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-   Skull's last name was Skullovitch.

-   Skull's cousin Femur knew bananas better than anyone Skull knew.
-   Femur lived in New Jersey and was away at chess camp.

-   Skull had gotten a junky bike with a sidecar from his cousin Femur, who was going to throw it out.

-   Skull said that one would need a crane to lift one of his Aunt Millie's fruitcakes; this scene, like all other scenes in the present day in this episode, was apparently included in elderly Tommy's story to his grandson decades in the future.
-   Skull called his Aunt Millie to ask her to replace the dozens or hundreds of fruitcakes stolen by Rito and Goldar.

-   When he heard the sound of a woman wailing eerily, Skull said it sounded like his Aunt Shirley's singing.

First Appearance: 149-ROF1
Last Appearance: (dad) 150-ROF2, (mom) 334-ARA1
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-   Skull's parents were loud, somewhat obnoxious people who were chatting with Mr. Caplan at Parent's Day.
-   Skull's mom had Skull's cackle.

-   Bulk hit Jason's dad and Skull's parents with a pie as they were talking together.

-   Skull said his father would kill him upon seeing the mess he and Bulk had made in his father's workshop while trying to open Rita's space dumpster.

-   Zedd made Skull's dad's fishing pole vanish from Skull's hands as he was fishing in the lake; Zedd used the rod, along with a device of Bulk's, to create Beamcaster.
-   Seeing that the fishing pole was gone, Bulk told Skull his dad would kill Skull again.

-   Skull bought a How to Cook a Thanksgiving Feast book for his mom's birthday, which Bulk said was perfect since he'd tasted her cooking; in 249-SBR2, Skull would return the book after their fiasco with the Turkeyjerk monster, created in part from the Thanksgiving book's directions.

-   In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), Bulk and Skull's angry mothers picked them up and dragged them out of the police station.
-   Skull's mom told young Skull for him and Bulk to stay away from each other.

-   Skull remarked that Rocky's mutant plant looked as big as his mom's station wagon.

-   Skull's mom had started him on piano lessons when he was three, and he'd been studying with a guy at Angel Grove Symphony Hall since.

- Skull's ancestor in 1790's; leader of redcoat army in Angel Grove
First Appearance: 245-RGR2
Last Appearance: 246-RGR3
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-   One of Skull's male ancestors in 1790's Angel Grove was leader of the (apparent) British regiment; he led his soldiers in pursuit of the five teens who had appeared in Angel Grove Township and made some suspect them of being witches.
-   Skull's ancestor told Marissa that she would be punished for helping the "witches."
-   Billy tried to explain the situation to the soldiers; whatever it was that he told them, Skull's ancestor didn't believe the story.

-   After watching the Green and White Rangers defeat the rat monsters and then hearing the two discussing Green Ranger staying in the past where he could "do some good for a change," Skull's ancestor told the Green Ranger he was always welcome to join his regiment.
-   White Ranger used the wizard's wand to demorph Green Ranger into the Tommy clone dressed in an old-fashioned suit, which the clone topped off with a hat summoned from green energy with a snap of his fingers; after the White Ranger had left the Tommy clone behind, Skull's ancestor remarked, "Perhaps I spoke to soon about that regiment thing. Ah well, all's well that ends well."
-   Skull's ancestor shook hands with Ben, Marissa's uncle.

- Skull's relative in 1880; outlaw
First Appearance: 250-WWR1
Last Appearance: 251-WWR2
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-   Skull's ancestor in the year 1880 was nicknamed "Doc Skullovitch"; together with One-Eyed Bulk, he was an outlaw who robbed stagecoaches near Angel Grove.
-   One-Eye and Doc nearly robbed Rocko and Abraham of the stagecoach full of payrolls they were taking to Angel Grove, but their efforts were thwarted by the White Stranger.
-   Before retreating, One-Eye and Doc tried to shoot the White Stranger, but Doc had accidentally brought the gimmick "bang" flag guns instead of real guns.
?   One-Eye and Doc later recognized Kim as the "strange girl" from before; they had fled the scene before the White Stranger had discovered her, so, oddly, they must have seen her behind the rock during their robbery attempt and not acknowledged her.
-   Doc had a coughing problem.
-   One-Eye and Doc were on "wanted" posters in town.
-   The people of Angel Grove panicked when One-Eye and Doc came into town.
-   One-Eye and Doc stuck up the teens for money, and Doc wanted some juice for his cough; Kim kicked the guns from their hands, One-Eye panicked and fell into a horse trough, and Rocko and Abraham then took the two outlaws to jail.

-   Upon breaking out of jail, One-Eye and Doc watched the Pink Ranger (whom they called a "Pink Stranger") fight Putties, Needlenose, and Goldar.
-   One-Eye planned for himself and Doc to become famous by discovering the identity of the Pink Stranger.
-   Doc was Skull's great-great-great-grandfather.
-   One-Eye and Doc were captured by the White Stranger and put on a chain gang that was shown sweeping in front of the Juice Saloon.

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