- dimensional vortex in clouds above Mariner Bay; location of Bansheera's skull castle (until 840-FLs2)
First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 839-FLs1
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-   Flying through Mariner Bay, the released demons' spirits flew over the city, then up toward a gleaming point near or on the top of a skyscraper, and the demons then vanished into gray clouds which appeared in the sky.
-   The sky grew dark with lightning bolts, and the view changed to the Skull Cavern as a few final bolts struck, almost as though the pocket dimension were inside the stormcloud.
-   Above the cavernous area which housed the skull castle was a "sky" of swirling auroras, also visible above the demons' lair in the castle.

-   In the skull castle, Diabolico referred to Mariner Bay as "this city," seeming to indicate that the Skull Cavern was in (or above) the city.

-   To view events from afar while in the skull castle, the demons would look at viewing portals rimmed with flaming edges.

-   Diabolico promised Ryan if he stayed, his future would be to follow in his footsteps, master, ruler of the "Dark Kingdom," whatever it was he was referring to.

-   For Diabolico to lure out the Rangers, black clouds rolled over the sky, and red lightning bolts struck at the city, blowing up a building or so.

-   For Shockatron to attack the power plant, a dark storm cloud brewed over the city, and the monster flew down as a purple streak and landed by the plant below.

-   As Spellbinder's Grand Cross ceremony neared, a black cloud billowed in the sky; as he began the incantation, the cloud, near the top of one particularly tall skyscraper, began to strike out with gold lightning bolts, blasting nearby buildings, particularly the tall one.
-   When Spellbinder enacted the ceremony, a giant energy cyclone spewed upward from the site as a beam of light connecting the city to the clouds above.

-   As part of Bansheera's plan to lure in the Rangers, the Aquabase detected a swirling vortex at one end of Mariner Stadium downtown, which Captain Mitchell described as an energy flux, definitely not man-made.
-   When Queen Bansheera released a banshee-like scream from her lair, the stadium rumbled, and the Rangers, Loki, and Diabolico all faded away and then dropped from the swirling purple vortex into the realm of the Skull Cavern.
-   The Skull Cavern landscape was dark and rocky, and the sky swirled dark blue above; near the Rangers' arrival site was a dark pond in which stood four decaying stone columns.
-   Flying over the stadium, Carter leapt into the giant swirling purple and black vortex and landed near the others in the Skull Cavern.
-   As Carter defeated Queen Bansheera with Diabolico's help, the Rangers were teleported to a warehouse area in Mariner Bay with Ranger-colored streaks.
?   Downtown, giant Bansheera told the Rangers that since they had destroyed her Skull Cavern, she would destroy their city, although the Skull Cavern was far from destroyed.

-   Dark cloudy circles opened at various points in the sky over Mariner Bay, blasting the city with lightning, apparently to draw out the Rangers before Olympius's arrival.

-   To fly into the Skull Cavern from Mariner Bay, Carter, in the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, located the "target" and flew into a black thundercloud in the sky.
-   After wandering through a skull castle region of intact columns, Carter found an enormous dark stadium, slightly lit with scattered torches, before which Bansheera addressed her army of thousands of Batlings.

-   The Skull Cavern was not shown again after Bansheera flew her skull castle and attached tapered stone base to downtown Mariner Bay.

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