- base of operations for Bansheera's demons within Skull Cavern
First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
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-   The unnamed skull castle was a forboding skull-shaped fortress atop a tiered structure in the cavernous other-dimensional Skull Cavern.
-   A thin stone bridge-like formation apparently led up to the structure, where a very tall flight of steps led up to the castle.
-   The demons' main lair in which they materialized was a black area with towering stone columns, an existing squat pillar for Impus, and mist for floor; above them glimmered the auroras which adorned the "sky" of the Skull Cavern, although this would not be visible in all parts of the castle.
?   In one corner of the lair lay a neon sphere seen repeatedly in various locations, most notably Rita's balcony and the cockpit of Pyramidas.
-   Materializing along with the demons was what would be a permanent fixture of the lair, a large stone demon maw used for monster summoning.

-   In another section of the skull castle, first seen in Diabolico's attack on Ryan in a dream, was a large area of the same stone columns, some broken and fallen.

-   On this occasion above the skull castle lair were colored galaxies; perhaps when shimmering, they could have resembled auroras.

-   As the Sorcerer of the Sands read from a tome of symbols related to the Tomb of Forever's heiroglyphs, the demons' otherdimensional skull castle began to rumble violently, and Diabolico noted someone was reading the ancient spell.
-   Columns began to topple, but the spell was halted when Diabolico destroyed the Sorcerer.

-   While searching for Vypra, Jinxer passed by one of the castle's eye holes, which served as a window for an upper level; after passing through an area with columns and lit candles, he found himself locked outside two large doors engraved with symbols.
-   As Jinxer pounded on the doors, the floor gave way, and he landed in Queen Bansheera's transformation chamber.
-   In a dark lair with columns nearby following her transformation, Queen Bansheera sat at a throne with the recurring blue atom-shaped orb behind her; in front of the throne was a veil of translucent strands.
-   After climbing the enormous flight of steps up to the castle, Carter ran past columns, fighting through Batlings.
-   Reaching the empty central lair, Carter heard Bansheera's laughter coming from within the glowing blue maw, so he dove in, finding himself amidst more columns before coming upon Bansheera's veiled throne area.
-   When Carter delivered a charged punch to Bansheera's torso, flames erupted from the demon maw, and explosions rumbled all throughout the skull castle above.
-   Explosions erupted from the castle's skull head, charring and ruining the front.
?   Downtown, giant Bansheera told the Rangers that since they had destroyed her Skull Cavern, she would destroy their city, although the Skull Cavern was far from destroyed.
-   Following her retreat from the Rangers, Bansheera operated out of the flaming remains of her ravaged main column lair, though the castle itself remained intact.

?   In several establishment shots, the skull castle was not shown to be damaged.

-   By this point, the central lair was still a wreck, but its broken pillars were no longer on fire.
-   After wandering through a skull castle region of intact columns, Carter found an enormous dark stadium, slightly lit with scattered torches, before which Bansheera addressed her army of thousands of Batlings.
-   Elsewhere was a dark misty chamber filled with torches, a few Egyptian mummy sarcophagi, a large skeletal beast gargoyle, and a large rectangular coffin with human skeletal remains embedded in every side.
-   Nearby, Ryan was chained to two square pillars beside him, atop which were horned skulls, identical to the ones used by Vypra to restrain Marina in 830-OBlu.
-   After freeing Ryan, Carter hid in an empty Egyptian sarcophagus, peering out through the eyeholes, before being found.
-   From within the coffin chamber, Bansheera's blasts sent Carter and Ryan flying out of the skull castle's left eye hole.

-   As the fourth of six giant tapered stones was planted in Mariner Bay, Jinxer reported that the circle of stones was almost complete, and Bansheera, holding the Golden Key, replied it was time for her to join the party.
-   Downtown, the skull castle flew in atop a giant tapered, flat-based stone of its own, the structure landing in the center of the circle of stones.
-   Near the top of the tapered stone column was the thin stretch of steps leading up to the castle.
-   The castle's face was still charred and damaged from the explosions in 837-WrQn.
-   Bansheera stood at a balcony just inside the right eye looking out.
-   As the eclipse soon began to depart, and the Rangers sealed Queen Bansheera within the Shadow World, the skull castle began to rumble.
-   The Rangers ran from the skull castle's rocky base, rocks crumbling after them, and the entire castle structure and surrounding stones crumbled from top down into giant mounds of dirt.
-   Watching, the Rangers removed their helmets, and they were joined by Miss Fairweather and Captain Mitchell; it was then that the eclipse finally ended.

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