- former teen bully (101-DOTD through 252-BRGB)
- former Junior Police officer (307-NjQ4 through 501-SIT1)
- former detective (425-SSYw through 450-Good)
- former assistant to Professor Phenomenus (603-SOSh through 701-QsQ1)
- current employee or regular at "Club Bulkmeier" (since 1034-FRed)
Skull (left)
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Full Name: Eugene Skullovitch (111-FWBT, 155-TOrT)
First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
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  • Skull gave up easily when Kim and Trini rejected his and Bulk's offer of a double date.


  • In reaction to Kim's handspring, Skull said it looked like she'd finally flipped over him.


  • Bulk shoved cake into Skull's face for laughing at his tripping into the cake.


  • When Bulk was preparing to start a food fight at the food festival, Skull thought they were going to eat the pies rather than throw them.
  • Bulk looked slightly distressed upon accidentally hitting Skull with his pie.
  • Skull heatedly announced "food fight" after Bulk had accidentally hit him with a pie.


  • Skull apparently couldn't read very well.
  • Skull threw two punches at Zack and, in trying to pull his hand away from Zack's grip after the second swing, sent himself flying into a recycle bin.


  • Skull had dust covering a book in his locker.
  • Under the effects of a punk potion, Kim told Skull he was her kind of man, and she asked him to go out Saturday night and tear up the town.
  • Skull had pictures in his locker door of what looked like people with Skull stickers over their faces.
  • On Saturday, Skull walked into the Youth Center wearing wearing a bowtie, formal suit, and a monocle with camouflage pants and asked Kim if she was ready to tear up the town; she apparently didn't remember asking him out while under the punk potion.
  • Skull liked eating frogs' legs.


  • Mr. Caplan had told Skull that Skull was an airhead.
  • When Bulk talked about wanting to be a pilot, Skull said he also wanted to be a pilot.
  • In Kim's uncle Steve's plane with Kim, Steve, and Bulk, Skull seemed to be afraid of flying as soon as the plane had left the ground.


  • Skull's first name is Eugene.


  • Skull told Trini he could help her paint another birthday sign for Zack after they'd had a little "fun."
  • Skull fell backwards into some buckets as he was trying to hit on Trini; soon afterward, he ran into a pole and then had his head go into the Cake-O-Matic when Billy dodged him and opened the machine.


  • When Bulk was planning to use Billy's thought transfer apparatus to read Skull's mind, Skull asked if he could think of Kimberly.
  • Although Bulk had flipped the switch down to activate the invention, it was Skull (in Bulk's body) who flipped the switch back up to stop it after their brains had been switched.
  • Once back in his own body, Skull wanted to borrow Billy's brain for a math test.


  • At school, Skull offered to help Kim with her books, but she brushed him off.


  • When Bulk and Skull offered to help Kim find Jason, Skull said their payment was kisses.


  • Skull drove the Youth Center bus as he and Bulk rode it to flee from the Youth Center as giant Goldar approached.
  • When Bulk said he wanted his mommy, Skull said he wanted Bulk's mommy too.


  • When Bulk threw a book at Billy to make him drop Jack, his mouse, Jack crawled up Skull's pant leg and through his shirt, making Skull leap into Bulk's arms.


  • Skull seemed to be allergic to flowers, just like Bulk.


  • When Bulk told Skull to "get 'im!" when the Frankenstein monster tossed a girl at the masquerade party around, Skull shot a suction cup dart at the monster's forehead.
  • Skull had a small can opener in his jacket.


  • Skull played a court jester in the class play of "Rumpelstiltskin."


  • Bulk smoved pizza into Skull's face for being amused by Jason's referring to Bulk as a "famous bully."


  • Skull pretended to have his feelings hurt when Kim told him, "I never made a date with you, you goon."


  • Skull was Bulk's manager for his audition for the karate commercial; Skull was shown on a cordless phone trying to get Bulk a limo.
  • At the beach, Skull wore inflatable "floaties" on his arms.


  • Skull asked Kim (actually an evil duplicate) if she wanted to catch the submarine races that night; she agreed and told him to give her a call, but in detention, the real Kim rejected him when he asked if they were still on for the date.


  • Skull asked Kim out, but she rejected him.


  • Skull filmed Parent's Day with a customized camcorder.


  • When Bulk and Skull planned on joining Jason and Tommy's women's self-defense class to meet babes, Skull gave Kim as an example of a babe they wanted to meet, and he smelled her hair, but Tommy nudged him away with his hand.


  • Skull was selected to be Kim's opponent on Trick or Treat, the most popular game show in America.
  • Skull's face went into a bowl of guacamole when Kim pulled her hand away from him.
  • Skull was dressed as a prisoner (bearing the number 24601 on his chest) to play Trick or Treat.
  • Skull's full name was Eugene Skullovitch.
  • Skull cheated at Trick or Treat by using the questions Bulk mouthed to him.
  • Kim had to forfeit her game for Ranger duties; she pretended to pass out, and the teens took her away, making Skull the winner by default.


