data Laser room, Astronema had them bring in the next group, and the Quantrons did so, with Silvy in the group.
-   Later, after group after group had been restored by the blue beam operated by Silver Ranger in the control room, a final group was restored, with Silvy in the group.
-   The crowd was teleported out in bluish-white glows with sparkles in them.
-   Back in Angel Grove, Silvy happily reunited with her mom.

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