- Megaship training room capable of simulating opponents and environments
First Appearance: 603-SOSh
Last Appearance: 615-TJId
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-   On their journey to Earth, Andros, Cassie, and Carlos watched as morphed Ashley and T.J. fought Craterites, simulated opponents in the Simudeck; in the background was an environment of green lines.
-   The Simudeck could simulate any environment.
-   After fighting Craterites, Ashley and T.J. fought a manta ray monster with their weapons .
-   Later, after the teens had completed diagnostics on the Megaship, Ashley took Andros to the Simudeck for a game of pool, where she used the control kiosk to bring up a pool table room.

-   After their recovery of NASADA data discs, T.J. suggested a quick vacation on the Simudeck, snowboarding in Switzerland, and they all went.

-   Practicing before their midterms at Angel Grove High, the Rangers fought the same manta ray monster with their special weapons; it fired red eyebeams at them during the fight.
-   A glowing blue-streaked slash with Andros's Spiral Saber destroyed the monster.
-   Once Andros stopped the simulation, the grid environment faded, and the Rangers' special weapons vanished from their hands with Ranger-colored light.

-   Morphed but with their helmets off, T.J. and Ashley went into the Simudeck to practice; pressing some buttons on the control kiosk, T.J. told DECA to load the Craterite training simulation.
-   After the two Rangers had secured their helmets, DECA told them to take their places; posing, they called out, "Ready! Begin!" at which point the gridline background appeared around them, and they began fighting the Craterites.
-   When Andros asked for a damage report after lightning had struck the Megaship, DECA said moderate damage was detected and that possible computer malfunctions had occurred throughout the ship.
-   After a second strike, DECA said a security computer malfunction had occurred, and a third bolt caused the Simudeck's simulation to instantly vanish, but real Craterites then attacked T.J. and Ashley, with DECA reporting a computer failure and systems breach.
-   The next day, arriving in the woods with the others to help Andros and Cassie against a horde of Craterites including the powerful leader Craterite, Carlos handed Andros the Spiral Saber, telling him DECA had reprogrammed it off the data from the Simudeck.
-   Andros concluded that as long as the Craterites hadn't mutated, it should work, but the Spiral Saber's Booster Mode blast failed to destroy them.
-   During the Megazord fight, T.J. transferred DECA's Simudeck data into the Astro Megazord Blaster; a shot to the leader's head in the giant Craterite conglomerate destroyed the giant being.

-   On the Simudeck, the teens played basketball in their workout uniforms on a simulated court in a simulated park; the ball, however, was real.

-   Andros and Ashley planned to have a practice in the Simudeck, indicating it was still used.

-   Zhane played a joke on Andros by wearing a Psycho Red costume; the origin of this costume, much like the Psycho Silver suit he'd worn in 634-FOAK, is unknown, though the Simudeck might be a possibility.

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