  • Skull had some glue-like green slime in his hands which sent a soccer ball he threw in the Youth Center flying back at him.
  • Bulk said Skull had never practiced anything in his life.


  • Skull loved eating frogs' legs.


  • Skull's camera had an assortment of strange moficiations on it, such as an eyeball with wings and a dragon head; it had a hand trigger connected with a cable.


  • Skull had green eyes.


  • Skull let Jacob keep his bandanna, which Bulk had used as a diaper for the baby.


  • As he and Bulk edged along a rock face to get to a rear entrance to the Cave of Despair, Skull asked if he'd ever mentioned he was afraid of heights.


  • Skull rushed into the Juice Bar with a great deal of data for Bulk to look at, apparently having spent a large amount of time researching the Rangers' identities; he found that monster attacks for the last six months corresponded with Ernie's days off.


  • Skull was holding an aluminum baseball bat over his shoulder while sitting at his desk during Miss Appleby's class.


  • After joining the Wanna-be Firefighters Club with Bulk, Skull said he wasn't sure he wanted to be a fireman, since he thought his calling was in politics.
  • Proposing a modification to Bulk's plan of being Wanna-be Firefighters to be near danger and thus the Rangers, Skull said fire was kinda scary and suggested that they yell "fire" to attract the Rangers, but Bulk called him a wimp and said that the Rangers were too smart to fall for that.
  • Bulk and Skull were kicked out of the Wanna-be Firefighters Club for hiding in the lake during a fire; the club had taken away the puppy, saddening Skull.


  • When young Kim asked young Skull for a kiss (actually to make Skull trip up himself and Bulk), young Bulk reminded Skull that Kim had cooties, causing Skull to reply that he liked cooties.


  • Young Skull knew young Tommy, but Tommy had been new to Angel Grove in 117-GWE1.
  • When Mr. Caplan grabbed Bulk and Skull's ears to wake them up, Skull had his fist pulled back, ready to punch the principal before realizing who it was.


  • Skull wasn't particularly enthusiastic about Bulk's most recent plan to discover the Rangers' identities.
  • Skull voted for Kimberly in the student election rather than Bulk.


  • Skull was browsing the Home Economics table at the Angel Grove High book fair for his mom's birthday.
  • Skull bought a How to Cook a Thanksgiving Feast book for his mom's birthday, which Bulk said was perfect since he'd tasted her cooking.


  • Skull had last-minute reservations about bringing the monster to life, but the two went ahead with it anyway.
  • After the Turkeyjerk fiasco, Skull returned the book he'd bought for his mom.


  • When Bulk mentioned two girls liking the Rangers, Skull refused to go looking for the Rangers again, as he was fed up with it.


  • Skull was frightened by his hair being shaved off for his Junior Police training.


  • When he and Bulk assumed the roles of detectives to discover the identity of the graffiti bandit, Skull used a shoe phone.
  • While hiding under a table in the Youth Center, Skull momentarily looked up Veronica's skirt before she and Kim inadvertently stomped on his fingers.


  • Skull was actually the graffiti bandit, as he'd spraypainted the Youth Center in his sleep.
  • Skull had once spraypainted his entire house while sleepwalking.


  • When he and Bulk were selling tickets to the Junior Police Ball, Skull grudgingly agreed with Bulk that Tommy and Kim looked great together.
  • The invisible Miss Chief used love potion to make Kim fall in love with Skull because she was facing in his direction when sprayed with the potion.
  • Kim asked Skull to the ball.
  • Later, Skull and Kim were leaning up against the lockers at school, flirting happily, when Finster's antidote cured Kim from the love spell; she jumped back with a yelp of "ew" and then inconsiderately excused herself, at which point Skull called out, heartbroken, "I'll miss you!"
  • Skull, wearing a fancy military outfit, sat in a chair alone at the Junior Police Ball in the Youth Center, facing a window.
  • Kim asked Skull if he wanted to dance, but his feelings were still hurt; she apologized and asked him, wasn't it better that they were friends?; it took him a moment to believe that she really wanted to be friends, but once he did believe it, he cheerfully agreed to dance; Skull danced quite well with her, and she seemed to have a good time.


  • Skull had always wanted a cat.
  • Skull had a large red question mark painted on the back of his police jacket.


  • On his, Bulk's, and Lt. Stone's monster stakeout, Skull picked up P.C. (secretly Kat's feline form) when the cat walked by, and he then put her down when Bulk told him to do so; P.C. went around to the other side of the nearby bush and transformed into Kat, then walked by after saying hi to Skull; Skull was weirded out by something after Kat had left; he seemed to have seen Kat's eyes flash red, and he may have suspected that the cat had turned into her.


  • Skull didn't know military time.
  • After he and Bulk had caught a car thief and returned Kim's stolen car to her, Kim hugged Bulk but didn't hug Skull when he outstretched his arms.


  • Skull said he always wanted to be a gymnast, but he hated being upside-down.


  • After getting Tommy's help hanging the mistletoe, Kim closed her eyes, waiting for a kiss, but before Tommy could give her a kiss, Skull kissed her instead, on the cheek.


  • At one point during the volunteer work on Kat's housing project, Billy was laughing at something Skull had said.


  • In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), when young Bulk, standing directly beside him, was transformed by a blue lightning bolt from Rita and Zedd on the moon into the monster Bratboy, Skull stammered, "M-m-m-m-monster!" and ran away.
  • With a group of children, young Skull asked Billy and the five kids where Bulk and the monster had gone, knowing that the lightning bolt had transformed Bulk into the monster.
  • After young Bulk had awoken in human form and had been told by the kids that he'd hit his head horsing around near the pool, young Skull told young Bulk that he'd turned into a monster, but Bulk insisted he hadn't.


  • Skull brought Bulk into a cluttered garage to show him a junky bike with a sidecar that was parked there; Skull had gotten the bike from his cousin Femur, who was going to throw it out; Skull wanted to use it as a patrol bike.


  • When Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull work on the security crew of the Biff Starr movie Invasion of Blueface, Skull wanted to find a way to get into the movie to become famous.
  • Skull ended up being Rocky's fight scene stand-in as the sidekick in Invasion of Blueface.
  • Skull could do a cartwheel.
  • In the movie, Skull got sprayed in the face with some blue goo from a blue alien's cannon.


  • Billy was friendly toward Skull.


  • Skull said he hated heights.


  • Skull played classical music on the piano excellently; playing in the music room apparently after school, he wore a black cape and hood to hide his identity.
  • The cloaked Skull ran out of the room when Cogs climbed into the window of the music room and Adam rushed in a different door.
  • The next day, Bulk made fun of Adam's classical music class, and Skull, initially distracted while apparently looking at Adam, then made an exaggerated attempt to agree with Bulk when asked.
  • Miss Rodriguez had made alterations to Skull's schedule, and later that day, he attended the same classical music class that Adam was taking.
  • To get on the drums, Skull told the student already sitting there that the teacher had said he didn't trust him with the drums.
  • Skull was afraid that people, especially Bulk, would make fun of him for being in the class.
  • After school, Skull, in costume, played more classical music, then as he left the music room, he fled the scene upon discovering Zeo Rangers Five, Four, and One fighting Cogs in the hallway.
  • Someone, presumably Skull, had left a large note inside the piano, reminding him of his piano lessons at Symphony Hall that day at 4:30.
  • Some time later, Skull, still in costume, was walking up the steps of the Angel Grove Symphony Hall when Cogs appeared on either side of him and grabbed his arms; Fortissimodo then appeared in front of him, along with more Cogs, and told him that King Mondo demanded his permanent services as musician to the royal court, and he would be a birthday present for Queen Machina.
  • The restrained, costumed Skull was facing in Adam's direction when Adam flipped through the air and morphed into Zeo Ranger Four; prior to Skull's being restrained, Adam had been in the distance running toward Skull calling out to get his attention, but Skull hadn't seemed to notice; immediately after Adam had morphed, he fought the Cogs off of Skull, allowing Skull to escape.
  • Skull watched from the bushes as the Rangers fought Cogs and Fortissimodo.
  • As the four other Rangers rode up on the Zeo Jet Cycles to help, Zeo Ranger Five called out, "Hang on, Adam!" while Skull watched the fight from the bushes nearby.
  • Later that same day, Skull was back in the music room, in costume, playing the piano again.
  • In the music room, Adam sneaked up behind the costumed Skull and pulled back his hood; he was startled to discover that it was Skull.
  • Skull's mom had started him on piano lessons when he was three, and he'd been studying with a guy at Angel Grove Symphony Hall since.
  • Skull was embarrassed that he liked and played classical music, especially fearing that Bulk would never stop making fun of him.
  • Adam encouraged Skull, saying he should be proud of his talent and that people would respect him rather than laugh; he added that if Bulk were really his friend, he'd be proud of what Skull could do.
  • Skull played at the recital that night, much to the surprise of Mr. Hamms, the host.
  • People at the recital were chuckling and murmuring when Skull came on, but everyone was stunned by his piano talent once he'd begun playing.
  • After his recital, Skull broke the mood with his typical falsetto laugh; everyone then gave him a standing ovation.
  • Bulk went onto the stage and told Skull that it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever heard, then apologized for saying classical music was for dweebs.
  • Adam gave Skull a thumbs-up, and Skull, then Bulk, returned the gesture.


  • Thinking about fleeing to Mexico after he and Bulk had thought they'd killed Lt. Stone's prize roses, Skull declared from the top of his head, "Ay caramba. Mi llamo es Skull."; his pronunciation indicated that he had no idea how to speak Spanish, and the proper phrase for giving one's name is, "Me llamo...," not, "Mi llamo es..."


  • Skull said he didn't know anything about computers, but he knew enough to remind Bulk to save (even though the situation didn't seem to require saving).


  • Apparently according to elderly Tommy's story to his grandson decades in the future, Skull still had his shoe phone as a detective; he used it to call his Aunt Millie to ask her to replace the dozens or hundreds of fruitcakes stolen by Rito and Goldar.


  • Trapped in a cage in the forest by Admiral Abominator, Skull was playing a harmonica, and Bulk told him to do them both a favor and stick to the piano.


  • After the Rangers had destroyed Tarantabot, Bulk, wandering through the desert looking for Skull after both of them had been chased from Murphy's Mine by Sprocket, saw Gold Ranger with blurry vision on a ledge, then after rubbing his eyes twice, saw no Gold Ranger, but rather, Skull walking toward him from below where the Gold Ranger had been; when asked what he was doing out there, Skull replied, "I... needed some fresh air."


  • Skull ate Burble Baby Food all the time; he was shown eating some at the detective agency.
  • In the agency after Jason's communicator had accidentally fallen into Bulk and Skull's bag at the Youth Center, Jason's communicator was on the table in front of Skull; when it kept beeping, Bulk tried to answer the phone, and Skull appeared to casually stop the beeping by turning something on the communicator.
  • When asked about the communicator, Skull told Bulk it was Jason's bracelet that had apparently fallen into his bag; Bulk told him to take it back.
  • The communicator teleported away with gold energy as Bulk and Skull were both holding it; Bulk was upset about the communicator's vanishing, but Skull silenced him simply by inserting a spoonful of Burble Baby Food into Bulk's mouth.


  • Skull dressed up in a skunk costume to deliver the final line of the Mr. Stenchy fashion show while serving as undercover security.
  • While turning around onstage, unsure of the end of his line, Skull accidentally knocked a model into a podium, thus dumping an oversized bottle of Monsieur Stenchy perfume onto the professional model below.
  • Alone with the perfume-drenched model, Skull apologized to her and shyly had a conversation with her, then told her that she didn't have to worry about being lonely in Angel Grove, since he wasn't leaving her side.
  • The model seemed to grow to like Skull.
  • The model later thanked Detective Stone for assigning Detective Skullovitch to her, as he'd been able to remove the smell with a huge barrel of tomato juice, a trick he'd seen on an old rerun of The Partridge Family.
  • At the end of the fashion show, the model and Skull walked down the runway together, and after Skull had correctly said his line (after models had removed the skunk head from his costume), the model kissed Skull on the cheek.


  • Skull referred to Detective Stone as "Lt. Stone."


  • After the Turbo Megazord and Robo Racer had destroyed giant Shrinkasect, chimp-Skull noted that if they'd been humans, they could've helped out in some way; this was the first time Skull had shown a clear desire to be human again, with the possible exception of his wanting to rush forward with Bulk to meet the Rangers at the car wash in 509-WLie.


  • On an alien stakeout with Professor Phenomenus, Bulk was excited, but Skull was skeptical and unamused; after the rabbit in question had been replaced by the monster Voltage Hog, however, Skull wore never to doubt the Professor again.


  • As the Professor observed a beehive he thought was an alien pod, Bulk was awed, but Skull told the Professor with annoyance that it was a beehive.


  • As the Professor, Bulk, and Skull cheered the Rangers' destruction of Frightwing and met up with the six to give their thanks, Skull shook Red Ranger's hand triumphantly.


  • When Zhane, T.J., Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley stood atop a stone wall and declared in front of a crowd and Astronema that they were the Power Rangers, Bulk got in Skull's face and asked with astonishment, "Them?"; Skull eyed Bulk cautiously.
  • After the five teens had morphed into the Space Rangers, the crowd cheered, and Bulk looked at Skull in bewilderment; Skull returned the look, but less so.


  • Upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, while Professor Phenomenus and Bulk were at a Terra Venture ticketing center presenting their passports to obtain a shuttle flight aboard, Skull was asleep in a red robe with sunlight shining on him through some blinds and alarm clock on his chest ringing loudly, but he was wearing shades and pink earmuffs and remained sleeping at 12:30 in the afternoon.
  • As the alarm later fell off Skull's chest, he woke up and looked around, startled; he then curled up under his fur-pattern blanket.

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  • Young Skull supposedly held the distinction of being the first person ever kicked out of the Angel Grove Friendship Club.

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